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  1. Agreed - It's been very quiet on this site lately and I quest for the VIP member its been very quiet....I'm not expecting to get news from Adam and mods every month but it's been months now and would love to see update on the recent activity in Iraq (Example - recent assignation on Prime Minister, IQD update, etc.) and if anyone still believe in this specultive investment.....I'm not giving up and I appreciate everything the mods and Adam do....It just been very quiet lately....thanks for understanding
  2. Thanks Adam for the update
  3. Thanks Adam for the update and keeping it real.
  4. Ok what does this have to do with RV? Meaning if they go digital that mean their current worthless DV will be digital? Not understanding.....
  5. LeeC - Glad you are doing fine and recovering from COVID - Yeah it's quiet nothing major to report at this time.
  6. Sorry but were are your guys getting those fogures from from the rate??? Not understanding because of the following below that was posted early about the CBI: See below....... He added: "With regard to the rise in the dollar’s price above 1470 dinars, we believe that there is an attempt by the central bank to stop the rise. The bank has a strategic stockpile of the dollar and it can contribute to the stability of the exchange rate and not to rise more than that."
  7. Why are people posting in this OLD CHAT????
  8. It's going on 2 week no word from Adam.....Any update on HCL?
  9. Praying for you and Jimmy
  10. Also I notice in the budget they devalue the dinar....Why??? Not understanding the stance on devaluing the dinar again...."The new rates represent a dramatic reduction from the official rate of 1,182 IQD, the Iraqi dinar, which is pegged to the U.S. dollar. It is the first reduction in exchange rates that the government has made in decades. The Central Bank set the new rate at 1,450 IQD when selling to the Iraqi Finance Ministry. The dinar will be sold to the public at 1,470 IQD and to other banks at 1,460".....Just need more clarification on the budget.......
  11. Ok that nice what about the HCL.....That is what we need to see in the budget....
  12. Any word from Adam this past Sunday? I would love to hear his comments.....
  13. Thanks Adam for the update....Also thnks for information on Crypto - So glad I started to invest in Crypto's why waiting on Dinar to RV.....
  14. Thanks Adam for the update. I guest we have no idea when CBI will RV thier currency...Will continue to wait...I'm so glad I started taken advantage of the cryto section in Dinar Vets while waiting on the Dinar....
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