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  1. It started out as a social distancing enforcement."– NYC Police Commissioner Frank Reagan for commissioner!
  2. Here is a internet pic of my high school car. 4:11Posi Trac, auto trans with 2,500 stall converter pop tops mags. was very sad the day my father sent it to the shredder and made me watch. 45 years later Insurance is almost reasonably priced! 68 Hurst/Olds!
  3. my squad mates asked me after liberty one weekend, what the hell were you and the parrot doing last night. i could not remember then 20 years later i met the parrot again and she told me that i was a father! i got a pick of her and my son!
  4. or the guy that wears the beanie! different strokes i guess.
  5. Serbian? really? i think you meant вибачте Чарлі oh i bet that was a YAHOO source!
  6. WOW! i think the F Bomb would have been less devastating. i had a supervisor years ago whose wife switched teams. that's got to sting! for what it is worth Catalina and i achieved 39 years on the 6th. 99.9% because she is good people. but hey i am at least house trained (mostly) now!
  7. keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Naivety is ultimately deadly.
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