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  1. Yes boycott them all. Yes I know there are a lot of people just trying to work to support their families. But to stop a company from pushing an agenda you have to use all routes. When another company sees issues with their income based on another companies agenda they’re gonna stop doing business with that company as well. That’s when you start making real progress. We are a free America and people of America are free we do not have to bow to the whims of some big multinational corporation. Once the population of America understands that we will be in much better shape. The biggest problem with that fact is it is not taught in school anymore that we are a free people based on a constitution. wow! This is gonna kill my social credit score.
  2. So the stock market went down 900 points in the last two days. And is on the way back up! Those of you who know how the markets work, guess who just got richer.
  3. Sure they were!! Remember that first stimulus. Trillions of dollars and we got $1200. How many trillions was that stimmy bill divided by 350 million people in America. Yeah certain people got paid, not us.
  4. Sounds like good science to me - cases go down in a country that uses ivermectin but cases go up in countries that are heavily vaccinated. Hmm... maybe we need a ten year study.
  5. Just the latest scare/force tactics to get everyone listed in the national cv19 database. The central banks can not move on with the new system until everyone is in the system.
  6. Gee! Why did he specifically point out Florida. 🤣even though he own a $12 million house on Martha Vin.
  7. God is telling her to get a job in a school where she can teach God’s children to go out conquer this world-not be conquered. She can not bring that forward in he current job.
  8. This is a commercial for Oscar a medical referral company. IMG_0362.MOV
  9. Did you see this in the news?? Did our gov do anything to help the masses that have issues from the jab? No! And they went out of there way to pass a law stating that WE can not sue Big pharma or the employers for complications from the forced jab. here is the actual document on the department of labors own website. It’s a we’re easy read. Fact check that!
  10. Get your travel papers ready people!! You just can’t be walking around the country without your papers🤭
  11. Go back to Kennedy. These are the only men that tried to warn about and do something about the problem. All the rest were working for the same people. That’s why no matter what administration it was they all had basically the same path.
  12. Just an opinion thread, what’s yours? Exploration Station Life 2.0 did a documentary showing how it’s used in China to control the people and how it spreading around the world. The attached 13 sec vid is a great statement from the show. They go on to show how tech is use to show a person saying or doing something that they did not do or say. The state in the show that you can find a similar look a like person and supper impose an image of a target person and make a “coherent public health” statement. Hmm think about that. Exploration Station is on YouTube but I can’t find this actual show yet. IMG_0327.MOV
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