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  1. Sounds like to me coke is creating a hostile work environment and on the verge of discrimination against white people.
  2. COVID was the cause of all the deaths from heart attacks and diabetes but the vac is totally unrelated.
  3. Yeah! That’s the whole idea of stimulus. When enough people hoard money under the bed show signs of decline. (A bank gives me .01% interest, why put it in the bank). If everyone spends their money the economy booms. The fed then makes adjustment on either part to control it. That’s way a fiat system will always fail after enough time. There are deeper definitions to both parts but you can search why economies boom and bust.
  4. Yeah they care and are worried about us. Billions also go to US allies, including $3.3 billion in grants to Israel, $1.3 billion to Egypt, $461.3 million for Colombia, $453 to Ukraine, $700 million to Sudan, $241.4 million for Tunisia, $135 to Myanmar, $130 million to Nepal, $85.5 million to Cambodia, $25 million to Pakistan, and $1.4 billion for a so-called Asia Reassurance Initiative Read the story
  5. When the dinar RVs the The new green deal will bankrupt us in 3 years. Look at carbon credits and the cost of electricity in Texas right now.
  6. It depends on which side of the variable rate you’re standing on. The people holding the carbon credit money are making a 6000% ROI.
  7. Food banks are great but maybe use your money raising powers to pay the people’s insane power bills see how carbon credits are more important the the people.
  8. @new york kevin I believe you are correct. A government sovereignty is mostly based on its currency. That’s why you have to pay attention to your investments be it crypto’s or anything else and get your initial investment back and take any big profits latter if you can. Because nothing last forever. I do believe XRP is going to be around a while but I’m sure it will be regulated out of the hands of the little people like us.
  9. That was awesome 😝😜 Here’s a thought, people are so rapped up in today that they see a possible potential. Let’s say you were in high school when bitcoin came out. You were a tech geek and wondered what this is. Looked at mining but didn’t have the $400 to buy the equipment. But you had $20 to buy a few coins. Played with a few wallets the got on with your life. Now your 30 something and remember an old thumb drive 🤔.... that $20 can now buy a nice house, pay off your school loans and any other debt you have. The moral of the story is buy a lotto ticket or something with potenti
  10. True. But those of you that remember the dot com boom/bust will see similarities. My Uncle made multiple millions in the boom but was not paying attention. So he gave a lot back. This is the same thing. Block chain is not going away but most of the crypto’s will. Some people will become wealthy but most will give it back!
  11. Here in Florida the prepared people keep a generator on hand. When we see weather coming we load up on fuel and food. I have a 4 person tent I bough 15 years ago because of a storm the ripped up south Florida. people did not have a place to sleep for 2 weeks before fema was able to help. The tent has never been taken out of the box but I have it if I need it. Winter storms have the same protocols but just very different supply requirements. Until the gov gets their heads out of their asses we will have to become self reliant. This is an educational moment.
  12. God just showed America what will happen when the new green deal forces us to build hundreds of thousands of acres of farm land into solar fields. Take out the coal fired power plants, add in a 3 day blizzard and see how fast you can get the panels cleared. That fight could last from December to March in some parts of the country.
  13. You got some good price point then! I remember buying silver when I was in high school for 4 to 5 dollars an oz for Different projects but wasn’t smart enough the stack. Years later when it it went to $50 an oz I still had about 10ozs left over.
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