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  1. If you truly believe that why would you invest in Dinar? If I thought it was 10-15years out I definitely would be checking the site that often.
  2. Adam...scaring me with that BTC management. Hahah
  3. 100,000 dinar per month. Woohoo. $80-100 goes a long way over there.
  4. We shall see. But atleast the link works and they gave us some better info
  5. He added, "The visit, which was scheduled to complete discussions of oil and budget, will be postponed for further notice because of the concern of the government and parliament demonstrations and their results. -man this is annoying-
  6. That's why they peg the oil price. China will always put a peg price to what Oraq owes them . In case the oil drops lower then they get more oil. That's why they never pay in oil. They pay in petrodollars and that dictates how much oil.
  7. Yah not looking good in my opinion. I also think China being paid in oil is a big hindrance as they never have to use dinar to pay for anything to china. Bypassing IQD. Maybe we check back 2020.
  8. Looking more and more 2020 though. We shall see but if they used oil to pay debts what would make them have to repay debt with RV money when the oil traded to petrodollars anyway?
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