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  1. ***/// Trump had ALL of it right in that speech, SHABby one. Everything he said is true. Only kommies have trouble understanding the TRUTH when they hear it. .
  2. ***/// When the kommie media's plan to unleash the "fact checkers" on Trump's speech was en epic fail, they should've sent 'em after these 2 LIE-DENY-DEFLECT corpses... Say their names 3 times & watch 'em appear in the mirror behind ya ! Eek !! .
  3. ***/// The big POO kommies (party of obstruction) are condoning the rapes, murders, drug smuggling, importation of disease, deaths of innocent children and much more by taking the side of the ILLEGAL aliens over the American People. They keep referring to the PARTIAL shutdown as a full-blown crisis, yet NOT what's happening at the border? Shut-down opportunists. They want and NEED any kind of shutdown in order to weaponize it & blow it out of proportion as they've got nothing else to add to their FALSE narrative on Trump. Trump needs to stand firm... We all know the kommies can't be trusted --- Every time the other side gives an inch, they LIE and renege on the "deal". THEY are "immoral". They down play & disrespect the horror & pain of the tragic victims of the illegal aliens they opt to protect over US. Trump's administration has made many concessions to meet them more than 1/2 way -- And all they've offered is ONE Dollar. That's the POO Party, folks.... LIE - DENY - DEFLECT. Kirstjen Nielsen - US Dept. of Homeland Security will be on Hannity tonight @ 9 p.m est... You want the TRUTH..? Hear it directly from her... she gets it from our Law Enforcement & Border Security troops DIRECTLY. So don't believe the LYING kommies who are screeching & squawking that it's all lies & there is "no crisis". Happy Law Enforcement Appreciation Day to all those serving to keep US safe. If the kommies had their way, ya'll would be out of a job. That won't happen -- not on our watch. . .
  4. ***/// Absolutely correct, STAR. These dangerous illegal invaders are the terminal tumours of the kommie cancer spreading across our land. .
  5. Damn skippy ! Their unwarranted hate for Trump for crashing their vile queen KILLary's PLANNED 'appointment' as head kommie tool-for-evil is putting ALL OF US at great risk of harm &/or death. Their childish behaviour is unforgivable. .
  6. ***/// Thanks, STARRIDER ! The hypocrasy spewing from their OWN pie holes ! The blowhards HATE TRUMP -- PERIOD. By the time Trump gets done with Mexico, every farthing WILL be accounted for. Dems be damned. There's gonna be Border Security. Believe it. .
  7. ***/// Hang on YaSTAR ! We're a-comin'....! Our Commander-In-Chief will be addressing the Troops soon -- yup - down at THE BORDER ! "Let The People Know The TRUTH and The Country is Safe "! Stay tuned ! When the kommies so rudely cut off our Chief Border Security gal during the meeting the other day, Chuckie-doll Schumer was too much of a coward to do it himself so told the Cadaver Pelosi to interrupt her and shut her up. The kommies didn't want US to know the TRUTH about the Border CRISIS ! Trump will be laying her full report out with THE TRUTH & all the details directly to the American People ! Tomorrow night at 9 p.m. A "National Emergency" is exactly how he'll describe it. And there's a reason for that terminology, believe us ! .
  8. ***/// A guy walks into a bar... wait, no.... A Conservative rides into The Swamp on a MULE.... Hahahahaha !
  9. ***/// Good job of it there, HOTCURL ! Thanks! We hear The US is the major oil producer at the moment.... You see any impact on the M.E. market as a result...?
  10. ***/// Groovy, man ! Now make it small so we can fit it in 'OlSarge's party van !
  11. ***/// If Jimmy was our brother, we'd drink, too.
  12. ***/// Bravo, FreightDawg ! Anybody who hates the US Military as much as the globalists don't get a pass from US... ever. Not even those POSING as soldiers for Christ ==> like Carter. .
  13. ***/// Our experience with Carter is up close & personal. We're exempt from his 'professional' persona hype.. Both The Georgia Baptist Convention & The Southern Baptist Convention are filled with folks who know the Truth as we do.. up close & personal. We're not buying into the black & white printed hype - no matter whose telling it. We lived it. Know it. Are still standing firm on the "sell out" angle. .
  14. ***/// Carter wasn't THAT smart -- the coward sold out his Country. All the "godliness" & mad skills he possessed can't remove the stink of turning against US for a globalist agenda. .
  15. ***/// Works great at 'OlSarge'sFishCamp in Panama. Love it ! Just make sure to invest in good batteries up front... it's worth it. and here... well.... We told the city we're gone most of the time which is why our grid bill is so low. NUNYA - (None Yo Damn Bidniz) True, we are in Panama alot, but someone is always here at our CONUS bivouac. Those "batteries"... yuh, they're for our electric wheel chairs & emergency medical equipment... see, one of us has sleep apnea & needs the emergency back up for the machine... Works every time ! (wink, wink... !) .
  16. Beauty ! Hey 'global warming'... suck THAT ! It's called "weather".... it's NATURAL.
  17. ***/// Don't allow ignorance to cloud the issue -- Trump's appointees are educated, literate, intelligent, capable, experienced people.... ho'bummer's were NOT. .
  18. ***/// ... and to quote Pastor Jeffers.... "... even Heaven is a gated / walled community" Jerusalem had a wall to do what government is fundamentally obligated to do for it's Citizens... ... keep them SAFE. "Moral", nancy...? Who the hell are YOU to speak of 'morality' ... ... you who believe it's moral to use OUR Tax Dollars to fund the slaughter & murder so many of God's un-born children. Your team squawks relentlessly about "caged children".... What about the ones dismembered and sucked to death & thrown in a trash can...? F-you, pelosi, you & all the holier-than-thou, self-righteous kommies you rode in with.... you hypocrites. .
  19. ***/// We MUST push for this. As it stands, it's a perfect culture for the spread of & permanent foothold for the kommies who've gotten their foot in the door of our government. THAT alone should be reason enough for these career politicians who care about Our Republic to take one for the Team and throw themselves on their swords ! .
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