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  1. Thinking last night, again, FWIW, I do feel we are in a different, positive direction! Bogus impeachment hearings, Heres my thoughts,, My guess is the IG Report is perfect storm, cover up for the Global Reset/RV. Its the perfect smoke screen to get, it, started. The report is due out at anytime, Have a Great Day!
  2. LINK Source: The sale of dollars in the central bank stopped blocking the arrival of large fake funds to Iran 17th November, 2019 A halt to the dollar's sale at the central bank has prevented large fake funds from reaching Iran, an informed source said on Sunday. "The central bank is wasting money that can build 200 schools and 50 hospitals each year because of the currency auction," the source told Al-Ikhbaria.
  3. FWIW, From a Friend! 'excerpt',,, While we could have a lot to be thankful for at Thanksgiving this year, it also could be a New Year's to remember. We just need to remember that at some point, in the very near future, we are going to have a lot for which to be very grateful.
  4. Well, that’s one way to light a fire under the current financial system.
  5. The central banks of the world are the reason behind all the corruption that goes on in governments. The central banks including the central bank in America (The Federal Reserve) all around the world are doomed. People are waking up.
  6. Everyone has to come out of the closet sometime,,
  7. I think our country in the past has been a lot like Iraq! Until we get the Evil out of politics, I agree with Pitcher, the Evil Greedy bastards got richer, while people suffer! Make slurs if you want about Trump, not saying I agree 100 per cent with him, but I do back him! and will do again in 2020, we needed someone to shake the system up, when he first said , Drain the Swamp, had no clue how deep it was. Im reading their will be big happenings October, I think we will see some of the powerful go-down, this month! Ive been in this 10 years plus also, at this point, Im in it to win it, cant lose anything else! But still have my currencies it is something I have always felt, would gain value. I truly believe, the wealth from the wicked will be taken and Global Reset, distributed, Hummm U.S. , Iraq, Iran, just to name a few!
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