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  1. That was a good answer. If you distrust this guy it means you have actually listened to him, so you are more open minded than most people. However: you didn't tell me why you think he's wrong. Why do you think he's wrong, from a legal point of view? Be specific.
  2. Styxhexenhammer666 has a good video today, explaining why he thinks Trump will win. Sure there was lots of fraud, but Trump may win, based on Constitutional issues regarding mail in voting. The public and media is being distracted by the hand puppet of fraud, which is real but not necessarily the issue to over turn this election:
  3. Comedian Louis CK once said, "Flying is amazing, if you think about it. You are sitting in a chair, in the sky. In the sky." I would add: you are travelling 600 miles per hour, in a chair in the sky, in a tin can, 5 miles up in the air. ...I believe in the laws of physics, I depend on them. I also believe in prayer. Saying a little prayer for Adam's safety would be fine. Come back safe. 🏝️✈️🛬
  4. I definitely think the Republicans are right, this election has massive fraud, Trump likely won. I don't have perfect proof yet, it's just my intuition. As a Canadian I don't have any real say, but I try to be objective...and enjoy the Show 🍺 To the Republicans I say: If you are proven wrong, I hope you admit it, if Biden actually won. To the Democrats I say: If you are proven wrong, I hope you admit it, if Trump actually won. To both sides: fight like hell for the truth, till it comes out. Whoever wins, be a graceful winner. To whoever loses, if you support
  5. A short time after Benjamin Franklin and other delegates had concluded their work on the U.S. Constitution, a woman approached Ben Franklin and asked him "Well, Dr. Franklin, what have you done for us?” “We have given you a Republic. It remains to be seen if you will be able to retain it.” This is an exciting time for Americans, particularly the ones who still believe in honesty. It's a time to fight, to save your country. Remember: you are part of history. What you do affects the future. It's up to you to be a hero, to make the future for your children and grandchildr
  6. I think the U.S. redeployment tells me we are near the end. Adam Montana said a short time ago, this thing will be settled, as far as currency trading and the value of the Iraqi Dinar, within a short time period, six months at most. I don't remember AM's exact timeline. Let's guess by May 2020. Once Iraq is no longer occupied at all, it will be up to Iraq to sort everything out. It's success or miserable failure depends on it's elites, not on America. Also America has it's own oil now, doesn't need to be there. America has fracking and as much oil as it wants, for however long it w
  7. When I was a kid at Bible Camp, when my brother was sleeping in his bunk bed, I stuck his hand in warm water. He peeed in his sleep. 😇 Someone had told me "like draws out like". OK....someone stick Iraq's hand in warm water. Maybe they will RV their currency too. Maybe "like draws out like".😁🤑
  8. I'm remembering American Vets today. When we make a lot of money, we do so because of American service men and women. Thank a vet for all they do. America's best.
  9. The could not take out Trump with fake Russian hoax, so they rigged the election. The Supreme Court holds the future. Election was rigged. Obvious to anyone. What will the courts rule? Only fair way forward is to re-vote in person in key battleground states, under strict new rules imposed by the courts. The future of the American Republic is at stake. Speak up, don't let them take your country, your future. God bless and good luck.
  10. Don't rush Iraq, don't rush. Take your time, you have all the time in the world. Nothing to see here. ⏰
  11. I had a dream last night. Went to the bank. Met the banker lady. I told her "I need some financial advice. I took a risky investment, that looks like it will pay off.".....first time I had an actual dream about the RV.
  12. One of these days, one of these days these Iraqi jackasses are going to surprise the hell out of you. They will actually do something right for a change. In Army terms, the situation in Iraq is normally TARFU or SNAFU. Normally in Iraq everything is SUSFU or FUBU or FUBAR. I'm sure you know what I mean...We on Dinar Vets have on this site watched Iraq perform many Imperial FU over the years. But: A broken clock is right, once a day. ⏰One day, you'll see: they will actually do something right, one day. When that happens, you will be so shocked your brain will not know how to process it. It wil
  13. This is Peter Zheihan recently talking about American intentions in the Middle East. This is not a bluff. America is leaving, repositioning. Embassy moved? I suspect if American doesn't get what it wants, chopping up Iraq, freeing up Kurdistan may be in the cards. Come together boys and girls.
  14. The way I look at life, it's kind of The Hero's Journey for everyone. Life requires courage, over coming obstacles, not letting failure get in your way. We all have a chance to be heroes in our own lives, to over come our personal obstacles, try for a better future for ourselves and our children. We all have different dreams, different obstacles to over come, but we all share the common human condition of having difficult lives and what to do about it. Countries are no different. They are just collections of people. The leaders of those countries must decide what to fight for, what they want t
  15. Speculation: The Kurds seemed to be all smiles lately, coming up roses, agreeing on things. The mood in Kurdistan has definitely changed. Hopes are high for an oil law and RV. I share that optimism. But WHY were the Kurds so happy recently? My guess is they got behind closed door assurances from the United States, that remaining American forces will be re-deployed to Kurdistan, if no peace deal is reached. The Kurds would love that. It would give them military protection. They are a 20% minority in Iraq and they have been persecuted in the past, by Arab Iraqis. Now we see that the American emb
  16. .......I will give $5 to whoever can convince me that Mr. Burns and Mr. Rothschild were not separated at birth. 🤣
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