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  1. I seen somewhere that all the LinkedIn accounts of the employees have been deleted
  2. It’s called Training! Got to get the people used to it. You know, the new normal.
  3. Gee! Don’t they have a right to PEACEFUL PROTEST also. Seems like the Dems were all about this a couple of months ago.
  4. A lot of foreign countries are saying Trump will win, don’t know where they are getting there info though.
  5. Central banks are creating crypto currency to replace their fiat currency’s. They will have control over them and eventual remove paper money.
  6. Also Indy, think of it this way. You have a garage sale, at a time when cash is no longer used. So now you can not put your 2 or 3 hundred $s in you pocket. Plus the gov knows you made money and automatically debits your account for the 28% tax bracket.
  7. I can not find the original interview but here is a link to some guys YouTube and he’s got the excerpt of the important part of the interview. Scrub to about 00:1:30 He does not say “he owns” but listen to what he does say.
  8. one of Biden’s tax plans to save the US is to raise capital gains to 39.7%. So if the RV doesn’t happen and he wins he’s already got his plan in place!
  9. The stupidity is off the scale!!
  10. Bringing back memories!! back in the late 70s and early 80s it was a lot of DP and Yes in the head phones. 😏
  11. yeah. But what’s really sad is that it seems that the owners don’t seem to know where the money come from🤣 piss off enough of us fans then what...
  12. Those guys make 100s of 1000s of dollars a year , most of them make more than the average person makes in a month. But yet they have the balls to through it in our faces! Make them learn WHERE their MONEY comes from!!
  13. Have a centrifuge and a case full of wax figures on hand and if they want your silver just melt it down and make rings, pendants and charms. Doesn’t have to be pretty just needs to qualify as jewelry! its a very simple process.
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