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Adam Montana Weekly - 11 November 2015

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Happy Wednesday Dinarians!


I have two items to mention before getting into the Dinar.


1. Thank you to all of you Vets who made and those that continue 

to make sacrifices for us. Your service is appreciated!


2. Our container arrived in Dominica a couple days ago. I hope to 

have pictures from them soon, but I'm not going to rush them. I'm 

sure they are doing a great job with what we sent. 



If you didn’t catch my update last week, check it out here:


At this point in time, I can’t really add much to what I said in that post. It 

really looks like things are moving along as awesome as possible, so 

if we don’t hear anything disastrous, I’m thinking that this train is ROLLIN’!


The only real update/news to report is this:


Second Reading of the budget is on Monday:


They have already given us all the info we need to suspect that the 

HCL is definitely in the Budget, and compared to how Budget readings 

went in the past, this one is FLYING along!


That’s all I have to say on it right now… oh, one more thing.








DinarDavo Hi Adam…..I suppose that IF the 2016 budget  reaches parliament on Tuesday (11/10) as scheduled, we should know by now if the gas and oil law has been incorporated. If not, as some articles now claim, does it look like we are probably looking quite a ways down to road if and when this is actually accomplished? It's starting to look like they are beating a dead mule here....




2nd reading is scheduled for Monday. 


johngrider Hi Adam,  I want to know, if the HCA (Hydro-Carbon Agreement) went to Parliament, with the 2016 Budget, on last Wednesday (11/04/2015). When does Parliament get out of this Session ????  :confused2:



Everything I know about the current situation tells me that the HCL will be part of the budget, and it looks very positive to pass quickly.




Freedomwish XE.Com and other foreign exchange rates sites have been acting rather strange on their USD vs IQD conversions as of lately......any movement shown going in the right direction, says it's a positive sign? 

Or just ignore it, enjoy my happy hour whiskey drinks and simply chill out until you send out your happy email announcement to everyone?   :cheesehead:



The latter :cheesehead:



davis411 no questions, you and every one here keeps me pretty informed  thought i way just say hi Adam, hope you have a great day




You have a great day as well sir! :tiphat:


TexAg91 Adam,  Over the last month or so I have noticed a small but consistent strengthening of the IQD vs. the USD, via XE.

Back in May or so, we were looking at 85-86 cents if the zeros were dropped. Now we are around 89 cents.

Is this a result of some fundamental strengthening or maybe RV prep or is it more statistical noise and happenstance?

Just thought the timing has been interesting given some of the other HCL and budget rumblings we've been hearing about.



Your guess is as good as mine... but I would guess that the HCL/Budget deal is giving more people than just us some positive vibes.




dinarolover hi there Adam , how are you ;-)

have 3 questions for you, hope you can answer me  (y)

* Are we there yet   :P  ( rv this year ) ?
* how can you help people out the vs ( europe ) if they join in the VIP ?
*  how much will the rate be ? 1:1    ?

thanks a lot Adam .. and you know  Love you : p   ( dont let your wife read this hahaha ;-)  )   :eyebrows:  :blush:  :eyebrows:

keep up the good work !!

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RV !!!   :backflip:  :partyhat:  :bravo:  :bravo:



1. Stop that :D

2. We have benefits for people all over the world and definitely have a lot of VIPs in Europe.

3. I'm hoping for 15:1 (kidding!)


TexasMike1958 I read a post that the first reading was completed yesterday.  Then it said the next session would be next Thursday.  I assume that means tomorrow.  My questions are..... will the second reading of the budget take place then???  If it does, will there be a 3rd reading then a vote???  How long before a vote do you think???



It's scheduled for Monday now. There is no requirement for a 3rd reading, but it's always possible. We will see on Monday/Tuesday how it pans out.



countryroads Adam.  If the HCA gets voted into the budget does that mean we will be seeing good things coming at us in the future? Is the Bank of Iraq watching these events or do they have little concern for them?  And if all of these budgets issues with the HCA make it into the budget, is there a chance that the bank would still hold off the RV or would they take this as the event they were looking for?
Pardon my way of asking question this time, I really need to get more sleep than I have been. Oh a good RV will take care of that
Thanks Adam, stay healthy, it's the one thing that an RV can't fix.


I think that the HCA put into the budget makes for a VERY strong chance of "soon". I wish I could guarantee it, but... you know. :):shrug: :camel:




Annnnnnnnd that's it for now friends! I don't think we'll get anything major before Monday, but I won't be upset if I'm wrong.


*hint hint, Iraq*


Have a great day!



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Thanks Adam, looks like things are heating up nice and are moving forward. Im not convinced yet that we are near the end but I feel we are closer today then we were yesterday and that keeps my enthusiasm high.

You, mods and of coarse Yota, K98, and the rest of the news crew are simply awesome and maintain DV as the place to be. Much appreciated as we patiently wait...

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OH MY GOSH, I forgot to add that and it was on top of my priorities for this chat!


Adding the following:


I have two items to mention before getting into the Dinar.


1. Thank you to all of you Vets who made and those that continue

to make sacrifices for us. Your service is appreciated!


2. Our container arrived in Dominica a couple days ago. I hope to

have pictures from them soon, but I'm not going to rush them. I'm

sure they are doing a great job with what we sent. 

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First, let me add my thanks to our vets also.  The freedoms we have are underpinned by our veterans.


Second, great news on the Dominica container's arrival.  We know that this small gift will be of great help to that hurting country.

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Iraq, the fastest-growing producer within the 12-nation group, loaded as many as 10 tankers in the past several weeks to deliver crude to U.S. ports in November, ship-tracking and charters compiled by Bloomberg show.


    Assuming they arrive as scheduled, the 19 million barrels being hauled would mark the biggest monthly influx from Iraq since June 2012, according to Energy Information Administration figures.



    The cargoes show how competition for sales among members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries is spilling out into global markets, intensifying competition with U.S. producers whose own output has retreated since summer. For tanker owners, it means rates for their ships are headed for the best quarter in seven years, fueled partly by the surge in one of the industry’s longest trade routes.

Worst still, they are slashing prices...

    Iraq, pumping the most since at least 1962 amid competition among OPEC nations to find buyers, is discounting prices to woo customers.


    The Middle East country sells its crude at premiums or discounts to global benchmarks, competing for buyers with suppliers such as Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest exporter. Iraq sold its Heavy grade at a discount of $5.85 a barrel to the appropriate benchmark for November, the biggest discount since it split the grade from Iraqi Light in May. Saudi Arabia sold at $1.25 below benchmark for November, cutting by a further 20 cents in December.


    “It’s being priced much more aggressively,” said Dominic Haywood, an oil analyst at Energy Aspects Ltd. in London. “It’s being discounted so U.S. Gulf Coast refiners are more incentivized to take it.”

So when does The Obama Administration ban crude imports?


The Biggest Threat To Oil Prices: 2-Mile Long Stretch Of Iraq Oil Tankers Headed For The U.S.
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Thank You to the DV Crew.......Adam, Mods, News Hounds and all the great and wonderful members that keep our spirits up.   It's been a very long ride but it's been a pleasure to have shared it with you fine people.


So everyone get close together, closer , closer so I can give you all a great big hug..... :hug:  :hug:  :hug:  :hug:  :hug:  :hug:  :hug:  :hug:


Love you all


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    • By Adam Montana
      Happy Sunday, everyone!
      I'm tagging this "Adam Montana Weekly", even though the updates are no longer weekly, just to keep them showing up in the same searches for your convenience.
      Also, I don't have a lot to say... but I wanted to check in so you all didn't think I'm abandoning you! I'm just incredibly busy with some new projects in my life that have taken me away from the computer.
      I'm very thankful for the reprieve from the computer screen, my eyes and my back have been screaming at me the last couple of years.
      It was time for a change. 
      With that said, I'm still in daily communications with all of my dinar contacts. I still get my usual briefings from the important people on dinar. And I'm still 100% ready to drop everything and give you all of my time when this RV happens.

      The last time I touched on the price of OIL was quite a while ago - I was optimistic even though oil prices were only at $40ish.
      Where are they today?

      $61! Which happens to be above where we need them to be for a launch of the RV. I don't need to say more on that topic.
      In GOI news, Iraq is muddling through the final stages of the Budget. We don't need the Budget to be complete before an RV, but a "happy agreement" between the Kurds and Baghdad will do a lot to grease the wheels.
      You can keep up with the current Budget proceedings in this thread, where our tireless @yota691 has been keeping everyone up to date.
      I know it can be a bit painful to try to decipher the articles, so I'll give you the elevator summary:
      Things are going well. There is a current discussion on "raising the price of the dollar", which would be bad for Dinar, and the overall sentiment is that they publicly do NOT want to "raise the price of the dollar". (That's a good thing for us!) Part of the reason is due to the current favorable price of oil.

      And, of course, none of that matters when the HCL goes through. It's been pretty quiet on the HCL front, which is part of why I've taken a break on posting.
      When the HCL comes, we have an RV either already announced or just around the corner.
      Until the HCL is done, we wait patiently.
      Personally, I'm staying the course.
      In other news... LGD made a pretty compelling argument in this thread for taking a serious look at Silver.
      BTC (we discuss this a LOT in the VIP Crypto section) is experiencing one of the best buying opportunities we've seen in a while, and maybe the best we will ever see again.
      While we've been waiting for the RV, many millions have been made in other areas... I encourage everyone to not tie all of their hopes and dreams to one windfall. I have no doubt that we will reap the dinar windfall, but why miss all the other opportunities while we are waiting on the RV? 
      See you in VIP.  
      Go Iraq... Go Dinar...
      GO RRRVVV!!!!!!!!!
    • By Adam Montana
      Good afternoon-evening, all!
      This has been a roller coaster of a week for so many sectors... I know some of you are here for "Just the Dinar News, sir.... just the dinar news".
      I'll start with IQD. There is talk - and I'll leave it to you to research this, because I have 17 articles on my notepad that would really only cause confusion - but there is TALK that Iraq isn't able to use USD anymore.
      Or they won't be able to, or they shouldn't, or whatever.
      Listen, this is a fundamental issue, and anyone that's followed me for any amount of time should know that I am here because of the fundamentals.
      If Iraq is currently unable to use USD (that's not entirely the case at the moment, but follow along) then they couldn't conduct auctions, they couldn't trade anywhere that uses the USD (that's everywhere), and they would basically fall into absolute poverty and die of malnutrition.
      Does that sound like a serious possibility? 
      Of course not... so let's get back to the fundamentals.
      Iraq has a majority of the OIL in the world.
      There's no way in heck that the WORLD will just pretend that oil isn't there.
      There is NO WAY that they can't use their resources to "buy in" to anything they want.
      So... what's with all this talk about Iraq not being able to use USD?
      I'll answer.
      It's an idle threat, but a promising one.
      It means Iraq has one more reason to up their game, Iraq has yet another reason to RV, and the world has one more reason to accept the "NEW" rate, even if it surprises everyone.
      Even if the analysts and the advisors and the bunches of panelists and "experts" say "OMG they shouldn't/can't/won't" do that!
      It doesn't matter what those talking heads say.... it's going to happen when it happens, and we are ready and here!
      On a side note... I hope you caught some of these crypto gains that many of us are rolling in!
      Sorry this update was late - I've had a ton going on this week, some of which has been rolling my crypto profits into other deals and just having a blast doing it all.
      Life is good, friends! See you in VIP  

    • By Adam Montana
      Good afternoon, beautiful people!
      Budget: All you need to know about it is here:
      What that doesn't tell you is that the Budget doesn't have to have the rate. The Rate also does not need to be included in the Budget!
      That's not to say that the Budget doesn't matter - it does!
      But what really matters is the satisfaction of the Kurds... and that, my friends, is happening very nicely.
      In fact, it's happening more than just "nicely" - check this one out:
      I don't have much more to say on it than that... it's a "wait and see" game right now.
      Wait for the RV, then see you on an island!
      BITCOIN - making it's way back up there. I haven't had this much fun in ages! Hope you're with us in the VIP Crypto section!
      Our Weekly Powerball Pool is HERE. Join us!
      Go BTC. Go Iraq.
      GO RRRRVVVVVVV!!!!!!
    • By Adam Montana
      Howdy howdy! Happy Wednesday, good people of DinarVets!
      We have some questions from the thread I posted yesterday - I'll get to those in a minute.
      Just in case you missed these comments from last week... check these out: ONE and TWO. 💥
      HCL is such a key component right now. In fact, 98% of this RV hinges on when and how the HCL is finally completed...
      ... and with things like that coming out, you know we aren't far now!
      Crypto - BTC is down to 30,900 as I type this. But those of us in VIP already saw that coming... and we have insight on what is happening next.

      Here's the questions that were posted yesterday:
      Although both are tragic and unfortunate, I see no impact from either of those.
      Haha! Thanks Snatcher  
      In regards to an RV, I say it signifies nothing. Iraq has always tried to plead poverty and defer payments and anything else they can do - just like we would expect any other country to do.
      The payments are in dollars, not Dinars.... this means that after they RV, it will be easier for them to repay. In fact, it makes sense to stall payments until after the RV if possible, because they will effectively pay less that way. Or at least have more to pay with, but I don't think their payment schedule will change for them. It's just better for them all around that way.

      That's a great observation, and I think it's 100% in Iraq's favor! Anything that drives the price of oil up, and does not take away from Iraq's ability to produce and export their own product, is good for Iraq. This is one such example.

      Eventually, yes. After.
      The timing for an RV is good now. The timing, technology, etc for converting to digital isn't quite there at the moment.
      Oy vey  Tricky tricky!
      Not at all. The EU doesn't control the world, Iraq (and the other countries on that map) have other avenues to move money.
      I think you can guess my answer already after reading the links to the articles Thugs posted. We are so close to the apex of this I simply can't imagine it not popping soon, one way or another!
      One of my biggest objections to the possibility of a true Global Currency Reset is that when you break it down, it ends up looking like socialism. There would be winners and losers in that situation - if all currencies were made equal, that implies that all debts would be erased. Who does the US owe their national debt to? And are they just going to agree to wipe that debt out? That's just one example of a major roadblock in the path to a "Global" currency reset.
      I'm not saying I see no possible variations of the concept, but I do not believe a Global Reset is possible without WWIII and one ultimate winner who then controls the entire planet under one ruling entity. 
      Funny question there... no amount of money will solve their problems! That won't stop them, though! 
      See above!
      What "IQD Rates - Updates" are you referringing to?
      No, but some countries are requiring tests before you're allowed to mingle.
      You're going to have to give me a link - I could run around the internet trying to figure out exactly what you're referring to, but if I find the wrong article I'm going to give you the wrong answer.
      Gotta give me more to work with than that. Which pile of money are you referring to?
      I'm mostly in agreement there! It certainly could be done simultaneously with the Budget, but that doesn't mean it has to be done simultaneous... 
      .... however, the timing certainly is good. I'm hopeful.
      == = = == = == = == = = == = == == = 
      Lots of good stuff, my friends!
      Stay positive, stay healthy and happy, Go Iraq, and 
      GO RRRRVVVVVVV!!$!!$!!$!!

    • By Adam Montana
      Good day and happy Wednesday!
      Not a ton to chat about right now. We have some optimism on the Budget side, namely:
      If the Kurds weren't happy with their share, there would be a problem with HCL.
      This says the opposite - all in agreement, ready to go next week, and that says to me:
      Let's go HCL!
      Other than that... I could sit here and hypothesize about the little news bits and rumors floating around, but I've got other things to do  
      Get in the lotto pool here.
      The crypto world is an amazing and fantastically fun place to be playing right now - the market swings are incredibly predictable! Join us here for the discussion.
      Like I said - not much to talk about today, so.....
      GO RRRRVVVVV!!!!!!!!

      - Adam
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