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  1. Frank be careful, your eyes 👀 are turning brown and your diarrhea of the mouth is squeezing out the corners. Just saying , pp
  2. Merry Christmas 🎅 🎄 @Pitcher and a great New Years my friend. See you in the New Year pp
  3. The only one's pressuring you to stop talking is the other Guru's as your giving them a bad name, , which I might add they already have. pp
  4. Hey Frank, where's your stellar news hounds Samson, Petra and Militiaman these days ? Heard they all jumped ship and started their own site due to your constant BS and taking credit for their finds. Soon you be in the same boat as Okie, a has-been Guru... LOL pp
  5. Bought mine at a Sobey grocery store here in Canada 🇨🇦. pp
  6. Just saw this !!! Welcome back @Yota, you were surly missed by many !! pp
  7. Yes I have. Had a part of one today as a matter of fact. pp
  8. Boom Chakalaka, release the Kraken !! pp
  9. A ruby for giving your opinion ? I evened you out Luigi1. pp
  10. I can't seem to Google translate. Anyone ? pp
  11. Been looking for a article but can't seem to find anything. Anyone see a news article ? pp
  12. Happy Dead Bird Day all my American friends. Have a safe and Happy Holiday. pp
  13. Thanks @Woollyback really appreciate the post. pp
  14. Great points keylime. I have suspended my buying for the time being as I am waiting to hear more positive news that shows Hedgies being held accountable. Cheers All, pp
  15. Thanks, jg1, not what I wanted to hear but probably your right. pp
  16. I don't get it?? Both AMC and APE are down today so far. APE dividends were supposed to be covered today, or am I missing something? pp
  17. Never would of thought about that @Markinsa thanks for the heads up. pp
  18. Oh boy what a time were in ! I sure hope the pin gets pulled and forces the Hedgies to rue the day they shorted AMC ! Come on Tuesday ! Get here already pp
  19. November 22 is only a couple days away. Let's hope he's right! pp
  20. Very Interesting Keylime. Thanks ! Here are 2 parts that I found quite exciting. This is kind of the 10 cent breakdown for those Interested in this. pp Here's the fun part, the APE dividend was supposed to be settled on the same day (T+0) as it was issued, however market makers Failed to Deliver nearly 100 million shares of APE within the ordinary T+0 and T+2 parameters. Meaning "syndicates" were created upon public offering, hence the shills pressuring everyone to sell their APE dividend. As a result, by the 22nd of November, those who issued APE as a "syndicate" (FTD) will be margin called, their funds will be frozen, and their shorts on APE & AMC will be liquidated. We've seen this happen on Overstock and Newegg Commerce around 90 days after their dividends, and APE will almost-certainly follow suit. and secondly- So in conclusion, AMC is on the verge of MOASS because market-makers and hedge funds can no longer use tokenized AMC securities to print and inflate the amount of shares that can be borrowed, nor keep the borrow fee rates down. APE's T+90 day is rapidly approaching and market-makers, HFs will face short-position liquidations resulting in the price of APE to rocket with AMC following suit. Plus they can no longer hide their short-interest within these tokens and must start buying back all the synthetics they've created because of the skyrocketing costs to short AMC, and because of the tokens that no longer exist.
  21. Great analogy @keylime. Sure hope that it happens sooner than later. Thanks for the heads up on this one. pp
  22. You may not hear an answer your going to like after a comment like that to Adam. pp
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