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  1. Here was a good comment" For everyone wondering: Fridays are when options expire. An option is a contract that can be exercised at a stated strike price in exchange for 100 shares. If the option expires below it’s stated strike price, the option is worthless because you can’t exercise it for shares. However, if the contract expired above the strike price, it can then be exercised. El Diablo is the firm who writes the contracts for people to buy/sell. Therefore, they are responsible for purchasing the shares in order to fulfill exercised contracts. Therefore, the higher the stock price goes, the more options that are in the money, and the more shares that El Diablo must purchase to satisfy their side of the contract. Closing over $40 was important because there were around 22,000 options expiring on Friday at that strike price. Therefore, closing above $40 guaranteed us an extra 2,200,000 (22,000 * 100) shares that need to buy purchased next week. As Lou stated, this could be the catalyst to get the ball rolling on the squeeze. Mondays/Tuesdays are when the shares would be purchased which is why he said watch those days. This is not financial advice, entertainment purposes only
  2. Hey Patriots! I watched a significant amount of Mike Lindel’s Cyber Symposium… Lots of great experts. And one of the more impactful moments for me came from Dr. Shiva. The man is a genius, let’s just begin there. And his story is even more remarkable than his résumé. A definite MUST WATCH Big Take Away Government Censorship by demonstrated by this MIT genius that invented email at age 14.
  3. JMO,,thoughts, August 15, marks 50th Anniversary, Nixon, put the Gold Standard to sleep! WHY?, maybe to save the economy, is what some say, we all have our opinions. Im feeling, we will see a return to the Gold Standard, After the 15th, Just a thought! Im so reminded of Clements Prophecy in 2014, when he said, and how will he take the giant down, "Goliath",(CB), he will take a simple stone! Could that simple stone be Gold, WHY?, maybe to save the economy,,Guess we will see! I do remember Trump saying, he would like to see, all countries, on the same playing field! Iraq Buys $1.56 Bln of Gold, Biggest Purchase in 3 Years ... Mar 25, 2014
  4. If it does Ive got another 1200 to spend! Good Luck to us all!
  5. After 11 years, I made ROOKIE! Rhymes with COOKIE! Dinar is moving me right on up! Time for a little CowBell! Congratulations! You've increased your rank to Rookie!
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