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  1. Where is the dog that didn't bark?....to use an old Sherlock Holmes cliche What I mean is, sure Iraq has decided to stop importing gas and electricity from Iran. Sure that's a big big deal. Sure it hurts Iran. Sure it strengthens Iraq. Sure it weakens the hold that Iran had over the government of Iraq. Sure, chopping off πŸͺ“a major income stream πŸ’² to the Trollatollahs πŸ‘³β€β™‚οΈ...who run Iran is great.... However, the dog that didn't bark is that the Iraq government would never do this, unless they had another reliable supplier. They would never put themselves and their economy at risk, if there was no other reliable supplier. Maybe I missed it, but who is guaranteeing Iraq's gas and electricity now? 😺...where is that dog?
  2. What I learned from this video: Joe Biden is going to beat Joe Biden. Let's all help Joe Biden, to defeat Joe Biden this fall.
  3. Billy Joel the singer is involved in Iraq politics? πŸ˜„...must be the beer I just had...
  4. EO 13303.....I am very superstitious about numbers. I have a strong feeling about all those number 3s. πŸ˜„
  5. So this was set to expire? Very curious timing, I'd say. Very curious.It might have been issued because they are getting ready to RV...or not...time will tell.
  6. My guess as to what Iran is thinking: Iran thought President Trump would bomb their country, destroy it's military, but would not bother invading Iran. So Iran eased off. Low oil prices are hurting Iran badly. The sanctions are hurting Iran badly. The Iranians are hoping Joe Biden gets elected. My guess is Iran read the situation correctly. President Trump would have bombed their military, destroying the Iranian Navy and Air Force. Good call, Iran....imo
  7. America prints money all the time, to get out of a financial hole. So why can't Iraq do the same?...just like the U.S.? Because: -America has the world's largest economy -America has the world's best military -America is the world's global police -without America policing the world, international trade could not happen -oil is a vital commodity, the world's economy would die without oil movement, America protects oil movement on the high seas -the world has confidence in the American dollar -much of the world uses the American dollar as their reserve currency -because the world uses the US dollar as reserve, this drives demand for American dollars, makes them valuable All these factors give America the ability to print far more American dollars, than common sense would say is possible or warranted. Iraq can't do that. Most countries could not do what America does, printing it's way out of financial trouble. American money is off the gold standard, so it's worth is what people say it is, what they are willing to trade, for U.S. dollars. Because of these factors, there is a great deal of global confidence in the American dollar. And that's not going away, any time soon. Really, you know who supports the American dollar? This guy: This guy is the core of America. To "this guy" I say: Now think about Iraq. It has none of the advantages that America does. That's why Iraq must stick to economic principles that are much more conservative than America follows. No one around the world has confidence in the Dinar. Just printing more Iraqi Dinar would be the stupidest thing possible. The currency is not traded now. No one around the world has confidence in the Iraqi currency. Why would anyone want it, if the Iraqi government printed more currency that no one in the world wants? Printing more Iraqi currency at it's current value would destroy the Iraqi economy. How to back the Iraqi currency, so the world has confidence in it? Back it with gold, back it with oil, trade it internationally. I'm sure that as soon as Iraq complies with the "To Do" list that the world financial community has given the Iraqi government, they can trade their currency again internationally. Then large amounts of foreign investment can flow into Iraq, building up their economy. If Iraq prints more of it's currency, at it's present value, then it's done as a country...imo... That won't work, so I can't see that happening. I am not an economist, but have a bit of common sense. That's my two cents worth!
  8. Printing more currency? Two Options: 1-print more of a worthless currency to help yourself 2-Print a new currency, with lower denominations, trade your currency at a high rate to encourage growth Which makes more sense? Comment: Option 1 makes no sense. It doesn't help solve your problems. Option 2 makes sense. It helps solve your problems My guess: They have no choice, due to Covid-19 crash in oil prices. They don't want to do it. The useless Iraqi politicians are still useless. They want to keep the corruption going, deep robbing their citizens blind.....but they simply have no choice. President Trump made a congratulations call to this current politician, so if President Trump has some faith in him, that's good.....International bankers know this is the exact time that it's easy to apply maximum pressure on the corrupt Iraqi politicians. Timing for maximum leverage is part of The Art of the Deal....International bankers don't have to loan them money. We can let Iraq blow up. We don't need their oil. My guess: most of the Iraqi politicians will continue their foot dragging and corruption, till their internal politics, their internal finances no longer allow them that option. It sounds like we are getting close to that now, based on the news. I would not at all be surprised if the Iraqi Dinar started to trade and increased dramatically in value....before July. I once knew a man named Bob. He had a heart attack. Bob survived. For years before that, Bob could never find the willpower to lose weight. After a talk with his doctor to follow up on his heart attack, Bob lost 30 pounds the same year... It's funny how Bob suddenly developed the commitment to get healthier.... Keep the faith people. It's gonna happen.
  9. The news just keeps getting better and better. The "Stars are Aligning", folks. Pigs are ready to fly!
  10. How I feel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSq4B_zHqPM
  11. Before this latest Iraq War started under George Bush the Second...it was Donald Trump, then a citizen, who wrote an op-ed in a New York paper, saying the invasion of Iraq was a mistake that would be very costly. Of course he was right. Citizen Trump also said Iran and Iraq were always balancing each other out in power, that's why a war was a bad idea. He said one of the reasons the invasion of Iraq was dumb was that it would weaken Iraq, which would allow Iran to become dominant in the region. Citizen Trump said that would screw up regional stability. Citizen T said the regional balance of power would be thrown off by a war and that imbalance would have to be corrected....at great cost to America. In all these things CT was right, was far far far ahead of everyone, in figuring this thing out. Then war happened. Time passed. Then Citizen Trump became President Trump. One of his many tasks was straightening out the foreign policy mess of his predecessors. To that end, President Trump wisely got rid of the foolish nuclear deal that President Obama had signed with Iran. Then President Trump put in sanctions with real teeth, onto Iran. This of course weakened the Iranian currency and the Iranian economy. Iran is getting weaker. That's why there are protests in the streets of Tehran. All this has been designed by President Trump, to re-balance power in the region, as he originally stated in his op-ed, before the war actually started. It's the same with taking out the Iranian General Soleimani, the rat who was orchestrating all the Iranian trouble-making, in Iran....He was removed to weaken Iran. As everyone knows, one of the biggest obstacles to an RV was all the trouble Iran has been causing, in Iraq. So now Iran's currency is being changed? Good. They have become so weak in Iran, their currency has become so worthless that they must do this..... But for President Trump's grand political power re-structuring of the ME to be successful, there is one missing ingredient. Yes, Iran has been severely weakened, but remember, that is only half he equation. (a + b X C -1) = R x 4 The other half the equation, is Iraq. For President Trump's vision of a regional power balance to work, Iraq must be strengthened, so that Iraq is no longer threatened by Iran. Making Iraq strong enough so it can cope with the threat of Iran requires many things. There is a method to this madness there are rulz here. One of the main things it requires is an Iraqi currency that is brought up to it's previous strength. If President Trump's vision for the ME succeeds, those of us who own the currency of Iraq, we stand to make a lot of money. Do you have your stand-by RV party plan? Cheers! ....here's my party Corona plan:
  12. β€œDepend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.” ― Samuel Johnson, The Life of Samuel Johnson LL.D. Vol 3
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