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  1. So now this article from BBC says shia. sorry for confusion... Appear even news outlets are confused. In a video released on his social media accounts on Saturday, Mr Allawi announced that he had been nominated and called on Iraqis to continue protesting until their demands were met. "If not for your sacrifices and your bravery, there would have been no change in the country," he said. "I believe in you, and for this reason I will ask you to continue protesting." He promised to hold those responsible for the killing of protesters accountable and to combat corruption. Mr Allawi, who is Shia, studied and worked in Lebanon and the UK before entering Iraqi politics following the 2003 invasion. He served as minister of communications twice.
  2. From a 2012 article , appears to be Sunni. Iraq's communications minister has resigned, accusing Prime Minister Nouri Maliki of refusing to stop "political interference" in his ministry. Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi, a member of the Sunni-backed Iraqiyya bloc, said he had submitted his resignation a month ago, but that it had only now been accepted. There has been no word yet from the prime minister on the allegations.
  3. For some reason I thought he was Sunni... Which would be better for the Kurds and worse for the Iranians.
  4. Is this Allawi Sunni or Shia ?
  5. 😮 I'm shocked.. Time to stop to stop the auctions and let these thieves and liars stand on their own .
  6. No, you the Iraq Government chose Iran. That's why your in this mess, you bunch of dumb @#%&!
  7. Who is Guru Jeff ? Is he any more believable than the other two listed ? Hope so.....
  8. I was always confused by this. Was it their money that had been frozen, or our tax payer money ? Either way it should not have been given, as they used it against us ....
  9. He also used the words there will be a grave surrender. Perhaps they will suddenly implode from within.
  10. Could this be the beginning of a grave surrender spoken of by Clement ?
  11. Love him or hate him, Trump called this before he was even elected POTUS .
  12. Perhaps they shouldn't have bit the hand that feeds them........
  13. I wonder if this might have been part of the over all discussion with Trump and China regarding a trade deal.
  14. Thinking about the dream a bit more - Maybe they announce some type of RV/RI August, but in typical Iraq fashion they drag it through the rest of 19 somehow . Anyhow, here's hoping they do something !
  15. The Committee on Economy and Investment in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, revealed in 2014 that the Central Bank completed its preparations for the issuance of coins of seven small categories graduallyin a project that takes between four to five years to complete. No matter how you read this, it should be done. WTH are we waiting for ?
  16. Even before he was Prez,, Trump said Iran ran Iraq. Lets hope that isn't a bad thing with currency reform....
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