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Adam Montana - Site Issues Almost Done... And A Dinar Update !

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CNN. Broadcasting Adam's Email From This Morning !



Hey hey it's Wednesday! Happy hump day, everyone!


I know the site is still running excruciatingly slow,
so I'm not even going to bother posting this on there.

Moving to a new server is NEVER easy, and this time
is not doing us any special favors... I apologize once
again for the torture!

The good news is we are almost complete on the project,
and maybe just in time as we are done with Ramadan and
the celebration of the end of Ramadan. (Is it just me,
or are you all constantly impressed with their
never-ending supply of holidays!?)

Nothing major has sprung up since the end of the holiday,
but I do find it interesting that today's Parliament
session included these items:

"Ninth: report and discuss the draft law on ratification
the Convention on Avoidance of Double Taxation Law and
exchange of information with respect to taxes on income
and capital ... "

"Eleventh: Report and discussion of the draft law of the
government banks. (Finance Committee ,Legal Committee )..."

Why would we be hearing about these things if they planned
to stay poor? I don't think they would :)

What we really want to hear about is the HCL... since
that's not happening yet, I'll get back to fixing the
site issues.

Again, my apologies for the ridiculously slow page load
times! The migration is almost done, and I'll send another
email once we're back in full swing.

Have a great day!

- Adam Montana

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1 minute ago, desert surfer said:

Thanks Adam, keep up the good work. You are very much appreciated, more then you know. 

YES Indeedy....I Concur....You Truly Are Appreciated....Much More than You Know, Adam!   :twothumbs:  :tiphat:!!!

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2 hours ago, DinarThug said:

Why would we be hearing about these things if they planned
to stay poor? I don't think they would :)

and  I  hope  that  the  push from  sadr  , and  his groupies  ,  that tie  up  the  bagdaddy gardens  ,  will help push the idea  that  the nition of  more taxs  has too be met  with  higher ,  dinar value ,   and with the  britex  deal hitting   all around the globe  this would be  a good opportunity  I guess too give  the dinar  a little push in our  direction  ... { j.m.o. }   

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1 hour ago, Shedagal said:

DT, was this an e-mail Adam sent to you for you to post?  


Yo Chic - This Was An Email That Went Out This Morning To Everyone That I Decided To Post ! ;)


  :D     :D     :D


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5 minutes ago, boosterbglee said:

You guys are slow....I'm already standing in line at the bank!  :P


Be Sure To Say Hello To All Of The Members Of TNT ...




Both Of Them ...

  :D        :D       :D


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Hi My Name is Michael Calkins and I am a VIP member who can no longer sign in any longer. I have been with dinarvets for 7-10 years.  I have sent in 10+ email with no responses. I don't know who to contact. I signed up for a new account under my wifes names to get on to post in hopes of getting some help. I tried to reset my password and I never received anything. Can someone please help?????????

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