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  1. can you imagine if Ivanka was the next in line...she not only would be the 1st woman Pres but a 2nd generation with the hated name of Trump. The left would no longer threaten us with leaving the country but will probably threaten suicide but of course this would only be a continuation of their lies. Wish they would just tell the truth......for once .pick your poision.
  2. Lol, I think you are confused with the word "provide". No one in my family has ever expected a red nickel from the government, we have always worked and " provided" with the best we could with what we earned. Provision from the government does not render financial dependency in our thoughts but men and women that do the best for our country to keep it free and bring about the laws of the land that give American citizens their JUST rights . Nope, the government doesn't owe me or my family a penny. I owe my family to vote and bring about the best that will bring my children and grandchild a life of hope. Prez Trump has already brought about much, much good. I can only expect his children to do the same. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Shabs, I'll overlook you thinking that I could possibly be a leftist bum this don't let it happen again...
  3. Yes indeed, I'd like it better if each Trump was for 8 years instead of 4.....I would have the assurance of my grandson having a real future. Yep,8 years each would be grand!
  4. Amen, and mans law will never stand, only in a fallen world. Good to see ya synopsis
  5. Cranman, I see you have the support of several with your 1st answer as I have the unsupport of a ruby master which that is perfectly fine with me. You ask about the ones that don't believe in God or a deity and state that God has no place in the process by their choice. The only thing true in this statement is that these things are of their own choice. but if one is truly to believe that there is no supreme being then they must ask how did their very breath come to be. I just don't believe there is a man or woman out there that does not believe in a supreme being. In fact I don't believe in atheism as described because God has put in every humans heart a belief thru nature and His creation. Of course many suppress this belief but in their heart of heart they know it is so. Anyway all of this is to say if mans law is to overcome Gods law then we are a man to be pitied and without hope. Not only for our nation but the hope of eternal afterlife. Gods place should be counted as all around us. He is holding up all things that ever was and ever will be. He didn't just make us and leave us to our own depravity. He still sits on His throne and man nor demonic spirits can or will thwart His plans. I suppose you are as firm on where you stand as I am, but I know for sure my mind is made up. Thank you for opening the door for me to express my love and total dependence on Him. I just wish all could see His goodness and His sovereignty. He is over ALL things. barb
  6. What is fair? What should our standards be? Should we live for man made laws or the laws set by God? Sure we are to obey the laws of the land but we are also to vote in the people we believe will set laws in favor of Gods eyes not just to win votes from a particular group. How were the standard of laws first set and what were they based on? (the Bible, Gods word) This is why Warren is speaking out on this issue. Purely vote related, the same as reparation. As you can see, I'm totally against *** marriages but all have the right in their own hearts to please themselves in this world instead of the future and what is pleasing to God. I can only pray that we get back to Bibical standards that are only good instead of mans depravity that only promotes a fallen world that was not the intentions of our forefathers. I have to agree that this should not be a religious issue but it should be a "GOD ISSUE".
  7. Hey Umb, I know you are a big reader, look up some of MacArthur's reading, he will make Bibical understanding all come together for ya or at least help to see how it all fits. Most of us are very challenged when we read God's word, that's why God has given us teachers, scholars and theologians for our very times. He wants us all to hear His word, know what it means that all may come to saving faith thru His Son Jesus Christ.....thru His grace....Isn't that what life is really all about? barb btw Umb, I didn't give you that ruby that you got where you told me that bringing family in was a no,no. We all have those that just don't want us to open our mouths or give our opinions about anything. But I've learned to stand firm when it's my true belief. Just wanted you to know.
  8. Indraman, if Ben Shaprio has never heard the true word of God then he will certainly hear the true word from Johhny Mac. I have all of MacArthur's NT commentaries verse by verse and he lays out every verse and its relationship to the OT in detail. Scripture explains Scripture.....I also go to his web site, Gace be to you when I have difficult questions or don't understand Scripture sometimes. Mac and RC Sproul have been my mentors (should I say) since the beginning of my Christian life. Both are (Sproul is dead now) the best teachers and theologians of our time. Yes, and both are Calvinist. This is scary to many but if we start from the beginning of Gods word, we find that it all goes together from beginning to end. God's promises to Israel has not all been fulfilled yet but it WILL come about just as Mac explained to Ben in the above piece. The true Israel (Gods chosen) will be given a new heart and their belief in our Saviour will come about just as soon as the fulfillment of the Gentiles has come about. This is the word of God, this is His promise to His people and it is so. Thanks for bringing this, I could listen to Mac all day long. I have saved the site you got this from............Good stuff, thank you If you get the chance or time Google Mac on the book of Revelation, Isaiah and Daniel especially if you are a pre-trib believer. The return of our Lord Jesus will all fall in to place for ya. Please understand, I'm still learning but the value of MacArthur's knowledge and devotion is overwhelming and if you ever have the chance to go to a convention or ministry where he is speaking, go,go,go. Your heart and soul will be blessed when you hear the absolute truths of God's word. thanks again. barb
  9. It would appear to me that it is NOT up to George Conway, the lame left or corrupt media. If there actually was a real reason to "FIRE" (lol) or impeach PTrump it would have already taken place. The right took control in 2016 and the hate that is continuously spewed by the left because of defeat does not qualify for "FIRING". They can't even lie and canive enough to actually bring about such a ridiculous statement. Hoping and wishing for something is useless unless you have the means to bring it about. The left continues to search for these means to fill the hate and self seeking power but none can be found. Hate and ignorance or invalid, lying words have never and will never rule the day as long as " We the people" stand firm. Shabbs, you know good and well that PTrump has done and is doing good for our Country. His past moral standing has always been in question but who among us can point a finger? Do I live and conduct myself like I did in my younger days.? NO! THANK GOD! Have my beliefs changed? ABSOLUTED! I thank God again. Sometimes I think your enjoyment comes from aggravating and instigating but in all reality you know the truth. In your heart you know what's right but your love to bring about quarrels and instigate chaos is a more rooted love. Is this love in your personal, everyday life with your family also or just here on dv to aggrevate? I ask only to understand what your family must go thru. It would be a horror if I had to live with such a heart filled hate of another. I just don't believe you hate as much as you enjoy disagreeing with others and causing grumblings. Go play golf and ease your mind. The stress you put on your self is unhealthy.
  10. ya know what Sage, if our conscience never bothered us and we weren't aware of our misdeeds and sin, then we would need to worry. Not about things in this life but for eternal life. Gods Holy Spirit guides us and brings about repentance with a humble heart. Altho our Lord Jesus has finished His sacrifice of salvation, He still ministers to us. Gods grace is forever with us but we still cling to our sinful nature. That's just one of the things about heaven being so great (1st is to see Jesus) but next would be there will be no more sin. WOW..we will finally shed this ole sinful flesh.....whoooweee. Gods grace and promises never fail. barb
  11. Sorry to say but my heart was the same way. I even tried my best to earnestly pray for a changed heart for obambam but felt his heart was too hardened. Of course this is and was a mistake on my part as "all things are possible with God."
  12. Many today feel that there should be no law. Growing up and still today, I feel Police officers have the authority and the duty to carry out what they deem to be proper protection of others as well as themselves. When a citizen becomes defiant a officer can only expect that the person is hiding something else. A little respect goes a long way when one gets pulled over. This officer probably would not have even given a citation if the driver and loud mouth woman had not demanded what they were and weren't going to do. I understand there are dirty cops out there and even those on a ego trip but as a citizen I also understand no matter the reason I am pulled over, the officer has authority, he deserves my respect and compliance. Give respect and normally you receive respect.
  13. Me too, no, I'm not a dem or Joe fan but look at what else we have offered in the event that Trump doesn't get reelected. The horror of socialism, full term abortion and wide open borders will come full fruiton and we will be the next fallen nation. Joe only speaks of what the far left agenda (cheek and tongue) to reach what could otherwise never be in his camp....I just believe he is still old school Democrat that will do away with the radical left thoughts if he is elected. I know he is still left but not radical in his heart as his opponents. We once again must rally and reelect Trump.....the only way our country will survive and bring about a future for our Children and grand children . I still believe that that there are more silent rightwingers in this country than left but we are going to have to fight and vote, vote, vote to overcome.
  14. This is very radical. It is my belief that Trump DOES NOT have execution in mind but justice to come about. If he had a heart that was so filled with such hate and a wishing for execution he would have already thrown hillevil in jail and her execution date would already be assigned. I do realise that Trump would not be the judge or executor but nor will the radicals that wish and pray for these events to take place. I can and do hope that justice will be served which I believe will take years and I also know that treason is or was at one time punishable by death, ( is it still and would this be the course of action taken.?) but I just can't wish it in my heart. I believe President Trumps heart has been change and don't believe he wishes it either. Pretty radical indeed.
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