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  1. Hi Yota -- you are still doing a "great" job as usual - just wanted to say hi - I come to read a bit and visit but choose to not be an active participant - things have changed a bit here too I see - I noticed a lot of new names and wow many guests - Take care - ❤️
  2. So Sorry To be the bearer of bad news -- This note from Kap posted earlier - no further details UNEEK I received a phone call today from a friend who told me that Bob had a heart attack last evening and passed away. I will post more when I know more including what is happening with the website. Kap I am working and going to school part time - not much time to socialize -- I still read and check in here as often as I can -- Hope all is well - Happy Valentines Day to all -- May you all feel loved <3 <3 <3 UNEEK
  3. I was unable to edit my post in a timely manner to add a last comment -- As far as the video and other things found on the internet - all does bring doubt & questions as to the real TRUTH - Luckily I am not forced to make any public decision as to the validity of the video or other info - I do and we all do make a choice or decision as to how we respond to the information and it very well could impact our life and other decisions we make -- The sad thing is if there is proof out there it has been successfully hidden - distorted & covered up enough that nothing has changed for 8 yrs -- There may have been and will continue to carry consequences -- We can only hope now for the best and our future - I do feel more convincing information will come to light but again - it will not change the past -
  4. Few will Read -- Less will Heed Few will Look -- Less will See Few will Listen -- Less will Hear Few will Hear -- Less will Understand Few will Understand -- Less will Believe Few will Be Touched -- Less will Feel Few will Feel -- Less will Care Few will Seek -- Less will Find Few will Find -- Less will Keep Few will Keep -- Less will Share Author.......UNEEK Good Morning - it has been a while since I have made my presence known here on the boards -- I hope all had a great Christmas and will have a Healthy - Happy & Prosperous New Year -- I do continue to read the posts here but have been busy with life outside of DinarLand with home projects and continuing education -- For some reason this post really caught my attention - I have read other similar ones and also viewed some thought provoking / questioning videos - It kinda boils down to an individual choice / decision -- What we "believe" we make true -- we see what we want to see - we believe what we want to believe - and maybe what our minds are able to accept / deal with -- We come to our conclusions, our choices & decisions, hopefully by research and testing of proofs made available to us - along with our level of understanding & our processing & reasoning abilities For some or many, truth is not always so quick to be found or even easily accepted -- Just as the internet makes searching for information quicker & easier than ever - it also makes deception and cover ups much easier -- What I have come to realize and practice is read read test and read some more -- The one who does not read has no advantage over the one who cannot read - May we all strive to do more - give more - do better - be better - May we allow ourselves to move out of our comfort zone and stretch ourselves to think deeper and reach higher than we thought we ever could - Here's hoping 2017 is our year to live the life of our dreams!!! UNEEK
  5. Flash101 -- I so agree -- I tear up now almost every time I visit there now since BondLadys passing - I have been a loyal but quiet member there since 2011 -- Tlm724 has been so diligent in posting the news -- I really miss the comments / thoughts / and perspectives from Shredd and Tlm724 -- They both were able to expand on the news in a way that I could not and it was so helpful It is just not the same but soooo understandable why it is not -- I don't think anyone can replace BondLady or anyone would even attempt for that matter --- Tlm724 always had BLC's back and she continues to carry on and I am sure it is very emotional for her still --
  6. I thought some may like to know about this letter to Ambassador Paul Bremer from Tlm724 at BondLadys Corner and would want to read the reply he sent -- The picture at the bottom I am pretty sure is one that Mr Bremer did for BondLady -- UNEEK Sent: Monday, September 26, 2016 6:16 PMGood evening Ambassador I hope this note finds you well. I am writing to let you know that we lost Katt aka BondLady on August 25th. She had a ruptured appendix and had emergency surgery on the 24th but the infection was too much for her. She put up a good fight but she is with our Lord now . It was a devastating loss for me personally and the dinar community as well. She was so very highly respected for her integrity and search for the truth in all things. Her dedication to BondLady's Corner and her members was above reproach. She posted the Iraqi daily news every single day for the last 7 years without fail except when she lost power during a tornado. It didn't matter if she was sick or if it was Christmas she still posted the news for us. She was so smart and always made sure she spoke the truth to the best of her knowledge. She was an awesome Lady and my best friend, not a day goes by that I don't think of her and miss her. I have taken on the job of posting the news for now and will continue as long as I am able. I had promised her years ago that I would always have her back and I will keep that promise. The painting you painted for her of her beloved marshes is with her son and he will cherish it always I am sure. I wanted to tell you one other thing. When you agreed to do the interview with us in Jan 2014 it was the most important interview ever throughout the dinar community ! It was one of the proudest moments of her life and just 6 weeks ago we discussed it again for the hundredth time. She still to that day beamed with pride that you graced us with that interview. I am so grateful that you agreed. If you are so inclined to reply to this note I will, with your permission, post it for our members to read. All my best, Txxxx ~~~~ Tuesday, September 27, 2016 10:45 AM Dear Txxxx Thank you very much for the letter. I am truly sorry to hear about Katt. As you point out, she was a real trooper and dedicated to news about Iraq for years. A woman with amazing skill and energy. The world is a lesser place today now that she's gone. Please pass my deepest sympathy to members of her family and to all her devoted friends wherever they may be. At least we can be sure that Katt herself is now in a better place than this world. with my best wishes Paul Bremer PS: Of course you may post this letter.
  7. Post From BondLadys Corner BLC Admin Tlm724 Update Info On BondLady You all deserve to know what happened to our Lady. On the morning August 24th she was rushed to the hospital with a burst appendix and had emergency surgery. She was in ICU fighting for her life until yesterday afternoon. The toxins and poison were attacking her body and no amount of medicine could help. Her kidneys shut down and her temp spiked to 109 degree's. She fought til the end . As many of you know privacy was extremely important to her and we must continue to abide by her wishes. We will not be posting any information about her funeral so that her family remains protected. If you feel inclined to do something in her memory please know that she loved animals and perhaps a donation to a local shelter would be nice. I am not sure where we go from here as far as BLC is concerned. I will consult with her family about it and advise you all next week sometime. Your outpouring of love for the Lady has touched me deeply but right now I am beside myself with grief at the loss of my friend ... http://www.****************.com/t172951-information-about-bondlady
  8. Urgent Message about BondLady Today at 10:35 am tlm724 Our Lady is very ill and is in the hospital fighting for her life. She needs all our prayers now more than ever !! I don't have any further details at this time but will update you when I have more information. Thank you all !! Re: Urgent Message about BondLady Today at 3:10 pm tlm724 It is with deep and profound sorrow that I have to announce the passing of our Lady . She has gone home to be with her Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Further details will be posted when available. Please pray for her family and friends in this most difficult time. Someone said it was from a ruptured appendix -- She will be missed by many - she was a very dedicated researcher for Dinar and Iraqi news UNEEK
  9. A Chinese artist has found a unique way to express his love to his grandmother: a gigantic staircase in the air. These stunning photographs show the 1,650ft ladder, which was made with fireworks, stretch right up into the sky in Quanzhou, south-eastern China, on Monday. (click on link below to see pictures) This is the work of Cai Guoqiang, an artist who is originally from the city and now based in New York, reported the People's Daily Online. Sky Ladder: A Chinese artist has created this incredible burning ladder that stretches for 1,650ft into the sky The ladder, which was made of metal wire and aluminum, was filled with gunpowder and attached to the bottom of a hot air balloon. The balloon, which was made with special material, was launched from a boat off the shore of nearby Huiyu Island. Called the 'Sky Ladder', the project started off as a dream for Mr Cai 21 years ago when he was visiting Bath, England. He designed the performance by drawing a draft of the design on the window of an art gallery. He said he wanted to put on a spectacular fireworks show to thank his grandmother for supporting his dream of being an artist. 'My grandma was born in a small fishing village in Quanzhou and sold fish to help her grandson realise his artistic dream,' the artist revealed. Up in smoke: The ladder was filled with gun-powder and attached to the bottom of a hot air balloon Departure: The hot air balloon was launched from a boat off the shore of Huiyu Island in Fujian province As China's most prominent fireworks artist, Mr Cai has created spectacles for a series of international events in the country, including the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics in 2008. He's also well-known for using gunpowder to produce paintings. In 2013, he created a massive 80ft long painting of his hometown Quanzhou with the impact of gunpowder explosions, which was later auctioned by Christie's for £1.6 million.
  10. Ha Ha Ha Moose -- Cat chy -- --- Purrrrr fect ----- They all appear to be feline quite happy !!!!!
  11. Hey -- I have been gone most of the day -- was thrilled to find your post when I got in -- I do like the idea of a conversion van or even a RV but would not want to be the driver and right now I am pretty single & independent -- post RV now would be no problem hiring me a driver lol I am so darn tempted to have one built but I am going to bite the bullet and hold off until I can move to a more permanent place to live out my next 25+ yrs -- There is where I will have my play house and one for some kittys too -- I have 2 small inside dogs but have adopted some stray cats and they seem to like hanging around - They have food delivered to them and plenty of toys and love having the use of my neighbors big dog house -- I will most likely look at some solar equipped motor homes post RV I love The UNEEK Cabana Fund idea ----- oh my I am so ready -- <3 <3 <3 ((HUGS)) to you Sgt - thank you for your service
  12. I would absolutely love to get some help and build one of these little play houses / outside "retreat" mini vacation spots lol -- Gosh I want one NOW!!!! To me it would be better than a vacation to the beach -- well maybe almost ha ha -- just depends on how you can "afford" to travel -- My daughter invited me to go to the beach with her / son in law and 2 grand daughters -- I thought about going and was actually excited about the trip until i made a list of stuff to pack and found out we were all staying in the same room -- things kinda escalated and moved me way out of my comfort zone and decided it was not worth the hassle lol I would rather stay home --- With security issues high right now in light of recent & on going events ---- again ........ HOME is the place to be -- I doubt that i do a lot of traveling post RV -- I just want to enjoy peace & comfort my pets and nature -- sooooooo.... what better way to do that than with one of these little kastles / dream play houses -- gosh i am really wanting one of these!!!!!!!! maybe two -- one for my crafts and one for yoga -- sounds like a good plan ---- I love to play house -- it was great to exchange thoughts with you again (smile) would love the "sit down" come on RV !!!!!
  13. Good Morning RodandStaff -- I loved all of your She Sheds OMG I want one !!!!!! I always loved playing house when I was a little girl - my friend and I would go in to the woods close to her house and make us one with boards and whatever we could find -- we did pretend a lot though -- I have something outside now but it is more of a meditation place made out of heavy wire trellis' - it is very calming and i enjoy sitting out there a lot -- Soooo .... are you going to have one of the sheds built for your little wifey?? They are all gorgeous - I like them all but favorites are the old plank one with the porch and the pagoda one -- and third would be the barrel one -- a couple of these look like they could actually be lived in - a nice little retirement / assisted living / grand parent home -- Thanks for sharing the pictures -- they would definitely be worthy of my scrap book !! Hope you are doing well <3 <3 <3
  14. Hey I liked your answer!! The kitchen is the most important room in my house -- the next one being the powder room lol!!!! -- I love a big kitchen and of late i pretty much live in mine & work in mine -- I picture a man cave with trophies ( all sorts depending on the "man") -- gadgets of all sorts -- mini fridge for his beer -- pictures of cars / trains / planes / & boats -- again depending on the man -- pictures of game he has either killed or hunted & hoped to kill -- survival protection gear -- most likely a tv & pc to keep up with the outside world --- All of the above is only as good as long as you have nourishment to use it -- lol -- The kitchen would be similarly & equally equipped -- depending on the woman -- I confidently say it will be equipped to the degree of how important she thinks it is and how much she enjoys being in that arena -- Moose -- I have always enjoyed your humor - glad you are so willing & dedicated to keep it up !! kudos to you !!!!!
  15. I searched till I found the thread and read the updates / comments & watched the news coverage -- I am a little late in my response & comments but I am so over joyed that your courage / strength & perseverance paid off big time -- So glad she is back with family and on the road to recovery -- Thank you for sharing with us -- May God Continue To Bless You !!!
  16. OMG !!! I am late finding this news but so happy to hear that you have your daughter back --- I pray in thanksgiving for healing and continued safety for all!!!!!! This is just so wonderful - I hope to find more updates - please keep us posted - God Bless You !!!!
  17. Great post - great points -- I am so disappointed in so many Religious Christians behavior -- they don't want to look -- they don't want to see - they don't want to listen - they don't want to hear -- they only want to point & preach -- they are imperfect humans though just as we ALL are -- they really believe they are right - Few will Read -- Less will Heed Few will Look -- Less will See Few will Listen -- Less will Hear Few will Hear -- Less will Understand Few will Understand -- Less will Believe Few will Be Touched -- Less will Feel Few will Feel -- Less will Care Few will Seek -- Less will Find Few will Find -- Less will Keep Few will Keep -- Less will Share Author.......UNEEK
  18. Love the pic - i love books and would love to have my library set up -- not quite like this though lol -- right now my wonderful collection is packed up waiting on their new home -- hurry up rv !!!! I agree that Yota has a stockpile of news for us too - great to be back on line again -- i have a lot of reading to catch up on -- Hope all is well !!
  19. Thanks Dinar Thug for bringing to our attention -- "incredible" He is !! Amazingly Dedicated He is !! Hard Working -- that's our Yota ! Dinar Vets is darn lucky to have you! We appreciate you Yota !!
  20. UNEEK


    So glad I could contribute -- I have been doing more reading & observing lately and staying away from debates etc lol -- I am still very present here and will on occasion have something to share --- I am sorry about all the drama as of late -- and very sad that folks made some costly decisions and may have ruined their lives - I also really feel for the ones that have maybe lost their layaways / reserves / recent orders -- Just yesterday a Dinarian shared that he had a recent order and it was cancelled and they sent back the money order but he says it is no good as it is made out to Sterling -- Another person said they received a check for their currency sent in but the check bounced -- It's bad enough that we have been waiting for so long - hoping to make a fair or better return on our investment - but it is really really bad when some have lost it before it happens Hopefully the dust will settle the air will clear -- and we can all begin a new chapter in our lives -- I hope more information is forth coming about the investigation - I have many questions but one thing I know for sure is that I would not & am not going to be filling out any form - I so do not feel comfortable with giving out any information and then be involved in the investigation -- They already have access probably to all the customers - but I guess they want the easy way out -- for folks to come to them ?? I have never wanted more to be a peon nobody than I do now -- I want to be invisible!!!! With civil forfeiture being so rampant now and no privacy I just want to hide -- lol -- I know I am not alone when it comes to folks being afraid of the ones who are suppose to be "protecting" us -- I have my own personal horror stories - Take care girls - Be safe - Be well - Be happy -- and be Kind -- Glad you are with us!! ((HUGS))
  21. UNEEK


    Enorrste Moderator Posts: 691 As KAP will confirm I called him on the day this all went down at about 10:30 in the morning, my time. The FBI arrived at my home at 7:50 a.m. the same morning. We sat on my front deck for nearly two hours as I responded to the two agent's questions. I left GETTeam in late 2011, just after Sterling began pumping on TK's site. I left because I could clearly see that the site had changed. The specific catalyst for my removal was the summary firing of my friend, Ray, who was offering free education on trusts and was selling trusts through a lawyer, who compensated him for the same. Ray had never, nor would he have, accepted any payment from TK. It wasn't offered. The same was true for me. But it became clear to me that TK was into something "fishy", as was Gankins, who was selling some other sort of scheme. Therefore, I left. On leaving I posted a thorough statement of my beliefs which were also posted on DinarAlert shortly thereafter. That statement was given to the FBI. I haven't heard from them since. The two agents made it clear that the conversation with me was going to be much different than others around the country that were being held simultaneously. They wanted information from me, and I provided it willingly. I will state this: they were amazed that I have been in this for over 8 years and have never asked for a dime from anyone. I was asked why I would do that at least six times over the 2 hour interview. My answer never wavered: why would I take a portion of an old lady's money from Alabama when I KNEW that I would become a millionaire? Of course, over time, it became clear through long discussions with KAP that the RV wasn't possible or ever a part of the plan. Instead, for over 3 years now, we have presented what we believe IS the plan: a change in the exchange rate regime to a floating currency. I was never in trouble. I haven't done anything wrong. The very FACT that another site wasn't even contacted proves this point. After all, I haven't stopped talking, right? I hope that this clears the air. Oh, one more thing: C36 - I never bashed you. I may not agree with you, but it isn't you; its what you wrote. I am issues oriented, not personality oriented (like a Democrat!). I trust that your trust in me is secure. We are on the right path. Hang in there. If Saleh's recommendation today comes to fruition we may actually begin to see movement in the right direction, finally. Enorrste June 11, 2015 at 11:01 PM
  22. Very Impressive Bio here - hard to believe he would risk losing what he had worked for and accomplished over the years --- If indeed he has risked and lost - I guess its possible that many with impressive backgrounds have made costly mistakes - We still do not have full knowledge of what has fully transpired so I am waiting for more disclosure before making any judgements -- I hope he has not willfully done wrong out of greed and intentionally hurt / took advantage of people -- UNEEK Ty Rhame Joins The United States Air Force Academy Endowment Board The USAFA Endowment is pleased to announce that Tyson Rhame, successful Atlanta entrepreneur, philanthropist, environmentalist and Air Force Reserve Officer, has joined the Endowment’s board of directors. Tyson Rhame Not only is it an honor to be a member of the esteemed Air Force Academy Endowment Board of Directors, it’s an amazing opportunity to work with such a distinguished group of graduates... Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) December 19, 2014 Rhame’s many diverse businesses include Trinvest, LLC, which purchases, develops, and invests in various real estate platforms including commercial, multifamily, residential, and mixed-use properties. He also co-owns and offers strategic advice to Recleim Group, which features state-of-the-art, completely closed-loop resource recovery technology to cleanly and safely de-manufacture large household appliances and related electronics, while exceeding all existing Environmental Protection Agency standards. Rhame also owns or co-owns numerous online product and service providers including Sterling Currency Group, an online currency exchange;, a crowdfunding website that puts investors together with entrepreneurs seeking capital; EvoCap, an innovative hat design company; Uservia, a workforce management company; and Online Art Group, an online art brokerage. Rhame also has business interests in aviation, yacht and automobile services. He is also a professional pilot. ”Not only is it an honor to be a member of the esteemed Air Force Academy Endowment Board of Directors, it’s an amazing opportunity to work with such a distinguished group of graduates in order to help ensure Air Force Academy cadets have the great opportunities that I had as a cadet,” Rhame says. ”My goal is to work with the board to raise awareness and educate graduates to make sure the treasured opportunities offered to the young men and women of the Air Force Academy are preserved and enhanced to assist in molding them into the best military leaders possible, and the great citizens our country needs to lead us into a dynamic future. I hope to be able to apply my business/civilian experience to my role as board member to bring a different perspective and skill set to the challenges facing the Endowment.” Aside from his many business and entrepreneurial interests, Tyson Rhame is a very active philanthropist. He has donated over 1,000 acres of land – valued at more than $20 million – for conservation purposes in Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee. He also gives back through his businesses, personally, and as president of the Rhame Family Foundation. Through his business-related philanthropy programs, he has made significant donations to charities including the Salvation Army, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Save the Children, Make-A-Wish, the USO, Hire Heroes, Wounded Warrior Project, Meals on Wheels, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Multiple Sclerosis Society and many others. “Ty is a talented professional, and I am confident he will do good work to support the Endowment’s mission of supporting the Academy in building leaders of character, we are delighted that he is joining the Endowment’s Board of Directors,” said General (Ret.) Stephen Lorenz ’73, President and CEO of the Endowment. A 1988 Air Force Academy graduate, Rhame currently serves as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force Reserves and as an Air Force Academy Liaison Officer. Additionally, Ty Rhame has flown commercially over 15 years for a major US Carrier and continues to do so on a part-time basis. After earning his BS in Political Science, he attended pilot training and instructed at Reese AFB in Lubbock Texas until 1994. He has flown more than 100 missions in Iraq, Bosnia and other conflict arenas, including flying C-130 aircraft on active duty and for the Georgia Air Guard from 1994 until 2005. He has received numerous military honors for his service, including Air Medals, Aerial Achievement Medals, Air Force Commendation Medals and Meritorious Service Medals. About the USAFA Endowment The USAFA Endowment is a 501©(3) nonprofit organization solely dedicated to providing private transformative philanthropic support to the United States Air Force Academy, by working closely with graduates, families and friends of the Academy, for initiatives that are not otherwise supported through government funding. For more information on the USAFA Endowment visit
  23. Dave Austin May I bring your attention to a post that was published on 2/04/15 TrinityeXchange Analysis – World Bank & Iraqi Dinar So the WB’s original project closed out in 2013 (all projects must have a beginning and end date). And now we see a “new plan” unveiled by the Ministry of Planning listing the exact same priorities. Looks to me like the Ministry of Planning has been meeting with the WB and has simply picked up where the original 2009-2013 project left off. This tells us folks that we are not hoping for a revaluation according to arbitrary guess work. We have aligned our risks against a predetermined economic strategic plan that was held up by the previous regime but is now back in full swing. MORE: http://www.****************.com/our-blog/trinityexchange-analysis-world-bank-iraqi-dinar Jcollins Dave, unfortunately your comment, and supporting links serve to re-enforce the message which I presented in the original post, namely that there is no supporting evidence or documentation outside of the story-line itself to support the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. First, the link which leads to a World Bank document on reforming the Iraq banking sector never once mentions currency or the word dinar. It is strictly about banking sector reform. The complexity of this information is easily manipulated and presented to those who do not understand that complexity. If anything, based on the zero market liquidity for dinar, the document would support a re-denomination of the dinar as opposed to a revaluation. Second, the linked article is exactly the type of false analysis and propaganda which I referenced in the post. Nothing in that link is based on actual evidence or is supported by anything outside of the story-line itself. Period. It is all pure fabrication and misrepresentation of the complex information in the World Bank paper on banking sector reform. Iraq is in absolute turmoil with ISIS gaining ground and nearing Baghdad itself. The country is more likely to be fragmented or eventually consolidated within a larger Middle Eastern restructuring. There is zero evidence to support a revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. But bringing it out of Iraq and selling it at inflated prices to westerners who believe the script of get rich quick is apparently a very prosperous business. RR Dottle, I respect JC’s opinions on his blogs. But, you could for many years purchase dinars at major American banks. Some banks stopped selling them for business reasons, but you also have the US Treasury endorsing the selling of this currency by the exchange places and banks. They all are regulated by the US Treasury, correct?. If JC’s post is 100% true on the dinar then everyone needs to sue the US Treasury on promoting this scam. Agree? My point is the currency is legit. If you do your homework you can see a cycle with countries that have been over taken by war, their currency devalued for military or financial gain, and later down the road revalued to the price that it once was. Ex. Kuwait, Japan, Germany to just start your research on. Maybe JC can do some homework on this and post it on the free side. LOL. I agree there are a lot of pumpers in this investment, but try this site out for good solid information : http://www.another Jcollins All those countries you mentioned re-denominated their currencies. Please provide proof of the revaluation. And the US Treasury themselves have issued warnings on the dinar scam. What exchange places and banks are you referring too? Please provide links and evidence supporting this claim. And of course, you could, at one time, purchase dinars at American banks. But that was only when it was still traded internationally. That was a long time ago. The scam continues and those being scammed continue to support the misinformation in efforts of denying themselves the reality that they have been fooled. I’ve done years of homework on this my friend. And its a scam. Period. No hard documented and supported facts have ever, not once, been presented or brought forth to provide proof. Nothing. But don’t worry, next week it will happen. The bank tellers are ready and the funds are no longer blocked. Lagarde has signed the required documents. RR Jcollin, Please provide the link on your following statement “US Treasury themselves have issued warnings on the dinar scam”. Please understand there are scams in this investment, but it does not mean that the investment is a scam. Example: There are credit card scams, but it does not mean credit cards are a scam. To follow up, I use to visit my local 5/3 bank on this currency. I could have purchase from them, but got a better rate at an online currency exchange. The online currency exchange gets audited by the US Treasury every year, to my understanding. Also, please note that Iraq has pulled in the old Saddam currency years ago and reissued new currency. Also please note that new bills have been coming out with lower denominations. Why would they keep the exchange rate very low and come out with lower denominations? They will have to raise the exchange rate some time to make the lower denominations useful in their country. Agree??? Please refer to the “gazette” in Iraq, equivalent to our “national register” and see the laws that have been pasted in the last year. They are making strides to set up their country to be a leading nation in this region. Eventually you will have to agree if their GDP will reflect their production, which will have to be reflected by their currency as some point. Look at how many barrels of oil they pumped five years ago to the average number today. I do not have the figures in front of me, but it is impressive. Let’s keep our dialog respectful, RR Jcollins Do you feel that my dialog has not been respectful? Strange how the truth can be consider disrespectful. I’ve given you the privilege of commenting on my site. That now ends with this last round of comments from you. This response of yours has provided absolutely no additional supporting evidence or documentation on a dinar revaluation. You are simply repeating the same story-line which has been repeated over and over for years. The links you have provided do nothing to support, or even suggest, a revaluation of the dinar. The lower bills would in fact support a re-denomination of the currency, not a revaluation. I’m tired and sickened of terms such as “my local bank” and “to my understanding”, and “oil production will have to reflect in currency value at some point”. Sure it will, but not under the existing non-traded devalued currency. Here are some links for you to read and understand friend. This link contains massive evidence and documentation which cannot be simply brushed away. And in case you think I forgot, or was avoiding it, here’s your link to the US Treasury warning of all the scams, including the dinar, and the terminology they use, such as blocked funds. Now bugger off before you really get me worked up. This is a scam through and through. Honest hard working people are getting robbed blind on this stupid script. That bothers me. Big time. You having nothing to support your story. All you have done is proven how deep the delusion goes. The sooner you accept this reality the better you will feel about yourself. And the less people you will drag into it with you. No further comments of yours will be posted, as I refuse to keep repeating the same message over and over. RR Link to laws to help on your research: Jcollins My research is complete. Your link provides no evidence of a dinar revaluation. It is a scam. RR Article from (5/27/15) to back up on the barrels of oil from Iraq a day claim that I stated in my last post: Iraq is ready to increase its crude exports to a record 3.75 million barrels per day in June, continuing OPEC’s strategy of ousting US shale producers from the market. The extra oil from Iraq comes to about 800,000 barrels per day, more than from another OPEC member, Qatar, said Bloomberg, referring to Iraq’s oil shipments schedule. Enjoy, RR Jcollins Once again, contains no evidence or documentation of a dinar revaluation. Zip. Zero. But it does help understand the Iraqi oil market. Which has nothing to do with the dinar scam. Dane JC thank you for standing up on this issue. You’ve done a wonderful job of bringing light back to this scam. Your lagitamacy is supported by concrete references. You’ve surely helped many. Pushkara JC, I am immensely grateful for this post and for the quality of each of your articles. I continue to search them out and to read through them, even while I lack the insight and understanding to apprehend the complexity of their subject matter. I would benefit from a POM primer course in the hopes of putting to work the principles and tools you are providing for your readers. The guidance in your SCAMS post comes through loud and clear. Blessings and thanks for your impeccable efforts. Bella I have a friend which I alway thought was intelligent recently tell me how she had been buying over a period of several years Dinar and Vietnamese Dong. Once she told me the background story and how much money she had invested I was appalled. She is so invested emotionally in this scam she refused to listen to reason or do any research that would penetrate her deluded thinking. She has been feed a very detailed an elaborate scam, with all sorts of backup information to keep her hooked. She is ready to cash in her millions and is waiting for the RV to begin this weekend or by June 1, 2015. She has been listening to some sort of podcast that has a round table of international experts giving her and others insider information. I do not know if she pays for this information but I won’t be surprised if she did. She is loaded with all the buzz words and information only those few honest insiders will relate to the fortunate few that have come across this gold mine. In her head she is already spending her millions. She had even gifted some dinar and dong to friends and those she wants to help. I am so completely appalled that an otherwise intelligent and thoughtful person would fall hook line and sinker for something so obviously a scam. I just wonder how long she will remain in this state of belief before she wakes up and feels foolish Dineen Jogola “According to the agreements, the new bill will be printed by a European company and introduced to the market gradually and in a well-planned schedule to ensure it will not result in shocks and would not have a negative impact on the market,” explained MP Khalil. He added the exchange rate between the new banknotes and the old ones would be 1:1,000. ” A little late, but the 50’s have been demonetized end of April 2015. Ina-Lu Muresan Seemingly unrelated is the notion of ‘grandiose projects’ that are ready to be rolled out with money provided for humanitarian ? projects. The truth is that there is very little or no private funding at the moment to engage in the productive industry. The industries that ‘produce’ produce at the moment (in my limited awareness) are: financial and banking (using money and producing err… stuff), data industry (including software), manufacturing (mainly high tech automatics and electronics), clothing and accessories and telecommunications. Another industry that is rapidly catching ground is telecommunications and banking – ewallet, busy rolling out in African countries. Extractive (oil and gas and mining) industries developments are almost frozen with single efforts (Rio Tinto copper Mongolia) for elephant size deposits in very stable (politically) countries. There might be efforts in China or Russia or South America, however they are not readily available for public query. The World is changing to a financially driven economy, and JC has made a pretty good assessment to it all. That is just my opinion. J. Carson JC, I read the link you gave on the Treasury regarding scams. It looks like after reading it that it is a general warning but I don’t read anything specifically against the dinar. I apologize if I am a bit unclear. Jcollins You are correct. I’ve reread it a few times as well and it doesn’t specifically mention the dinar. But the same language is used, almost exactly. All these scams use the same language because it works.
  24. JC Collins is from Canada - not sure how or if that has any bearing on how he writes and if it influences his perspective - Some readers really get into an almost heated debate - I hope other DV members are familiar with him and will respond to the thread - Thanks in advance Reader Comments On: Dinars, Chinese Elders, Dragon Families, Bonds, Scams By JC Collins Daddy Warbux I agree with you. Here is another dirt bag from the Dinar world heading to prison for wire transfer fraud. Rebecca So the dinar is truly a scam even if you bought it from a bank Dottie Derewicz This is where I have the problem with the open mind concept. Before you really take serious anything that is put out there you need to investigate it thoroughly. And if you aren’t sure then ask someone you truly trust, such for myself would be JC. I think he has proved himself and would not steer you wrong. Dottie Derewicz rebecca, I think what JC wrote in this paragraph could help you. The reality of the situation is that the dinar market has zero actual liquidity. The Iraqi currency is not even traded and can only be purchased through the online dealers who produce and support the scam script. They sell the storyline that the dinar will revalue upward and investors will make millions from nothing but a small investment. Many even claim what the new exchange rate of the dinar will be, while playing on the greed and dreams of those who desperately seek a better life. Carey Peters Dottie, I bought dinar from a bank as I believe rebecca was indicating the same. I know of many people who purchased their dinar from bank in the USA. Jcollins When? Where? For how much? Can they sell it back? Details please. No banks will sell or offer dinar as it is not internationally traded. Period. Mel Chior I’m from Canada. Many reputable currency dealers offer the IQD up here. I bought some many times at their exchange windows around my area and could sell it back tomorrow if I choose to. So far I haven’t sold any back. There is a rather large spread but it is available to us to buy and sell if we choose. I highly respect your writings JC – always have! I’m guessing you just didn’t know this small detail about Canada. Here’s the website of one of the dealers I’ve personally bought from at their exchange window – You can surf their site for current price quotes. On a totally separate note – I came to the conclusion that I’d rather hold VND than IQD sort of on my own. Reading your logical explanations of what is happening in Vietnam helped me along the way. I agree with you on this. Jcollins You are correct Mel, the Kantor site does list IQD. With a quick glance Kantor appears to have a similar set up as the money market licenses which dinar dealers get down in the US. The dinar is still considered a currency that is not internationally traded. As an example, the Ice currency exchanges in the Airports up here do not offer dinar. Nor do the banks. Michelle I have purchased dinar from this website for the past 4+ years now. Many locations within US. Based out of Florida and I researched before my first purchase. Roughly 1,000+ USD per 1million dinar. They will purchase it back minus a spread. Many on a dinar site called Dinar Recaps “blog” page have stated they purchased Dinar at Wells Fargo but I cannot confirm. Many articles by JC Collins show up on this site as well. Also read a SIGIR report showing the actual value of dinar based on Iraq’s financial position was over $1+ and that was several years ago. I have been researching since I invested many years ago. Please keep researching and let me know your thoughts … By the way I enjoy your articles! I realize it is not internationally traded but when it is, the dinar could be a great opportunity for those holding the currency. Of course this is my personal opinion. Dane Michelle 4 years is a long time. I would ask them how they will handle IF the IQD is retired? Will they still buy back useless money? If so for how much on the dollar? How will they handle IF Iraq changes the denomination of their money by “removing zero’s?” Will your $1000 investment be worth $10, $1 or nothing at all? Just some logical questions to think about. I see you have the IF it becomes an internationally recognized currency covered already. Good luck. Continued..........
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