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  1. loud mouth Maxine Waters stands out with her quote "impeach 45". One of the ugliest women I have ever had to see on tv. Even her big mouth in her caricatures are a better look than she is in actuality. Not only is she ugly but her hatred for others in her heart matches her outward appearance.
  2. Razor wire should do the trick but I personally vote for high voltage electrical current. This could also kill many unwanted insects that are a hazard to crops...2 birds with 1 stone kinds of a thing.
  3. caddieman......this has been my #1 complaint for sometime are right, it's not the post it is the poster. Once you have disagreed with someone or give your own opinion, if it is not agreeable to certain ones here you are sure to receive those ruby reds. Once they decide they don't like ya because you throw in your 2 cents you might-as-well get ready to see the color red whenever you decide to voice your thoughts. This country is torn in every way that it can be but yet the left and right both continue to send out division with no plan of solving or trying to heal the hate between the two sides. It's the some way here, you have those that demand you to think as they do, if you don't you are slammed....when one slams ya, another will usually follow. Talk about SHEEP. A few of us here have 3 choices in my opinion, you can agree with them and become their buddies, you can SHUT UP and keep your opinions to yourself or just continue to be the real YOU and not give a hoot about those ruby red. I personally find them quite decorative, therefore I will not be shut down. barb
  4. Just one question here....when we the USA have opponents running for office against citizens owning weapons, or banning weapons isnt there a very large increase of gun sales.? Why yes, yes it is. No dispute there......Since we have had a president that has threatened to shut the border and build a wall, don't you think that works in peoples minds as owning guns? In other words, the mind set would be, let's make good of this freedom we have while the time is on our news is just that "world news" and other parts of the world keep an eye on the US probably more than we keep an eye on them....I'm talking about the citizens of other countries so they know what they must do and how quickly they must act before the opportunity for them will come to a close. Charts and words can always be twisted to fit our own agenda...just my own thoughts here and just wondering if I'm really as ignorant as the left tries to lead me believe or if the left just downright lies........
  5. lol...not sure about sheep......possibly Goat.... did you notice the shine to her face....lubrication to make skin pliable so she could move that mouth. The rest of her face was pretty much frozen in place. Awww the vanity.
  6. I know y'all won't be interested in this but botox Nancy was looking pretty good on camera today. I'd say a new brow lift and a jowl line lift. She is slurring words a little right now...that skin must be pulled a little too tight. But hey she be looking good.
  7. I know what you mean and besides that it would take numerous pages in this thread to list them. I would even have to go back to the OT and refresh myself to list all the killings, but as we know, God wanted a holy people for Himself. Most of his covenants to Israel were blessings or curses depending upon their obedience. As you know, we have a just God, He has always been long suffering and full of mercy but His judgement is always deserved as all are sinners and deserve death. Many don't understand how a loving God can bring about such destruction. We only understand this when we truely know how Holy He is and how sinful we are and when we truely try to live His standards instead of our own. It's impossible but his love and mercy shown thru when he sent is Son. It is so great to write to someone who truely understands what's going on in the Bible and knows these words are not my own but Gods very revelation to us. I thank you for your time and your kind responses. I just pray that all will come to know Him.....thank you barb btw...I still know so little but God grows me everyday. It is He that gives us the understanding at just the right time. Wow. What a Saviour........
  8. Yes, the earth was filled with violence (Gen.6:11) but there are more reasons for His judgement. Wickedness increased to the degree that God had to destroy to cleanse (Gen 6:5. Judgement was neccessary not only because of evil v5, but they had no desire for godliness. Sin of every kind was rampant. The rulers commanded the peoples worship Lest we forget the sins of Seth and Cain.....then there was the corruption of race. The sons of God went into the daughters, married and had children. The most important fact to remember is: evil started seeping it's way into generational bloodlines so much it would have been certain to have an effect on the generations to come. . There is so much more for us to understand. But yes violence was among the reasons for the flood.
  9. lol....I forgot about those killer bees. Not sure what my family would have done in 2002 because we love steak and cheese. I guess we would of had to buy a cow. Besides that how could we continue to take pics and selfies if we didn't have cheeeeeeeeese.
  10. You are absolutely right 8th ID....the OT is full of mass killings. Many by Gods own hand or his Angel's and many, many that He delivered up for Israel's taking. Umb, there are many mass killings recorded in the OT. Here are just a few 1. The Flood (Genesis 6-8 2. The cities of the plain, including Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen. 18-19 3. The Egyptian firstborn sons during the passover (Exodus 11-12 4. The Canaanites under Moses and Joshua. (Numbers 21:2-3, Deuteronomy 20:17, and Joshua 6:17,21. The 1st 3 examples of Gods own hands as there were no human agents involved. In these mass killings either God himself or his Angel's carried out these killings directly. #4, the mass killings of the Canaanites is a case of Gods people, the nation of Israel, which were commanded by God to attack and kill. This was not genocide but Gods judgement and was intended to be expulsion from the land that God had promised to Israel. The mass killing was also because of the Canaanites wickedness (Deuteronomy 9:4-6. Their detestable practices ( Deuteronomy 18:12 and in (Leviticus 18:24-25) God says; "Even the land was defiled; so I will punish it for its sin, and the land vomited out its inhabitants." And yes, God has ordered mass killings and destruction and it was done in the name of the Lord. Here is something for you to think about Umb........God gave Israel the land of milk and honey from the very beginning. It was a covenant that God made with them. No one but Israel will actually ever own this land except Israel. Others may claim it, fight over it and even occupy it for a time but in the end Israel will have ALL that God has promised them. This is what 8th ID is speaking of. There will be mass killings again all that God may bring about his promised covenant. Israel WILL HAVE ALL THAT HAS BEEN PROPHESIED. As you can see here the Bible gives us the history of the beginnings, the history of our present and the history of our future...The Bible gives us the answers to ALL OF OUR WHYS. It's worth the read
  11. Umb, thank you for your answer but I actually was asking a rhetorical question to get everyone to think about the plan that God has for every man on the face of the earth regardless of nationality or race. We only have 2 options here....heaven or hell...there is no in between.....sitting in the middle of the fence renders hell ...
  12. Once again Umb, if you really want the real truth about culture, history and the belief of other religions......turn to the truth and the revelation that God brings to us. THE BIBLE......
  13. my question is this...are muslims, muslims because of their skin color, because of their religious belief or because they are from the middle east? Have they ALL been indoctrinated into the belief of the koran. God tells us that He will make Abraham the Father of many nations. Wasn't it Gods plan to save some of every nationality, race and creed. Are all muslims terrorists? If the blood of Christ is strong enough to save even one of us sinners, isn't it enough to save even a Muslim or any other country that goes against us. I guess what I'm trying to say here, is that this is part of God's own plan. Terrorists will not thwart what God ordained before the foundation of the earth. As LGD stated, the book of Revelation gives us many answers and what our end will be, but it won't be because the terrorist have made the plans, it will be by the mighty hand of God
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