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  1. Oh man! These videos make me question why I hold Dinar sometimes
  2. Previous position meaning 1170?
  3. I think you added extra 0s more like $110mm not billion
  4. Wel…if they have been “educating” the citizens on rate change then it’s pretty obvious the education is not happening
  5. I had signed up for any currency changes long ago and still get emailed updates . Where to sign up I couldn’t tell you because it’s probably been 7-8years ago. Looks like the six group has taken over reporting for currency-iso(dot)org
  6. Statement from the ISO 4217 Maintenance Agency The Bolívar Soberano (VES) is redenominated by removing six zeros from the denominations. A new currency code VED/926 representing the new valuation (1,000,000 times old VES/928) is introduced on 1 October 2021 for any internal needs during the redenomination process, but is not replacing VES as the official currency code. The Central Bank of Venezuela will not adopt the new codes in the local system, VES/928 remains in use. The actual currency code VES/928 remains the valid code after 1 October 2021 to use in any future transactions to indicate the redenominated Bolívar Soberano. Until further notice, VES/928 and VED/926 remain on "List one: Currency, fund and precious metal codes". Kind regards, SIX Financial Information AG ISO 4217 Maintenance Agency
  7. The RV expires on the 12th but they aren’t taking appointments until the 13th ?????? 🤦‍♂️
  8. About time some more people started addressing the global currency reset BS. Why would the US or any country for that matter fight decades and decades for a competitive advantage through their currency just to be let every one back in the game with a global currency reset.
  9. I didn’t take it as he is saying no float now. He was saying you can’t float and have currency auctions going on at same time.
  10. Every year we get the before Ramadan , then when that passes we get post Ramadan.
  11. Umm this has been their policy for years nothing changed
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