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  1. I believe the 250 Dinar Note will be in circulation along with the smaller new notes. Each 250 note would be over $750 @ somewhere near $3 per Dinar! This would allow me to put on my Zoot Suit, with the big Gold Pocketwatch and chain. get into my (future) Bently and buy a Bay Front Condo in Kuwait City @ Salmia (sp) Just Sayin!
  2. The "size of his sports car" sounds dirty!
  3. The Bentley Dealership called and asked me if I knew a couple named Possum and Mama ? They had signed paperwork to purchase two Bentleys and told the salesperson that Luigi can vouch for them!! I told him try not step in the Luigi when he feeds the cows tonight! (fact checked with nopes!)
  4. Luigi passed me some very credible information recently. He said that "If a bullfrog had wings he wouldn't bump his ass when he jumped!" Very profound!!!!
  5. Nipped in the butt is sorta like the Star Trek episode..."Fly around Uranus and pick off the Klingons!
  6. .50 cents is still $500,000.00 on a million IQD............I'll take it today!
  7. Bob

    A Bank Story.

    Dong holding.....thats a Luigi specialty I think!
  8. Sorry I disagree....My Dong is worth much more than 25 cents! Just ask my girlfriend!!!! (I had to do it since no one else is doing it!! (Junior High!! Right!))
  9. Everybody.....Keep the Faith!! It will happen I have a reputable source that told me that! Possum...Moma....and Luigi....and Reverend Ike! ( "You can't loose with the stuff I use!") BTW, Reverend Ike is letting me use one of his Rolls Royces to go to the Prom this year! What a guy!
  10. Would the bank (which ever one you choose) cash in for free...or a very nominal charge IF you open an account and agree to keep it funded for a period of time. This frees-up a bunch of cash to lend or invest. Millions would be available to take to market for the banks. Just sayin!
  11. Now that was PUNishment! and sounds a bit dirty to know....frank meeting buns!.....Crack...just saying!
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