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  1. Its easier to fool people than to convince people they're being fooled.
  2. It is absolutely amazing how well this country was run by a businessman and how quickly it was destroyed by a lifelong corrupt career politician.
  3. Email me at, Thanks
  4. And, the so called President, got on the news with our Governor, stated all homes caught with the hurricane, would receive 37,900 , what a crock! We did good, got our home back in order, with hard work, lady, behind us, lost everything, windows blown out, roof gone, etc, FEMA, came out and said all they, could allow her, was 700, for the lost food in the refrigerator, lady was in tears, a group of us, got together and helped to clean up her mess, NO, the President needed another photo op ! God help us!
  5. Yes she was quite the lady! I had the pleasure of working with, her song writers, Lola Jean Dillon and LE White, I still remember backing up and playing all of her songs, really enjoyed backing, Her and Conway, RIP, Mrs Loretta! Who remembers this one?
  6. Video came out this morning, off Hunters lap top, on Telegram. Starring "Joey", in the nude and an 18 year old girl, looking to be of Chy-na, no wonder they've kept it hidden, Trump says, these are some real sick puppies ! Let the exposure happen, NOW!
  7. I would like to THANK everyone, for sharing your knowledge, may we all grow together, and collect that perfect prize, I do feel an awakening is happening, with our investments, and soon we shall see, a dinar break through! Its just not about us, but, the world in a whole is in trouble! I had to sell a few Dinar, a few months ago, still have plenty left, but, actually really upset me, after waiting all of the years, I truly believe with AMC and APE, Ill be buying them back.
  8. Just checked, Wells Fargo, shows, APE @ 8.72
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