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  1. Arceo

    Go Iraq Part 9

    They Iraqis need to be like El Chapos son for the $. Culiacan style M82 Barretts in the street.
  2. Arceo

    Go Iraq Part 8

    Yooo I’ll risk my Warning warning here. JK. but you do have a crush on Navira like a schoolboy haha
  3. Arceo

    Go Iraq Part 8

    Sadaam in the Red Beret. He’s back haha
  4. This is becoming like my outlook calendar with business lunches from the same vendors over and over ... They're always visiting getting nothing done but talks haha
  5. Arceo

    Go Iraq Part 8

    7y just dropped a bomb in the news section. Pretty sure it’s not slow.
  6. Arceo

    Go Iraq Part 8

    😂bro. It’s some good news this week. Eat a ribeye and get some energy. Let’s go !!
  7. Arceo

    Go Iraq Part 8

    What the Crips and Bloods Incorporated accomplish today?
  8. Arceo

    Go Iraq Part 8

    What that mean 😂🤪
  9. Arceo

    Go Iraq Part 8

    Great minds recognize each other hahaha
  10. Arceo

    Go Iraq Part 8

    Bro. The fact that they are meeting 7 times next week to hold a ****** smoking session is pretty dope news. If they don’t do anything, They need to get Tekashi 69 out there to start name dropping them Ministers who are holding this **** up tho.
  11. Arceo

    Go Iraq Part 8

    Thats a MF direct hit drone strike of “almost good news” on the bottom haha.
  12. Please break this down for my brain..You're the man!!
  13. Arceo

    Go Iraq Part 8

    Hope that damn Finance Minister brought a MF pen so they can sign some ****..
  14. Arceo

    Go Iraq Part 8

    They a day behind or are they there right now? Hahah
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