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  1. yes many would fail the test but Jesus wasn't an illegal.!!! We also need to remember why God separated and made so many nations to begin with instead of keeping all people as one. He alone will bring all nations and people back as one when His time is ready.
  2. I just can't stand to read things like this for one to seek political gain. To use the nativity scene to feel sorry for breakers of our laws are among the lowest means to bring about ones political hatred of the President of the US.. 1st and foremost Joseph, Mary and Jesus fled because of king herod wanting to kill our Lord. One of satan's plots to destroy Gods plans of salvation. There are a great many of these children that have been brought into the US as a dequise for the illegals to gain entry. If the US had not taken possession of them many would have been left to their own devices. Many were even bought as a way for the criminals to gain entry for their own illegal drug cartels to smuggle drug over the border. This write up is proof that many of our churches and pastors have fallen wayside for self gain. This Methodist pastor is just wrong to use our Lord in such a way. She isn't spreading the gospel, she has made a mockery of it. If she were really called by God to preach the Word, then she would be trying to save souls instead of stirring conflict and discord among the American people. It's quite apparent she is sitting on the left side of the fence, of course striding the fence would be no help. She is among the many that have and are using God for ones own political gain.........pure blasphemy.
  3. Bandit, I can understand your frustration as I believe all of us are feeling the indignities of our leaders. Once again, I believe that we are to vote for the man/woman that most fits with our beliefs even tho they may not be the perfect fit for us. The ones that are socialist and creating their own lawlessness for their cities must be voted out but the people in those cities and states must be willing to stand and vote for another that has the standards to bring about the change needed. I have no answers for this ever rising crisis but just to know that I can rest in God all mighty. He is our fortress, who can be against us when He is for us?..... For me, I look beyond today and these troubles times, these are the days that will come and go....keep your eyes on what is to come.....
  4. Nstoolman you are right, man left to his own devices are deceived and indeed have the capacity to become totally depraved without law. Punishment for crimes are what keeps man from committing atrocities and bringing societies from total chaos. We are to follow the laws of the land set forth by our appointed government unless and I say UNLESS these go against Gods law. Our laws are stemmed from Godly men that wrote the constitution and brought forth a sound Bibical foundation. For our constitution to become void and man became his own law, we the people would not only destroy the future of generations to come but would be breaking Gods decreed laws as it is He that put these things in place and brings up the leaders of the nations. God has written His law on every mans heart therefore we have a responsibilty before Him. Even so, without the fear of retribution, I fear all would go their own way and the end of civilization would come about pretty rapidly. We are already seeing evidence of this in many of our once great cities such as NY and Ca. Our great nation cannot survive without law, WE WILL NOT SURVIVE WITHOUT LAW. Bibically speaking; the OT was full of evil leaders as well as Godly leaders, during the times of evil leaders there was always judgement brought upon the people. We must always use our sound judgement to bring to government the best even when it seems that we really dont have a great choice in either. Then we pray for him knowing that Gods will, will be done. Lawlessness will bring us to our ends but of course this will be so in the end days.....of course lawlessness will get here sooner if we are to listen to a gal and others such as this.
  5. There you have it folks. "The rest of the story" wait, wait....maybe I need to watch this one again.!
  6. it's not the pop ups I mind so much but that little *** boy, Doogie houser that just irks me to have to look at. I just don't care to see his face. What ad do all of ya'll get to see. If it's not doggie, I'll trade ya.
  7. Personally, I have many of Lucados books, he is a Godly man and I was quite surprised when I read this piece and the letter he wrote simply because in 2016, I can't remember if Trump has confessed Christianity or not but if he had, Max does not read or know another mans heart anymore than you or I. Also, we are all sinners and even in our best and closest walk with our Lord we still fall so short of His glory. I do understand that as Christian's we are to present ourselves to others as Christ like but how many times do we, ourselves look at something we have just done and know in our hearts that once again we have failed to honor God by our actions. I do not know if Trump is or is not. I know I voted for him and will do so again. I know that the Bible tells me that God chooses the leaders of the nations. In the OT, He chose to have some evil kings and leaders for the judgement of Israel when they fell away from Him. So I leave this very thing in Gods hands. I must say that there are many things that Trump says and does that i really dislike but I can't judge him as I fall short every day. I do understand where Lucado is coming from but Trump has done what he said he would do and continues to carry forth good for our country.
  8. Looks pretty strong to me when we see it broken down state by state and in true black and white. Nothing shabby about 12 out of 13 and waiting on a recount for 13. O believe I like it. Thanks Yota
  9. I knew you would come back with something that doesn't even fit. 1st the book of Enoch is not in the Bible nor the gospel of Thomas. This is what Revelation means in 22:18-19. "For I testify to everyone who hears the word of the prophecy of THIS BOOK; If anyone ADDS to these things, God will add to him the plagues that are written in this book; v19 and if anyone TAKES AWAY from the words of the book of prophecy, God shall take away his part from the Book Of Life, from the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book. " Now, what has Gods omnipresence got to do with this? Nothing.! Yes, I even said above that it is something that Jesus could have said in His life time but the Bible, THE BOOK, as quoted above in scripture Does not tell us anywhere that Jesus said that. So why do you quote Jesus as saying this? You are adding to the are leading others to think something that is not so. It DID NOT COME FROM THE WORD OF GOD. Why do you insist on bringing things to others that they may quote to others and proclaim it came from Jesus when in fact it came from other books that are not found in the Bible? This is hierarchy. Many here read things you write and hang on them as truth but when you say that Jesus said, this should be fact not out of a book that had no witness to the things said. There are reasons that the book of Enoch and Thomas are not in the Bible and you know that. Over 3 centuries, 3 widely recognized principles have been used to validate the authority of the Bible. 1st the writings had to have a recognized prophet or apostle as its author. 2nd , scripture could not disagree with or contradict precious scripture and 3rd, the writing had to have general consensus by the church as an inspired book.....this is why enoch and thomas are not in the cannons. They could not stand the test as authentic writings that was inspired by the very breath of God. Noone even believes that Thomas even wrote a gospel. You can believe what ever you may but enoch and thomas were not Gods divine, inspired word and if they were they would be in the Bible for our revelation. It would seem that you look upon these writings as a truth that you can lead others to believe as truth when infact we do not know but we do know THE BIBLE IS...I just ask that you do not use those as absolute truth TO OTHERS and lead them to believe it's in the Bible when it is not there but in other books not approved by the councils met in church history to consider them as the inspired word of God. When you do you may or could lead others to untruths. Once again you can believe whatever you may, just don't push things like this as Jesus's actual words because you do not know nor do I, but when you do this you are leading others to unsure ties. Quote the actual words of scripture not the words found in unauthenicated books that YOU BELIEVE TO BE TRUE. God tells us His word alone will stand......
  10. LGD, this quote that you just quoted came from the Gospel of Thomas which is not in the Bible. As far as anyone knows the Apostle Thomas never wrote a gospel. It is believed that this was composed by a member of a gnostic sect probably in the late 2nd century which explains why it is not in the Bible and was discovered in 1945-46 near the village of Nag Hammadi in Egypt. It is a collection of 114 sayings contributed to Jesus. While it is true that many of the sayings writing in the gospel of Thomas are found in the Bible, this one that you quoted IS NOT but was adapted for the gnostic purposes. Lgd, it is not my intentions to embarrass you but I just can not let things like this slide for others to believe about Jesus when it is not so. Now somewhere in His life time He may have said this but it is not found in the recorded gospels of the Bible. It is wrong when we throw such sayings around that was not actually a quote from Him Himself. I personally have not read the gospel of Thomas because it is not in the canons and feel that books such as these could affect the true belief I find in Gods word. Possibly causing me to become confused about what actual truth and hear say. Hear say is the downfall and demise of many. I am not an intellect or scholar in anything and hope you and others aren't supposing that I think I know more Bibically than any of you. But when I saw the quote I knew I didn't remember reading those words by Jesus before so I looked it up. Altho I find this a very good saying, we must be careful when it comes to the actual word of our Lord and everything else that is Bibical. I find that things like this causes tension between us and this is not what I want but the need for all of us to know the real truth is what matters. The truth is in the Bible and this is for our revelation and edification.
  11. that is a clearly thought out without prejudice. As I said the other day, it's pretty bad when we only have the bad and the worst to choose from. It's time we demand more but with open eyes.
  12. yes at last, YES, I'm free at last and I thank God lady, wonder who she is. She said she has a book. I just pray others will "walk away" and "be free at last". Thanks indy.
  13. Never heard of that before but it's interesting.....not exactly what I meant by different tribes but a interesting theory if I understood it correctly
  14. Bug-eyed Schiff can't keep up with all his lies. It's coming, yep it's comeing down big.
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