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  1. I should’ve sold all my Dinar and bought BTC instead! 🤪
  2. Only Iraq would think strengthening the dinar means going from 1189 to 1470 . Yes the number is bigger in sequence but I don’t think it means what you think it means GOI
  3. Well they weren’t wrong . New exchange rate in wrong direction.
  4. I’m a believer but you guys get way out there.
  5. It stopped for a few of my friends in Netherlands as well
  6. Let’s see what this week brings! Appreciate the update!
  7. Don’t know. Maybe someone hacked it. Lol
  8. Yah I do see it when you flip going IQD to USD but when your flip it back it goes back to normal
  9. It’s happened before I believe. Was a glitch
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