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Iraq deadline to appoint PM looms

Adam Montana

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20 hours ago, DinarThug said:

They Put 9 Women On The Project To Show Us The Baby...….


                       Well, the GOI has been a LITTLE indecisive lately.

                                  So go get 'em ladies !!    👸  👸  👸


 Image result for funny indecisive women gif
                                                             :lol:  :lol:
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In the document .. Members of Congress address Pompeo to “punish” the killers of the Iraqi demonstrators and interfere with the selection of the Prime Minister




Politics 12/24/2019 10:19 2031 Editor: am    

Baghdad today - translation 


He addressed members of the US Congress, David Troon, Jan Shakovsky, Dean Phelps, and Walken. G. Allred, Tuesday (December 24, 2019), US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo regarding the demonstrations in Iraq and the selection of the next Prime Minister. 

In the text of the letter addressed to Pompeo, and published by Republican David Tron, the four members stated:"Dear Minister Pompeo, protesters in Iraq are standing at a crossroads and looking for support from America, according to figures in the New York Times, more than 500 Iraqis have been killed At the hands of Iranian-backed elements while fighting for their democratic and human rights, thousands of others were injured and imprisoned

Members added: "This is not the kind of behavior we expect from a democratic partner in the Middle East. We commend the administration for its recent imposition of sanctions on corrupt individuals and those who support the suppression of demonstrators and violence against them," noting that "these measures will have a clear impact and the Iraqi people feel Satisfied by the moves to hold human rights violators accountable for their crimes. "

The members continued: "We hope that these sanctions are fully implemented, and that we make sure that other partner countries take similar measures, so we ask that you continue to work urgently to support the legitimate democratic aspirations of the Iraqi people."

The members pointed out that "the Iraqi president is currently making a decision about who will be chosen as the next prime minister, and it is important that the United States be ready to work with a candidate who takes the demands of the Iraqi people seriously."

The signatories emphasized in the document: "We believe that we can work better with Iraqi leaders who represent the best interests of the Iraqi people who will not spill the blood of Iraqi demonstrators, nor will they be corrupt, and they will be the voice of an independent, sovereign Iraq and free of foreign influence."

The members pointed out that "the Iraqi people must have confidence in this choice and their needs must be at the forefront of the decision-making process for Iraqi leaders. The wrong decision may be disastrous for Iraq."

The members continued: "We are confident that the option that the people of Iraq accept will help achieve stability in the country and serve the national interests of both Iraq and America. We look forward to your active participation in Iraq at this critical juncture in the country's history," stressing: "We are ready To assist you and the Iraqi people, in seeking a better future and an ongoing partnership with the American people with sincere appreciation. "




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1 minute ago, DinarThug said:

The Document From The Article Above ...



In the document" ... an urgent request from Congress to the American State Department to intervene in Iraq and support the demonstrators





Baghdad: Yassin Iraq

Members of the US Congress have urged US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to intervene and support the protesters' demands in Iraq, especially the choice of an Iraqi prime minister free from corruption.


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Constitutionally, there is nothing to do with confusion about Article 76 with the current situation. 1/2

Tuesday 24 December 2019
Save everyone except the few behind the controversy over the largest (correct: most numerous) bloc, without paying attention to the fact that the material in question does not constitutionally apply to the current situation in Iraq. Of course, the gasping behind the realization of their unlawful aspirations from the politicians trying to disparage the people, or some obscenity, and imposing the will of the state of the state of the jurist, they know for sure that it does not apply, and they know our certainty but they lie.

Let us consider what exactly Article (76) says in (First):

The President of the Republic shall assign the candidate of the largest number of parliamentary blocs to form a cabinet within fifteen days from the date of the President's election.

Has the President of the Republic been elected, until we count fifteen days from the day of his election? Certainly not.

As for the more numerous bloc referred to, this relates to forming a government after the parliamentary elections, then holding the first session and electing the presidency of the Council of Representatives, then diagnosing the largest number of bloc to present its candidate for the presidency of the Council of Ministers. So this article does not address the assignment of a prime minister after the resignation or dismissal of the former prime minister, as is our case now.

Likewise, before the talk took place about the replacement of the prime minister by the president of the republic when the position was vacant, it became clear that this was wrong, as the text (first) of Article (81) related to this is as follows:

The president of the republic takes the position of prime minister when the position is vacated for any reason .

Here there is no emptiness, and this is what the resigned Prime Minister said, and an uproar was raised against this statement, without heeding that what he said was constitutionally correct. Vacancy is in cases such as death, clinical death, or a disability with which he is unable to perform his duties, or loss of mental capabilities, or the like, and therefore unfortunately remains the head of the caretaker government, until a candidate for another prime minister is appointed, and here the constitution is regrettably silenced On two issues, he did not specify a period during which or the said mandate is to be carried out, then the constitution was silent on the conditions of the candidate in charge of forming the new government. Rather, it is any constitution that did not set conditions even when the largest number candidate failed after the parliamentary elections, but rather left the matter to the President of the Republic, even without referring to the House of Representatives, nor the question about the number that is the most number, or the number that follows, in the event of the failure of the number number of the candidate Where Article (76) in (third) of it stipulates the following:

The President of the Republic shall appoint a new candidate for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers within fifteen days upon the failure of the Prime Minister-designate to form the Ministry within the period stipulated in Clause (Second) of this Article.

"A new candidate," he said. So the constitution left the President of the Republic completely free to choose whoever is appointed by him, who is nominated by the deputies, so that if he wants to be alone in his decision to choose a candidate for only three deputies, or even one deputy, no one can object to it, except that the House of Representatives can then abstain from voting To give this candidate and his cabinet a confidence in the simple majority required, from here it is not expected that the President of the Republic will risk assigning a candidate who is not likely to obtain the approval of the majority of the House of Representatives. But our current situation also has nothing to do with the situation mentioned in (third) of the article.

So neither (first) of Article (76), nor (thirdly) of it, nor Article (81) applies to the current situation, as this is what the 2005 constitution has been silent about, as it left many loopholes, and (similarities) bear interpretation for more than one meaning. I cannot answer a question: Is this intentionally carried out by the influential people in the process of writing the 2005 constitution, and this is very possible, because it has been proven to us that good thinking in this political class is only an illusion that a sane person does not support. Or did it happen to you because of their ignorance and illiteracy in the constitutional culture, and this also has indicators of the validity of its probability.


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On 12/23/2019 at 9:51 AM, DinarThug said:

Announcing the formation of the Electoral Commission Board in Iraq


- 4 Hours Ago



The Supreme Judicial Council of Iraq announced today, Monday, the election of seven judges to form the Council of the Independent High Electoral Commission for Iraq.

Sources in the Supreme Judicial Council stated that, “After the lottery was conducted by the Supreme Judicial Council, judges Abbas Farhan Hassan, Jalil Adnan Khalaf, Amer Musa Muhammad, Fayyad Hussein Yassin, Ali Rashid and state advisers, Inaam Yassin Muhammad and Fattah Muhammad Yassin, were chosen as members of the Electoral Commission Council.”

She explained that the Supreme Judicial Council in the Kurdistan Region had been approached to send two candidates who met the conditions stipulated in the law representing the provinces of the region in the Commission Board.

For the first time since the formation of the Electoral Commission after 2003 to administer the Iraqi elections, a commission council is formed of judges who are not represented in the major parties, as was the custom to manage the upcoming elections.

The formation of the Commission Board of judges is considered in response to the demands of the protest demonstrations after the failure of the previous commission's work.

Arab Jerusalem




The judiciary describes what was reported about the new Election Commission members as “lies” and issues an explanation 




Politics 12/24/2019 10:57 1016    

Baghdad today - Baghdad


On Tuesday (December 23, 2019), the Supreme Judicial Council issued a clarification regarding the allegations published by the new Election Commission members regarding their association with "parties" and the entry of a number of them to the elections, earlier.

The council said in a statement it received (Baghdad today), that it "regrets the lies published by some regarding the masters of the judges who won the lottery for choosing the election commission council by claiming their nomination by the parties, and which confirms that this published information is false information is not correct is the claim that judges Kurdish candidates are nominated by the two Kurdish parties, while the district council of the Kurdistan region has not nominated to now any judge of the province has not conducted the draw for the judges to the region now because of the nomination of a judge , a Kurd , and this is what has been mentioned in the word The Supreme Judicial Council on December 23, 2019, on the occasion of the drawing of lots.

The statement added: "As for the rest of the judges, the Supreme Judicial Council affirms that none of them are affiliated with any party or political organization, especially since Article 98 (second paragraph) of the constitution prohibits the judge from belonging to any party or political organization or working in any activity Politically, if the judges who won membership in the Board of Commissioners or others had a political affiliation, none of them would remain in the judiciary mainly because it is excluded from working as a judge or public prosecutor because of his violation of the constitution, as the Supreme Judicial Council affirms that none of them is nominated by any party It was political, but the nomination was by the appeals courts in which they work. " 

He pointed out that "the Council also confirms that the judges who won the lottery have never participated in running for the previous elections, and the records of the Electoral Commission prove that and whoever has a document otherwise can submit it to the judiciary and the media." 

The Supreme Judicial Council called on "all concerned to review the speech of the Council on December 23, 2019 on the occasion of the lottery and video recording, to see the details of this process, which was carried out in a high transparency and in the presence of the Deputy Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, who personally took the candidate names in the lottery balls And then the winning names were withdrawn by them. "

The Supreme Judicial Council concluded: "The Supreme Judicial Council calls on everyone to respect the state's professional institutions and not to be entangled in political or mass events taking place and to be careful in conveying information and credibility because one of the characteristics of true patriotism is to preserve state institutions and not to shake the confidence of citizens in them by spreading false information ".    

000%20(1).jpg?watermark=4      000%20(2).jpg?watermark=4       000%20(3).jpg?watermark=4       000%20(4).jpg?watermark=4      000%20(5).jpg?watermark=4

On Monday (23 December 2019), the Higher Judicial Council held the lottery for the members of the Electoral Commission Council.

In a statement, the Media Center of the Supreme Judicial Council stated that after the drawing of lots, the judges were chosen by Abbas Farhan Hassan, Jalil Adnan Khalaf, Amer Musa Muhammad, Fayyad Hussain Yassin, and Ali Rashid.

He pointed out that the choice was made on "state advisors Inaam Yassin Mohamed and Fattah Muhammad Yassin as members of the Electoral Commission Council."

He pointed out that "the draw for the judges of the Kurdistan region will take place after a few days, and they will start their work as members of the Electoral Commission, and after that they will elect a president for them among them."


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Saleh: We are doing everything we can to overcome the current situation towards further reform


Saleh: We are doing everything we can to overcome the current situation towards further reform
12/24/2019 14:59

Today, Tuesday, President of the Republic Barham Salih congratulated our entire Christian and humanitarian children on the occasion of Christmas.

In the following the text of the congratulations:

“With the advent of Christmas, we extend our warmest congratulations to the Iraqi Christian brotherhood, inside and outside the country, and to all Christians and humanity as a whole on this fragrant occasion, the occasion of the birth of the Messenger of Love and Peace, Jesus Christ (peace be upon him). We all take inspiration on the anniversary of the glorious and valuable Christmas. high that came by Christ for a world of serenity and brotherhood and human dignity, faith and goodness. It is the values shared by divine religions, which lived human, humanitarian Pfla yokes, in order to attain and coexistence which in peace and contentment.

Thus lived our people in various religions And his sects with love, cooperation and synergy over the centuries, and he gave this example of good coexistence. Thus, we stand with reverence, appreciation and gratitude in front of the will of our Christian people, and they decide to refrain from the manifestations of Eid for this year in honor of the blood and sacrifices of the people of the martyrs and wounded from peaceful demonstrators and the armed forces and in appreciation of the general condition of the country, a circumstance that we hope and do everything we can to overcome it towards further reform The consolidation of the security and stability of the country and the advancement and progress of it in a manner that meets the aspirations of our people of all religions, sects and nationalities, and enhances our unity and synergy.

Glory to the great birthday, the gratitude of the memory of Christ, and the love of our Christian people wherever they are, we always pray and pray for us and humanity for peace, freedom, prosperity and human brotherhood. ”
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The Iraqi street refuses to nominate a prime minister on the scale of Iran


- 10 Hours Ago



BAGHDAD - The parties in power in Iraq continue to resist the enormous pressure of the protesting street against corruption and dependency abroad, while observers receive clear indications that the battle between protesters and the political class may be long.

Although the street forced Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi to submit his resignation, the forces that supported him insisted on producing his successor in the same way that caused the mass demonstrations to erupt, continuing for three months, and did not appear to be weakening.

Informed political sources in Baghdad told Al-Arab that “Iran is pressuring its allies in Iraq to present alternatives to the political blockage, which is represented by the inability to present an alternative candidate to Abdul-Mahdi.

Iran wants to keep the Shiite parties loyal to it all its political gains, in order to be able to continue to lead the country, but this requirement may go into the category of luxury these days.

Under the pressure of the street, the chances of candidate Qusay al-Suhail to succeed Abdul Mahdi, whose name was given by the leader of the State of Law coalition Nuri al-Maliki, have declined.

Immediately after the nomination of Al-Suhail, the protesters hung their image next to the image of al-Maliki in the most important protest arenas in Baghdad and the provinces, and put an "x" in it to indicate his rejection.

Those close to al-Maliki told Al-Arab, “The leader of the State of Law coalition may have accelerated his decision to nominate Al-Suhail.

And it is no longer important for Shiite forces loyal to Iran to commit a constitutional violation by passing the deadline for assigning a candidate to form a government without agreeing on any name, as much as he is busy searching for a candidate who can cross the angry street barrier.

The construction alliance, which is close to Iran, held an urgent meeting on Monday evening, to discuss the candidacy of Al-Suhail, which has caused wide political divisions, given his suspicious relations with the Lebanese Hezbollah and his subordination to the owners.

After the meeting, the leader of the coalition, Ahmed Al-Asadi, said that the building will finalize its nomination today permanently, adding that “We have names, an alternative that can be put forward, but we are committed to the nomination of Al-Suhail and we will engage in dialogues with other blocs to form the government.”

Arab sources say that the construction coalition does not want to rush to give up Al-Suhail, because this matter will encourage the protesters to reject other candidates.

But the coalition is already trading other names, most notably Asaad al-Eidani, who is currently the governor of Basra, and he is known as a personal friend of the commander of the Quds Force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Qassem Soleimani, and the former youth minister Abd al-Hussein Abtan, who was nominated by the stream of wisdom led by Ammar al-Hakim.

Observers say that a quick look at the options on the table to choose the successor to Abdul Mahdi reveals that satisfying Iran, not protesters, is the goal of the Shiite parties behind this movement, which puts them in direct confrontation with the angry street.

In parallel, there was a sensation over the election of judges linked to political parties, to run the commission, which will oversee the early elections that the protesters demand to be held quickly.

The Supreme Judicial Council in Iraq said that it had named a number of its members to administer the Electoral Commission by drawing lots, but MPs and media have confirmed that the process was done through party nominations.

Member of Parliament, Alia Nassif, confirmed that three of the judges who were delegated to run the Electoral Commission had previously run in elections through party lists.

Political sources said that a member of the new commission, Judge Abbas Farhan Al-Fatlawi, is a candidate for the State of Law coalition in the 2014 elections, adding that Judge Jalil Adnan Khalaf had previously been nominated on the Sadrist current lists in the city of Nasiriyah.

She explained that the third member of the commission, Judge Amer Musa, had previously been nominated on the lists of the Badr Organization, while the fourth judge, Fayyad Hussein Yassin, was nominated for membership of the commission by the leader of the Salvation Alliance, Osama al-Nujaifi.

The rest of the candidates, Muhammad al-Halbousi, the two major parties in the Kurdish region, the Kurdistan Democratic Party, and the National Union, shared the remaining candidates.

The main demands of the protesters were to form a fair election commission, independent of the parties, to ensure a real change in the political scene.

And if the political forces loyal to Iran manage to pass their candidate to head the new government and install the new commission members in their chosen locations, the political change will be a postponed dream in Iraq, observers believe that it may not be achieved except with a violent uprising against the ruling political class.

The Arabs


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The first comment by the Sadrists on Al-Aidani's candidacy for prime minister




25th December, 2019

The Saeron Alliance, which is supported by the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, commented today, Wednesday, on the news that spoke about the nomination of the current governor of Basra, Asaad Al-Eidani, to head the next government. "The position of the Alliance Walkers is clear and announced from the beginning, as it is against any candidate for prime minister, which is rejected by the demonstrators. The position of the Allies is supportive of what the protesters support exclusively," said Raad Al-Maksousi, a member of the coalition, to Shafaq News.

And Al-Maksousi said, "The demonstrators announced the specifications of the next prime minister, and these specifications are not available in the current governor of Basra, Asaad Al-Eidani, and this is why alliances do not support this nomination, and it only supports the nomination of the people, and the candidate who meets the specifications of the demonstrators." And confirmed reports received from the capital Baghdad on Wednesday that the construction alliance led by the Secretary General of the "Badr" organization Hadi al-Amiri, and head of the State of Law coalition Nuri al-Maliki has nominated the current governor of Basra, Asaad al-Eidani, to fill the position of Prime Minister to succeed resigner Adel Abdul Mahdi. It is noteworthy that the "construction" coalition, as the largest bloc as alleged, had recently presented the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the current caretaker government, Qusay al-Suhail, to take over as prime minister, but he did not have the support of the protesters and the "Saeron" coalition supported by the leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada Chest to be withdrawn

According to the information obtained by Shafak News, the Construction Alliance held a meeting late at night that lasted until dawn today, which led to Al-Eidani’s nomination for the position of President of the next Federal Government. The information indicates that the coalition will send a letter to the Presidency of the Republic for the purpose of instructing Al-Aidani to form the new government.

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Pioneers of social networking sites expose Al-Aidani's candidacy for prime minister .. a murderer and a corrupt

Wednesday 25 December 2019



Baghdad - Writings


Activists on social media laughed at the construction alliance's insistence on its domination of political life in the country despite the Iraqi revolution against Iranian men in Iraq.

This was a comment on what was reported in the local media, on Wednesday, December 25, 2019, about the presentation of the construction alliance led by Hadi Al-Amiri and Nuri al-Maliki, the name of the candidate Asaad Al-Aidani to President Barham Saleh for approval as prime minister.




🔴 رئيس الجمهورية يستلم كتاب ترشيح اسعد العيداني من تحالف البناء 

الفيديو يشرح من هو أسعد العيداني ؟

قاتل شباب انتفاضة ٢٠١٨ و ٢٠١٩
مدمر البنية التحتية للبصرة والمسؤول عن انهيار الخدمات فيها وتسمم 100 الف من سكانها بالمياه المالحة

The President of the Republic receives the book of the nomination of Asaad Al-Eidani from the Construction Alliance. The video explains who is Asaad Al-Eidani. Youth of the 2018 and 2019 uprising killers destroyed the infrastructure in Basra and responsible for the collapse of services in it and poisoned 100 thousand of its residents with salt water







Conscious / Al-Eidani leaves the presidential palace without orders to assign him to head the government

December 25, 2019

Conscious / Al-Eidani leaves the presidential palace without orders to assign him to head the government




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Toward turning the page on Iranian militias


- 13 Hours Past



The year 2019, which is nearing its end, revealed the beginning of the decline in the influence of the sectarian militias established by Iran, which they believed were the main weapon in promoting its expansion project in the whole region, especially where there is an Arab presence, starting with Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon ... all the way to Yemen, passing through the nature of the situation in Bahrain And every Arab country is near or far.

What reveals the beginning of the retreat is the fierce attack launched by Iran through its various tools in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen in order to confirm that its project has not suffered a real setback, and that there is room for its long-term continuation. Iran, which is since 1979 in the event of a continuous flight out of its borders, does not realize that its project is unable to provide a successful model in any field, given that it cannot provide anything, neither politically, economically, culturally, educationally, or socially. . All he can do is misery, underdevelopment and the spread of poverty, as well as stirring sectarian instincts in a region that does not need this kind of practice.

Iran is doing everything it can to keep Iraq as it is, that is, under Iranian tutelage. This explains the threats made by General Qassem Soleimani, commander of the "Quds Force" in the Iranian "Revolutionary Guard" to Iraqi figures who dared to object to the Iranian dictates, including Muqtada al-Sadr. A few weeks ago, Muqtada al-Sadr put himself at the disposal of "Supreme Leader" Ali Khamenei when he sat down to the obedient student session in his council in Tehran. That seems to be not enough. What is required of Muqtada al-Sadr to forget that he is an Iraqi and to accept that he is just another soldier in the army of the Guardian Jurist.

What Iran is doing in Iraq, in Syria, or in Lebanon is only a sign of weakness. It is the result of the failure to create an effective and sustainable economic system in the long run. For this reason, we currently see Iran seeking to assert that it will not retreat, not in Syria, in Iraq, in Lebanon, or in Yemen? In Syria, for example, there is a definite Iranian expansion to the outskirts of Aleppo, but the Syrian political decision has become more Russian than Iranian, at a time when I began to ask questions in Moscow about the feasibility of placing Russia itself in the service of an Iranian project that has no future. This happens while Russia is required to use Syria as a card in the game of tensions between Moscow and Washington, which withdrew militarily from the Syrian north without withdrawing from it.

Where was the Iranian project exposed? The answer is, quite simply, that it was revealed after the American change under Donald Trump. For the first time, there is an administration that knows exactly what the Iranian regime is and deals with it in a different way. Perhaps the most important thing that is happening now is the presence of secret US-Iranian negotiations, directly and indirectly. After each round of negotiations, the American administration will resort to pushing for new sanctions on Iran, or on Iranian tools in Iraq and Lebanon. This is what distinguishes the current administration from the previous administrations, the least so far. There are American conditions that Iran cannot escape from. These conditions are clear and logical. The problem was never in the Iranian nuclear file, as Barack Obama and those around him believed. The problem with Iran's behavior at the regional level. Is it a normal country or not ... or is it a regional power that thinks that it can play a role outside its borders and make certain Arab states a crime in its orbit?

Until recently, the prevailing belief at the regional and international levels was that there is no way to stop the Iranian push, especially after the administration of George Bush Jr. handed Iraq over a plate of silver to the “Islamic Republic” in 2003, and after Tehran believed that it could manipulate any American administration and use it to serve its project. The US administration’s passage of the assassination of Rafik Hariri in February 2005 and the replacement of Iran by the Syrian guardian over Lebanon is only evidence that Tehran needed in order to establish its conviction that it can deal with various American administrations and contain its reactions to serve its interests.

There is no doubt that Iran will try to withstand the American sanctions that appear to have affected them a lot and made them resort to more hostility, especially in Iraq, Lebanon and inside Iran itself, where it took more than three hundred people to put down the recent popular uprising, an uprising that can be renewed in Every moment in a non-Iranian province.

The wind appears to be serving the administration at a time when there is no indication that Donald Trump will lose the November 2020 elections, despite all the internal difficulties he faces in Congress, including the Democrats who control the House of Representatives seeking to isolate him.

Donald Trump remains in a strong position until further notice, at a time when there is an Iranian bet on change in America in the fall of 2020. Iran is still betting on the Democrats and that they will return to the first square, that is, to the conviction that the Iranian nuclear file reduces all the region’s problems and crises And that it is sufficient to adhere to the signed agreement in the summer of 2015 in order for Tehran to go again to its favorite hobby, that is, to play the role of the dominant regional power that wields power in this Arab country or that, and at the same time blackmail America and Europe.

Iran does not know that a page has been turned. This page is the page of its militia and that Trump has returned to the White House or not. Not only does the page collapse because the Iranian project failed miserably for economic reasons first and foremost, but also because Iran, sooner or later, should take care of the Iranians and not threaten Muqtada al-Sadr, or bring Hassan Diab to be prime minister in Lebanon ...

In any case, it will be confirmed in the year 2020 that the Iranian project can only be reversed, just because it is an artificial project. Where will Iran get funding for this project at a time when Lebanon has become a penniless country, and at a time when it has been rejected by most Iraqi people, from the Shiites before the Sunnis? What ultimately turned out to be a much more effective dollar-based sanctions weapon than any military strike here, there or there.

The Arabs


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58 minutes ago, Gunnytex said:

Waiting for the shoe to drop.

Have Clown Shoes (And A Big Top) - Will Travel ! :o 


What Are 'Clownshoes'? In Online Jargon?

Yo Snap - Now Them Is Some Wicked Sweet Super Fresh Kicks’ ...


:D  :D  :D  

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59 minutes ago, DinarThug said:

Have Clown Shoes (And A Big Top) - Will Travel ! :o 


What Are 'Clownshoes'? In Online Jargon?

Yo Snap - Now Them Is Some Wicked Sweet Super Fresh Kicks’ ...


:D  :D  :D  


nice wingtip D thug probably a little tight in the toe box though .... :tiphat:

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5 hours ago, slb said:

Love him or hate him, Trump called this before he was even elected POTUS .


Trump wrote an op-ed, before the War even started. He said the best political balance is if Iran and Iraq are roughly equal in power...then they balance each other out in power. That's why Trump said the war would be a bad idea: it would throw out the power balance in the region.....Trump was right.....When Iraq was weakened by the war, Iran moved in, controlled the politicians, and the Iranians wanted to control Iraq, so they could control the oil and have a lot of power and money. Trump had different ideas about that: Trump started to weaken Iran as soon as he got in, putting economic sanctions on forward several years, till today: Now Iran is much weakened and this civil unrest is happening. So now there are native forces in Iraq who want massive change....the Iraqi people. This includes Iraqis who want Iranian influenced removed from Iraq, which is also part of the American Agenda. So now Iraqis and Americans are on the same page. We have common interests and a common enemy. That's good. It means we are going to win. So now, it's not that America is manipulating the process. It's more like America and Iran are still fighting a war for influence in Iraq....and have been for a while, but things are shifting, very very quickly. That's what this news means. And now? Iran is losing, very very badly. Trump has played this brilliantly. He knew the solution to the crisis, even before the crisis and war began. He knew the mistakes the other players would make and how to fix them. He knew that, before the game had even begun. And now President Trump is implementing the solution to that crisis. 


This is what 4D Chess looks like: before the game had actually started, President Trump knew where the game was headed and how to win that game. Absolutely brilliant. And the great thing is, the game will be won, not by imposing on Iraq what they don't want, but rather by helping Iraqis take control of their own country and give themselves a positive future. 


That's my interpretation, of the last post from DinarThug on this thread.


For me the best part is, Iraqi people get to have a great future, that starts shortly, plus I'll make a lot of money on this bet. 


America will win. Iraq will win. Iran will lose. You will win. My bank account is going to win.


So will yours.


Be prepared. The smell of Victory is in the air.....👃

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Others Are Responding To A Deal To Pass The Prime Minister Candidate In Exchange For A Conservative Position




26th December, 2019


Member of the Sawaroun Parliamentary Bloc, Sabah Taloubi, affirmed his bloc's refusal to nominate any figure for prime minister, which does not match the people's will and the directions of the supreme authority.

Taloubi said in a statement, "There is a satellite channel that promoted news that is not related to the truth regarding the conclusion of a deal to pass a specific candidate in exchange for the block of others walking on the position of the governor in one of the governorates," calling that satellite to "be careful and objective and not to enter into political debates."

Taloubi added, “The Parliamentary Bloc of the Walkers pledged to the Iraqi people that it would be the impenetrable rock that all political conspiracies and intrigues are shattered,” pointing out that “any figure presented to the position of prime minister does not fit the will of the people and the directions of the supreme authority.

He explained, "We are in the Block of Walkers, accustomed to not responding to media exaggerations and false assumptions except by practical application."

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