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  1. So if Proud Boys are racist. Why are there so many blacks amongst them. Since when do they identify as white supremacist ? reminds me of a Dave Chapel skit😳😃
  2. That debate was simply a train wreck. Trump can be his own worst enemy sometimes. He needs to take It down a notch or two to win over some of the independents. He did have some good lines though. Wallace needs to go, his bias was obvious.
  3. Clueless...Perhaps you would enjoy BLM AND Antifa in your neighborhood!
  4. Here is wishing ! And when the crazy libs lose their shift and start rioting again, he needs to bring the hammer down hard with the National Guard .
  5. I don’t think most of us are ok with 17 year olds running around with guns. The point is that this probably wouldn’t of happened if these BLM and Antifa fools weren’t running around looting and stealing unchecked. People do have a right to defend there stuff and themselves in general .
  6. Surely you are not suggesting a person is guilty before all the facts are Brought to light. The so called gangs roaming the street, are a result of the so called peaceful protests that the Dems refuse to acknowledge as a problem. Cause and effect.
  7. And there is always more to the story. Stay tuned, the full video Doesn’t lie.....
  8. Back when the lame stream media was a bit more honest...
  9. Peaceful ? Really..... This is laughable at best that people actually believe this BS. Trump has accused the peacefulprotesters of George Floyd’s killing of being bandits and criminals,
  10. The point is, while he may not be perfect, who amongst us are ? He has done some pretty incredible heartfelt things.
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