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  1. Anyone investing in US Treasury bonds is a complete idiot .... IMHO Why is China and Russia selling off theirs? just sayin' WM13
  2. This is getting interesting to say the least. Iraq's elections, US Embassy move to Jerusalem, Israel attaching Iran's troops in Syria, upcoming talks with North Korea, cancelling the Iran nuke deal, uptick of volcanoes in Hawaii, south Pacific and Alaska. I pray that everyone knows who they are in the messiah YAHSHUA. I believe He is coming soon for His bride. I've got to the point in this Dinar ride that I really don't give a hoot anymore. Wm13
  3. It is a beautiful moon tonight, and hey YHVH (God) put the sun, the moon and the stars in the heavens for signs and seasons. It is written. Wm13
  4. Same old stuff ... As a decade ago. Really been staying away for my own sanity. Wm13
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