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  1. Lot of money, BA,,,sure makes one wonder, whats on the horizon!
  2. Thanks for the clarification, I thought it was when you were sneaking up on your dog, and you-notice something, Honey come here,,Shhh Tick!
  3. Whats a shtick. ? sorry I had to copy and paste I did not know how to spell it.
  4. About mis-read that one, LGD, at first glance I thought it said, from now on, Omar and her brother will be using condoms!
  5. thanks B/A, Ive got to believe we are close. Im getting lots of emails from different friends, guess we will see!
  6. Throw Facebook on the Barbie Francis Scialabba Top lawmakers grilled Facebook (-0.03%) in a tense Senate hearing yesterday, questioning the social network’s plan to launch its own digital currency. The 15-second backstory: Last month, Facebook unveiled Libra, a cryptocurrency aimed at expanding global financial services. But before Zuck could say “democratize banking,” critics pounced with tough questions for Libra, especially given FB’s prior data troubles. Which brings us to yesterday The Senate Banking Committee stuffed Facebook’s blockchain head David Marcus in a crypto locker over the company’s market power and previous mistakes, arguing Libra would only expand Facebook’s online dominance. Sen. Sherrod Brown: “Like a toddler who has gotten his hands on a book of matches, Facebook has burned down the house over and over, and called every arson a learning experience.” Sen. Martha McSally: “I don’t trust Facebook...instead of cleaning up your house, you are starting a new business model.” Marcus: “We agree with all of the concerns.” His other rebuttals? Facebook is just one of almost 30 firms that would run Libra. Libra won’t launch until all regulatory concerns are addressed. Calibra, the Switzerland-based subsidiary running Libra, won’t share users’ financial info with Facebook. FYI, Marcus did have some allies in the room. “To strangle this baby in the crib is premature,” said struggling novelist and senator Patrick J. Toomey. “I think we should be...considering the benefits and concerns.” Big picture: These senators join Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Fed Chair Jerome Powell, and even President Trump on the growing list of Libra skeptics. But the hearing also resurfaced an even bigger question—how will cryptocurrencies be regulated by the federal government? Looking ahead...Facebook has said it wants to launch Libra in earnest next year. But first it’ll have to testify before the House Financial Services Committee, which is firing up the grill for its hearing later today.
  7. funny BA, I turned around a few of your words!! .... They attack anyone who disagrees with them. They team up to neg anything that doesn't fall into their view. They post unimaginable numbers of attack tweets, . They don't approve of free speech unless it agrees with their narrative. They agitate. They bully. They threaten. They try to stop or crush anyone exercising their constitutional right to free speech. They find joy in the suffering of others... And then they call other people haters.... If it wasn't so sad, so unpatriotic, so embarrassing, it would be funny.
  8. You reacted a little quicker than I thought,,CNN's finest!
  10. Just love the Mexican slang talk, 2 tacos please!
  11. Now Im not as smart as some , but I was thinking, about this a few years ago, when, Fiat talk was ramp-id. Wonder what all them banks with Fiat Dollar going to do, if the dollar dies? Wonder what all them bunch of crooks going to do, with the US dollar hiding in dark places, they stole and swindled to get,,will it all be exposed? Wonder if they will need to show proof on how they accumulated that much wealth, on a 100k salary give or take. Lets say our prize we are holding, Revalued, what are you going to exchange it for, more US Dollar? Just a few thoughts!
  12. I said Might, because usually the ones that talk the loudest, have less than 500.00 invested! If any at all!
  13. Ya might be happy, if your, holding currency from other countries!
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