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  1. IQD on Forex ....Check it out!!
  2. Oil was $70+ per barrel just a couple months ago. Now it is $94! That is progress at its best! I remember Iraq sold 5 million + barrels per day! Now that is wealth!! It is time for someone over there to pass the the citizens, including the Kurds and get this exchange rate raised to where it should be! $470,000,000 per day revenue from oil !!!! It is time to get serious about revalue!
  4. So you all know...Possum and Mama taught me all I know. Just sayin!!
  6. Get rid of the badguys and the investors will knock each other over to get in there! JMHO Just Sayin!
  7. I believe we are as close as we have ever been! I remember being in Iraq in 2003/4 and buying this IQD ($250, notes) at around $400 per million (If I Remember Correctly)! This was before anyone had seen the possibilities! Now we are on the verge of exchanging our IQD for USD..........and it feels good!!! I will be ordering my Bentley Continental GT soon! Let me know if you want a ride in my new car....(not cheap, not FREE!) (well maybe I'll make an exception for IQD holders!)
  8. Sistani and Sadr have a direct line to Iran. They should be able to make a deal with the Shia leadership in Iran and speed up this process. Sounds to me like someone is dragging their feet on this one! The Iranians do not have to steal dinar to convert to cash because they have pallets of USD from Obama! Just sayin!
  9.,vid:mWRS_8QrObg Looks like it will be Iraqi controlled and a done deal!
  10. I agree that the release of funds will probably be small, however, the HCL should let the citizens know what their annual stipend will be with the largest oil producer in the world being Iraq! I have a feeling there will be some rich people in Iraq very soon!
  11. I seem to remember many years ago those same type bank stories were coming from the Possum and Momma! Just sayin!
  12. So @ $75 a barrel x 5,000,000 barrels per day is $375,000,000 dollars per day. Take that number and multiply times 1310 IQD current value that number would eventually break the bank! They must revalue to at least 1:1 IMHO
  13. Be vewy, vewy, quiet! I'm hunting dinar wabbits!
  14. During the Sadam era they had the haves (Sunni) and have nots (Shia). They have to revalue in order to award all citizens a large stipend of the oil profits. I believe this is the essence of the HCL, and the way Kuwait functions. JMHO
  15. If they decide to delete 3 zeroes, then the budget goes from trillions to billions which is most likely a normal 3 year budget! 64,000,000,000,000 Maybe! My calculator would not extend to trillions! 64,000,000,000
  16. Ok, Ok, I take back all the times I said: "When you go outside don't step in the Luigi!" Sorry, Not Sorry!
  17. As the most interesting man in the world I have only one thing to say.... "I'm not buying it!" Just sayin
  18. As the most interesting man in the world, I say: Yes! I'm about to "change over" to my new Bentley! Just sayin!
  19. next couple years!!?? Ahh, I need it to be this year and I need it to be large if you know what I mean. I know Iraq will eventually be a very powerful and rich country. But, some of us have been holding our IQD for years and years! Go RV!
  20. It is possible that something may happen concerning a new rate prior to August because Kuwait announced similar delays and then did the opposite. Just sayin.
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