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  1. I have multiple Dinar 1,000,000 lots (40 x 25,000 uncirculated) for sale at $900 per million. Please let me know, if anyone is interested.
  2. I have multiple 1,000,000 dinar lots (40 x 25,000) uncirculated Iraqi Dinar for sale at $900 per million. Please let me knpw, if anyone is interested.
  3. It would be nice to hand off my Iraqi Dinar for a good return. However, once again, we'll just have to see what evolves.
  4. Golfnsr


    Planning on my Roth softening any tax hit.
  5. You seem to be looking more than buying. You stated in one post that "$900 is as low as you would go". Aren't you the BUYER?
  6. TheMiler, please let me know , if you are not interested in buying my dinar. The method of purchasing from me is probably more safe than other methods you may be considering.
  7. TheMiler, I responded to your email some time ago but have received no response regarding any interest in buying any of my 8 million dinar.
  8. I have up to 8 million uncirculated in 25,000 denominations for sale at $850/million. I am in middle Tennessee and, if interested, my email is
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