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  1. i do agree with you.. I said over 6 months ago that adam is not updating us as usual and some take it offended. the thing is this he want to represent the Dinar crews and offer services and options and many of us are paying customers and expect for him to continue update us instead of leave us hanging, at the end of the day may of us are your Customer ADAM
  2. Hello Adam where are you, remember many of us pay to be a members and part of this speculated rv. its your job to bring the info not just leaving us hanging. whats's going on why all you rv peeps so quiet about this?
  3. i hear you, bear in mind theyyy are the same one bring us jesus christ. so christ is a made up saviour.. do your home work don' t rush and you will be so surprise to know they are actually controlling us in a matrix.
  4. I jut can't believe so much people are so gullible, believe virus from you get on your cash.. I just cane believe you sit there and watch the ELITE'S TEL LIE VISION and fall for their deception...
  5. can't you see this is how they are forcing to go cashless... now virus can be transmitted to cash it doesn't make no darn sense
  6. Adam I been following you on and off for a while for years.. its seems the coronavirus is the right tool to put people in fear and panic and stay busy while the media continuing giving counts of dead and affected victims.. but in general friends and family can not account for not even one with this virus.. but the media control all the numbers. its obvious we are moving towards the collapse that's been coming for a while and many laws and governments polices have been in place which take away power from us the people and hand over to the governments democrats and republicans alike towards the beast system.. its obvious the digital system is now in place. how will the dinar be of a increase in value when world government is moving away from paper current and instead heading to cashless society?
  7. well in other words I like the option as it was before month by month, 3 months,7 months + something like that. but its now mandatory for cycle monthly billing. so that's y I said force to.. its not harsh its what it is. is just like for say you go to amazon to purchase and the have the auto billing button already selected right? so you have the option to click it off and go the route you choose.
  8. Adam, why is it that you force the cycle billing for vip memberships?
  9. Hey Adam today Is Sunday on Wednesday you say you was going to be back on later what happened
  10. really you guys see your dinars and some throw in the towels? understand who i control they are very devious.. you think if they crash iraq they wouldnt lose million up on millions? yes they will and they/them will not let this happen.a you see syria attack by the usa failed last year and they are standing back on their feet. and guess what all this is major deceptions.with all this suppose to happening in iraq did you know israel on the low bombing syria?? and where the ISIS terrorist suppose to have came from? syria... iraq is just the pawn to get in syria they share borders.dont be fools... you ever notice when you as any of our gov intels about any other country problems or specific individuals.they will sit ther run down everything to the journalist/public.. but ask them some tuff reality questions about things here in the usa and see how they try to crack a joke and try to derail the subject matter.
  11. pretty much.. its what they good ...they create the problem broadcast what they want to show you.. 2) watch your reaction the mass..3) comes up with a solution to solve it which is sending troops,drones,planes,ships.... bottom line is this as you all may not know. they have fail to tip over syria and assad government.. yes they assad just win election by a landslide which show the people loves him...the attack will be on syria as they blame the ISIS terrorist is coming from syria which is border of iraq.. so this will be a good time to try to attack syria and use the terrosist ISIS/ISIL names to brand the reasons why...all a set up people..what surprise is so many dont even see the wolves amsking in sheep clothering and you cheer for them and support them every day and defend them. the collapse is coming and will be many propagandas.
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