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  1. Interesting point....120 + countries don't use the IBAN system including the U.S.,Russia and China.. Anyone care to speculate as to why?
  2. If you review the recent FBI release regarding the indictment of the Sterling group you'll find a victim questionnaire at the bottom of the page. I don't have any personal experience with Blaino but it's been reported that his full name is Blaine Fogel and he was connected to Planet Dinar in some capacity. Hope that helps.
  3. Atlanta news outlets reporting this morning. Atlanta Journal Constitution { } as well as others.
  4. The Sterling/Dinar Banker group as well as Terry K of the GET team were indicted yesterday. Info can be found on the FBI website. If this has already been posted please remove.
  5. This may very well be the only Irish joke that has nothing to do with drinking,brawling or funerals.
  6. To be clear WE weren't talking about anything..I was communicating with dog53 about the Kitty Genovese incident,something you clearly know nothing about, and you butted in with your toxic comment about Queens. Up until then I had nothing to say about your bizarre manifesto about a city you visit periodically but one that I lived in the greater part of my life..You made statements that were at once untrue,unfair and unsupported by the facts. Now,after being confronted with facts, you say you wouldn't live in any city. Here are some more facts: You claim to get paid more because N.Y.C. is dangerous..I say nonsense..You get paid a higher rate because tolls,food,fuel and lodging are higher than anywhere in the country. If you're claims were true you'd get paid more in Miami,Detroit,Kansas City and all the other cities with higher crime rates than N.Y. As for your comments about upstate N.Y.ers and their opinion of downstaters I'll say nonsense to that as well..I've owned a Sportsman's lodge on the that invisible line that defines where the Catskill Mtns. become the Pocono Mtns. and those "upstate" regions couldn't survive without the downstate people and their's no different in the southern snowbird states where I winter. As for the number of police killed on duty in N.Y.C., The number of officers killed on 9/11 and those who died from 9/11 illnesses shouldn't be included now or ever as that number will continue to grow..There are 70,000 responders enrolled in the WTC health monitoring program many of them police and firefighters,myself included..Many have passed on in the years since the attack..My late wife is counted among those victims having died from 9/11 lung disease after spending 4 months at ground zero. In short, and in my opinion, a casual visitor to N.Y.C. doesn't have the right to make the statements you've made. I would elect not to continue this debate..Be safe out on the road.
  7. I forgot "As a trucker I can say 1st hand"... I didn't know that being a trucker from Kansas gave someone a unique qualification to talk about New York.. In response to your arrogant comment about Queens, I was born in Queens and lived there in 64 when this event happened.. Your comment about New York being over run by Arabs,Asians and Russians is simply ignorant. The 2nd largest ethnic group in the 5 boroughs are Hispanics ,a group that you conveniently ignored..The numbers are as follows: whites 33 %,Hispanics 26%,Blacks 26% and Asians 13 % which leaves 2% to cover all other ethnic groups including the Arabs who apparently aren't over running anything. My question to you is why are you still here after stating that if Iraq came out with a 50k note "the scam was over" and suggesting that anyone who didn't see that was a fool soon to be relieved of their money.
  8. Agreed but my point was the version of the story you brought forth was not what transpired that night..Lots of people didn't walk by and ignore a murder victims plea for help.. Nobody walked by...Sadly,your version is the oft repeated story that persists and is an inaccurate description of the event.
  9. The way the story has evolved suggests that a woman was savagely murdered in Midtown Manhattan and countless passersby witnessed the brutality and callously ignored her pleas for help..The reality is it happened in a small neighborhood in Queens on the steps of the woman's apartment and no one walked by and witnessed anything.
  10. I suspect you're referring to the infamous Kitty Genovese murder,correct me if I'm wrong, which has become something of an urban legend and for the most part is simply not true. In the interest of historical accuracy it didn't happen in NY City proper but rather out on Long Island in the borough of Queens more than 50 yrs.ago.. There is no evidence that anyone "walked" by the murder scene and only 2 people witnessed the crime from inside an apartment bldg. A number of people from inside their apartments heard her screams but thought it was likely a domestic dispute. The N.Y.Times was responsible for the erroneous story which brings to mind the old adage "Never let the facts get in the way of a good story"..The victims family has prepared a documentary debunking the story which is soon to be released. The killer was caught and as of a few years ago was still in prison. There may exist valid reasons to depict N.Y.ers as callous and uncaring but the Kitty Genovese tragedy is not one of them.
  11. Wasn't there an article last week stating a German printing firm was printing new security enhanced 25k notes with the same white border that the new 10k notes have?
  12. nigash... A great site for gaining insight into the lives of normal Iraqi citizens..Perfect english translations and the narratives appear unbiased. Today's story about what the citizens think of the 50k notes and what the experts think. Couldn't get it linked but a bing search of nigash should take you right to the site.
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