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  1. eburt

    Adam Montana 14 November 2018

    Thanks Adam for the update. Much I would like to have RV this year I do not think that will happen. My reason are the HCL have not been completed and I believe the CBI will not RV until there is completed HCL. How long that will take is anyone's guest..Hope Iraq can get that completed in 2019 for HCL. Another is the lower demons and fully seated and committed GOI on passing the important laws for Iraq. Just my
  2. eburt

    RV Is Not For Joe Public...Elites Only???

    I agree with everything Presence said about the continue posts of Luigi - We all know this is the rumor section...But the posts are not rumors anymore they are flat out lies.
  3. My Power Ball numbers 06 43 47 57 69 PB 04
  4. Hey I want a piece of this action - My numbers are below 10/19 11 16 24 48 52 MB 20
  5. eburt

    VIP membership

    Hello Adam and Mods - Do we need to have something in place to will this over to our kids and grandchildren? The reason I ask this it seems like the RV is not gone to happen in our lifetime. I have seen many Dinar Vets past away over the last 5-7 years hoping for RV and did not happen. I have not seen any encouragement news on HCL and still do not know if the GOI is completely formed and recently we are seeing refurbish articles from 2016 and 2017 showing back up in regards to deleting zero's. I hope I'm wrong but after being part of this for many years frustration is building up and NO one really knows what is going in Iraq and if GOI and CBI have ANY intentions on RVing their currency any time soon. Thank again for everything you do Adam.
  6. Thanks DinarThug for this article....I hope they plan to RV their currency doing this meeting and/or do something with dinar currency
  7. Agreed this will be very interesting indeed. I wonder how this will shape up now for Iraq currency...Thanks Adam for posting...
  8. eburt

    Questions for Adam Montana 3 October 2018

    Hello Adam - With all the new political changes with Iraq are we looking at another 3 to 5 years before we have a possible RV? Were do we stand now going into the last quarter of 2018 and 2019 with all the changes.
  9. Not trying to be rude here but why does this matter with the auction sells. I think this have nothing to do with the RV.....Iraq continues to have these auctions and as long as they can get away with it without RVing their currency they will continue to have these auctions. What a mess in Iraq
  10. eburt

    Adam Montana Weekly 15 August 2018

    Thanks Adam for the update and always having a positive outlook😎. I look forward to this ride being over soon....
  11. eburt

    Questions for Adam Montana 15 August 2018

    Hello All and Adam - I appreciate everyone's hard work with Dinar Vet's - I have seen a lot over the last 5 -8 years in regards to this speculation of investment of Dinar to RV. As each year passes by it seems to be GOI and/or CBI keeps kicking the can down the road with excuses and/or some type of holdup for not pulling the RV trigger. I say all this to say Adam do you really think Iraq CBI will RV their currency during 2018 and/or early 2019? I can't speak for everyone but I know many is getting somewhat concerned about this investment and we know nothing is guaranteed in this investment but NO one really knows what going on in Iraq and it's somewhat very disappointing. Again thank for ALL you do....
  12. eburt

    Adam Montana Weekly 8 August 2018

    WOW!!!!Will this ever come to end? Do we really think Iraq will ever pull the trigger to RV? Every year same thing different reasons for pushing the can down the road...What a mess...Any way Thanks Adam for the update.....Will continue to wait
  13. WOW this is great news!!! I rarely comment on things but this is music to my ears. I wonder what Adam have to say about this news and if his contacts can confirm.....😎

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