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  1. Serbian? really? i think you meant вибачте Чарлі oh i bet that was a YAHOO source!
  2. WOW! i think the F Bomb would have been less devastating. i had a supervisor years ago whose wife switched teams. that's got to sting! for what it is worth Catalina and i achieved 39 years on the 6th. 99.9% because she is good people. but hey i am at least house trained (mostly) now!
  3. keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Naivety is ultimately deadly.
  4. I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.'s_sleeping_giant_quote
  5. but it was a funny as hell though!
  6. NO! i totally disagree. Martial law? not no but HELL NO! if we think it is bad now just wait till that happens! right now it is a war of words. Please GOD do not let us escalate!
  7. HMMM! methinks a post has been hidden! did big/azz hole get in hot water?
  8. Getting your AZZ wuped by Granny is bad enough!
  9. Vente Pike 2 equals, no stopper! (it gets stuck in my throat when i chug it down and is a wooly booger to get out!)
  10. well that explains it. and all this time i thought you were just a dirty old man! 🤣😊 Congrats Buddy!
  11. i was raised in the holy rollers, Glad Tidings assembly of god. a proud and fiery religion. at least in my experience. a very abbreviated story of my journey was to put away the hubris that the above quote says to me. (this is not a swipe at you learning all i can) different strokes..... who am i to approach the son of man? the priest himself does not absolve me of me sins (or perhaps he does) but the authority passed down to him by Peter the vicar of Christ given to him by Christ himself. in a lot of ways the fundamentalist statement, God said it i believe it that settles it is true wisdom AND acceptance. my life is not dedicated to the study of Christ only. (perhaps it should be) i must live in the world but i do not need to be OF the world. Catholicism gives me a framework of steps to submerge self and allow Christ first. i submit to his authority. if any of you knew me as LGD does you would call me a hypocrite. i am FAR from perfect. i am fortunate enough to be forgiven.
  12. i think you need another child. one each knee and one on your lap!
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