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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

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Lol - The Old SucKeR Receipts ! :o

:D :D :D

I Hope That Those People Who Got Sucked In By Nadita And Were Heading To Dallas With Her On Monday To Hand Over Their Dinar Are Reading This In Time To Come To There Senses !

I Can Admit That With The Benefit Of 20/20 Hindsight That I Also Got Somewhat Taken In By Her And The Way She Included Several Of Us Members By Name In Her Nadita Files In Order To Get Us To Interact !

That's How Con Artists Try To Work But Now She's Been Exposed By The Collective Effort Here On DV !


B) B) B)

Dallas... Stryker, Randy, Tom Larson... hmmmm other news hounds who fell prey to the intel providers. Although it sounds like Nadita fell to Wife In the Know

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Adam, well put well put,



the ceo of wells fargo never did call me back,

left a few voice mails nothing


i think i should call billy gates see what is up for a saturday night


thanks for what you do,

hold to your word, its all in the end what we really have



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You should have seen the Chat Room, it was like rats leaving a sinking ship trying to get onto her boat.  Folks, don't be that desperate, you have the potentional of losing everything if you don't keep your head.



Rats? That's what you call DV members who,right or wrong,thought this might be an opportunity to get off this never ending ride?
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Hello everyone -- I have been pretty silent through this thread -- I was in the chat during the entire feeding frenzy and said very little there - I copied the entire chat because it was going so fast and I wanted to read every word that Nadita said later hoping to gain a better understanding of her plans and intentions --


It would be easy to sit in judgment if I had verifiable facts from absolute reliable sources  -- I have neither  in regards to Nadita and her bank story -- It also makes it more difficult when you have allowed yourself to trust and have a friendship with someone --  Many of us did this with Nadita over the span of a few years here -- 


I was somewhat surprised when Nadita PM'ed me about her so called connections and her plans -- she got my interest and curiosity right away but with lots of questions. She was fairly quick with her replies but I felt they were very lacking in details; at least to satisfy my concerns.


I did my own reading between the lines and because of my uneasy gut feeling and not wanting to have a confrontation I very politely declined her offer -- Stating I did not mind paying the fee but wanted to do my own physical exchange -- in  person - in a bank so that I could know and see what was being done -  I was not turning loose of my dinar to anyone  -  and especially to someone I did not "know" -- and especially giving them power of attorney with my bank account ##'s  -


A situation such as this  hurts many of us  even though we did not give up our dinar -- we still suffer loss and deal with the emotional ramifications - We lost trust and we lost a friend we thought we had - 


Many of us want to believe that Nadita had sincere intent  - but even that gets a little tainted when there is a fee imposed  and details are very obscure - I mean, our dinar even at a 1-1 exchange is a boatload of money and some will have more than they can spend - :) 


I am sorry that this has happened - to us that grew to like her and trust her and to her for what she lost here  -- friendships & trust -- money can't buy - 


I am sure we all will recover and become a little more wiser - a little more cautious -  and hopefully a lot richer SOON!! Happy New Year !!!





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Rats? That's what you call DV members who,right or wrong,thought this might be an opportunity to get off this never ending ride?


Yeah pretty much!  DV doesn't have an installed Rat Guard. :lol:




Let me also add, I'm one that very much wants to get off this ride, but I'm surely not going to blindly jump into something that will cause me to lose what I have already invested.


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This just does not make any sence to me. Why would someone risk their VIP and OSI membership in the space of 24hrs for a scam that lasted literally a few hours. From what I know she spent $4000 on VIP. That's not a small amount of money, to me that's almost two months wages. None of this makes any sence to me!

Just for the record I do not think she had any intentions to scam anyone

DB... keep in mind, she said she abandoned the entire VIP/OSI plan.   She must have felt this was a better opportunity.

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I'll let it go another day or so... then yes, it will be locked.


At this time I think it's important to let the community air it all out. 



Since it has been nothing but wild and crazy on DV the past 24 hours, I will say...very well played from start to finish, Adam!  

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maybe you earn far more than me LGD but that is a lot of money to a health care support worker


He was saying VIP is not that expensive - Actually, it's impossible to have spent $4000 on VIP when Platinum is only $379 and Nadita was Platinum.


Even if one were to only do the 3 month renewals, that's $200 per year and the VIP program has not been here for 20 years ($4000/200=20).


Anyway... I, for one, will miss the Nadita file. Hopefully someone will step in and give us something similar (just don't go to the dark side whoever you turn out to be!!!!)


Cheers, everyone! May this year 2015 be the best we ever had!



DB, the point LGD was making is that it does not cost $4,000 to be setup with Platinum and OSI. That amount is a huge exageration!




TG, always beating me to it! Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to respond anymore :lol:

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All I can say is...Why Nadita, would you risk bringing in such a story to defame your character???  She did give us fair warning that we can believe her or ditch her story.  We're all adults in making our own decisions, why do we let others control what and how we think about certain important things in our lives.  Investors, we all know its a risk we take, just be happy with your outcome in which direction it takes. 


Adam you,ve given us great information in this investment.  Some cling to it, others by pass it.  Guess what, most have never ever met you, but do put a lot of trust in you.  Again we choose the risk we take in our investments.  Not saying your a bad person Adam, not saying your not trustworthy, not saying your perfect, I am saying we choose what is best for ourselves.  Nadita held a caring standard with a lot of us.  Nadita wasn't perfect. Nadita share a lot of good information, information that kept this community alive at times.  Nadita was well verse in her faith.  Nadita was a friend to many.   Who's to say if her story its true or not, I guess we'll find out when it RV's.


Just saying, enough of the bashing on Nadita, no need to vent on it.  Kinda of shallow to allow us to vent on it and continue to show our true colors.  Let bye gones be by gone and move on.  JMO

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