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  1. I agree with coorslite21. From all I have read at least $2.10. I would just like for this to be over and go to the bank.
  2. I am ready for this ride to be over and being my new journey. Go RV. Hopefully with everything I have been reading the tide is turning in our favor.
  3. Great News. Those would be great fireworks. I would take a three day holiday.
  4. Wow. I am hoping this is the beginning to the end. Nice find. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Wow some really great news here. Really be nice when we get the text that says, 'GO TO THE BANK! LIVE LONG AND PROSPEROUS"
  6. I would think this would be for those who didn't get their purchase. My brother was one who didn't get his dinar and he did not get his money back either. Those individuals should in my opinion should get reimbursement their money. They are the ones I believe the form is for.
  7. Julie I hope it does so you both could go on a wonderful vacation. what a great gift that would be for you both.
  8. I need someone to tell me how to change my mailing address in the site. I did not find a place to do that in my profile. Can someone help me.....
  9. Wow!!!! This is amazing news. Adam thanks for sharing. I cannot wait for this chapter to be over and the next to begin.
  10. Sounding better each week. I am so ready for this to be over and done with. Hope the new PM is as ready as the world to move forward...........and be done with the RV.
  11. I was always good at taking pictures and then no developing them. But of dinner never.
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