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  1. Thanks Adam, I agree with you completely. Remember everyone that Jesus is the reason for this season! Don’t be like the little boy who had a birthday party given to him, and everyone brought presents for everyone at the party, except for the little boy. Many Christmas celebrations will be just like the little boys party. Maybe you could have a cake with Happy Birthday Jesus written on it. We also read the birthday and shepherds portion out of the Bible before we open our presents. Maybe we all will have a nice RV present on that day. Blessings on all, Desert Surfer
  2. Thanks Adam, any chance of sending a text to us when the next chat will be coming up? I was so busy I didn’t check my email until the chat was over. Blessings, Desert Surfer
  3. Hi Adam, I was not able to check my email in reguards to the live chat and I missed it. Is there any way you can send a notice out by a text message as to when you are having it please. Blessings on you, Desert Surfer
  4. Thanks Adam, and to all my fellow Vets thank you for your service from a Viet Nam vet. Keep the Faith and God’s richest blessings on you. Happy Veterans Day! Desert Surfer
  5. Once you turn in your cash, your account will be credited by digital dollars. Either way we are headed to cashless Society. I hear that this virus can even be transmitted on cash, One more reason why not to use cash. But the world will need to be credited for the cash they have, that includes the denarii But the world will need to be credited for the cash they have, that includes the denar.
  6. Thanks Adam, I am sure you brought some comfort and peace to some people who were or are very nervous over the events going on right now. I even was thinking when President Trump said, “you want us out of Iraq?” Then your going to have to pay us back for all the military bases we built!” That Iraq would have to do a quick RV to pay for them. 😂😂😂😂 Have a blessed day everyone, Desert Surfer
  7. No update so far this week. But I am sure Adam has our best interest in mind. Have a blessed day everyone.
  8. I loved it, it was awesome. Thanks for posting it.
  9. Bank stories are alway fun to read. (Not to believe, but read). With all the exciting news we have been getting, it seems like a good time for some new bank stories. Anyone hear of any? Have a blessed day. Desert Surfer
  10. Hi Adam, When you talk about oil prices going up to $60. Are you referring to US oil or OPEC prices? US oil was about $52 today and OPEC was about $61+ today. Thanks Desert Surfer
  11. To all those who are concerned about how long it has taken. I like to tell my friends that are invested to take this mind sent. “The Dinar RV is like the rapture, we know for a fact it is coming, but we just don’t know when.” So we hold fast and wait, with joy in our heart. Have a blessed day, Desert Surfer.
  12. I am so sorry to hear that. It doesn't matter if we are right or wrong in the RV matter, as long as we are right with our Heavenly Father. Matt. 6:33 Prayers of comfort to his family and all his loved ones. Blessings from above, Desert Surfer
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