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  1. Charlie did say he got rid of people in his cabinet. Which it looks like he was right.
  2. Here’s some Hopium trump just had his rant about Iran. And dropped this ”Iran deal was terrible. A good deal is the deal we made with UAE and Israel. And by the way other countries are we’ll tell you now. Other countries are wanting to come into that deal. Countries you won’t even believe want to come into that deal. Pretty soon there will be peace in the Middle East”
  3. Can’t even find the English link on Their site. Everything looks backwards which is probably why they doing things ass first
  4. Can you break this down in a 5 bullet point summary of what’s happening? The idiot version.
  7. They still using tapes and compact discs? cmon man.. Make sure they get that 8 pack of Maxells...
  8. What they doin. 6y go pose as a Doordasher and bring them some Donuts
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