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  1. Thanks Hey maybe you can not lock me in the lopster section since I'm not a lopster How about the opinion section some people need to be locked in the rumor section I'm sorry for trying to get to the truth behind some of the bs and those who insist on spreading it I won't do that any more As a matter of fact I'll help them wine and dine the gullible Now go discuss that behind my back It will only be the third time I've been banned for here So maybe I'll just stay away this time See ya on your death bed waiting for what you already know is not true ! There's no way your that stupid markinsa Discussing locking me up Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Wow You mean you don't allow me to waste my life on you any more Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  2. People adding to the smoke is the problem TLAR brother got a new story every week I thought you told everyone it would rv before january 1st Then the 7th Then the 14th Then the 22nd Then feb 1st Then the 12Th To you the truth is smoke and the bs are your facts
  3. Same player every time Kurds The smoke was in December when they said they made the agreement It's just a matter of time before the kurds start their media blitz about what a corrupt criminal abadi is
  4. There's no one else there besides the kurds For 11 years and 3 prime ministers It's the Kurds and the central govt And the oil ministry It's not the shittes and the central govt Or the sunnis and the central govt Or the oil ministry and the central govt It's obvious who it is
  5. That's one heck of an agreement by abadi and barzani 10 years no hcl Look , who out of all the Iraqis is in the middle of it all If your honest ya Got to say the kurds Cause it's not the shittes or the sunnis who can't agree
  6. Yep I see they don't have enough dollars in the area so they have to pay more dinars for each dollar Looks like 1600 dinar for one dollar It says they use dinar for most transactions "This rise would adversely affect the general economic activity in the city, especially as most of the financial proceeds of the population is the Iraqi dinar. " Read more: They need dollars but have mostly just dinars
  7. Your right These people call me out , so I respond It's not like I'm calling them out I guess that's what happens Ya do your homework Then a hand full of people try to run you off for not going along with the bs Ya just got to go to the news section and go to the last page and look at all the people who woukdnt go along with them There's thousands of people gone from here because of a few All those screen names in the back of the news section Their all gone
  8. Don't matter what you and your family are doing its not my concern
  9. Lol That's great Threaten the members of dinar vets thru a screen name on the Internet Ah ha ha ha ha ha I'll bet that made you think your real strong Ah ha ha ha ha ha
  10. So your sayin you could beat me up ? And you believe that the lord has something to do with Iraqs money ? I never asked God for money It's not his game Simple honest answers woukd be better Threats and bringing God into shows your charactor I did get a little laugh out of it though about how you woukd beat me up for confronting bs face to face with ya It's weak But hey I guess you'll show everyone what your about If ya question the bs , you'll beat them up Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha
  11. Everyone is not you So you don't speak for anyone but yourself you sure like to pretend
  12. Well we can see you don't have the answer I don't believe iraq is going to lop but if I did want to discuss it , I'd go to the lopster forum to discuss it I take it that you believe they can just move the decimal place over three places in their accounting of currency at the cbi If they delete three zeros its a bad thing botanza Bad Bad Bad . I just asked for proof of a central bank policy that accepts moving the decimal place to the left three spaces like these gurus keep saying No responses like yours Can't be answered except by the gurus saying it just is They just push a button It's a big lie Ya can't move the decimal place over unless it's supported by something I bet you think anyone who challenges these gurus lies should be locked up They do have web sites like that I really woukd like to see the proof , so if you could provide it , please we woukd all like to see it There's a whole World Wide Web avaliable for ta to search 10s of thousands of people have searched and not a single one has ever provided anything but the Okies for their proof Ya ask nice for a decade , they don't answer , yet they still spew the same things
  13. If they had proof they would post it I'd like to see proof that deleting zeros means moving the decimal place three places to the left off the exchange rate of the Iqd/usd when the articles say they are removing the zeros off the currency Id mortgage everything I own Just show me the proof that the concept is real , give me one example of it happening anywhere any time .....EVER!!! No auditor will ever buy that type of central bank policy If they did , then every country in the world would do it twice a week
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