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  1. Sometimes I feel that way stuck in the twilight zone with all the parliament resets
  2. I just dont see anything north of 1:1. I also dont see how the float can drive a currency basket from $.10 all the way up to $3. It seems that it would stay relatively stable with small gradual growth over a very long term if it comes out lower. If it comes out at $.10 I dont see more than a 50% gain in rising value in short term if international. Just opinion of course.
  3. nfire

    Go Iraq Part 6

    Just got back from Maui Sunday. Ready to go back
  4. nfire

    Go Iraq Part 5

    Maybe they are coordinating w Iraq
  5. I dont have a ton of Rial but if it hits at constitution rate it would be a decent (small) BTC addition
  6. nfire

    Go Iraq Part 5

    Wide awake. RV rail RV dinar let's go
  7. Synopsis , not going to lie. Your post take up soo much space scrolling through the boards with the same message makes me want to give red rubies.
  8. Should've scrolled up more. Yah we have come long ways thug
  9. nfire

    Go Iraq Part 4

    Verlander, Cole, miley, Greinke. Christmas for sure. Being a Houston fan in Houston the city is buzzing.
  10. nfire

    Go Iraq Part 4

    This is exciting none the less. Atleast we figure out where we stand soon. Eventhough Iran in a lot different situation than Iraq. But this does sound opposite of what we need.
  11. nfire

    Go Iraq Part 4

    Ready for some Tuesday news
  12. nfire

    Go Iraq Part 4

    Strange that so much coming out now about notes.
  13. nfire

    Go Iraq Part 4

    Did I miss an announcement bros
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