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  1. We should all probably be thankful that it has taken so long, because if the cash would have come years ago I would have spent a bunch. Now I can leave it to my Grand Kids!! Maybe they will erect a large statue of me in my Bentley! Just sayin! BTW, with 87000 new IRS Agents you can bet they will be in our business!
  2. I am starting to believe that there may be some truth in what is written because, we have been reading opinions for the past 14 years and never had as positive a possibility as now! So, I think this thing is going to happen if......Sadr wants it to happen and if Iran wants it to happen, because Sadr is the Shia Iranian connection. Just sayin
  3. I am thinking the name of that movie starring Malarki could be "BIG BOOBS and BALD HEADS IN BAGDHAD!"
  4. I sort of disagree in them being Fake! I think they have some knowledge based on Kuwait, and there hearts are in the right place. However, Don't believe it till you see it! After all, this is the rumor page!!
  5. IMO: The exchange rate will be real and on-file at every airport in the world that exchanges currency (especially for tourists on their way to that destination). (Once Iraq decides to RV and put it on Forex). Just moving the value back to 1200 or so will not show it on Forex. IMO
  6. The IQD will NOT be worthless! Once the FOREX announces the rate I will be driving 1 mile to wells fargo to exchange for USD. Then, I will be driving to the Bentley dealership to exchange my old Ford Falcon (just kidding) for a new 2022 Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible. $307,225 ! And that's all I have to say about that!
  7. I heard that Possums old lady (Mamma) is very very VERY HOT!!!
  8. Personally I prefer the Momma and Possum Rate!
  9. I am not going to fly to Iraq unless we are required to. Then I may have that problem you mentioned. We will see.
  10. If the IQD is not on Forex and we want to cash-in. This is ONLY what I believe... Kuwait is stable and wants their investment in IQD to pay off as much as we do. If we get stuck having to cash-out, in Iraq, I believe we could just as easy cash-out in Kuwait. There will be money changers in Kuwait City that can help for as fee.
  11. As soon as this investment hit the Forex I'm going to panic the whole way to the bank and then the Bentley Dealership! Then I will hit the Tequila bar for a little sedative!
  12. Lindsey Graham is a military senior officer with plenty of trips to Iraq (I seem to remember him at BIAP). If this is true then he most likely owns IQD and would probably love to be rich! (like I am going to be when the revalue happens). Remember "W" telling us to invest in Iraq! That is what we did as US Military Personnel...we invested by purchasing IQD at approximately $400 per million. We then watched it double in value in about 1.5 years and then it stopped. So we sit...waiting for the revalue! If there is one politician I trust it is Colonel Lindsey Graham!
  13. .10 is $100,000.00. on 1 million iqd! I'll take it right to the bank!!
  14. Kuwait has semi stable government because every Kuwaiti Citizen gets $150,000 (as of 2004 i think) oil money!
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