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  1. Well, I be damn, your a little to late. I already bought them! Push, yours, back under your mattress!
  2. And the rocket's red glare The bombs bursting in air Gave proof through the night That our flag was still there Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave
  3. Been a member here for years, I have no inside information, BUT, would like to purchase 2 million IQD, please email me at, Thanks!
  4. Well, son of a ***** he got fired!
  5. Cheers my friend, when he said Lyin Dog Faced Pony Soldier, I like to have dropped my coffee!
  6. Zero deaths from Bronchitis! Zero deaths from Pneumonia! Zero deaths from Heart Disease! Zero deaths from Influenza! It's awesome! Covid Cured it all!
  7. My daughter is a doctor at St Thomas in Nashville Tn, she called upset last night, said St Thomas had cut their hours back to 1 week on 1 week off. she was pretty upset,,darn we need this financial miracle to happen, we can take care of a lot of people, my friends!
  8. Ive got to admit, Ive watched this video several times since posting, it has really put a stirring in my heart. Upon losing what I lost, I was mad, I stayed mad for years, My son with special needs he is the one I hurt for. I knew Joyce and I could make it, But, there was just something about Zach, that made me hurt. I want no sympathy, I knew better than to get myself into the predicament I was in. I finally found a release a few years back, with that release came a new look at life. We got this my friends, We got this!
  9. I know we all have different opinions, I have always believed, that somewhere up there, there is a God! Maybe, just Maybe, this has been a time of preparation. I think back about 12 years ago, when I first got introduced to the Dinar, I was a very successful builder, I bought a church for a son I did not know, 1.1 million, after buying the church, I saw my world come crashing down. In short, after losing close to 7 million, the dinar is all I had left. Guess that is why I so firmly believed, what was stolen, would be returned. After the awakening of having and losing it all, I know I have the right frame of mind, to receive! Before it was strictly numbers, build and sell. Now its seeing people struggling and needing help. I challenge you to listen to, the video below, Hope this helps some! Peace to all of you!
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