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  1. It keeps getting worse doesn't it Greedy? You keep getting sucked into the vacuum. I think you should probably get back on your meds just to stop the roller coaster. Obviously, there is nothing that anybody here can tell you that will help. I know I have tried. From what I can tell... many others have as well. You are very much entitled to your opinion. However, the way you spew your negativity all over everyone gets really old. If you are not happy with what is going on and can't possibly believe that they are successfully yanking your string maybe it would be better for your well being
  2. open borders required and change in rate required ASAP....
  3. You have to learn to read between the lines... They aren't going to come right out and tell you that they are going to change your life forever!!! Seriously Greedy! You fluctuate moods more than I did when I was pregnant! Oh, just so you know.... it was regularly! Cheer up! You/we/us/they are closer now than EVER!!! Look for the rainbow... not the rain!
  4. You think what you want... It does not matter to me either way. But if you want my opinion, Yes, Little Miss Jill Biden is Joe's handler. Did you know that "she" was the Nanny for the Biden's kids (Hunter and Beau) Prior to Joe's previous wife's "suspicious" car accident. Yes, Hunter, the one you see now is NOT Hunter Biden. (blatantly obvious). Do you actually think that Biden is in the White House... the one in DC? If you do, I suggest that you do some research. More importantly turn off your Television programming. It is seriously working on you. If you haven't realized it yet the
  5. Yep, Floridian, I would suggest salt, pepper and some bbq sauce. It is true... so many more that are not shown here. (Including Biden) Also, the Child sacrifice/trafficking, adrenachrome etc are all true. The tunnels that span throughout the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, Vatican, DC, New York, L.A. etc. The Deep State/Cabal had their grubby hands in deep with just about every country. Most of the earthquakes that you have been hearing about are the good guys/Military destroying the D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases) that were used for trafficking drugs and people/children.
  6. In the end... when all is revealed... the truth is out for all to see you will realize that it is, in fact, Biblical.
  7. Because they needed to wake people up... Biden is gone and has been for a while. Now the person playing Biden is doing a GREAT job! He is a total baffoon...! Are you awake yet? he will continue doing what he is doing until more realize that he is NOT Biden and he did NOT win the Presidency! It will be proven and Biden's tribunal will be televised for the world to see that he was found guilt of Treason among other things and was sentence to death. Just like John "No Name" McCain and Many Others! Get the PopCorn ready it's all a "Movie"
  8. That definitely does NOT look like Hunter! Wonder who is playing him?
  9. And.....???? They need to wake up or they will be left behind... stunned, lost and not know which way is up. "I pity the fool!" (as MrT would say) wait... no I don't! Try as you may, you can't fix stupid!
  10. Nep, Sorry to break the news to you... We have been peed on and told it was raining for YEARS! No, I don't get my info from those that you mentioned above. I gather it from a number of different places and do a great deal of digging on my own. I have found myself in many rabbit holes! There is more happening then you or I could ever understand. Most is for optics to wake up the sheep that are still sleeping and believe the T.V. "programming". Most of them have to see it before they will ever believe it any other way. (die hard Biden Backers) The ones that think that person who is "
  11. Thanks Yota for all of your Hounding!!!! You're Awesome! All of this Excitement has me on the edge of my seat!!! I feel the makings of an impromptu Island vacay! Who's with me????? Whoo Hooooo!!! staying grounded but still excited! (oxymoronic I know but it's all I got!)
  12. Well said, Coorslite, However, a much deeper rabbit hole than we all care to follow. I do think that it is about to take a turn... for the better. I think that everything world wide (NASARA/GESARA) this RV and all the others will all pretty much happen at or around the same time. The patriots are now in control and the turds are fighting to stay afloat as they swirl around the bowl. In my opinion that is what all the can kicking has been for. This gig is up but they have a certain timeframe to "cue the music" and start the party! I know I'm ready!!! Disclaimer: I have been
  13. Agreed !00% Laid Back... I've been around long enough to see that what they are doing is different than the last 10+ years...that they are delaying for a reason. I honestly believe it's done and they are waiting for other things to take place. (possibly at the same time) Not sure what those "other things" are but it is all going to come together at the same time. Way too much going on world wide for this not to happen for the Iraqi People and it's investors (us). I just PRAY that the time is NOW! "Suddenly" as LGD says on a Daily basis! I feel in my bones that BIG changes are coming World
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