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respectfully requesting prayers


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Hey Tank, 10 days seems so far away when one is suffering with such pain.  I pray there will be some relief for your lovely wife, Mary.  I pray this pain medication will bring enough relief that her 10 days may come quickly for her.  

I know you and Mary are heart sick to see your child go thru the things she is faced with and I pray for pain free comfort for her today and her full measure of strength Monday that her little body may with stand.


My Holy and Righteous Father, we are crying out to You today.  We humbly plead your mercy for this beautiful family that You alone have given life.  Heavenly Father, Mary and Mandy need You right now.  Please take their pain and their broken bodies and heal them and give them new joy and peace that can only be found iYou and your precious Son, Jesus Christ.  Give Tankdude the strength, mind and clarity to stand strong in this desperate time of need.  Give these doctors the knowledge and wisdom by and thru you to heal Mary and Mandy.  Oh Lord we are at Your mercy and Your will, we have no other.  May we glorify and lift You up in always.  Hear our cries O'Lord, wwe ask in our Kings and Savoirs precious name.  Jesus Christ.

Tank please continue to let us know.  My prayers will continue and you will be on my mind


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Tank brother, though you may feel like things are overwhelming right now...your DV family is here to beat one another's burdens.  My wife and I quite honestly feel the inner pain your going through, and our spirits groan as our lips lift prayers up to the Father.  We pray peace, grace for strength, and guidance through these challenges my friend.  We each have our own struggles, and we have learned that His grace is sufficient!  May the Great Physician touch y'all...and show you the way.  Just know bro...your not alone, neither are Mary and Mandy...we are here to help carry the load!  Keep us posted friend, and we will keep fighting the fight with you!  All our love from your DV family! :praying:

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Dear God, TD is in need of your healing hand. In you all things are possible. Hold Mandy and Marys heart within your hands and renew them in mind, body, and soul.

You gave us life, and you also give us the gift of infinite joy. Give TD and his family the strength to move forward on the path you've laid out for them. Guide them towards healing, and give the treating physicians the wisdom to identify, treat and heal their bodies. As you healed the lepers, the blind man and the woman with the blood disorder, you healed them completely. We come to you asking and expecting no less from you. Because you've said we can and we do.

In your name I pray, Amen


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Quick update on Mandy

 Procedure to put in tube went fine but we have hit a rough spot. As they ramp up the feeding rate it makes her nauseous.  Nothing drug wise seems to help it. Shes tired of fighting it. She just wants it out and to go home. As her dad it tears me up that she is hurting. I want her to fight - but dont want to see her in tears from being frustrated either

Thank you for your heartfelt prayers ans if tou can pray for Mandy to figh to get better, I think that wouls be key. Thank you again.  You truly so feel like family to me


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TankDude . . . I am so sorry to hear of the heartwrenching battles that you are going through with your family.  I will pray consistently for them and I am sending a healing prayer to your email.

I know that you are a mighty warrior but we call upon the name of the mightiest one of all to supernaturally intervene in this situation.

God Bless all of you!

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