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  1. Supervisor of Elections in Citrus County, Florida sent out postcard mailers encouraging it's recipients "To start or renew your Vote By Mail" status. In the top left corner it reads: "When Citrus County Dems vote by mail, Dems win!" Nothing about Republicans or others... Things that make ya go.."Hmmnnn..." Is this a warning to beware Dem mail-In vote tactics...? Is it a reminder to Dems that Mail-In ballots ensure Dem victories...? Are 'Supervisors of Elections' supposed to be biased...?
  2. ***/// Had to leave the jungle... MidTerms coming up... lots of work to be done... you know, keeping an eye on those "suitcases full of ballots", etc.
  3. Indeed. Sad, but true. And now these 2 tools infiltrating the Secret Service... Once the lefty kommies permeate our once proud LEO & DOJ Services it's like a cancer. Time to eradicate the moles and vermin.
  4. ***/// Pray we can hang on until the MidTerms... barring another illegal assault on our Voting system, clean house, eradicate the kommies, and get back to the business of being a true God-given Constitutional Republic.
  5. Is it true KILLary Klinton is on the Board...? No wonder they carry so much Chi-Com krap in that place. Terrible place to work. Slavers. Treat U.S. Military Veteran employees like krap, very disrespectful. Treat Customers like krap. Customer Service is a joke. Currently undergoing big push to offer less in store & forcing more on-line. Amazon wanna-be outfit. By the time these kommies in power here get their way to force us all to suck off the big gubment teat only amazon & this krap outfit will be left. Boo... hiss....
  6. ***/// Well said. 'Ol Sarge's Gals agree!
  7. ***/// Very interesting!... and, yes, timely! Thank you for bringing it over.💖 😇😇Love, 'Ol Sarge's Gals
  8. ***/// LGD! The Prayers worked! Found us all the way down in the bush and we're back now, healthy, safe and in one piece as a result. Hugs!
  9. ***/// Cicadas, the jungle's symphonic harmonizers. So musical... so tasty... and they can fly!
  10. ***/// As always, LOVE this thread! Ya'll bring it and it always cheers us up! 😍😍 Thank you!
  11. "Progressive Veterans Group"... Oxymoron. Emphasis on the 'moron'. There are quite a few who've snuck into our Military already brain-damaged by liberal/socialst/kommunist re-education in our infiltrated school systems. So sad.
  12. Okay there, JD... Us and our potty mouths.... You can tell we're pretty angry with her about now. Guess we shoulda gone out and burned somthin' down instead.
  13. There's a good reason The Tea Party took root and spread. If REAL Democrats could wrap their head around the fact that their Party has been hijacked by kommies, they'd ALL #walkaway to the Trump team. The spread of socialism, kommunism, progressive lunacy is rampant... true testament to the intentional dumbing-down effects on our populace by the left. Carefully look at any of these former human beings who've turned to it as well... notice the glassy eyes, mantra-spewing, foaming-at-the-mouth rabidness of their defection.... These 'Stepford Wives' for Biden have all gone through the looking glass for a bite of the poison apple they've been promised. Nothing good will ever come from it.... never does.
  14. "Constitutional Rights" do NOT include 'subversives' destroying our Republic... Infecting our childrens' minds with leftist propaganda, hijacking our local & National seats of Government, burning down private property, tearing down public property, assaulting our LEO's & Government Officials, setting dangerous criminals loose amongst US, holding our civilization hostage with irrational demands.
  15. ***/// And now that two-faced, chi-com loving, scotch-soaked, old bag of demonic bones is demanding an apology from the Salon owner...?! Lie-Deny-Deflect. It's her kommie M.O. Like N.Y., there's an exodus from San Francisco because of her & her evil ilk. There's a special hell-on-earth for mentally destitute tools-for-evil like her... she's building it right there. Once all the God-fearing folk evacuate maybe the San Andreas will finally claim it's due. Shake, rattle and roll, Nancy old girl... enjoy the ride into the flaming bowels of the earth. You're sure to feel right at home there. Tell your partners-in crime down there Marx, Hitler, Castro and Sadaam Hussein we said "adios be-atches".
  16. Yup. We've heard our own kommie parrots here tow the scripted line time & again... Anybody who can't see the MSM's tools-for-evil doing the same must be brain dead. Their kommie agenda calls for creating lie-deny-deflect scenarios, hijacking our schools, Press, local Governments and creating chaos in the streets in order to accomplish their evil mission. They've fallen (desperately) to a new low even for them. Kommunism is an ugly bidniz.
  17. Their evil efforts to shut down Our Republic with this thing in order to sabotage The Election is going to fail. They want US all to stay home & "mail in" our Ballots. Period. Punto. End of story.
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