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  1. There willbe no gamble from me. I will cash out right away and never look back. pp
  2. That's a Mrs. To you. Guess you don't pay much attention yourself. "Mrs" pp
  3. Well it should be easy for you then. Just stop reading Luigi1's posts. Let us all make those decisions ourselves. No more stress for you then. "POOF", your welcome. pp
  4. Lol, that's why I say "if true" Frank's a known fibber. pp
  5. This is excellent news if true. Thxs Luigi1 for posting this. It's making my day much better ! pp
  6. You mean it's not ? Whoa, I thought it was a hovering SUV. Gotta cut out my afternoon wine, lol pp
  7. I have to call B.S. on this one. Our lubes deptartment for my company is going stronger than ever but not flat out. 2023, nope . Scare tactics to raise the prices maybe ? pp
  8. Your right, it's not. Iraq 🇮🇶 is doomed. Maybe Sadr has a trick up his sleeve, if not, and I hate to say it but I hope somebody "offs" Maliki pp
  9. This is huge if it turns out to be true. Thxs for bringing it over Luigi1
  10. While I take everything they say with a grain of salt some of it does make sense and I do agree all the news coming out of Iraq right now is positive. pp
  11. I have looked @screwballand don't see anything that iran said they are good to go ? Not doubting anyone but can you supply a link so I can read this ? I too have a large stake in riels and would love to cash out with a nice profit. pp
  12. If true this is great news for us. Thxs Luigi1 pp
  13. Since the price of gas is so high let's carpool because I will be right there with you in the bank line. pp
  14. Lots of positive actual news coming out lately. Thxs Ron, pp
  15. Thanks CSM could sure use some right about now pp
  16. And here everybody said he was a scamming Guru ! How can they say this when he has contacts with the Minister of finance ( says pp with tongue in cheek ) pp
  17. I think they teach corruption 101 in school. Actually I'm kind of jealous I can't get in on it lol. Well it seems everyone else is in on it !! pp
  18. Thxs Mark. Some way I will manage. This just pushes retirement off a little longer I'm afraid. Go AMC !! PLEASE, pp
  19. Greatly appreciated @3KINGS. I find out tomorrow if they can find a rebuild for me. If not I will definitely be reaching out to you for any help. pp
  20. Some way, Some how, they will figure a way to screw this up. They have not let us down yet in this regards. Thxs Ron, pp
  21. Boy could I use some good news from AMC this week. Got laid off from work and dropped the engine in my truck all on same day. Come on AMC I really need some good news right now !! pp
  22. Dragons are fictional, just like this Thxs Luigi1 pp
  23. Well today is Wednesday if there going to post a new rate they better get cracking. The day is almost over. pp
  24. Well we are into power hour my friends. Here is hoping we see a end of session surge. You can do it AMC, let's giver' pp
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