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  1. I only proclaim God and His word Theseus. I have no interest in any other prophets than Gods prophets. You certain have the right to put your faith in anything that floats your boat. I only brought Gods word for all to see because Mark and Joe ask. Yes I know they were being sarcastic in their asking but I can accept any bodies ridicule if it gives me the opportunity to do as the Lord has ask Or commanded his people to do. It's your right to accept it or reject it. In fact this is your God given gift to believe it or not or perhaps put your faith else where. No scrub off my back. I tol
  2. Well I didn't die last night so here I am I only hope and pray that this will excite you like it does me and just blow your mind like it did mine the first time the Holy Spirit showed me what's going on in Acts. Next I pray you will see these are Gods words not mine so if you have a problem with it or it goes against what you now believe and just don't want to consider changing that belief then you will need to take that up with God. With that said, I wanna start as a reminder with Hebrews 1:1-2.. 1 God who at various times and various ways spoke in times past to the
  3. Mark, I told you and Joe that I would tell you what scripture has revealed to me tomorrow. Scripture has a lot to say about all of this. But I can't go back and bring everything that Gods word has shown me because it has taken several years to grasp first of all and it has taken cross reference of scripture in both the OT as well as the NT. Not sure why you're asking me for explanations because I'm sure you are well versed in the Bible. I'm gonna try my best to explain, not because I think I can change your mind but because I believe this is what God wants me to do right now. I only hope
  4. Actually Theseus, Clement was ask if he was ever wrong (I suppose being wrong about his predictions) and his answer was yes. He admittedly answered a yes " I have been wrong." So what does that tell ya if we accept the qualifications and authenticity of the Bible? Atleast he wasn't a liar on top of a false prophet. But of course people tend to look over his answer and what it takes to qualify as a true prophet because they must have something to believe in. I think I remember you quoting the qualifications in one of your post also or is my memory as bad as my spelling? Perhaps you
  5. Oh Mark don't be so naive. Joe brought 2 scriptures that he tried to push off as pointing to prophecy. The last one that he came up with was so miss used that I had to question his motives. I ask him why he would do such a thing and all he could come back with was a question that all that believe in modern day prophecy believe to be their badge of honor. When I told you that your statement was contradictory with the Bible you never defended the Bible but brought forth that's what your church believes and you believe which leaves one to think that your own beliefs account for more than wh
  6. I can't think about the rich artist, I'm to busy trying to figure out how you always manage to see every word that I misspelled or is that miss spelled or perhaps mrs.spelled. yep you got me, I'm beginning to get a little paranoid about this but I do appreciate you corrections, it makes it easier for me to understand what I rote I mean wrote.......I think
  7. Joe, I had sunday school and church this morning and Bible study and church services tonight therefore my Sunday has been pretty full and I've been unable to respond to your question about Act 2. When I saw your question and wanting a explanation my 1st thought was, oh yeah Joe thinks he got me and I would have to agree with modern day prophecy and actually felt that I would just blow your question off because I really didn't feel that you were asking with a pure heart. This morning our Sermon was about Nathaniel and the courage and His desire to be pleasing to God. The key words here are
  8. Oh and btw...this was a Samaritan, she would have had no idea that the Messiah had come but had heard prophecy that he would come. He was sure to tell her that He was He. .prophecy would be all this woman knew but she believed what had already been revealed
  9. ya know what I told Mark that we would pretty much have to agree to disagree and our disagreement between us was not accomplishing anything. Therefore, I felt it best that I stepp away not to bring unnecessary toil between us. Then I saw this post of yours and had to come back to dispute what you are trying to lead others as an example of prophecy. You know good and well that this scripture found in John 4:16-19 is not about prophecy. It is about the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ and Him knowing the heart of a sinner. He is revealing Himself as the living water. He has exposed h
  10. Mark, thank you for your testimony on this subject and I do value your beliefs and your steadfast and continuance in the study of Gods word. The Holy Spirit gives us understanding and knowledge at different times in our walk with the Lord. I maintain what Gods word and the Holy Spirit has revealed to me thru scripture alone. I personally do not believe in modern day prophecy but what you have explained above would not fall under OT or NT prophecy in my studies of the Bible. Perhaps my understanding is dull of your statements because I have never been in a church that considers prophecy as
  11. if all prophesy, and an unbeliever or an ungifted man enters, he is convicted by all, he is called to account by all. End quote......I understand this passage to mean that preaching the word brings men to conviction and they will be judged on the basis of their response. Paul continues to contrast tongues with prophecy again showing prophecy superiority. Prophecy is used here in it's most general sense of speaking forth Gods word. When Gods word is proclaimed it speaks to men's hearts and brings conviction of sin which is the 1st step in coming to faith. One must hear the word before o
  12. Yes,yes this is so. Prophecy that has already been revealed in scripture. Nothing added, nothing taken away. It is my belief and what I believe the Bible absolutely tells us that NEW Revelation would be from a false prophet because God has already given and revealed what He would have us to know.
  13. my post was cut off .......I dont think you and I understand prophecy the same.. according to the Bible in my understanding prophets were appointed/chosen by God to speak the things that God wanted His people to know. Things that they would not know or would not have come to know unless these things were revealed to them. These things were not things that were planted in their hearts or already spoken words of the present times back then or even future events. These were unheard words, unheard thought that could only be revealed by God Himself. He gave His words to prophets to reveal what
  14. Yes that is what edification in the church is. Reassurance of Gods written word not our own additions.
  15. Btw..prophecy in the church should be alive and well as long as it is proclaiming the actual word of God found in the Bible. Any thing added to Gods word is coming from false prophets
  16. Mark, I'm saying that prophecy in the beginning was to tell Gods people of things to come. Also to let Israel know what God expected of them and the promise of salvation thru a Messiah to come. Prophecy was to reveal what was to come. Altho all prophecy has not been fulfilled it has been made known. It has now been brought to us by the word of Jesus Christ. He has given us all revelation. There is nothing else to add to His return, the end of time, His sacrifice and atonement for our sin. It has all been written. It has all been revealed in His word. There is no new prophecy to be reve
  17. I must agree that there is a miss understanding of the purpose of prophecy and Gods way of speaking to His people in the OT. God promised to speak to his people under the old covenant thru His true prophets, who were identifiable throught their fidelity to the covenant and their ability to do signs and wonders (Deut 13:1-5 ; 18:15-22. Despite the great privilege it was to hear from prophets the fact that only select individuals would have the spirit of prophecy was not ideal. All of the old covenant/OT prophets looked forward to a better day when all the people of God would have the fullne
  18. Mark, this is a contradiction to what the Bible tells us between a true prophet of God and a false prophet. A true prophets predictions will always come true. Israel was on and off in walking with God but when Gods prophets prophesied, the prophecy always came true. Gods prophecy has nothing to do with whether or not we are walking in His path. His word, His prophecy always stands true and will come to past regardless.
  19. They were conditional depending on whether or not Israel did as God told them Blessings and curses. Conditional on Israel not a conditional prophecy
  20. Well, I guess I'll just have to stick to what the Bible says and not Mark because the Bible makes clear that there are NO ACCEPTIONS. Its Gods way and His word alone. We cant add and take away because that makes us happy or makes more sense to us. Yep, I'll stick to Gods way and His word. Ha, but you're right, I just had to jump in.
  21. According to the Bible there were several things that was a indication of Gods true prophets. 1. Predictions always come true. 2. God says: " if He chose to authenticate a true prophey, He would do so by empowering him to work miracles. Deuteronomy 13:1-5 3. Even if he works miracles the prophets message MUST BE IN COMPLETE DOCTRINAL AGREEMENT with previous revelation. Deuteronomy 13. 4. True prophets communicated Gods word to the people. Nothing was added or taken away from what God spoke. Exodus 4:12. The Lord actually put words into Hi
  22. careful caddie, before long they will have you jumping hoops. I think you've humbled yourself and ask for forgiveness enough. You have been sincere in your pleas. Just goes to show ya with some people enuff is never enuff.
  23. oh me, I had to look up lobotomy. I was afraid that all you men must have something that my husband doesn't. I was wrong and before I get ask, yes I actually have one too.
  24. I probably should not comment on this piece as I feel it was brought forth to disparage Trump but I will give my thoughts as to how I DISAGREE with his comments. I could or would not vote for a homosexual as a leader. First of all, I believe this would enforce the belief of many that homosexuality is okay and should be accepted as a normal way of life. It is not. Generations to come would embrace such practices as ordinary and forget that we have a God that looks upon this as sin. This would herald in a freedom to do with ones body whatever lust may come to mind without any repercussion.
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