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  1. Trump should have hid documents on Hunter’s laptop. The FBI would never look there.
  2. So we are now living under a lawless, tyrannical terrorism regime that's pretending to be a legitimately elected "democratic" government but is nothing of the kind. some will never wake up!
  3. Cheating, Lying, Poor excuse for an Human Being, Joe Biden will arrive in Saudi Arabia on Friday evening on a direct and unprecedented trip, I was just thinking, John the Baptist, was Be-headed in Saudi Arabia!
  4. Graham was in Iraq to meet up with Cracker! Sorry couldn't resist. "graham-cracker"
  5. Never, Never, give up! We got this, friends...Heres why!
  6. thanks for the story, mine is almost the same as yours, the one thought that kept me going, even today, was when Kim Clement prophesied about the Dinar, in 2015, 1. He said he saw much hurt, from the dinar, think I know what he was talking about, 2. He called out 20,000, as a sign 20,000, I think Ive got a feeling of what he saw with 20,000. FWIW,,,Hang in there my friends, we got this!
  7. Wow this was so Wild .. sitting on beach & Looked up and Rainbow circling the Sun ….Amazing …God Bless the USA Venice Beach Florida
  8. thought this was interesting from, O'Leary! lines up with the Biblical dates, between, May 14-June 21, for major financial change, also lines with when Jesus went into the temple and turned the money changers tables upside down! guess we will see!
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