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  1. Both my Mom and Dad died last year, so I do have sympathy. Nuf said...
  2. Of course our days are numbered, we don't live forever!
  3. All is well that hopefully ends well. In between, the rest doesn't really matter to me! Enjoy life to the fullest!!!...
  4. Thanks for answering my question. Not! Only have a phone
  5. I wonder what Crackle & Pop have to say about this b.s.!
  6. After 11yrs just to break even would really suck. On the bright side, at least the government won't get a penny!
  7. I'm so excited that parliament is holding their first session this Sunday, about to break a sweat I'm so excited.....
  8. That is the absolute truth! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!!!
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