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  1. Someone finish this sentence (won't be me)!
  2. You're right I will wait, just venting a little frustration with all this. Have a great day and thanks
  3. You have much more patience than me! I will not wait that long.
  4. It's really hard to stay positive after 10+years in this. I will take whatever we get immediately...
  5. It's all speculation, won't know until it happens
  6. "When" is so much better than ? The dreaded "soon "!
  7. What ever rate,it's time! Ty
  8. Thank you everyone for your kind responses. You are all wonderful people!
  9. On a sad note, my dad died yesterday and now is with my mom who died last Thanksgiving. They were both great people who I loved deeply and going to miss the heck out of. They are both in a better place now and are together again. They had 66yrs here and now forever with the Lord
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