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  1. "And To Utilize Part Of Ur Phrase Of ‘Facts Vs Speculation’ ... U Haven’t Even Acknowledged The ‘Fact’ That The HCL Is On The Current Legislative Agenda - Even When It’s Been Clearly Spelled Out For U ." Thug... it may be a fact that it is on the Legislative Agenda... but... what good is that given these people lie constantly and it may not even pass.... that is what I'm talking about.. when that passes, THEN we can say, what effect it had on the process and see if that triggers the actual RV... until then, it is simply speculation, conjecture and supposition that it might have an effect.
  2. No sense in posting something to try to get us grounded. Like 97% of the public... just don't listen to reason... or logic. Adam has done a great job... I just wanted us to get back to the way he posted prior to a date that all seemed to be thinking it was "just any time now" I've seen it before and you just don't want to listen. Adam... post what you like, I know you are doing as much as you possibly can to be correct... I'll just be a listener and follow like the rest of the sheep.
  3. I knew no one would jump back on land and wait for the ship we have been waiting for so long. Come on now, my statement was only to keep everyone grounded in facts vs speculation. Adam does a great job and I just wanted to put it out there that this has been a long road and we only need to hear real facts of action. Adam does have viable information to provide but then everyone takes that and thinks... this is the time... only to be disappointed again, and again. A couple that got me into this outside of DV use to call me every week back in 2006 saying they had information that indicated it was happening.... This is an emotional roller coaster for some and others just don't have the broad thought process to think critically. I guess you think the Federal Reserve is a Governmental Agency... wake up.
  4. Adam, You went down the rabbit hole a couple of years ago and look where it got us.... drink the potion & come out of the rabbit hole until we actually know facts, not speculation. This Hope and change went out with the previous administration. Sorry to be blunt, but I think we would all be better served if we cut out the drama.
  5. Yergin: Expect Extreme Volatility In Oil Markets Authored by Tsvetana Paraskova via, Rising pipeline takeaway capacity in the Permian and global oil demand growth at its weakest in a decade are set to lead to more volatility in oil prices in the near term, a prominent energy expert said, joining a growing number of analysts who see prices further depressed by slowing economies and crude demand. “The pipeline bottlenecks are in the process of being resolved, so a lot more oil is going to come onto the market by the end of the year. We expect the U.S. (crude oil output) to be up to 13 million barrels a day,” IHS Markit’s vice chairman Daniel Yergin told CNBC on Tuesday. While U.S. production will continue to add more supply in an already oversupplied global market, on the demand side, expectations are getting increasingly pessimistic. “We’re in one of the weakest periods since 2008 and we think demand growth this year is under a million barrels per day. So you have that factor at the same time as you have more oil coming to the market. So expect some volatility,” Yergin told CNBC in an interview on the sidelines of a conference in Abu Dhabi. Despite expectations of volatility, IHS Markit’s vice chairman sees Brent Crude prices range-bound in the US$55-65 range. Yergin is not alone in predicting substantially lower oil demand growth this year than originally anticipated.
  6. Dec 5th 2003 IQD $3.34 to US $.... not gonna happen again... they will probably go digital...
  7. One of the reasons why Trump and Congress were so quick to pass a debt ceiling deal last week is that had they failed to do so, with the Treasury's cash balance sliding precariously lower and expected to hit $0 by early September, there was a non-trivial chance the US could technically default by the time Congress came back from its August vacation. Of course, that did not happen, a debt ceiling extension deal was reached, and as a result the Treasury is now free to start reloading its cash balance, and it plans on doing just that. On Monday, the Treasury Department announced its latest quarterly estimates of net marketable borrowing needs for the current (July – September 2019) and upcoming (October – December 2019) quarters. What it revealed was the following: After borrowing just $40 billion in the past, April-June period, which left the Treasury with a quarter end cash balance of $264 billion, in the current quarter, the Treasury now expects Treasury issuance to explode higher, and borrow a whopping $433 billion in net marketable debt, a massive $274 billion higher - or more than doubling - its prior forecast announced in April 2019. The reason for this debt issuance flurry? To rebuild the cash balance back to a level of $350 billion, which is where the Treasury expects its end-of-September cash balance to be, up from just $85 billion as of the April 29 forecast.
  8. Debt to GDP - we can't get inflation. There is a spending to growth problem. The US is looking more like Japan.
  9. That is very wise advise... Another one is the house with 3500 sq ft that will need a new roof, air conditioner(s) , windows, paint, flooring within 15 to 20 years. Add that up and see the pricing on those expenditures .... not to mention the vehicle you park in that nice home. I was there, did it, experienced it. Finally sold it while the housing market was up. Now I have extra cash, and peace of mind.
  10. I was in FL recently and spoke with a man from IRAN and he thought we would go to war with IRAN and that Iran already "owned" IRAQ and directed them how to run their Government and the Shia were already in power throughout Iraq. He also stated he thought Iraq would eventually get their sovereignty but Iran would control the value of their money because they knew Americans had a large amount of cash and Iran did not want to help the US in any way financially. This has been a very difficult "investment" but knowing it was very speculative for all these years helped temper the anxiety/uncertainty by not knowing what was going on. I know the IMF wants us to go digital throughout the world and get rid of cash so they have greater control over everyone, but I'm beginning to wonder if a reset world wide will not occur so we will not reach our desired outcome. doubts, doubts, doubts. too many moving parts and outcomes. WWG1WGA just my opinion... ought to be yours.... ha!!
  11. Anyone that doesn't understand what propaganda is needs to wake up to reality and open their eyes to what has happened to our Country over the years. If you don't know what is going on... you're being spoon fed by the MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox's of the world... get your life in order and/or wake up surprised that your head is sewn to the carpet!!!
  12. Iran, Iraq, & The Axis Of Sanity No other country in the Middle East is as important in countering America’s rush to provide Israel with another war than Iraq. Fortunately for Iran, the winds of change in Iraq and the many other local countries under similar threat, thus, make up an unbroken chain of border to border support. This support is only in part due to sympathy for Iran and its plight against the latest bluster by the Zio-American bully. In the politics of the Middle East, however, money is at the heart of all matters. As such, this ring of defensive nations is collectively and quickly shifting towards the new Russo/ Sino sphere of economic influence. These countries now form a geo-political defensive perimeter that, with Iraq entering the fold, make a US ground war virtually impossible and an air war very restricted in opportunity. In the last two months, Iraq parliamentarians have been exceptionally vocal in their calls for all foreign military forces- particularly US forces- to leave immediately. Politicians from both blocs of Iraq’s divided parliament called for a vote to expel US troops and promised to schedule an extraordinary session to debate the matter. “Parliament must clearly and urgently express its view about the ongoing American violations of Iraqi sovereignty,” said Salam al-Shimiri, a lawmaker loyal to the populist cleric Moqtada al-Sadr. Iraq’s ambassador to Moscow, Haidar Mansour Hadi, went further saying that Iraq “does not want a new devastating war in the region.” He told a press conference in Moscow this past week, “Iraq is a sovereign nation. We will not let [the US] use our territory,” he said. Other comments by Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi agreed. Other MPs called for a timetable for complete US troop withdrawal. Then a motion was introduced demanding war reparations from the US and Israel for using internationally banned weapons while destroying Iraq for seventeen years and somehow failing to find those “weapons of mass destruction.” As Iraq/ Iran economic ties continue to strengthen, with Iraq recently signing on for billions of cubic meters of Iranian natural gas, the shift towards Russian influence- an influence that prefers peace- was certified as Iraq sent a delegation to Moscow to negotiate the purchase of the Russian S-400 anti-aircraft system. To this massive show of pending democracy and rapidly rising Iraqi nationalism, US Army spokesman, Colonel Ryan Dillon, provided the kind of delusion only the Zio-American military is known for, saying, Our continued presence in Iraq will be conditions-based, proportional to need, in coordination with and by the approval of the Iraqi government.” US influence in Iraq came to a possible conclusion this past Saturday, May 18, 2019, when it was reported that the Iraqi parliament would vote on a bill compelling the invaders to leave. Speaking about the vote on the draft bill, Karim Alivi, a member of the Iraqi parliament’s national security and defense committee, said on Thursday that the country’s two biggest parliamentary factions — the Sairoon bloc, led by Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, and the Fatah alliance, headed by secretary general of the Badr Organization, Hadi al-Ameri — supported the bill. Strangely, Saturday’s result has not made it to the media as yet, and American meddling would be a safe guess as to the delay, but the fact that this bill would certainly have passed strongly shows that Iraq well understands the weakness of the American bully: Iraq’s own US militarily imposed democracy. Iraq shares a common border with Iran that the US must have for any ground war. Both countries also share a similar religious demographic where Shia is predominant and the plurality of cultures substantially similar and previously living in harmony. Both also share a very deep seeded and deserved hatred of Zio- America. Muqtada al-Sadr, who, after coming out first in the 2018 Iraqi elections, is similar to Hizbullah’s Hassan Nasrallah in his religious and military influence within the well trained and various Shia militias. He is firmly aligned with Iran as is Fattah Alliance. Both detest Zio- America. A ground invasion needs a common and safe border. Without Iraq, this strategic problem for US forces becomes complete. The other countries also with borders with Iran are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan. All have several good reasons that they will not, or cannot, be used for ground forces. With former Armenian President Robert Kocharian under arrest in the aftermath of the massive anti-government 2018 protests, Bolton can check that one off the list first. Azerbaijan is mere months behind the example next door in Armenia, with protests increasing and indicating a change towards eastern winds. Regardless, Azerbaijan, like Turkmenistan, is an oil producing nation and as such is firmly aligned economically with Russia. Political allegiance seems obvious since US influence is limited in all three countries to blindly ignoring the massive additional corruption and human rights violations by Presidents Ilham Aliyev and Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow. However, Russian economic influence pays in cash. Oil under Russian control is the lifeblood of both of these countries. Recent developments and new international contracts with Russia clearly show whom these leaders are actually listening to. Turkey would appear to be firmly shifting into Russian influence. A NATO member in name only. Ever since he shot down his first- and last- Russian fighter jet, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has thumbed his nose at the Americans. Recently he refused to succumb to pressure and will receive Iranian oil and, in July, the Russian S-400 anti-aircraft/missile system. This is important since there is zero chance Putin will relinquish command and control or see them missiles used against Russian armaments. Now, Erdogan is considering replacing his purchase of thirty US F-35s with the far superior Russian SU- 57 and a few S-500s for good measure. Economically, America did all it could to stop the Turk Stream gas pipeline installed by Russia’s Gazprom, that runs through Turkey to eastern Europe and will provide $billions to Erdogan and Turkey. It will commence operation this year. Erdogan continues to purchase Iranian oil and to call for Arab nations to come together against US invasion in Iran. This week, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar renewed Turkey’s resolve, saying his country is preparing for potential American sanctions as a deadline reportedly set by the US for Ankara to cancel the S-400 arms deal with Russia or face penalties draws near. So, Turkey is out for both a ground war and an air war since the effectiveness of all those S-400’s might be put to good use if America was to launch from naval positions in the Mediterranean. Attacking from the Black Sea is out since it is ringed by countries under Russo/ Sino influence and any attack on Iran will have to illegally cross national airspace aligned with countries preferring the Russo/ Sino alliance that favours peace. An unprovoked attack would leave the US fleet surrounded with the only safe harbours in Romania and Ukraine. Ships move much slower than missiles. Afghanistan is out, as the Taliban are winning. Considering recent peace talks from which they walked out and next slaughtered a police station near the western border with Iran, they have already won. Add the difficult terrain near the Iranian border and a ground invasion is very unlikely Although new Pakistani President Imran Khan has all the power and authority of a primary school crossing guard, the real power within the Pakistani military, the ISI, is more than tired of American influence. ISI has propagated the Taliban for years and often gave refuge to Afghan anti-US forces allowing them to use their common border for cover. Although in the past ISI has been utterly mercenary in its very duplicitous- at least- foreign allegiances, after a decade of US drone strikes on innocent Pakistanis, the chance of ground-based forces being allowed is very doubtful. Like Afghanistan terrain also increases this unlikelihood.
  13. WTI Slides After Big Surprise Crude Build Oil prices rallied on the day amid a sliding dollar and increased protests in Venezuela adding to concerns about supply (despite a slowdown in China PMI potentially questioning demand). “The market is currently witnessing the largest number of barrels subject to potential outage in many years, between Venezuela, Iran, Nigeria, Algeria and Libya,” said Leo Mariani, a KeyBanc Capital Markets Inc. analyst.
  14. Mexico Is Starting To Look Like Venezuela At the same time, we’ve seen this rise of hardcore, self-avowed Democratic socialists in the US… and these folks want to throw more money at this broken system (without any semblance of a plan, at least not one they’ve cared to share with us). And they’re going to pay for all of this with your tax dollars… At this point, it’s become passé to call for confiscatory levels of taxation, more regulation and government control and the confiscation of private assets. You’ve got the governor of California, Gavin Newsom, who wants to centrally plan housing. He wants to tax people and let the government dole out houses. Then you’ve got de Blasio in NYC who wants to take profits out of the hands of the people that earned it… and put it right into his hands. Of course these socialist ideas to make the rich pay their “fair share” aren’t going to fix anything. Placing more money in the hands of the government, instead of the private sector, will only accelerate these fiscal problems. Remember, we’ve seen how socialist governments fix problems in Venezuela and Mexico. Do you think the result will be any different in the US? And to continue learning how to ensure you thrive no matter what happens next in the world, I encourage you to download our free Perfect Plan B Guide.
  15. Baghdad at 10 million: fragile dreams of normality as megacity status beckons
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