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  1. God is telling her to get a job in a school where she can teach God’s children to go out conquer this world-not be conquered. She can not bring that forward in he current job.
  2. This is a commercial for Oscar a medical referral company. IMG_0362.MOV
  3. Did you see this in the news?? Did our gov do anything to help the masses that have issues from the jab? No! And they went out of there way to pass a law stating that WE can not sue Big pharma or the employers for complications from the forced jab. here is the actual document on the department of labors own website. It’s a we’re easy read. Fact check that!
  4. Get your travel papers ready people!! You just can’t be walking around the country without your papers🤭
  5. Go back to Kennedy. These are the only men that tried to warn about and do something about the problem. All the rest were working for the same people. That’s why no matter what administration it was they all had basically the same path.
  6. Just an opinion thread, what’s yours? Exploration Station Life 2.0 did a documentary showing how it’s used in China to control the people and how it spreading around the world. The attached 13 sec vid is a great statement from the show. They go on to show how tech is use to show a person saying or doing something that they did not do or say. The state in the show that you can find a similar look a like person and supper impose an image of a target person and make a “coherent public health” statement. Hmm think about that. Exploration Station is on YouTube but I can’t find this actual show yet. IMG_0327.MOV
  7. I even broke down and bough $200 of shib coin. Mostly just as “what the hell. Why not ” Let’s see where this goes😅😂
  8. And @sgtsanders yeah! I couldn’t figure out why we needed this, there’s no market for it couldn’t use it for anything and later somebody use 10,000 bitcoin to buy a pizza. It just seemed kind of stupid. My original thought was to put $100 into it play with it and buy a mining machine. And I did the research on a mining machine and it turns out you might get one bitcoin worth $13 for the year and spend about $20 in electricity to do that. Couldn’t see the future☹️😂
  9. Just a note: 10 years ago $1000 of iqd - today about $700 10 years ago $1000 of btc (71.89 coins)- today $3,810,170 the sad thing for me is that I looked at bit coin back then and even set up a wallet. Just never funded it.
  10. Kind forgotten about them. Had them on 8 track then a hand full of their albums on cassettes. How long ago was that. I had a whole box of 8 tracks!! Thanks for the memories tin man was one of my favorites.
  11. And they’ll say “ the people have spoke” @miraj you work your @ss off to support your family for two reasons. Before the 1070s you did not need to have two working parents to support the household. The money and the price of stuff were stable. The corrupt did not have the control that they do today. The central bank and the Nixon administration conspired and removed the money from the the gold peg. This gave the bankers the ability to print money for all of their friends under the guise of house bill???. Inflation went crazy the bank printed and people had to go to work. Now it takes three income to truly stay ahead. Look at the paper below. It’s the gold price through a short history. You can clearly see when Nixon signed the order. side note. Take a 175 oz of gold at the $20 price from back in the day. Do the math to get the cash $$ and bury both in the ground. Now jump in the Time machine and set it for today and dig up your loot. Back then you could buy a house with either the gold or the cash. Today you can buy a house with the gold and barely buy a old car with the cash. Ask yourself what changed. Gold is just gold. The cash became worthless. That is inflation. The gov and the central bankers are the problem.
  12. This guy talks about a great awakening in a interview from 2013. This vid is a shorter synopsis of the original 2:30hour vid. his chess analogy is a little eerie when you think about what’s going on now.
  13. I’m not finding any earthquakes in Russia or Israel for last night. but there were 37 earthquakes around the world in the past day.
  14. Now the are just going to monitor everything you do with your money
  15. Saudi Arabia and other opec nations have already dumped the petrodollar. August 24 Saudi signed a pact with Russia - oil for military. Nigeria as well signed the same deal removing the dollar from oil sales. So yeah the SDR is on the way!
  16. YES the gov wrote for the wealthy. I wonder why?!? So let’s pretend you get elected to a high ranking seat in the government. After a few years you set up a wonderful charity said to be helping thousands of people. After a wile certain groups start giving money to your charity, lots of it. And of course you are the the head guy so you need compensation for keeping the doors open of said charity. 2 or 3 hundred thousand sounds about right. That 50k gov seat is really only worth the deals made. There is a web site that list charities and how they use their funds. It’s amazing how much CEOs of free money orgs get paid! so again- why do the wealthy have tax breaks?
  17. They are just putting out articles to justify the tripling of the size of the irs. Did You know that the irs is a private organization and works for the private bank called the Fed?
  18. I don’t disagree with what you guys are saying, I’m right there with you but looking back over these last 10 months there has been a lot of exposure that would not have happened if we would’ve went a different route back in November / December.
  19. Won’t have much for you, I’ll be on the other side of the street doing the same thing you’re doing maybe we can pull resources. God gave us his DNA and now these people, through gene therapy, are trying to change it and they’re forcing it on us all the way around the world. A lot of my friends just don’t see it. They can’t get out of their own community and see what’s happening around the world. I guess the alphabet soup they watch for news doesn’t tell him anything about it so they don’t believe it or even try looking for the truth.
  20. You guys can debate all you want but New Zealand and Australia have stepped up to a full police state. Isolation camps no vaccine no community activities, arrest and finds. here’s what the Director of health for Australia has to say about their future. IMG_0312.MP4
  21. Yeah, it’s a race right now to see who get to be the world controlling currency. Saudi Arabia and Nigeria just told the world they don’t trust the US anymore. And that to the fact that to ship a container from China to Walmart when from $1500 to $25,000 this month. We will struggle to buy stuff we need by November.
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