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  1. Thank you Adam for the update. Looking forward to the day of RV.....
  2. beat me this time.... Thanks Adam for update
  3. Thanks Adam for the update and keeping us informed. I just heard CBI is signing arrangement with the World Bank...Any idea how this will be for a possible RV.....
  4. Thanks Adam for the update - I'm sorry but not understanding bitcoin halving. I look this up but trying to understand the best way to take advantage of this when it happens.
  5. Thanks Adam for the update - My questions is by the OIL being so low right now won't that set Iraq back even further from RVing their currency now? I know they are rich in oil, gold and etc...But WOW!!!!!
  6. Thanks for the update - Hopefully one day soooon the CBI will RV their currency.....
  7. Love IT!!! Thanks Adam for the update and kind words to our service workers and healthcare workers.....
  8. Thanks Adam - Time will tell...I hope this ride will end soooon....Maybe the new PM will do the right thing for Iraq and the people of Iraq by RVing their currency.....
  9. Does this means the HCL is complete????? Great post.....
  10. Right is Right Carrello....very well said...No matter how much we get upset the bottom line it's Iraq's currency, banks, and etc. We just need to continue to be patient and wait. I for one is frustrated that it's taken this long but realize it is Iraq and just need to continue to educate myself about this investment and be prepared for when Iraq decides to pull the RV trigger.....
  11. Thanks Adam for the update - My birthday was on the 12th of September and was hoping for RV this month so I can really celebrate my birthday....Any chances this thing will RV this month and/or next month?
  12. eburt

    Go Iraq Part 5

    Laid Back base on the article do we think we are several years from Iraq RVing their currency any time soon...yes they have made lots of progress over the years but still lots of work to be done and many laws still needs to be pass....Just wanting this thing to be over...
  13. Thanks for the update - But where are we with this investment????? It seems like Iraq have lots of work to do and many laws still needs to be pass.....Do you think RV will happen sometime this year?????? Or do we need to wait another 5 -10 years....Many of us been in this for over 10 plus years and still no time table....Oh well....just a little frustrated sorry about the venting....just wont this thing to be over...Any way Thanks Adam and mods for the updates.....
  14. Thanks for sharing - Not trying to be negative but what's great about that!!!!! What will be great if Iraq RV their currency that will be GREAT!!!!!
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