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  1. Yeh...and yesterday I just took the training wheels off my effing bicycle!
  2. I don't believe any of this shiht until I hear it coming from Okie or Tony!!
  3. What prison is Tony in and is he excepting gifts? I have a fileee....errrr...uhhh...I mean cake I would like to send him.
  4. Is this true??? I doubt it, but it sounds just as good as the other daily lies we have been listening to the last 5 years regarding the Dinar!
  5. Easy, I'll tell you why. Because Tony conned the judge into buying some dinar himself from Sterling.
  6. LOL .... Keep hope alive. Trump says Iraq is a Dump. A few years ago Gurus were talking out their azzzes about how Trump was invested in the Dinar as if Trump broadcasts in investments.
  7. Christin Leguarde says only 5 currencies in backet!!!...China Yuan added along with Euro, Yen, US dollar and british pound! No stinkin dinar like dirty rotten lying gurus claim!
  8. When has Iraq ever done anything they say they are about to do??? They have been blabbing about this stupid terminology called "deleting the 3 zeros" for the last 5 years. They look like imbeciles.
  9. Its true! What do think Tony is...a liar or something ??? I just cashed out all my dinar at a $21 rate. Just got off the phone ordering 100,000,000 more dinar!
  10. Iraq is always "about" to do something that they never actually do. Its been like that for 10 years. Iraq is a disaster that takes 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Let me guess...this info came from Tony.
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