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  1. I am only selling a total of 4 million Dinar at this time. Each bundle you see in the pictures is 1,000,000 Dinars. It took me a very long time to contemplate and consider selling some of my dinar but I have an emergency bill, leaving me no choice. This came at the WRONG time for me, because the Dinar is getting closer to the finish line (some say December of this year, some suggest by January 2017). I paid close to 1100.00 per million (includes their wire fee and shipping costs) back in 2013. Banknotes are: 25,000 denomination x 40 UNCIRCULATED (1,000,000 Dinar) If you pay for
  2. Good evening. I haven't advertised on here, yet. At the moment, I can only sell 4,000,000 for 850 per million. Uncirculated, Crisp and clean. Paypal is fine if you pay the fees (it costs $24.95 per 850 but $20 per 850 is fine). If you get all four mill, I will include the certificate that Xchange of America, Florida. OR there are no Paypal fees if you send as a friend. If you know of any other pay systems that you prefer, that is also fine. Venmo is a good one that does not charge any processing fees. I will pay for expedited shipping with a tracking number. This site only allows 9
  3. #Accurate. Lol yep. Here in FL (innovators of rigging), I only saw ONE Hillarious sign, and no one I know personally knows anyone who supports HRC. Yet she somehow overwhelmingly won the Primaries. Same thing happened with the sinister DWS as she somehow beat Time Canova; despite the fact that Canova was supported world-wide. They throw the Trump-fear-porn in our faces, despite the fact that HRC has proven multiple times that she is far scarier than Trump. I don't even get bothered when I see Trump signs, anymore after having thoroughly investigated her record. She is far scarier and no matter
  4. Two thumbs up, Yota. And thanks, Yukon for the translation/confirmation. RV in '15 We The People, this is our year. <3
  5. ISIS membership seems more like a membership-slavery. Do or Die. So the internal crumble is not surprising. Keep up the good work, ISIS. The more you shed, the less our forces have to.
  6. Keep the good news coming! (Reference)
  7. Please someone tell me this bug is just a dream. Yep. Just a nightmare and someone will pinch us to wake us up.
  8. This is awesome. I need to find out how to cover the Wifi devices in the house, as well, if possible.
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