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  1. <-- I'm jumping on the bandwagon or in this case the pirate ship. Go RV.
  2. Hey Everybody... R V there yet Yall I mean arrrrrrrr....Momma needs new bigfooting equipment.
  3. Woo Hoo... Thanks for the update Adam. I like it, I love it, I want some more of it.
  4. Thanks for the update and $1 sounds good to me.
  5. As always....Thanks for the chat !!! I say next weeks chat should be about Bigfoot sightings..... Everyone have a good day.
  6. Thanks for the chat!! Hoping things keep getting better but it's time to renew my VIP in the next 5 days. Do we have any discounts?
  7. Thanks for the chat....I'm ready for some exciting news and that text.
  8. Prayers for a speedy recovery Nelg.
  9. Happy Birthday !!!! I hope you wish comes true. :undocumented:
  10. Thanks for the chat.... Always appreciate the time you make for us. Everyone stay cool as you can....Suppose to be 107 here in NE Texas this weekend.
  11. Glad their vacation is almost over and they will be checking out of the Ramada(n) Inn. So ready to see them get busy in Iraq again. Thanks for the update Adam.
  12. Thanks for dropping by...... always appreciated.
  13. This October will be my 59th birthday so I can relate. I forget things walking from room to room. I remember crying when I turned 29 and now 30 years later I feel the tears building up for my next big crying session. Please tell me 60 will be the new 40 !!!
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