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  1. The RV expires on the 12th but they aren’t taking appointments until the 13th ?????? 🤦‍♂️
  2. About time some more people started addressing the global currency reset BS. Why would the US or any country for that matter fight decades and decades for a competitive advantage through their currency just to be let every one back in the game with a global currency reset.
  3. I didn’t take it as he is saying no float now. He was saying you can’t float and have currency auctions going on at same time.
  4. Every year we get the before Ramadan , then when that passes we get post Ramadan.
  5. Umm this has been their policy for years nothing changed
  6. You guys and conspiracy theory. I’m still waiting on Trump to initiate some act to take back over and recommand the emergency broadcast systems. Now crypto is the Nazi infiltration. Sound like the rumors guru section. Lol!
  7. Normally I think Breitling is spot on but his view on Cryptocurrency is misinformed. I can buy all kinds of goods with it including a Tesla. Miami is looking to accept cryptocurrency for taxes, and several Central Banks adding it to reserve currency stack.
  8. I should’ve sold all my Dinar and bought BTC instead! 🤪
  9. Only Iraq would think strengthening the dinar means going from 1189 to 1470 . Yes the number is bigger in sequence but I don’t think it means what you think it means GOI
  10. Well they weren’t wrong . New exchange rate in wrong direction.
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