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  1. Ummmm.... Brandon has absolutely nothing to do with this. It is part of NESARA and GESARA. That person is NOT even Biden. If you actually think that then what comes next will send you on a tail spin. Might want to do some research I would suggest that you start here... Start on part 1
  2. Thanks!!!! I sure needed that today!!!! LOL!😂
  3. Oh Lord Sportscar... the size of a matchbox. When does your alarm go off? You seriously need to wake up from that "Biden is doing a great job" wet dream of yours. Could it be your ego has been run over as well? You really can't be that stupid? What You and the 5 other people that voted for Brandon ( only because the news media has completely brainwashed you) are about to learn will knock you on your ass. By the size of your sports car you probably won't be able to handle it. I hope that for your sake you prepare so it won't hurt quite so bad. Try doing a few Chinese Fire Drills.... it might help.
  4. Agreed HS, However, I really don't think that they are going be able to wait till after the elections. For a few reasons. GASARA is supposed to kick in within the next few days. I know that there was a time line and a certain amount of days to be implemented. I think it's 120 days... which falls within this month. Iraq is one of the countries that have signed up to be a part of it. Second, I seriously don't think that they will allow these newly elected boohoos to drag this event down the road for another year.... technically, they can't if they want to participate in GASARA...and the people can't wait much longer. NASARA here in this country is actually on the same timeframe requirements... We will have changes to our money system this month as well. If this is something that you know nothing about feel free to do some research on GASARA/NASARA you will see exactly what I am talking about. I suggest that you not use google. go to duck duck go. It will prove to be easier to find what you are looking for there. Praying that I am correct with my hunch...
  5. This is Awesome news!!!! Iraq is investing in itself!!! Whooo..... HOOOOOoooo!!!!
  6. I would say that this is VERY telling! I honestly think that things are about to change for the better... Not only for Iraq and all of us that have invested in the Dinar but for All of Humanity!!! This is exciting times!!!! Praise God!!! 🙌 🙌 🙌
  7. Look who brings politics into a conversation... ever seen a black kettle Mr. sports car....? You who has his head in the sand (probably in a different place) will be left in the dust of the reality of what is about to happen. I hope that your "sports car" is bigger than a matchbox so that you can run from what is about to knock you on your ass.... but let's not bring politics into this... the current guy taking up space is doing a GREAT job. Right?
  8. Being someplace longer does not mean smarter. I have more time holding Dinar than being a member here... that does not make me any smarter than someone who just joined. Contributions are always good but only when productive. When you peel back all the layers, politics always seem to play a part in just about every aspect of life. However, gut feelings don't fall into that category... sorry... That's more like a God thing. Where it seems you may lack. If you don't have anything nice (or productive) to say or add to a conversation perhaps you should just read quietly in the corner.
  9. I realize that Luigi. However, as of right now I don't have much else to base my gut feelings on... as for Mr. Sports Car... you laugh. Let me ask you what you have contributed to this thread? Your opinion, as far as I am concerned, is worth a big ol' egg...."0". I remain confident!
  10. From what I can tell you guys should have done more research... hope that you can handle whats about to happen. Rabbit holes are EVERYWHERE!!! I suggest you find one and start digging. NCSWIC!!!!
  11. Most of what is stated above is a Mute point er... sorry but the IRS is for the most part no longer or soon to be obsolete. I'm not sure what the outcome will be but it will not look like anything listed here. So, we wait to see what shakes out once QFS is implemented... among other things.
  12. I am not exactly sure. Some say, it was Jan 6 after his speech and when he told the peeps there to "go in peace" I do know that when the transition happened it did not go from Trump to Buyden it went from Trump to the Military. That is why the fence was around the "Corporation of DC" that no longer exists. I am also in the belief that Trump was inaugurated in March (which could have been the "start" date) and has been working hard behind the scenes to get rid of the evil/corruption that we have been subjected to for 100's of years. Including human and child trafficking, drug trafficking adreanachrome harvesting etc. I do know that there are things that had to happen prior to implementation and the Deep State has and is creating the havoc (false flags) to prevent it. Just like they did with 9/11. (Nesera/Gesera) was supposed to happen the day after on 9/12. Yes, a horrible and tragic False Flag event was implemented on the US to stop it from happening. If you are unaware of all of the above you can research it to discover for yourself. However, be prepared to go down some serious Rabbit holes and to be completely shocked at all that you will find. I'm sure that there are some on this site that will laugh and make fun of what I have just stated... those are the ones that won't be able to handle what's coming. Again, if this is too much for you to handle, I suggest you dig deep to discover some truth for yourself prior to judging others that have. The fall cabal . com has a series of 17 videos that will help to get you started...In the beginning It helped me tremendously. Think about this... why would a man that had everything he needed (including money, family, lifestyle etc) become President... just to work his ASS off and fulfill EVERY SINGLE ONE of his campaign promises..bring back jobs, industry, stock market, low fuel prices, low inflation...all while being falsely accused of corruption, collusion and attempted to be impeached twice (2nd time while he was "out of office".... while his life was seriously threatened over 50 times and not taking a penny for his work!!!!????? Why would "they" want him gone and DEAD so badly??? Seriously! WHY???? Don't vomit what you learned from the tell a vision. because it is ALL LIES!!! Here is another question for you...Why do you think he has been run so viciously through the ringer like he was/is??? Because he is doing exactly what JFK was murdered for. If you are still in the "Orange Man Bad" camp may I suggest you turn off your tel a lie vision "programming" because obviously you have and still are being lied to! Sorry for the RANT... I felt that it needed to be said because there are so many on here that are currently and will be lost when the truth is revealed. (buckle up because it is coming very shortly) I Also think that the GFS, the revalue of most currencies and NESARA/GESARA are close. There are 200 and something countries that have capitulated and are part of GESARA. IRAQ is part of GESARA and they have also gotten to a point that they are compliant and can revalue at or around the same time GESARA is implemented. NESARA is for the USA where we will have a new currency under the US Treasury. Go find some rabbits...
  13. because of the timeframe to implement NESARA/GESARA. It has to be completed by a certain amount of time.. from the day implemented. I don't know exactly what it is but it's close...Iraq is part of GESARA and they have their revalue. It's why we are seeing tons of article going in the right direction.
  14. I wanna say that this sounds like it might be part of GESARA. HCL is completely different. However, i do think that the HCL is also in play! I'm gonna just put this out there (with a small disclaimer) We are VERY close!!! as in the next couple of weeks. I pray that I am correct. I need this to happen really bad. Praying for the RV to come to fruition soon!
  15. Me too!!! Mr. Sportscar is still very much a sleep....obviously won't be able to handle what is coming...
  16. I think that they were waiting for other things to line up. This is the start... (look it up)”Man of God Declaration” I tried to paste it here but can’t. It’s the first of a couple of declarations that will be coming out. It’s interesting and worth the read. Things are happening and Iraq is part of the “things.” It is all (NESERA/GESERA) related and has to be completed by a certain date (September)and the DS is doing everything possible to stop it! That has been the holdup but I do think that they have overcome the obstacles and it’s on track. I pray that I am correct and am waiting just like you. Keep your eyes on China and the storm that’s heading that direction that will bring more water. The 3GD is damaged and not going to be able to hold any more water, when it goes that will take down the CCP. So much of the ccp is run out of the dam. (If you have Bitcoin it might be wise to move it. Just a suggestion...You decide.) I think our time and Gods blessings are upon us. “Watch the water” If you think I’m crazy.. that’s okay but may I suggest you turn off the Mainstream Media (MSM) and do some research of your own. You might actually wake up from your slumber and learn something. They don’t call it “tell-a-vision Programming” for nothing! see you in “B” soon!!!
  17. I think that is the plan. I do know that Al-Kazemi/Iraq is on board with Nesera/Gesera. It only makes sense for him to do this so that he will be elected... As it should be! I think we are days away. Not sure how many but I do think that it is going to be this month. Sooo... hold onto your britches... It's about to get GOOOD! Whoooo HOOOOO!!!! GEAUX RV!!!!!
  18. I really think it’s close y’all!!! So close I can touch it! I pray that I am right! If it’s lining up with some pretty solid intel that’s even better!!! Thanks Artitech!!! Whooo Hoooo!!!
  19. FSC, perhsps you should do a little research. First start with turning off that tell a vision. .. because you are being lied to. You should prolly not laugh at others that have a different opinion than yours.. and clearly have done more research than you. If you want to debate you should probably prepare yourself to lose. Knowledge is power!
  20. Me too!! There are so many things that stick out for me in the Afghanistan mayhem that is playing out right now... Mainly that the regular folks and Taliban have got to be the cleanest sand storm, desert dwellers in the whole Middle East!!! I lived in Egypt For 5 years... I NEVER ever saw anybody there that clean... ! EVER!!! You just can’t get whites white!!! The reporter in front of the fighters that were nice to HER ( a female American) as they were chanting “Death to America” but had no worry whatsoever... that actually made me laugh out loud!!! Yep, I said that!! LOL! Oh! The staged set with the girl screaming... notice, she was the only one you could hear... UGH!!! Until the masses wake up it will continue!!! Hopefully, we are coming to an end of this ride... the Dinar one AND the Deep State one!
  21. Long Time... I’m in the same camp as you are... the big plane that those Afghani people were running in front of was a prop. Look at the differences in a real one and that fake one. There there for those that can see it. Also, I lived in Egypt for 5 years... I never EVER saw whites as bright as I have in these shots. Look again how clean and together these Taliban fighters are... the ones that have been racing through the desert to take over a country in sand storms and 100* heat. Not possible! This is all for optics.... it’s a movie. Why would some guy scared for his life be running, jumping, waving his hands AND smiling as he’s doing everything he can to get in the shot. Like Mr. lurker said, it’s to fit their narrative... and it’s working.
  22. Me likey...I’m feeling it too. fingahs crossed!!! 🤞🏻Prayers up! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 thanks Artie, no better time than like the present. thanks, LL
  23. I think it's already done. All we can do is wait. Whatever the reason it is that they are kicking the can down the road we can only be patient and pray that it'll be done sooner than later. 🙏🙏🙏
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