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  1. Good Morning, Im in West Florida, Fort Meyers area, Doc I see you are in West Florida also. Ive been putting this off, but it has now come time to sell 5m, I have plenty, I just cringe to sell, any after waiting 12 years. Hurricane Michael hit our condo in PCB, repairs are past due, and they need to get done, before summer season. We do have renters booked, and should be able to buy more back after July. But the time for repairs is now! Please let me know what you could give for 5 million,,,,,Thanks, email,
  2. Customs: We will begin the unification of customs procedures at all ports as of tomorrow 15/02/2019 Information / Baghdad .. The customs authority announced on Friday that it will begin the unification of customs procedures at all ports as of Saturday. The agency said in a statement received by Al-Maaloumah that "the implementation of the agreement concluded between the federal government and the Kurdistan region to cancel the customs points established on the federal border with the region and will begin the unification of customs procedures at all border crossings as of Saturday 2019/2/16. The Authority added that "the agreement included the unification of all procedures and provisions of the customs tariff law and the adoption of a customs interpretation in Arabic and Kurdish to work at all border crossings."
  3. I hope something in my computer will shock me, if I click on one more of these DA $$ topics..Geez, Grow Up!
  4. I remember when I was young and had my CB radio on all the time, my closing statement, while I was flying down the interstates, would be, , "Keep your wheels between the ditches, and the Bears out of your britches..LOL Be Safe!
  5. Guess we're all trying to figure it out, but I truly believe we are close. Heres a few thoughts FWIW, A video put out the other day shows Kim Clemente prophesying about God using a Stone and talk of Gold, then says, ”remember that name” It’s in reference to David and Goliath and God called Trump, “My David” so what God confirmed to me was that the Roger Stone arrest is the thing that will bring it all down. I knew Roger Stone would be tough but I don’t think anyone thinks this will have any real impact on anything but God is saying this is THE tool I will use. What’s interesting about this is that when David killed Goliath the Stone penetrated his skull and this is symbolic for destroying a mindset. Goliath represents the law which is a representation of Satan as well since he uses the law to accuse the saints. I’ve been seeing the number 19 a lot and yesterday , I had to go to an address. That address was 1914 GoldenRod way. A golden rod is a rod of judgement. Gold in the Bible represents divinity and a Rod represents judgement. The address number was 1914 which I knew 14 means salvation but I had to look up 19 and it means DIVINE JUDGEMENT! I also believe, when he mentioned GOLD, he was talking to the US returning back to the Gold Standard, in my heart I believe our re-val, has been on hold for this Standard to get into play. All these cancelled meetings, NAH<<not going to buy it, more drama, for a holding period. Remember, Trump said, he doesnt want the US to be above or behind, but he wants all countries on a level playing field, amount of resources that country has determines the value their $ will have. So God went on further to say that 2019 is the year of divine judgement and then the number 45.9 popped up. 45 is obviously a reference to Trump but 9 means the finished work so we are definitely right at the finish line. Not preaching to anyone, just thought I would share a few of my thoughts, trying to keep an open mind. Be well my friends! I truly believe we are close to the cowbell a ringing!
  6. I do remember an article a while back, maybe Yota remembers it, it stated they were ready to trade at 45.00 per barrel.
  7. Didnt say nuttin bout sweatin it! A good chess player, knows the move ahead of time....
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