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  1. Proof he received a chip! 😡 NO way that I’d have the vax!
  2. It’s also a “religious” spirit . . . loves to control in church! Appears to be sincere but easy to figure out quickly! If she (spirit) is ruling and reigning, commanding and demanding . . . Jezzy is usually present. We are supposed to rule and reign in the Spirit in the Kingdom, against the darkness but never in the flesh! Yes, I agree one must rise up against this immediately because you know the story . . . gets a toehold then a foothold and then a stronghold. Thanks Markinsa!
  3. Thank you Lord!!! Way to go Mandy! 🎉🎉🎉
  4. TankDude . . . it wouldn't let me send you an email.
  5. TankDude . . . I am so sorry to hear of the heartwrenching battles that you are going through with your family. I will pray consistently for them and I am sending a healing prayer to your email. I know that you are a mighty warrior but we call upon the name of the mightiest one of all to supernaturally intervene in this situation. God Bless all of you!
  6. Adam, try going to a large hotel . . . people leave cords for phones and laptops all the time. They usually have a large box and gladly let you pick one. I know several people who have done this. God Bless You, Adam! and yes, we have all been a bonehead, at times! Lol.
  7. Merry Christmas Adam and family! Also, to Julie. Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas, as we celebrate the birth of our Savior and Lord. Merry Christmas to all!
  8. Thanks Adam . . . you're the man! Information always accurate and on the conservative side. I sure do appreciate your honesty and diligence. Have a blessed weekend.
  9. Tex so thankful! Thank you Lord . . . you are such an awesome God! I'll keep praying for all of you and what a wonderful Thanksgiving! Wow! Such great news! Please keep us posted.
  10. Father God, we ask you to make a mighty move on Texstorm's daughter . . . that you will supernaturally intervene and repair what damage has been done. Extend your mighty hand and touch her Lord. We ask you to guide the doctors and the nurses and give them wisdom and any medicines, surgeries or treatment will only do her good and no harm. We thank you for this child, Lord and ask that she will be mighty in your Kingdom and that she will have an awesome testimony. We ask that you reveal yourself to her in her sleep and she will be forever changed. Give these parents peace Lord, like only you can do. We thank you Lord for your mighty works and your tender mercies. We ask these things, in Jesus Name. (I will keep praying, Texstorm.)
  11. Happy Thanksgiving Adam and family! I am thankful for you! Happy Thanksgiving to every one here . . . we have an awesome group. I have so much to be thankful for. Bless the Lord!
  12. Thank you Happy Man. Hopefully, you will be a real Happy Man soon (and the rest of us, as well)!
  13. Great news! If it's for the 2016 Budget, they will have to approve prior to that in 2015. Correct?
  14. Awesome! Thank you so much for explanation and the Truth will come out . . . it has to!
  15. Good morning, Adam. Do we know anything about the credit rating that has been applied for? Thank you, as always, for all that you do for us.
  16. Dear Ezra - please hang in there! I will pray for you because Jesus is the only answer. He will help you, if you ask. I don't live my life waiting for the dinar to revalue. I live my life as the Lord orders, knowing that He wants me to have life more than abundant. I ask Him to free us up so that we are more "on ready" to do what He says, when He says it. But He can bring it in however He wants to. It does not have to be the dinar. I do believe that He will use it to bless His people and to bring the harvest in. But I trust Him for the timing on it and on everything! You can trust Him - He is awesome. I do not want to underestimate what you are going through but want you to realize that we can allow this investment to hold, "too high of a place" in our life and then we become discouraged. I pray that things get better and that you can reach that place where your hope is in the Lord. God bless you, Ezra.
  17. Happy New Year everybody! May God give us all wisdom and discernment in the days ahead. Thank you Adam and the staff for all the hard work that you have and continue to do on our behalf. I really appreciate it. Go DV and come on RV!!!
  18. I am so sorry Tank. I am praying that God will comfort you and your fiancée like only He can do. You have really had a year and God has sustained you. I pray that 2015 will be much much better.
  19. Thank you Nadita. Yes God bless America & peace in Jerusalem!!!
  20. Something to consider: Jesus said greater things will we do than He did Psalm 110 The Father tells Jesus to stay right there at His right hand until He makes all His enemies a footstool. The last enemy that Jesus overcame was death. So will we. Jesus was cut off after 3 1/2 years so who do you think will complete the last 3 1/2 years to fulfill the 7 years? Us! His people. Get ready it's nearing the time of the latter rain & we will be doing these "greater things." Some of us are already doing some of them. All that you have to do is ask the Father to reveal the truth to you on this matter and He will! Great conversations!
  21. Thank you Markinsa - that was wonderful! God bless this man.
  22. Sonnet


    Heavenly Father, we ask you to make a mighty move on Ray's behalf & cause this tumor to dry up & go away. We speak to this mountain, in the Name of Jesus, and say believing in our hearts, be gone & cast into the sea! You call yourself "Lord of Hosts" more than any other name in your Word. That is, the mighty man of war that sits among His Warriors. So we ask Lord, rise up as Lord of Hosts, and war for this mans life. You are such an awesome God and yet you tell us to come boldly to the Throne of Grace in time of need. So here we are Lord, asking and we will keep on asking for healing for Ray! Lord Jesus, we ask that this be quickly that you heal him and that even the doctors and nurses will stand amazed! We also ask that you bring him peace and peace to his family, Lord God. Let this man be a father to his children. We have such a fatherless generation Lord. We thank you for your mighty hand and we bless your Holy Name. All Glory and Honor and Praise to you Lord! Make a way where there is no way! We will await a good report and our faith, our hope and our trust is in you! Amen.
  23. Goodness, Okane . . . tears are streaming down my face as I read your words and commitment to God. You know, it is the Bridal Soul that runs to Him and not away from Him, in tragedies in this life (and you have). I will pray for you and your family and also for Jose. Yes, God bless our troops . . . the best in the world. Thank you for your constant and faithful sacrifice. It is not going unnoticed by many of us here, neither is it going unnoticed by our Father in Heaven. I will be thinking of you on Thanksgiving Day and every day, as many of you are in a foxhole somewhere or worse. Thank you! Thank you! and thank your families also. We have so much to be thankful for . . . it is truly overwhelming. Thank you God. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  24. Father God, please supernaturally intervene in Ferguson. Let it be a city of breakthrough, a city of healing and a city of revival. Restore Ferguson to the original plan and intent that you have for that city in your Kingdom. Bring peace, Lord, and we know that you love these kids and that you will hear them, if they turn to you. We thank you for the intercessors and the, "watchman on the wall," that you already have posted there and we ask you to strengthen them in their innermost parts to continue in this battle to pray for righteousness and justice to be established in Ferguson. Let the people of Ferguson rise up in prayer and take back their city and declare, "our city is a city of God" and the enemy cannot have it! We thank you, Lord, for your mighty works and your tender mercies, in Jesus Name I pray.
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