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    Good morning everyone! I know it's Wednesday, and I was trying to move my weekly updates to Friday... old habits die hard, I guess A Friday update this week is actually a strong possibility, the way Dinar news has been coming lately. This, for example: That thread has just been out of control with positive developments related to an upcoming HCL agreement! (For those of you that don't know, the HCL is possibly/probably the last thing we need to see for an RV.) I'll pull a couple snippets from that article above: We all love the word "soon", but this time... it's looking very, very real. Two thirds or more is PLENTY to suit our needs! FYI, this is HCL. Plain and simple. There is a LOT of excitement around here concerning the middle of the month. This is a big part of that excitement. I won't encourage anyone to get too excited, but I'm also not going to downplay this one... this is BIG. We are in the best situation for an RV that I have ever witnessed. Stay positive, stay sane, and stay grounded! - Adam
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    Good morning all! Happy International Women's Day, especially to those of you amazing women on our staff and member list here at DV. The world, and DV, would not be as awesome without you! This has been an interesting week in the markets, but not so much for Dinar when it comes to actual news. There's a good reason for this. Oil has been pretty flat, just like the news on HCL. Step back and take a "big picture" view of the situation, and it's easy to understand that this is to be expected. I find it amusing to read the headlines that state "Oil production falls to (X time frame) lows..." Hang on a second, oil "falls"?! That's the headline? I don't think that's accurate. It's not "falling" - it's being controlled, exactly as they planned. This is a topic we've been on top of since 2017, before the talk of OPEC agreeing to slowing oil production. The headlines would be more accurate if they said "Planned reduction in oil production to stabilize prices" But that doesn't get as many clicks, it's just not as sensational... even though it's the truth. And we've been expecting it, because we have been watching this sector through a fairly specialized set of glasses. Interpretation: All is going according to plan. And if all is going according to plan, then it's just a matter of time. Sunday is the first day of work for the Iraqi week, so I'd suggest taking a couple days away from the "news" - get in VIP for the peace of mind, do some reading in there if you want to be prepared, informed, and ready. Otherwise enjoy a couple of days away, because we're not going to have an RV in the next couple days. Unless I'm wrong. I'm always open to that possibility! - Adam
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    Good morning all! I'm having a really hard time breaking the "Wednesday" habit I spend hours every day researching and communicating with my people on the Iraqi Dinar, international business, asset protection, etc... and by the time Wednesday comes around, I end up with so much stuff that needs to be cleared off of my plate, it seems impossible to put it off any further! Truthfully, I didn't realize how much of my week centers around these weekly updates. There are people I work with who know how important it is to get me my information by Tuesday, and are extremely dedicated to their roles, so even if there's nothing to report - they are checking in with me on Monday and Tuesday. Despite my best efforts to move these weekly updates to later in the week, it just hasn't happened yet. Oh well! Today is short and sweet. There is nothing negative to report - Parliament is working, OIL is still going the right way, and my gut tells me they are just kicking a few last details around. If something counter productive were to happen right now, I'd take a harder look at things... but that's not the case. Everything is lining up! Parliament: still working, and working effectively. OIL: still moving towards $60, and doing it steadily. The only thing we can ask for right now is that BOOM! HCL news. Keep your heads on straight! This really feels like the home stretch. - Adam P.S. It's too late to place your bets once the final home run is hit! If you're not in VIP when the RV is announced, you miss your chance forever. ====> Join us here. <====
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    Good morning all! The RV train is still chugging along, with nothing but positive steam powering these updates. The majority of our news has already been covered (see my earlier update from this week here) so I won't beat that horse any more - suffice it to say that we're in a pretty spot! NOTHING has detracted from the good news on HCL. WE STILL have momentum on the budget, which is currently WAY AHEAD OF NORMAL. And I'll sweeten it up just a little bit with this - you remember that $60 mark I mentioned about a month ago? YEP, STILL GOING THE RIGHT WAY! Oil is creeping up on $56 as I write this. That's halfway to my mark of $60... and going strong! All of these things are coming together for us, creating the perfect situation. Obviously things can, and will, come up. I don't have an exact date for you, and I never will. But that sure won't stop me from being excited about what we're in the middle of right now! I'm actually very pleased to see the steady growth of oil, rather than a sudden spike. This "controlled growth" is exactly what I would want if I were Captain of the CBI, because it shows stability in the main area that needs it. Overall, things are just looking dandy. I'm keeping an eye on things, ready in the VIP whenever this thing pops! GOOO RRRVVVVV!!! - Adam P.S. There have been a lot of newbie questions regarding what to do when this happens. Of course, your best option is to be in VIP. But even if you aren't, the Cash In Guide (it's a short read!) will give you some quick pointers and help you avoid some common mistakes. I'll attach it here. It's free. Cash In Guide - Iraqi Dinar - v1.6.pdf
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    Good morning everyone! I think at this point... I officially give up trying to move the weekly updates to Friday. Or Thursday. So I'm going to officially move them to Wednesdays for now I'm about to lose my internet, and my laptop battery is at 4%, so this will be a short post. Unless you all see anything different - I'd say things are still pointed the right direction. OIL took a tiny step backwards, but still tracking for a win if my target of $60 is correct. I'll include a super-technical chart analysis below: In addition to what I'm hearing from the other side of the pond, and what my own experience and insights conclude, I still believe that $60 mark is where we want to be headed. Hitting that price, on the current trajectory, is solid evidence of stability in the markets and will be reassuring to the CBI so they can take some bold steps. There is a low rumble off in the distance that sounds like an HCL thunderstorm, so we'll keep an eye on that. And I just hit 2% battery, so I'll get this posted now and rejoin the conversation(s) later. Be well, everyone! - Adam
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    I’m at that point where I don’t give a fat Rats Azz about all the “ good news “ - we’ve been the donkeys to dangling carrots in front of our noses for far too long. Patience and Understanding are at an end. So whenever these idiots get around to getting a Globally Recognized Currency, I’m gonna do my voodoo and off I go. Until then, I have things to do. To hell with good news,’s time to pony up and show us the $$$$.
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    This is how I see it. It’s better to set your expectations for a longer wait and be surprised than set your expectations for a shorter wait and be disappointed. This is a list of few important things that makes me believe our wait will be longer - Complete the government .... Vacant ministers .... means stability - Important laws... HCL... Art 140 .... investment laws.... anti corruption laws and many others - IMF standby arrangement 2016/2019.... Third Review in mid 2019 - CBI strategic plan 2016/2020... development of banking system... banking laws... linking the banking system to the world - Census Of population know the size of population... very important for the implementation of HCL...profit sharing to make planning decisions....forecasting the possible economic need... formulating economic policy determining population density - Banks reconstruction in Mosul just started... this banks need to be up and running, linked to the world banking system before RV - WTO membership .... lower trade barriers.... larger markets for their goods.... greater sales - Fight against corruption.... some political parties are threatening the GOI to bring chaos if their corruption is exposed. - Iran interventionist over Iraq. - Development of Private sector - Diversification of the economy This is just my perception of the actual situation in Iraq. I don’t want to enter into a debate. I want the RV asap, but we have to be objective. Enjoy the present, your life your family your friend. It will happen
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    This is only from me, but I believe there is some reason for optimism, so I'm sharing it with you all. I know most of us like some non-pumper optimism after all! I have been seeing an alternative healthcare practitioner for the past 3 months who uses sound therapy. I've had 12 sessions now and she has helped me soooo much and I can tell she is a very gifted healer, very intuitive (and she's right when she intuits something). Sometime she uses a pendulum in her work to guide her in which direction to take her treatment of me. For those unfamiliar with pendulums, it's based on Applied Kinesiology, which says our bodies or subconscious (or perhaps our higher self, spirit if you will) actually knows what is best for us and also is psychic, so it often knows the future. Since she's been so good in working on me, last night I asked her if I could think of a question in my mind, and then could she use her pendulum to get a yes or no answer for me, so she did. So I thought in my head "Will the Iraqi dinar save be before June?" (since I'm under some serious financial stress right now and the dinar is one of the 2 most likely things that could relieve it). She immediatley got a yes. I was soooo happy! I actually had wanted to ask for an earlier time frame, but I was concerned if I asked about March, and then got a No answer, it would deflate me. So I stacked the deck in my favor by asking for a longer time frame. But in just over a week it will be March, and that will only be 3 months max. And of course, it could happened sooner too. Also, she had happened to mention to me about a month ago that she also was dealing with financial stress. So I said perhaps she might be interested in knowing what I was talking about and she could use her pendulum to see if it would be a good thing for her to do also. She said she was interested so I briefly explained it in a couple of minutes and before I was even finished, she jumped in and said she got a Yes for herself as well. She didn't want to talk about it anymore because she wanted to get back to working on me. So I didn't get the opportunity to ask about narrowing down the time frame any further. But honestly, it was a huge relief to get a Yes answer - even if it may be 3 months out. I just want to point out this was a completely unbiased answer. She had no idea what my question was. I find with Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) and pendulums, sometimes your conscious mind wants a specific answer strongly enough that it interferes with the results so you get the answer you're hoping for. Also, muscle testing is not an exact science and is not 100% correct. But for people who are good at it (and I can see this woman is very good at it) it can be very accurate. And since it was a totally blind situation (she had no idea what my question was and I had never asked her to use her pendulum to answer a question for me before) - her answer was completely honest - which is the best we can hope for in any of these types of situations. So no guarantees that she's right, but for now I am very happy and hopeful! Anyway, that's my rumor. It made my day yesterday and is still making my day today, so I hope you like it too.
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    Those of you non believers...negative Nelly no no's that poop all over everyone's parade...go ahead and bash. I don't really care...🤗 I have been thinking the same thing! It's all coming together at the same time. The government shutdown. Paying down debt US currency reset Abolishing the fed The wall Dinar There's more....but as I said, ' it all seems to be coming together and it makes sense! ... And it falls around the same time as a our government is making changes..there are no coincidences. Stay grounded. Thank God for our blessings 🙏❤️
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    And Then U Can Also Find Davis With His Butt In The Water !
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    Genuinely grateful for the prayers! I know there are a lot of Christians on this forum, so I'm going to do something I don't usually do and step out and ask for specific prayer. I got one confirmed job offer today and another pending but almost guaranteed offer today as well. I'm going to have to decide between the two soon. My prayer request is that God give me discernment which one to choose, and if neither of them are His will, then that He reveal the right job for me quickly. I am in a bit of a financial crisis and need something fast. Thank you and blessings to all my DV family here! Jeff
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    In the next four month from a closed economy to an open market economy - Bilateral trade with Saudi Arabia - Bilateral trade with Iran using dinar or euro. - Agreement with other countries India, UK, USA, Canada, Germany.. Go open market economy Go growth Go RV
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    Thanks everyone for your prayers and well wishes. I accepted a job offer today. Not the best but not the worst. Somewhere in the middle.
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    Isn’t there a minimum character count for your posts? I’m really surprised that one slipped through! *Heading off to check your account settings… Just messing with you!
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    Watch Out - There’s A Massive Warm Front Penetrating South Of The Border ! And If U Have To Go Outside - Be Sure To Wear Ur Rubbers ... Now BUILD THAT WALL - Before We’re All Completely Screwed By Global Warming ...
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    And The Daily Bugle Was Reporting These Valentines Day Weddings !
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    Wow, interesting thread and lots of opinions. Educated and uneducated. I feel i should remind everyone who believes in the LOP theory, that the Berttlesmann/Siftung Iraq country report for 2018 has the book value of the dinar at $1.71 as of the end of 2017. it is now well into 2019 and ISIS is all but gone, oil production is up and the security situation is stabilizing. The government is close to seating the last ministers (in the coming days) and the Kurds are on board with their allocation of the new budget that was recently passed. All in all, Id say we are looking as good as we have ever looked with this investment. Personally, I feel like we will be waiting for a while longer, maybe into 2020, but I hope for all of our sakes, I am wrong. I am keeping my eye open for the 2019 iraq country report. That should give us a more recent currency value, whenever they decide to publish it. Cheers all
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    And Now There’s Been A Shabbi Sighting In Today’s News ! Britain appoints Iraqi professor Sinan al-Shabibi as chairman of monetary policy committee The British central bank issued a decision on Monday to appoint Iraqi professor Sinan al-Shabibi as chairman of the monetary policy committee. "The Bank of England decided to appoint Professor Shabibi as chairman of the Monetary Policy Committee, which was previously governor of the Central Bank of Iraq," the English media reported. "This decision came to benefit from the experiences of al-Shabibi to maintain the exchange rate of the British pound and to prevent the British economy from getting into trouble, especially after the exit from the European Union." Iraqi sources told al-Madar that Professor Sinan al-Shabibi had been deposed from the post of governor of the Central Bank of Iraq by the previous government headed by Nuri al-Maliki, because he did not agree to sell the dollar to Iran. link
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    When this hits i am walking from my BS job. Let me rephrase that, I am running from my BS job.
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    Auction currency sale in iraq, the destruction of the economy of Iraq and the revival of the economy of Iran Bremer plans and Iran benefits and Iraq loses Researcher Shatha Khalil Auction foreign currency sale – the dollar was a law legislated and ordered by civil administrator Paul Bremer in 2004 and is the only auction in the Middle East, It has been one of the biggest challenges facing the Iraqi state, distorting public policy and destroying the economy. The auction has continued so far and has been exploited by influential officials and senior officials in the political process linked with Iran to smuggle and launder money from Iraq for the benefit of Iranian economy to finance the terrorism and facing American sanctions and for their own interests. Currency Auction is a complex, thorny and multifaceted topic, and many economists have differed about identifying the problem as a major ones and it is a new form of economic corruption associated with money laundering in Iraq, which has become a means of smuggling money from Iraq. In the Rawabet center where it has noted in the text “According to the investigation committees of the Iraqi Council of Representatives and international reports that $312 billion dollars have been wasted and looted over the past years, the proceeds of oil pumped by the Central Bank of Iraq to the markets, and most of them were transferred abroad. This is a very large number in a country suffering a suffocating economic crisis, the situation in the state of “wealth” has reached to borrow from the IMF to cover its expenses! Dr. Nabih Nadeem Al-Obaidi summarized in the working paper presented at the first conference of the Iraqi-American National Friendship Association on 5 January 2019, the seriousness of the currency auction in the destruction of the Iraqi economy and the extent of Iran’s benefit from it : As he said the currency auction in the process of money laundering and recycling in favor of Iran, and listed some of the analytical financial indicators that clarify the role of organized sabotage of this auction: • The Central Bank of the US dollar sales for the period (1/10/20041/10/2016) amounted to (408.875) billion dollars to cover the requirements of imports, while the real value of imports for the same period (61.3) billion dollars, while the value of the remaining difference of the amount (347.5) billion dollars is missing until the moment .. The question arises where it has gone? • In 2010, the Central Bank’s auction sales amounted to $ 36.2 billion. The report of Federal Board of Supreme Audit submitted to the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers indicated that the number of meetings held by the Central Bank for Auction recorded in the Central Report (242) while it was discovered after checking the statements of sales of the auction for this period of (212) meeting only, proving that there are (30) meeting for the sales of the dollar are missing with its statements and amounts and the parties to which the dollar was sold to .. What does that mean? Where did the money of these meetings go? • A “model” for measuring the auction on 6/11/2018 with a total value of sales (125,725,602) dollars for a total of (30) banks and financial institutions, and by adopting this figure as a default rate for 2017 to reach (45.252) billion dollars per year, while Trade exchange with Iran amounted (6.7) billion dollars, and the remaining (39.4) billion dollars are missing … Where it has gone? • Actual export capacity of Iraqi oil from the ports of Basra increased from 2.9 million barrels per day for the first quarter of the year to (3.560) million barrels, and then to (4,600) million barrels per day in the last months of the year (2018) (according to the announcement of the Minister of Oil) with a rate of 4 million barrels a day , and concerning the export prices , the export price rate for the period ( 5/1/ 2018 to 30/10/2018) reached about (70.713) dollars per barrel. Therefore, the value of resources for the year will reach about (101.826) billion dollars. • The rate of the sale of foreign currency (dollar) per day “amounted to (125 – 182) million dollars during the year (2018) and the minimum value of sales will total for the year (45.252) billion dollars, and thus will constitute the dollar sales of the Central Bank (44.44%) of the oil resources, which also constitute a rate of (261%) of the allocation of the Kurdistan region budget (7.1%) of oil resources, is this reasonable? •Is not this a drain on resources and smuggling of funds outside of Iraq and sabotage of the Iraqi economic system. • The documents issued by the Federal Board of Supreme Audit revealed – the Department of Finance and Distribution activity sent to the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, that there are limited individuals and banks through which the process of selling and buying and smuggling of currency was carried out outside Iraq, including: 1. Al-Huda Bank 2. Al Tayeb Finance Company 3. Iraqna Finance Company 4. Al-Mithaj Finance Company 5. There are fictitious financial and commercial companies that do not have a headquarters in Iraq that carry out money laundering crimes by enabling them to open accounts in several banks. The question … For the benefit of whom, this destructive activity continues, which is subject to the influence of senior officials in the political process linked to Iran? Iran has banking and financial institutions and covers of individuals and institutions supporting and loyal in the financing of the economy and the expansionist extension and Iranian terrorism. The role of Iran’s sabotage and economic player in Iraq has become very clear, after the package of the US blockade of Iran, which is supposed to start the blockade of its mechanisms and procedures from Iraq to impose the encircle . Attempts by some “loyal” politicians to stop the currency auction implemented by the Central Bank of Iraq after it has become 180 million dollars a day failed, but their attempts were unsuccessful due to their boycott of organized corruption backed by militias and armed parties linked to smuggling networks inside and outside the country. The central bank said that the checking and to verify invoices are not within the jurisdiction of the Bank, but rather within the jurisdiction of the Department of Economic Crime of the Ministry of the Interior. In the light of this corruption and the looting of public money, Iraq has been classified for – two consecutive years – as the most corrupt countries and its bad effects have emerged on the already weak Iraqi entity. These are some of the negative repercussions that have emerged in political, economic, social and cultural life. • Destruction of the Iraqi economy. • Drain the central bank’s reserve of hard currency and gold bullion, which in turn affects local currency exchange. • The growing phenomenon of money laundering. • The instability of the economic situation, which directly affects the political situation. • Exchange rate fluctuation. • The Iraqi economy is subject to the fluctuations of the local market. • The Central Bank reserve in 2009 declined to 35%. • Loss of independence of the Central Bank of Iraq. • The gap between the official exchange rate and the market price widens. • Unemployment reached 39% and poverty reached 40%. • Balance of payments deficit and low production capacity. • The growth and spread of corruption and theft of public funds and weak social ties. Economists, including Nabih al-Obeidi, stress the need to stop the currency auction, which weakened and destroyed the Iraqi economy, and limit the investment and smuggling of sales of the dollar auction from the Central Bank of Iraq to Iran to support its economy in the face of US sanctions imposed on it. Based on the above, the economic expert Nabih al-Obeidi suggested the following treatments: – Cancellation of the decision of the sale of foreign currency and the instructions issued later on, and the appointment of the Office of Financial Supervision as a liquidator to review and check the contents of the auction and settle their accounts by the Office of Financial Supervision in accordance with the applicable general and legal rules in the liquidation of accounts for companies. -The Central Bank issued a resolution obliging banks and private financial institutions to adopt self-financing in dollars to cover their needs in banking transactions, and to cover bank accounts for documentary credits, remittances, deposits with foreign banks, withdrawals and remittances to the companies and individuals and within the limits permitted by the Central Bank. – Strengthen the control of the Central Bank on private banks and sections of foreign transfers and documentary credits to verify the issuers as accredited companies in the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of their countries, letters of guarantee and exporters banks and certificates of origin and examination of the third party inspection to verify the authenticity of imports. – Subjecting the accounts of private banks to the audit and examination of records and documents and financial lists similar to the government sector and ratification of it and submit the report to the Central Bank of Iraq with an exception from the law of private companies for their connections and financial transactions with banks and foreign financial institutions in order to tighten control on them and reduce the smuggling of funds to Iran and abroad. – The central bank should provide private loans to banks in dollars through the bank deposit reserve in dollars, by linking the borrower’s bank with the reserve of the other bank (bank loan to a bank) and by informing the lending bank and settling for its account in the reserve, all these credit transactions are in dollars only. – Taking all the observations and reservations received from the Office of Financial Supervision on the Central Bank and respond to them and discuss and take action on them by the Council of Ministers and the legislative authority. Reasons for Iran’s fear of stopping the auction of currency in Iraq: -The continuation of the auction contributes to revive the economic situation of Iran at the expense of Iraq by easing the economic embargo imposed by America on Iran and undermine it through banks and companies employed for Iran, whether real or fake. -The issuance of the new currency by the Central Bank is done under the supervision of the World Bank and against the cash reserve of hard currency – dollar – a basket of currencies, gold cover for the value of the national currency issued and with statements and documents documented equal to the size of the currency and its categories and numbers after examination and receipt by a committee in the Central Bank, The currency is not usually numbered by the printing press, but it is done in the central bank and if it is done in the printing press, it will be made in the presence of representatives of the Central Bank and documentation. -The reserve allocated to the national currency is subject to an assessment of the World Bank’s control and inspection. Thus, what is rumored about the smuggling of part of the new currency into Iran is incorrect; it represents a threat to Iraq by forging the new currency by Iran and pumping it into the Iraqi market through its agents of Islamic political party leaders and their militias who, through their real and imaginary companies, will buy the dollar from the dollar sale auction of the CBI. -The second threat If the auction is stopped, Iran and its influential agents in the political process and the government will flood the Iraqi market with the new counterfeit currency in order to reduce the exchange rate of the Iraqi currency against the dollar as a result of the increased demand for the dollar against the decline in supply on one hand, and the increase the supply for the national currency and the reduction of the demand on it on the other hand , this is promoted by Iran inflated it for the purpose of preventing the issuance of a decision to stop the auction, and dependence on collusive banks , which will stop financing imports on the pretext of insufficient funding to create economic chaos on the one hand, and pressure on those who are in the government and loyal to Iran not to respond to the US embargo on Iran, on the other hand. Sources: 1. Reports of the Central Audit Bureau on the Central Bank and observations and reservations about the currency auction for the years 2010-2018, Registrar of companies from the sites. 2. Ministry of oil, Sumo Foundation, quarterly and annual reports of production and export and contractual prices. 3. News agencies Translated by : mudhaffar al-kusairi
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    Central bank governor: funds are available but they are (scared)! The governor of the central bank, Ali al-Allaq, said Iraq has the fundamentals and the means to succeed in the economic environment, stressing the availability of funds but (reluctant) to enter the labour market. Al-Allaq said during his participation in the Sulaimaniyah Forum: from an economic vision there is no problem in the availability of opportunities for all sectors in Iraq for work and investment, stating: Money exists but is hesitant and afraid to enter the environment of work and investment. "This is the responsibility of the political and government leadership to create the right conditions and to prepare them to attract these investments," he said.
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    Electronic Payment Card or E-cards. This is how I see it. To get the E-card you need a bank account. To open the bank account you need to deposit cash - financial inclusion - less cash in circulation - real time transactions - reduces the amount of chunky cash stashed at home - banks will have more money to loan to invest. - confidence of the citizens in the banking system Go CBI Go new monetary policy Go purchasing power Go $1:1
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    Deputy Speaker of the Parliament to the Minister of Oil: the need to work with the region under the Constitution 2019/02/17 Baghdad / MP: Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Bashir Haddad on the need to work hard to resolve the problems with the provincial government to ensure the rights of the parties under the Constitution. This came during his visit to the headquarters of the Ministry of Oil in Baghdad, Sunday, February 17, 2019, and his meeting with Minister Thamer Ghadhban. "During the meeting, they discussed means of enhancing cooperation and coordination between the legislative institution and the ministries, thus enhancing the oversight role of the parliament," a statement from his office said. Al-Haddad pointed out that "the current situation should be upgraded to higher and better levels in all areas of work in this vital ministry, which is the vital artery of the country, providing the best services to citizens, especially in camps for the displaced. He stressed "the importance of drawing up a successful and decisive oil policy in dealing with international companies, as well as work hard to cooperate constructively to resolve the problems with the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq to ensure the rights of both parties within the framework of the Constitution and laws." For his part, the minister expressed his pleasure to visit the Vice-President of the Council, pointing out the importance of continued cooperation between state institutions and the joint endeavor to legislate laws and provide services to citizens, adding that it is in everyone's interest to work transparently and professionally and invest wealth for the good of the country and the people.نائب-رئيس-البرلمان-لوزير-النفط-ضرورة-العمل-مع-الاقليم-بإطار-الدستور
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    Image .. NASDAQ in New York raises the name and logo of the Iraq Stock Exchange Friday 8 March 2019 21:19 Alsumaria News / Baghdad published the Nasdaq Stock Exchange (NAZDAQ) in New York City in Time Square, the tower "name and logo market Iraq Stock Exchange , " which represents a historic event to raise the name of Iraq high and gives an important message that great interest by a global institution institution of an Iraqi sober. Iraq Stock Exchange and is a self - regulatory institution was established in 2004 as Iraq used market NAZDAQ global company used by 32 Arab and European Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in the US securities trading systems since 2009 and until the present day. The NASDAQ Iraq Stock Exchange one of the most important Arab financial markets being keen on the use and development of electronic systems, and today here is celebrating the NASDAQ with the Iraq Stock Exchange through a major announcement posted on the Tower Nasdaq congratulate the world for women and their role in making life.
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    I have been waiting to see articles like this. Once those tariffs were implemented I posted they need to increase the purchase power or the citizens would begin getting upset. Here we go!
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    Thanks DFlat7. President Trump is the best President we've had! Winning!
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    Floridian, back when Dr. Shabibi made this statement, Iraq's electronic banking technology was not as advanced as it is today. Perhaps 3 days is not required any longer.
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    Are You SURE about THAT, Pitcher, AND The Very Best Of Your Up Coming Week To You, SIR!!! Well, OK, I DID take OFF my Rose Colored RV Glasses AND took a look at ALL THIS!!! BEFORE I stepped INTO THIS Speculative Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar Investment. I could NOT believe what was WAS/IS projected for the Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar THEN I SAW what was going on. From my LIMITED perspective, of course. It dawned on me WHY former The United States Of America President Tricky was in China in 1972. I have a an elderly colleague I worked with who is originally from Pakistan. He had grandfathers (even on his wife's side) AND a father VERY high up in Pakistani positions and has extended family in Pakistan AND India TODAY. He told me China is DUMPING ALL KINDS of funds into Pakastani INFRASTRUCTURE AND TRANSPORTATION. For WHAT???!!! One MAY ask???!!! (I surmise) Reestablishing the Old Silk Road via the Belt AND Road Initiative - FOR Money, LOTS of Money via land based goods trade. JUST LIKE the Old Silk Road but even BETTER AND FASTER!!! So, You see, Iraq is a NECESSARY PORTION of the OVERALL piece of the Old Silk Road PIE. Iraq is STRATEGIC AND HAS ENORMOUS NATURAL RESOURCES VALUED INTERNATIONALLY!!! Languishing in Sectarian Strife AND Civil War is NOT going to foster INTERNATIONAL trade with AND through Iraq via the NEW Belt AND Road Initiative. How, pray tell, is Iraq going to get funds for reconstruction, construction, AND economic development WITHOUT foreign investment???!!! The Bicraqi Iraqi Gubmint via Bicraqi Iraqi Crude Oil Sales???!!! Yeah, Right. Iraq NEEDS a WHOLE LOTTA cash FLOW. NOW, HOW, pray tell, are the Bicraqi Iraqi going to get THIS show on the road WITHOUT an INTERNATIONALLY valued Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar FUELING Foreign Investment???!!! Apparently, Dr. Sinan Shabibi TRIED to ReInstate the Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar in 2013 IN Iraq. So Bark Insane Obama AND Nouri al-Maliki put the KIBOSH on THAT!!! Dr. Sinan Shabibi is NOW in England. WHY England pray tell???!!! England REMAINS a (if NOT THEE) MAJOR World Financial Hub. Major plans for the Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar???!!! Need I say OR ask more???!!! Hey, AND what about Brexit on the way???!!! The Insanian missile threats to Israel as well as Nauti Arabia ARE real AND another avenue attempting to KIBOSH the Bicraqi Iraqi trajectory ascending to INTERNATIONAL world trade status WITH an INTERNATIONAL Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar. Will be dealt with QUICKLY AND EFFECTIVELY I am Pretty Sure! So, I am a fan of SOONER rather than LATER BEFORE things ALL go to PIECES (literally, I suspect)!!! Well, OK, maybe BABY I DO have my Rose Colored RV Glasses on. Maybe BABY NOT!!! In The Mean Time............................................................................................................... Go Moola Nova (YEAH AND YEE HAW, BABY, READY WHEN YOU ARE BROTHER (OR SISTER) - LET 'ER BUCK!!!)!!!
  31. 16 points
  32. 16 points
    Kurdistan issued a resolution to resolve all oil and financial disputes with Baghdad Economy News - Baghdad The Kurdistan Regional Council on Friday issued a resolution to resolve disputes related to the oil and financial sector between Arbil and Baghdad. "The Council of Ministers has taken two decisions during today's meeting," said Secretary of the Council of Ministers of the Region Amang Rahim in a joint press conference with the spokesman of the government of Kurdistan Sven Dzai. He added that "the first decision is to repeal the decision in 2016 to save the salaries of employees in addition to that the Kurdistan Regional Government will make serious efforts to pay the dues that it gave to the employees to save in dialogue with the federal government." He added that "the decision to cancel savings comes into force from the date of issuance and published in the official newspaper of reality in the Kurdistan Region." He explained that "the second decision is to proceed with the recommendations of the Supreme Council of Oil and Gas in the beginning of dialogue and serious negotiations with the federal government to find a radical solution to the oil and financial differences and the framework of the Iraqi constitution." Views Date Added Date 08/03/2019
  33. 16 points
    For us long timers, it's beneficious though unofficious that we pick our names unmalicious. There's no need to be overofficious or suspicious, even though some of us see ourselves swaggerlicious, cuddlicious or even bootylicious. While I would say many in the rumors section qualify as cheesylicious, sacrilicious and unauspicious. But my intent is to say, unofficious, most all DV folks are funalicious, nonsuspicious and just down right fabulicious.
  34. 16 points
    Just my opinion When the CBI refers to the right environment (stability) to start the delete of the 000 process, I believe the CBI is talking about a fully seated government. Go CBI Go fully seated government Go Delete of the 000 Go RV
  35. 16 points
    Awesome post, KristyD. And thanks for sharing with us. I started just today saying March 1st 2019. And I made that statement several times only because of what I feel in my heart. Something big is about to SUDDENLY happen.
  36. 16 points
    The weather down here has been great, 86 degrees today Chuck👍 Not rubbing it in, but, this was the view from my office today. Ok, rubbing it in a little. I can see all the DV'ers down at the pool's wishing it so 🙏
  37. 16 points
    I was in my 40s when I started this journey. Now I am looking at getting Medicare at the end of this year.
  38. 16 points
    Hey dvers, dont forget this. This is to be signed on monday: as well as resolving outstanding issues Between the region and Baghdad, in addition to addressing a large part of the bilateral problems. "  He explained that" the implementation of even two thirds of the terms of the agreement, which is scheduled to be signed on the 18th of this month.also remember what Adam said about this: The draft agreement includes 18 items... especially the proceeds of natural resources. He said this is HCL plain and simple
  39. 16 points
    I want to believe that you are right my friend and the fact that tomorrow morning they begin to implement tariffs it could be a weekend we all never forget..... but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.... 🤞🏻
  40. 15 points
    2 full weeks later and the gazette website is still down ...
  41. 15 points
    This thread was listed as a “related topic” to something I was just viewing in the VIP section, otherwise I may have never seen it. The responses above are sufficient, but I’ll chime in anyway. HCL is indeed merely a profit sharing agreement, and until there’s a decent agreement in place regarding profit sharing, we have a difficult road to travel for an RV, which is all about profit. The profits little people like us will see from a change in the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar are small compared to what larger instituitions will realize. This is something that happens every day, and that’s not particularly important. What IS important is this; We can certainly have an RV without the HCL, but doesn’t it make sense that a written agreement that guarantees a portion of the spoils to a major part of the Iraqi (bicracky) population would grease the wheels? I think so. There are times that I oversimplify things - my weekly updates would be regular 6 hour long dissertations if I didn’t. Over the years, I’ve given more than a few deeper looks into my reasonings for the importance of the HCL but I hope I’ve also expressed that it’s not a “requirement”. The Iraqi dinar will increase in value with or without an official HCL. Personally I think the rate will be stronger with the HCL. Also personally, I’d be happy with a lower rate without an official HCL.
  42. 15 points
    Lets keep it nice an on topic. Calling folks stupid, clueless etc..Is not being respectful an will lead to Mod review on future post. Folks you can have a clean conversation without name calling and cuss words. Thanks for cooperation in this matter an have a Great Day and Stay here @DV....
  43. 15 points
    Remember when this was an HCL pinned thread?
  44. 15 points
    And more positive news.. Middle East 02.21.19 Peshmerga, Iraqi army prepare to work together in disputed areas Kosar Nawzad | An hour ago Kurdish Peshmerga forces in the field. (Photo: PAP/EPA/STR) Kurdistan Iraq Erbil Baghdad Peshmerga Iraqi Army ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – Kurdish Peshmerga forces and members of the Iraqi army recently began joint-field surveys in areas disputed between the central and regional governments. The aim, said a senior Peshmerga Ministry official on Wednesday, is for the forces to cooperate in areas where Islamic State militants remain a threat. The statement comes following weeks of multiple rounds of meetings between the ministry and the federal Iraqi military, wherein both agreed to form two high-level and several low-level committees charged with facilitating coordination and cooperation between the two sides in providing security in disputed territories. "The joint committees plan to… conduct a field study of those regions, and consequently, create what is to become the front-line of the Peshmerga Forces and Iraqi Army," said Jabar Yawar, Secretary-General of the Peshmerga Ministry, on a government website. Yawar added that the committees have been participating in an ongoing operation in Salahuddin Province’s Tooz District and Kifri in the province of Diyala. "We plan to redistribute military forces, be them Iraqi or Peshmerga," the official explained, adding that they would "relocate" armed units from areas that are now stable and redeploy them to those where the Islamic State still poses a threat. The Peshmerga have been some of the most effective ground troops in the battle against the Islamic State in Iraq and were instrumental in containing and advancing against the jihadist group in the country's north. In the military operation to liberate Mosul, the self-proclaimed capital of the Islamic State in Iraq, Peshmerga forces broke the line of defense the group was holding and took several areas in the eastern and northern parts of the city, in coordination with Iraqi forces and the US-led coalition. Following the Kurdistan Region's September 2017 referendum on independence, however, cooperation between the two forces abruptly ended, with Peshmerga being pushed from disputed territories by Iraqi military forces and militias. Fears that the Islamic State would re-emerge in vulnerable areas have prompted local and international officials to urge that Iraqi and Kurdish troops return to their previous united front against the common jihadist threat. These latest developments showcase an increased, though often tentative, cooperation between Baghdad and Erbil and a recent general strengthening of relations between them. Editing by John J. Catherine Updated4 minutes ago
  45. 15 points As a VIP member, you can also edit your phone for the text message in that section. FYI to everyone who is NOT VIP, you can still enter your phone number - but you won't get a text. I see a lot of people with phone numbers in there, probably hoping you can sneak in a freebie... it won't work Every member of DV will get a general email. VIPs will get a text and a detailed series of emails with instructions on VIP partner banks, legal professionals, etc.
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    Still down ,folks ,as of 8 EST. This will happen ,so prepare yourselves ,rehearse it in your head as it will be a shock . Say a prayer when you first find out . Keep humble
  47. 15 points
    GameChanger, this is how I see it; 96.5 Tons of Gold $62 billion dollars in foreign currency reserves 42 trillion dinar In circulation 70% of 42 trillion in chunky cash = 29.4 trillion stashed under the mattress 42 trillion IQD in circulation /1190 actual rate = $35.2 billion dollars in circulation $62 billion dollars in foreign currency reserves / $35.2 billion dollars in circulation = $1.76 This is why the CBI said in a statement, “we can cover all the monetary mass by 170%”

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