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  1. Wow, LGD I really don't want to start a ruckus with you but to disagree with you exposing who does and who doesn't give negs around here. Don't you think that if Adam had thought that was a good idea from the beginning that he/himself would have implemented this function? I disagree with you bringing this to others attention. It makes me think that you are either trying to show that you have inside rights that others are not privy to or you want to sway others to dislike the ones you dislike. I have never seen the other Moderators here show such bias. This makes several times now that you have brought this to everyone's attention. In fact, indirectly you are calling the neggers liars by calling them out like this. None of us probably would have ever known that Mods have the ability to see who rubies and who negs if you had not told us. Why do you insist on pitting one side against another and causing friction promoting sides and causing anger. I just don't get it. It's enough hostility here without your further interference. Do you think that if everyone knows that if you can see rubies and negs that perhaps they will think twice about negging you? Just asking.....I find your actions here a poor display of someone that has been put in charge of carrying out rules and regulations......UNBELIEVABLE, and actually not at all what one expects from a moderator. The other moderators don't display such behavior, maybe that's why that most here respect them so much. I just dont get it!
  2. LOL...I can't believe I watched that.. thank goodness I missed the Saturday morning follies. In the 70s I was a newly wed, mid 70s expecting a child and I was spared from the excitement. But what about that Chrissy doll that her hair grows, pretty cute and of course I remember "Mikie, he'll eat anything". The fake bake barbie doll, yeah she was pretty hot. But that monkey game, oh me, I would have rushed my child to the hospital if I'd seen him act and wiggle like that.....convulsions...?????..ha, it was all good for a laugh but I'm so glad I missed out. I'm sure its good memories for many here. Thanks for sharing ba.
  3. I hope she gets every nickels of it and survives to tell it. The Clinton's have been doing their dirty deeds long before Tulsas sister came along. They seem to have mastered life and death situations.
  4. Okay, I think I understand. If my stomach is growling it means I'm hungry? But if I go to Ukraine then I'll be pretty close to Hungary? Right? Thanks Shabb, it is always such joy to hear from you and now I can even count on Geography lessons or would that be History lessons?....always a joy. Have a good day.
  5. well Shabbs, I have to disagree....impeachment will be forgotten by all come Nov.. True enough it will go down in the history books but Trump will be dead and gone as you and I, so the words hurt no one. The Dems have demonstrated only that they will lie,cheat and steal to win a election. This alone has been what has hurt our country and besides that right now I'm Hungary. You should head to the kitchen. Whoops, how do ya spell hungry?`
  6. Senate Impeachment Hearings...... Exciting times indeed as Shabbs has already voiced. I made caramel popcorn molded into a elephant with a tint of red. Got a cheese ball ready to go with green and black olives chilling. Some of those little wrapped wieners wrapped in cheese bread with jalapeno. Of course the nachos and chips are ready. A cheese and vegetable platter.....yum, yum. Oh! even tho it's cold outside, we have turn the heat up full blast and the cooler is iced down with plenty of ice cold beer. After rules have been laid out, we are all set. I wonder if head or tales will be involved. I'm looking at heads we win tales you lose kinda thing. Exciting times? YES. I believe the game is just about over and my team is in the lead.....let's eat
  7. This is how it should be. Respect and acceptance for the Presdident of the United States of America, it made me feel good and I just couldn't keep from smiling and feeling proud for this man that is truely trying to lead this nation to the best it can possibly be,
  8. Thank you LGD. I know you meant no harm nor I for you. I realize that I come off very rude at times which really isn't my nature but with God and His word there is no compromise. Not for friends, any denomination or institution or even my husband and children. Like you I harbor no ill feelings towards you. I truely pray for your very best. You have shown pictures of your whole family that I know you love very much. I pray only good for you and your beautiful little girls. I will respect your faith and even try to be kinder when we are in disagreement. I realize we both are headstrong about certain things. Probably best to let these things lay still between us. God bless you and your family. Thank you for your undeniable understanding post toward my faith. I pray I can be the same, thank you.
  9. LGD, I have been hesitant to respond to your post here. Mainly because I know that in past times we have butted heads and there has never been any sort of reconciliation on either side. I will try to be kind in my words but realize that some of this may sound harsh. This is not my intent but for once and all to let you know that I'm not interested in the Catholic faith, their history, government or beliefs, as this to me is not Bibical. I have taken much time this weekend to read and study about the Catholic religion and once again it has confirmed my beliefs as a Christian. I think we can agree that the main issue concerning any church and its practices should be "is it Bibical?" If a teaching is Bibical then it should be embraced. If it is not then it should be rejected. I will not go into the 7 sacraments that the Catholic Churche imposes only to say that they are not Bibical in my studies, therefore I reject them. The time I took this weekend was to consider your claims about the sacraments and church history not to disprove but to stand firm according to Gods word the Bible. I must note in my studies I found that over the many centuries of its digressive development that the Catholic church has widely fluctuated as to what exactly constitutes a genuine sacrament. In fact the number of scaraments has varied from 5 to 12. It was not until the session of Trent in 1549 that the number 7 became fixed as in the article of the CC faith. This alone pretty much paints the picture of the CC scaraments as well as history. I do not believe that King James took out the word Catholic out of the Bible because of his dispute with the Pope, but mainly believe that he was more against the Geneva Bible which was more reformed. Plus and most importantly, the 7 scaraments held by the CC WAS NOT INSTITUTED BY JESUS. You maintain that the CC proclaims itself to be the church of Jesus Christ, died for, was set up by and was established and built by the Apostles. I say this is untrue, it is not Bibical. Anyone reading the NT will see and can see there is no mention of the papacy, worship or adoration of Mary or the immaculate conception of Mary. To go on, there is no mention of infant baptism, a confession of sin to a priest. No purgatory or equal authority of the church and Scripture. So if these are just a few of the things that are not the teachings of Jesus and His Apostles as recorded in the NT, how can the origin of the CC be the 1st Christian Faith? It can not be so. The very Bible, the God breathed inspiration of Gods word is proof of this. In fact the Rome empired persecuted the Christians. This is what I found this weekend. The Catholic Church is a compromise of Christianity and the pagan religions. Instead of proclaiming the one and only true gospel and converting pagans they have "CHRISTIANIZED" the pagan religion and "PAGANIZED" Christianity. I read somewhere this weekend and please be reminded that it was a Catholic site. That the Catholic stands on a three-legged stool. And I quote: #1. Catholics "also" would say the Bible is the word of God. #2. Sacred tradition. #3. and the teaching authority of the magisterium (the Pope and Bishops) end quote. Here lies a profound difference in your beliefs and Protestant faith. As a Protestant, I stand on a one -legged stool which is the Holy Bible, Gods absolutely truth alone. Additional unstable, man made legs are not worthy or even profitable to hold me up. The other 2 legs can and will only bring about the great fall of mankind. There are no additions, no man made mumbo-jumbo, no additional church government, no extra scaraments or attached works or beliefs that one must accept to be born again and become a child of God. You made the comment that I was searching for more. You are absolutely wrong. Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection is enough and ALL that is needed for me. ALL HAS BEEN COVERED. I study His word everyday. He reveals more to me daily. No matter how many days He has left for me, I will never be able to exhaust His word. No other doctrine, confessions of faith ordered by churches, scaraments or anything else is needed but the Bible to work out my salvation. Sola Scriptural/the Bible alone is my highest and only authourity. Just so you and I can be clear. Your faith is just that, it is yours and mine is mine. I have no interest in churh history out side of the Bible. No interest in church government, scaraments or anything else outside of His written word. I do have a interest in the salvation and Gods truths being known to others. I will not judge you or others that is not my job. God alone knows the heart. He has not given me or any other institute, church or organization to judge. Not my church nor yours. He has not given permission to any other to forgive sin outside of Himself and the Apostles when they walked upon the earth. They are no longer among us. He alone forgives. The Bible tells us so. I would be very happy to have a friendly relationship with you on the boards of dv. This will not happen as long as neither of us are willing to respect the right of others as individuals. Everyone has an opinion and should be able to voice themselves without ridicule and a absolute showing of hatred from another. You have been kind trying to explain your faith to me. I know you took a considerable amount of time to do so. Altho, I do not believe the things you brought forth, I do appreciate and respect and the time you dedicated towards bringing them to me. I wish you and your family well, LGD. As I do everyone that is seeking to be pleasing to God. I pray that all that do not have a relationship with God will seek earnestly. All that truely knock, the door will be says so in the Bible.
  10. Shabbs that's a pretty good thought but Ms Grisham is under no obligation to comply with this half witted request. Even if she wanted to, I think that PTrump would be the only one that could give her this authority.. my question is, if this was actually about a contribution to St Jude why didn't they just go to Trump to begin with. I'm sure he would have accommodated them in some kind of way altho His son Eric has contributed humongous amounts of dollars as well as time to St Judes. Lest we forget that if Stephanie were to comply without Trumps permission she would hear those famous words. "YOU'RE FIRED".. as many already have. I speak all of this jokingly because this whole scenario is a joke. Just noise from the left as usual. As always, good to hear your opinion. 🤪
  11. Sorry, for making this go on and on but I just caught what scripture said about the Apostles being able to forgive sin. Yes, but the Apostles are no longer with us. God alone forgives our sins and accepts us as a son.
  12. Yes, our Lord Jesus did set up His church which was thru His Apostles and followers. I do believe that we are now His church body. The church is not a building, temple, a place of worship or denomination but His true followers. We are of the church age which was established to carry on with the belief of what Jesus did and why while He walked this earth and how he once and for all atoned for our sins. I believe,in my understanding that we are the church and we are to carry forth the good news until His kingdom comes forth.
  13. Yes, to both lgd and nstoolman . Thank you for pointing out where I said we don't have to follow the law to a t. Not exactly the best way to relay what I was trying to say My thought and my reasoning was to express that Jesus fulfilled the law that we cannot and would never be able to fulfill on our own. Yes, Jesus fulfilled all law required by God. I see the confusion here and why. It was not my intention to express that after salvation that we are not to be obedient to Gods word. Yes, the Holy Spirit enables us but in our finite understanding and sinfulness that is still attached to our flesh we fall daily. I think all of us truly try our best to be pleasing to God in all ways, but at best we always fall short to His standards. Dependence on the HolySpirit always leads us but even then we choose sometimes to have our own way. We are convicted by Him, we ask for forgiveness and seek to be better pleasing. He forgives but true repentance is asking for forgiveness trying best not to commit that sin again. Sorrow for the act and turning away from it. Our walk with God is just that. Walking daily to please Him. Until we can turn it over and have complete dependence on Him, we will never meet the standard that God requires to be in His presence on this side of glory. Jesus did that for us. God sees us thru His Sons righteousness. The more we strive to be like Him, the more we see our own sinful nature. Yes we fall before Him begging His forgiveness knowing that we have grieved His Spirit. Thankyou for pointing out where I miswrote. I understand you bringing this to my attention. This isn't my 1st mistake to ever make and certainly won't be the last. Correction was neccessary. Thank you both again. Next LGD, I'm still somewhat confused about what you are speaking about sacraments. The Protestant faith believe that God commanded the Lords Supper and Baptism. But we also believe that Baptism is not what saves us. In other words, if a man/woman repents and confesses the Lord Jesus as Saviour and dies before he is baptized, he is still saved. God saved the thief on the cross because of repentance and true belief in his heart that Jesus was Lord. Baptism should always be done as a confession of faith but does not stand to condemn if it can't be performed. Is this what you are speaking of? I realize that the Catholic faith looks differently at this so all I can say is I believe God knows our hearts. He knows the sincerity of every soul. I can not say who is right and who is wrong in baptism, I can only account for myself and what I believe the Holy Spirit has expressed to me thru Gods Word. if this is not what you are trying to express to me then by all means let me know. Like you, I'm always willing to talk about the Lord.
  14. hmmm interesting. Are they unwilling to contribute to the CHILDREN's hospital unless there is a dare or a way to find fault with Grishams briefing in the effort to smear anybody or anything that is connected to Trump. Looks to me they have they have obligated themselves regardless if she does or doesn't. Of course they can do as they please, Hollywood will not condemn them, after all it's only sick dying children in desperate need of contributions. just a thought.....keyword. "if"
  15. LDG. I'm unclear what you are expressing here to me but feel sure you are trying to make a point. Not sure what this has to do with the difference in religion and Christianity. Please share so I can understand your point because I totally missed it.
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