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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

IQD rate.. your best guess..


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Ok, late to the game as I am just getting out of work for good. I have always been in the 1 to 1 camp. All the studies show it (or close to it) but for me it is more about the citizens. If they came out at .25 (I would be extreme happy) why would you give in your USD dollars for a currency that is still basically worthless. The USD has real true value. Plus, you would know that it would only increase in value over time. 


Nothing is easy in Iraq. If it came out at 1 to 1 or close to it. The citizens would better understand the exchange rate as being equal.



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Trying to be not too greedy ( I've been waiting for this for 15 years and I'm gettin't tired and worn out, you know...) and also kind of realistic....So the range of 10/15/ 20 cents of a US dollar for one Dinar would be already wonderful to me and would make me rich ( in my own concept of wealth, mind you) beyond my rosiest expectations......


But that's me...I can certainly understand other Dinar holders much higher expectations.(1:1 or more/much more than that)...


I wish them / us the best



Will 2019 be our year finally?????  We'll find out in max 4 months



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I will be willing to transport IQD to Kuwait for turn in whenever we know its official.  I have been there several times and have a couple citizens I know who would help me (for a small price) cash ALL of it in for USD.  Hopefully we won't need that kind of an expedition but it is available if necessary.


Upon turn-in I will be purchasing a villa there with many dancing girls.  Also, I plan on at least 3 Bentley's and several camels (for atmosphere!)  

After all, I am the most interesting man in the world!  Stay thirsty my friends!

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Upon turn-in I will be purchasing a villa there with many dancing girls. 

End Quote


Hello Bob....You've been to Kuwait several times while I never visited ( I had no reason so far to go there so why bother)....All I know ( by some folks who had to go there  for a translation seasonal job) is ( their words) it is " too damn hot of a place" (I'd guess there's air-conditioning everywhere except streets and open spaces obviously)


As for your statement I quoted above......I foresee difficulties in getting "many dancing girls" ( if they are only dancing kinda belly-button style, which is typical of those areas..maybe...But not in the broader meaning we give to exotic dancing girls in the west like private dancing and the logical consequences/ progress of such.....After all Kuwait is still a Muslim Country and I don't know how open it is in that sense...)....But you are the expert ( in that you've been there many times already)




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11 hours ago, NoviceInvestor said:

“Soon” it willl have some value.. Hiw much is anyone’s guess and how  “Soon” ?... Again no one really knows..


You're aware that "SOON" is a cuss word in the Dinar holders community.........Understandably so.....It all started because of  tons and tons and tons  of 100% certificated BS coming from self-proclaimed "Gurus"..


J/K of course.......



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3 hours ago, bkeiller said:

I am thinking 8 cents with a float that will double our money every 5-6 years. I have a decent and detailed plan for that outcome. If it is any more than that, my plan becomes indecent and has fewer details! :)



I can only wish you your plan will become very indecent......Nasty / lewd  even.....


Never mind the details!

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