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  1. to all that has contributed to this thread......... If a world wide depressing occured....... if this is so and I say if, how can we look forward to our dinar revaluation? All currency will plummet, won't it? Will some currencies still be stronger than others. Will our dteams of a rv be destroyed? Just a goofy question from a whirling mind of "What ifs"
  2. ya know what Shabbs, I like her too.. She is straight forward, speaks truth and not radical left. She actually shows some common sense and sounds as if she is wanting to look after the country instead of gaining that all egotistic power. No, I won't be voting for her but she is actually the best candidate that the Dems have if they really wanted to serve the country.
  3. this is a good thing....sounds like we are on the same page. Now, if we can just live it and keep our eyes on the prize. thank you barb
  4. Mark, I read this last night when I got home from church. It was on my mind all night and 1st thing this morning. The scripture you brought forth from Dr. Johnson and forward was not a coincidence ( I don't believe in coincidences) but a call from God to take a look at question our virtue and our pursuit of our knowledge of question if we are have the correct insight, awareness and self-control that He has given us the ability to achieve. Are we truly living out our salvation and sanctification as God wills us to do. In v.5-8, we have a pretty tall order and when we take our eyes off Jesus and run with this ole world our assurance can become frail, our joy in Christ seems to fade somewhat and takes a backseat. It comes on us subtly but we are no longer living with our 1st love. In His divine power God has called us and given us salvation thru His Son, Jesus Christ. According to v.2-4, He has given us total ability to apply His will to our lives BUT we are to be diligent in doing so. Again in v.5-8 He tells us exactly what we need to diligently seek to add to our faith, to be more Christlike. V.12, Peter assures us that He will "remind" us always. How easy we forget and sometimes even for several seasons. We seem to just go with the flow of our yesteryear before our new birth. We take our eyes off His will and all He has for us. True Joy, peace, assurance and even the precious relationship we have with Him. These are things that happen to us and slowly come when we join in worldly thoughts and participate in unGodly thoughts. But true to His word, He snaps us back and "REMINDS" us to work out our salvation. As brothers and sisters in Christ, this is exactly what we must do for each other. REMIND each other, we are in Christ, are we living in a Christ like manner? Mark, it seems so hard sometimes for me but even Paul tells us that he was always pursuing and pressing forward towards the mark. The mark to what? The mark to be more Christlike, to do His will and to be diligent in doing so. I struggle daily because my mind and flesh is so weak. I am easily distracted but I know that my only hope is to stay in His word, to be around like minded people, prayer and to dependent on other brothers and sisters to REMIND me as Peter did, mainly dependence on Him that brings all good things to the ones that love Him. It would seem that my sanctification is ever so slow and I continue to flounder ever too often and my assurance wavers every time I let wordly things become too importance. Especially when I try to gain its approval or try to fit in. But its times such as this that God calls me back and REMINDS me of my 1st love. Yes, I'm again amazed how God uses each of us and brings about His works that seem to always fit in at just the right time and two people can be miles apart never to have met personally but this is His sovereign way. He is steadfast and works His providence however he wills to get the results that He demands. Thank you for being allowed to be used by God. barbara ps. Please promise me that you will REMIND me.
  5. Mark, you didn't offend me or my expectations. My thought was how we offend God and how easy it is for us to become complacent with this world around us. I am so very guilty when I join in with the off-colored jokes and and make fun of the fallen.....I know how you love the Lord, I know how very weak my own flesh is. How can I judge others when I am the one that falls so short and the most. I wasn't trying to tear you down but surprised knowing the strength that you exhibit in the Lord. Hope i didn't hurt your feelings but reminded you that God's children have been set apart. Will you remind me when I take my eyes off Jesus and display the arrogance of this world.? I hope you will, I'm still growing and need the strength that i find in others. Thank you for reading my post with the understanding that you replied with concern. Thank you again, barb
  6. I most certainly agree. We joke, we laugh at this death but where is the justice. The Lord says "Vengence is mine" but yet the laughter and jokes justify this murder if it was murder. Evil as this man was, still deserves the right to justice. We swear by our amendments but then we are the 1st to find pure joy when one has been broken to whom we deem unworthy of the very rights Implemented. Once again we are a sad bunch of people that consider only what is right for self. Markinsa you truly surprise me. I wish no one to hell. There is always a hope for repentance no matter how bad the sin. God is our judge. Just shows ya how our own hearts fall so far from the will of God. This whole thread sickens me. Noone here knows the truth but we are eager to judge and make jokes. We look at our own sin as petty but all of us will answer to Gods standards and our unbelief. have a field day, I'm ready for rubies and any abuse any of you pass before me.
  7. Barr, I think is a good man, honest and true and I agree, there must be an investigation. Barr knows something's not right here and even willing to put himself out there to find the truth. Isn't that what all of us should be all about? Even tho Epstein was as bad as bad and evil could be, he had favor with the elite to give them their hearts desires. Quite sickening but the evil that is among us is bought and paid for every day by the very people WE vote in to protect and guide our country. As bad as he was, he still deserved a just trial and a investigation to carry him down.. I don't care how powerful one may be, they have no right to take things into their own hands especially if it's to hide their own guilt. AG Barr needs to watch his back. I'm afraid for him.
  8. whoops meant to say "Days of our lives"
  9. Umb, pull up the Little Raschals on utube.... you'll get a kick out of them. Kids just going out to play everyday with parents not around and got into everything they could.. sorta like I grew up. No parents around and was able to explore ever bit of farm land in a 10 mile radius. If we couldn't find something to get into, there were always some good 'ole grapevines to smoke and swing on over creeks. Good 'ole days in the lazy days of summer. listen to "Queen", Feddie Mercury's last days. "Those were the days". Times gone by but always remembered and cherished.......I love that song
  10. I'm showing my age here but I think that's Spanky on the "little rascals". Leader of the rascal gang and always into mischief. Smoke it like a man son, smoke it like a man!
  11. We have a AR15 in our closet. I have shot it once, my husband maybe a couple of times. It's pretty much out of site out of mind but it's there and its ours. I don't need anybody telling me how many or how few clips we should have. It's ours, we are responsible for it and if, and I say if, that one of us goes into a fit of rage and we turn towards evil then once again it will be our own responsibility. The Ar just sits without motive. The government has no right to take what is mine. This is the beginning of socialism. There is only one means that can and will turn this violence around and as much as many here will not want to hear it, it is the Spirit of God to come back Into our lives. Home lives with morals and a belief in heaven and hell. Humbly repenting and asking for forgiveness. Turning from our sin and pleading Gods mercy, thanking Him and giving Him the glory for our very breath. We have become a nation of hate, we are without God in our mist as we have put Him out and depend upon self and government to guide us. There must be a revival of the human heart before any man made solution will work for us. We have become man of destruction and there is only one solution. Think about that, and then give me a better solution. Will it happen over nigh? Doubtful, but will man made laws ever come to fruition without violation? Only one answer for me, hope yours is the same.... barb
  12. Yes indeed, God raises Nations up and God brings Nations down. He has certainly raised us up for the last 2 years. As we turn back towards Him, we can expect more and better years to come.
  13. Best show on TV last night. He continues to hold us in complete attention and applaud his honesty about our country and the evil that has held so many captive for so long. He is never boring and he has already proven that he will do what he says he'll do. I've watched all of the dems debates and cringe. Last night brings back the ever looking forward to what our Nation is suppose to be.......surely after 2020 the dems will finally lay down and let him do the job he is so capable of and has promised. Good stuff, new hope, honest laughter and just a good ole times, PTrump has got it handled. barb
  14. Ya know, that's a good point, they have never lived and worked in the real world. They have no concept of reality because mom and dad have supported their toy like needs and their schooling has blinded them of all moral law and what this country stands for. Maybe the age to vote should be changed. Serve your country for 2 years then maybe just maybe some common sense has been put back into the space that others have kept them from turtles, makes ya wonder about the honeymoon, whoops no it doesn't with the sexual revolution going on today I'm sure there would be no surprises....playing ninja turtles was probably a good idea for them. Play dressup
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