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  1. learning all i can

    Romans 1:18–32 (ESV) God's Wrath On Unrighteousness

    YES, God has given every man a general revelation of Himself in mans heart as well as written word, yet man continues to rebel against His holiness, mercy and grace. He has been long suffering with mans evil ways. As in the days of Noah, it would seem that He is taking His hedge of protection and lifting His hand from mankind to let them have their own way and live in the depraved manner as they wish. His word tells us of the past, present and future. Man has not learned from history past but someday soon, "every knee will bow" before our holy God..... The book of Romans surely represents where this world is today as yester-year. How long will He put up with us? We are a depraved and pitiful people. Thank you for the reading of Gods word, as it is so. Come, Lord Jesus, come. barb
  2. Muleslayer, your testimony is powerful, thankyou for sharing. It would seem that our Lord waited for both of us to receive His saving grace later in life. (I was 52). Much baggage and sin to overcome but in His mercy, He has promised never to look upon that sin again. Now we must do all we can to be obedient to His world and believe with all our hearts and depend on Him and His promises. I know that I have so far more to reach for but everyday He carries me now. He will see me thru until the end even tho I continuously fall. thankyou for sharing, you have done my heart good. barb
  3. Fly, that is one of the best put together pieces on humility that I've ever read. I'm afraid that I fail humbleness most miserably. My/our pride and flesh seems to war daily with seeking to be above others and even coming before God. I'm gonna save this piece and hopefully will refer back to it when I find my ego and pride overwhelming me. Thanks for sharing, I hope all will read it, a lesson for all to live by. LORD help us all to fall humbly before your throne. barb
  4. LGD, I do not understand most of what you have written but perhaps if you could give me scripture pointing me in the right direction I will be able to relate. 1. your 1st paragraph and sentence threw me way off. What do you mean? What does tithing have to do with this? I agree with you about being able to go to God any time and any where. When our Lord Jesus died on the cross, the veil was torn from top to bottom. We no longer need a high priest like in the Old Testament to do our bidding for us. We no longer need the sacrifice of a bull or a ram. Our sacrifice died on that cross once and for all. We go directly to the Father with a humble heart asking for His mercy,forgiveness and blessings. That's why we pray in the name of Jesus, HE IS OUR HIGH PRIEST. You may call that Catholic doctrine but I call it Bibical truth straight out of Gods word. The Catholics didn't come up with that, it's in the Bible . 2.Your paragraph about the Eucharist is where I'm really confused. But I feel sure if you will point me to the right scripture I can study and come to understand. Also, I'm confused about a priest having authority. I know in the OT they did but our Lord Jesus came to fullfill the law so OT priest are no longer needed. Just explain it to me and give me some scripture to follow up on it and I'll do some digging in Gods word. 3. You have indicated on several occasions in your post here that (your quote) "God has made a way for Protestants to get to heaven just like Catholic". end quote. You also said that you " believe that the Lord God understands and sympathizes with the Protestants that do this" do what? And also Roman's 1:16 says" For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also the doesn't say anything about the Catholic first then the protestant so once again I am confused with your writings unless you are trying to say that all non-Catholics should be grateful that God would even give us a second glance. We are grateful because there is non of us that deserve His love and mercy and that includes the Catholic church. I almost feel that you have tried to insult every man and woman here on dv that is not Catholic. I just thought it was time that you know that our souls, our faith and our allegiance to Gods word is just as strong or stronger than your allegiance to the Catholic church. Our salvation is just as secure as yours. We don't need for you to worry about God understanding us or sympathizing with us. He has given us Protestants His revelation. He has given all of us, every one of us His promises but more than anything else He Has given us His beloved Son. That lived a righteous life that you and I can not. He died on the cross and arose 3 days later and now sits at the right hand of God. Jesus Christ alone satisfied the wrath of God that is just against you and me. LGD, we as "Protestants " as you keep calling us DO NOT NEED your Catholic church nor your priest nor your pope. We have Jesus. He alone is the way. No works added nothing but the sacrifice that Jesus provided on that cross. Sorry you feel about us "Protestants " the way you do but please don't worry about us, we have been cover by the blood of Jesus just as ALL, all race,color and creed that believe in the name of Jesus.
  5. Yes, that is what Gods word tell us. Jesus is our high priest, He is our Mediator. He is the Head of the church. He alone is our Saviour. WOW...WHAT A SAVIOUR
  6. that's ok that we disagree. You love our Lord Jesus as I do. Petros and Petra are 2 distinct words in Greek. I'm sure you know the word Peter is Greek is Petros which means a piece of rock, a stone or a peeble, it is moveable. The word Petra means solid rock, a cliff, a mother rock or high mass it is immoveable. The NT was originally written in Greek from which Latin and English were translated, so we must rely on Greek altho Jesus was probably speaking Aramaic. If we go back to Matt.16:13, Jesus ask His disciples "whom do men say that I the Son of man am?" Peter answers, "You (Jesus) are the Christ, the Son of the living God". Then Christ responded, "You are Peter (Petros, a piece of rock, a stone, a pebble, moveable) and upon THIS ROCK (Petra, solid mass, cliff, mother rock, immovable,) "I will build my church". Referring to Jesus, Himself. Some people assume here that Jesus is building His church on Peter. But that is not so. Petros (Peter) and the other Apostles will carry on and build churches after our Lord is gone but he like all men are still "little rocks, stones and pebbles " their strength will be in the Petra, our Lord Jesus, immovable, mother rock. Jesus Christ is our great "ROCK" upon whom the church is built. in Greek the text clearly indicates the church of Christ is built on the Petra (Jesus) not Petros (Peter) Also, we can never pick out 1 scripture and expect it to to explain its self alone. We must use all scripture to explain scripture. For further explanation as Christ being the head of the church, high Priest and the "unmovable rock " (Petra) that should clear this up for ya, please see : ( Deuteronomy 32:3-4, 15, 18:1) (Cor. 10:4, Eph. 2:20, 1Peter 2:6, Eph 2:20, 5:23 and Col. 1:18) thanks for your time Muleslayer barb
  7. That is why the Reformation started. Martin Luther, John Calvin and many others exposed the Catholic church. They exposed when our Lord Jesus died on the cross, " the veil was torn" there was no need for a go between, we have direct access to God thru our Savior Jesus Christ. This is only one of the 44 thesis that Luther exposed then came the Reformation, no longer held captive by the Catholic church and their control of religious freedom. Once again, the Catholic church claims supremacy but it is only their tradition. They claim Peter as Pope but only as tradition. Jesus never appointed one apostle over another. Luther exposed all the falsehoods of the Catholic church as written in God's word/Bible, not made up rules of the Catholic church. YES, this is church history.
  8. My thought is your pastor friend is exactly right but one must always be prepared to defend the truth. God gave us His Word and revelation that all may came to the saving grace of God. All Nations, Jew and Gentile alike. One must carry truth before the others can receive faith.
  9. then why would you tell Shabbs that he was a Pope? And you are correct in stating that this is Chatholic doctrine, NOT BIBICAL TRUTH according to the word of God.
  10. There is nothing Bibical about Peter ever being a Pope. This is tradition only made by the Catholic church. Most Protestant churches believe in Scripture alone/sola scriptura. We do not depend on "lost books" nor do we depend on the writings or traditions of the church for they are not the word of God. Scripture nowhere declares or indicates that Peter was in authority or had authority over the other Apostles or having primacy. The Bible says nothing about Peter ever traveling to ROME. In fact when the gospel ends Peter is in Jerusalem. It also states this in the book of Acts. Peter spoke Aramic. The Roman empire was a city where the dominate language was Latin and Greek. Before Jesus made Peter an Apostle he was a fisherman and likely not very educated. He was not the type to travel across the Roman empire. Plus if we back track all of his travels in the NT we find all his locations listed and never once was Rome part of his iteniery. NO WHERE EVER DOES IT PLACE HIM IN ROME. Peter was a Jew made Apostle by our Lord Jesus Christ. The Chatholic church made him a Pope by their own standards and tradition. We really need to consider,search and study Gods word before we take for granted what others may say as truth. Just always be on guard, know Gods word. barb
  11. Actually the Pope has been accused or reported of one world government since 2011. Forbes reported in 2011, guardian in 2017(probably exaggerated or fake). Reported in 2015 and now here in Jan. 2019. I can understand Muleslayer and LGD becoming upset as this is not what we the American people stand for. All of us that go to Church and have a relationship with our Ministers and Pastors put much faith and trust with them leading their flock according to Bibical standards. Also, I would believe that most of us have questioned or leaned against something that our Pastor has said in a service and we go home and search the Bible for edification. I have and if you haven't then you are depending on him and not self for your salvation. Every man, every man except Jesus Christ is a sinner, even after regeneration our flesh continues to wage war. I don't care how holy or how close their walk is with God, we have not become sinless and will not be glorified until the return of our Saviour Jesus Christ. I know little about the Catholic church and their beliefs but I do know what the Bible tells me and no one, no not one is holy. The Pope is capable of sin, wrong thinking and making mistakes just like all of us. We don't follow the leaders of our churches, we follow Christ. Whether or not this is fake reporting we do not know but we do know that we, we alone are responsible for our salvation. We can be led but we are the ones that have to grab a hold humbly in repentance, faith and belief. God has given His revelation (His word/the Bible) to us that all may receive His holy grace and mercy that He has had upon man. We alone are responsible for what we believe. barb
  12. If he believes in one government for the world, I wonder if he will take his walls down and dismiss his Swissguard. Wonder how much room he has in the Vatican for immigrant and how much $'s he will put out to feed everyone that comes calling. Perhaps they can work for him in his massive Vatican yards. I'm sure he could use an extra 2 or 3 hundred housekeepers....ugh barb
  13. lol, I like the sound of "E" but we know that's just a dream. The Prez has worn "D" out and now sounds like chicken little with the sky is falling.....I vote "H", none of the above but feel he may possibly be in line with something about the budget. No budget passed, stay here and work including that all must be here for roll call...NO BUDGET, NO GO. Now that would give a real akin to the Dems because every other day to them is a holiday. If they don't show up for roll call, pay is docked. All travel will be on their dime! just got a feeling this will be about the budget and of course "the wall" will be part of it. He knows how to put the hurt on the ones that try to put the hurt on him. When will they learn that his hurt is 3 times worse than the hurt they inflict. 2: o'clock my time will be interesting. Time for him to fire the 1st and only shot. Put'em to rest! barb
  14. We read about the accuser in the Bible. Wonder if there is a relationship there! barb

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