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  1. we now have Dems fighting Dems... the more progressive are naturally against the old school dems. They are divided on all accounts which is a good thing.. Regardless of what many think, Biden is harmless and has never been a threat towards women. He is still our best bet to run with PTrump. The progressive dems and old school dems will defeat themselves. TRUMP WILL REIGN ANOTHER 4 YEARS. Since you don't like my pick for the Dems ( poor ole fool Joe) who do each of you pick as PTrumps running mate. I'm doing my best to play it safe just in case of voter fraud and unknown powers that would case PTrump to lose. Think about it. Progressive or old school, look at your options.
  2. Well I'm glad and I hope he gets the nomination. Now don't get all excited thinking that I have a democratic bone in my body, but just think about it: if and I say IF P Trump happens to lose, crazy Joe would be better than any of the other socialist, g*y idiots that are making a run. Just think what our country would become if, if one of those crazy, one world libs gained power. At least poor 'ole Joe is a moderate dem from the old corrupt party and our country has managed to survive and overcome. Not so sure we could ever regain a foothold again if a socialist gets the power to control the system. It's a scary and sad thought. The dems are on a downhill slide, all they know to do is continue is try to keep on slandering and throwing dirt at the very best President we've ever had in my opinion. They have 20 candidates running now knowing that there is not one of them that has a chance, why not bring in one more crazy. Not sure poor ole Joe will have the stamina to run the race but he's the best they've got in my opinion. barb
  3. Amen and Amen. He lives and all that believe shall live also thru-eternity. WOW, what a Saviour.
  4. bigwave, Paul Harvey always had a special way of symbolizing and bringing truth to reality. His words are right on target and truth will prevail. So simple but so hard for many to grasp. Full of mercy and grace but many will not accept the free gift of eternal life. Only thru His precious blood. Thank you for the message and Happy Easter. I pray all will celebrate the true meaning and will receive a basket filled with His grace. HE IS RISEN, HE IS RISEN INDEED! barb btw.. I really didn't care for your cartoon but PH's message was just what I needed this morm
  5. True enough, but the heading and topic has been presented to incite and bring more fury among the left. The heading has been used to bring about more cause for the left to disbelieve the actual reality of Barrs and Mueller fact. The heading has been used only to cause doubt and pick to demoralize our INNOCENT PRESIDENT and deflect among the truly guilty and present false claim to give reason for further investigation of P Trump. All a ploy. All a lie to get further attention that should be closed but bring about the real investigation of the truly guilty
  6. This is just another twisted opinion that shows the left WILL NOT let this go. It is quite apparent that this reporter does not know the legal rights of AG Barr. He did not have to share this Mueller report with anyone but give highlights to Congress. President Trump interfered naught with this report and made no suggestions on it which is his privilege. The left will complain and continously try to find guilt regardless. This is solid evidence that the Dems will never do the job of promoting our Country forward but will continues to sit on their dead butts and shower us with their hate and deceit. Once again they have LOST. 2016 thru 2019 has been a complete failure with their idiotisy. 2020 will also show their failure to bring this country to a socialist nation. Time is now on the peoples side and time will finally expose the true corruption. We the people are finally getting a step ahead of this "swamp" that has held us captive for so long. NO CORRUPTION, NO COLLUSION, NO OBTRUCTION, NO IMPEACHMENT, ONLY FUTHER INVESTIGATION ON THE TRUE COPERTS. I can only hope that justice will be served with the former Whitehouse occupants and his cronies. Once again, maybe Julian Assange's wiki leaks dump will come to the rescue and bring out the complete truth to the corruption in our country. It's a good day for the USA. Time to continue the course in "MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!" GO PRESIDENT TRUMP. barb BA, I did not give you that red immature mark. After all this is just a opinion piece that you have brought to us to show the complete incompetence of the left minded that want the destruction of our country. Thanks for reinforcing the twisted and hateful bs that they continue to "try" to force upon us.
  7. wasn't my intention to lump all "Canadians" in one group, nor all liberals. All Nationalities have as many bad as good.
  8. that's fair, but not all liberals in the USA are extreme either. Here on DV we tend to become pretty extreme with any thing and all that the Libs post regardless. As a whole, I believe right or left that voices favor for sanctuary cities or illegal entrance would not be willing to house one if ask. This is true in all parts of the world. Hypocracy is world wide. Just my point of view but living what comes out of your mouth should be what comes from the heart. Yes, I fail everyday but I haven't failed at how I feel about this whole mess nor will I ever claim to be that do-gooder then say "not today". Thanks for your input. barb
  9. Ha, where's the LOVE that spews out of the mouths of hypocrites. The Candians are just like the liberal hogwash we find in the USA. The maple syrup is not quite as sweet and yummy as we have been led to believe. They all love ' em until time to live out the words that they spew.
  10. is that the most hateful, ugly woman I've ever seen? Why yes, yes it is!
  11. I thought the same thing. Wonder if he has let his fingernails grow long and watched old movies all day long.
  12. I have never thought or known that women, (even blondes)( lol) could be so stupid and just down right evil. Not only is her mouth to big for her face but it spews hate, corruption, ignorance and blame towards every human being on the face of this earth. It sickens me to hear her voice and look at the ugliness she has plagued all women with. If there has ever been a women that has abused the freedom of speech, she is it. Not only could both feet fit in to that wide-loud-mouth but she could actually swallow her body whole. As a woman, I can see why men look at our gender as ignorant fools and should still be bare foot, pregnant homemakers only allowed out of the house to go buy groceries. She has darkened ever womans path and ability to be accepted in todays society. barb
  13. Hey Sage, medical marijuana is such a good thing. Hope you eplore, educate your self even more for. At my church, we have a young man that is 45 yrs old, of course he is just still a kid to all of us but his mom started with the meds last yr and His seizures are down from 25 to 50 a day to about 12 to 15. Of course he is in wheel chair and there is no communication with Him but his mom is just ecstatic over the decrease of seizures as they were very violent and just heartbreaking. I truly believe that God has given us all things for the good of humanity..It's The abuse that leads to other abuse that is my concern. But as Cl confirmed it's all about the THC level. I pray for your luck with your adventure if you go forward. This has been a miracle drug for Dot and her son at my church. Not a cure but but less heartbreak for her and so much less torture of seizures for him. God bless Sage and happy gardening. barb
  14. Umb it wouldn't matter what one says or does, the ones that hate for others to voice their opinions will always display their " only me" mentality. I have become use to pps negs for me and have gotten where I rather enjoy them as it shows I have gathered her attention. I can't help others hate but I still can voice the things I hold dearest to my heart. Of course many here just want to be in a constant uproar with the people they dislike. As I have said many times before, " it's not the post that gets negged as much as it is for the poster that wrote it. Lol, that's ok barb
  15. Well pp, the answer that Texas granny was that LGD had given up dv for lent. Many here expressed their opinion of lent and that falls in complete line with the answer of his where abouts. Many believe in it, many do not. Each has expressed their belief or unbelief. For us to be silenced on faith because you or others don't want to read it would be contrary to the answer giving for where he is. That's what dv is...comments and opinions are what makes this site go round and round, holding views and interest to all that want to participate in a courteous and orderly manner. Adam has been graceful enough to open up other subject matter (other than dinar) so that ALL can participate and enjoy like minded people. Like off topic and etc. Spending a whole day on dv with only dinar to speculate about could become pretty boring rather quickly. He has also given us the ability to put any one or any subject matter on ignore. I'd say that was a pretty brilliant option on his part. Wouldn't you? Topic, whether yours, mine or whosoever can and are subject to go off topic. This is your topic so apparently it is up to you to get it back in course. NOT HAVE IT SHUT DOWN, because you don't like its contents. If it where my topic, I would just be happy it got so much attention in such a short period of each his own.
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