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  1. ***/// YouTube, FaceBooger, TwittyBird, MicroSoft, Google... all these left-wing hypocrites make us wanna barf. They're all so busy jumping through the Chi-Com's hoops... yet here, in our own Country....
  2. SgtFuryUSCZ

    Go Iraq

    ***/// Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs.... and so we wait.... tick, tick, tick.... Sigh.
  3. ***/// We could impose maximum tariffs on Mexico for the next 50 years and they'd STILL be far short of re-paying US Taxpayers for the TRILLIONS of Dollars their 'work'-legal & illegal aliens here have cost US. They soak US dry through services, wire the money they make off US back across the border, we get stuck housing them, feeding them, pay the price when they hit/kill US on our roads with one of the highest DUI rates anywhere - not to mention NO insurance, we educate their children at the expense of our own, suffer greatly from the diseases they bring US, poison US with their un-regulated meat & produce, we suffer massive casualties from their drug trade and cartel & gang violence, and send them BILLIONS in US Aid. Well, we've had enough! We say "NO MAS" ! .
  4. ***/// We prefer Panama vacation home ownership ==> 0 Taxes. Oh, and our taxes on our US homes averages 73.00 /yr - homesteaded. And if we break an arm, we have the V.A. - free. The MexiCops are FAR more corrupt than any US LE agency.... All it takes down there to get you off is mucho gringo dollars... Here we have The Rule of Law. America - Love it or Leave it... we see you've left it. Adios. .
  5. ***/// Like the rest of US, Trump is 'fed' up with the creatures from Jekyll Island - the private bankers to the globalist elite OWO/NWO monsters. .
  6. ***/// Right...?! But then again... Whatever you say is fine by us, Sam Elliott...swoon! 😍😍
  7. ***/// We do this every day anyway. God hears the smallest of Prayers even when coming from deep in our hearts. Tomorrow we'll raise up our voices - loud and clear ! Sure, it'll scare the Cat, but it's on !
  8. ***/// "...yet..." He's still looking onto everything & everyone. There's a good chance he'll use that as an end-run when he has all these deep-state rats corralled in order to get them to start singing like canaries. Don't write Barr off as still being MULE-er's great BFF. It's clear, & Barr has acknowledged, that his relationship with that traitorous tool has evolved into a disappointing one...
  9. ***/// God Bless our Commander In Chief... and the great Men & Women of The United States Air Force Academy !
  10. ***/// No apologies from US for siding with the Officer here, man. Until he can officially ascertain the legality of this guys CWP, the Officer is correct in his protocols. What if this guy is a felon with a fake doc & more weapons in the car...? SHE is the one escalating. Her ignorance of exactly WHAT her man agreed to when becoming a CWP holder is epic. A plate light...? You bet. How many times have we seen major busts come out of simple stops? MANY. Support your Law Enforcement !
  11. ***/// GodSpeed, Sir ! Your Country is with you! Rally to the Polls, Patriots all !
  12. ***/// Trying to close the barn door after the horse got out.... Encouraging the influx of diseased illegals into this Country then insisting WE THE PEOPLE pay for the clean-up is what's TRULY SICK ! Just proves how azz-backwards the kommie's IDIOT-ology is.... Instead of addressing the crisis at The Border, they're freaking out over the crisis in their backyard now.... Yuh, lefties, YOU built that ! Morons.
  13. ***/// Sorry, Dear MULE ! He's stubborn in his role as a leftist tool... YOU, on the other hand, are just plain stubborn & a hard worker...! Here comes some 'OlSarge'sGals love for OUR MULE ==>
  14. ***/// ThePokahPlayah loves US all so much ! We're sending the Statue of Liberty back to the liberals in France & erecting a statue of her in the harbour instead. We love you, too, PokahPlayah! .
  15. ***/// Coolest dude ever ! Gonna miss his smooth vibes, man.
  16. ***/// How amusing would it be if the last remaining giant fresh water aquifer in the world, located in South America - which has been purchased by the Bush Cartel & their globalist pals - sprung a leak & drained into this thing down there...? BAH-HA-HA-HAH !
  17. ***/// Ignorant Juvenile little tool. Perfect example of the brain-dead, programmed little robots being turned out by the kommies in this Country. They all aspire to be the next ho'bummer... sacrificing their freedom, minds, hearts, souls & conscience for the agenda of their evil masters.
  18. ***/// The great awakening. Guess humanity has decided God-given Freedom is better that anything the global elites have in store for mankind !
  19. ***/// For a guy framed & deemed 'guilty until proven innocent' by the radical leftist tools of the global elite, and being constantly bombarded by their "insurance policy", Trump has put up a helluva fight & exercised more patience & restraint with those brain-damaged traitors than either of us would put up with.
  20. ***/// Only the sick, twisted group the Dem Party has become since being hijacked by the kommies could endorse a filthy pig like Creepy Uncle Joe as their chosen leader. He's another classic example of a groomed 'tool'... a puppet, just like ho'bummer, built by the global elites to do their bidding. And we all know about the vast network of pedo's THAT group consists of.... Yuck. .
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