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  1. This is the EXACT reason this lurker will come out from behind (or under) the rock......!!!!! Thank you Yota for all of your hard work! I read your stuff all the time and can only imagine how difficult it must be to find "needles" like this. You are AMAZING!!! (i guess it's the thrill of the chase for you.) Just like many of you here... I have been around for soooo...... Long I can't stand the smoke!!!! The light IS getting brighter! Thanks again Yota!
  2. luvalife

    Open Banking System After Elections

    Synopsis, I totally agree with you! (see previous post) However, I didn't state my opinion and clearly as you did above. To me It doesn't really make sense for them to wait. I think that the news coming out of Iraq has flat lined for a reason and most of what we are reading is Smoke. If, Abadi wins (as predicted) why not boost the confidence and credibility of all that he has done and pretty much secure that win? It sure would get my vote! Certainly would change things! I also think that most people are waiting for the elections to see any change... why not spring a surprise and do the unexpected. Makes complete sense to me!!! BTW... been lurking here for a very long time... pop in to say my peace every now and then. I always like to read your posts along with all the other big contributors. Thanks for what you do.
  3. luvalife

    Open Banking System After Elections

    Hi Chuckfinley, I have been here just as long as you have. I am just not as active. I tend to lurk... And take it all in...learning all I can. In the big picture we are mere ants in a huge hill. Yes, this is speculative and I went in with that in mind. However, I feel now more than ever that this is close...and I still feel that it would be crazy for them to do as expected/predicted and wait till after the elections....but that's just me. My 10 cents (inflation)
  4. luvalife

    Open Banking System After Elections

    I tend to agree....However, the question that keeps coming to mind is....if that is the case, wouldn't that cause an influx of buyers that are expecting that? Why would they wait? It makes absolutely NO sense! I know, this is Iraq....but still it would not be in their best interest... I'm just thinking out loud...really loud! Train is moving way too fast to jump off...or de-rail.
  5. I was Kind of thinking "Smoke" for the last week or two... They have come Waaayyy.... too far to come to a complete stop .... JUST LIKE THAT!! I honestly don't think that ANYBODY would let that just happen??? Yep, I could be wrong. This is Iraq after all and I have been around since I boarded the train almost 12 years ago. (WoW!) But just as the other ol' timers on this train have said, "this is different"... I tend to agree with them. There is absolutely NO REASON to believe that they aren't ready to pull the trigger. It is just a matter of time. That is where the big "?" comes in. Hence, the mis-information. I pray that this is the case and we will all be blessed with the provisions that God promises. Patience....and more importantly, Be thankful for receiving and Tithe accordingly... and your blessings will multiply.
  6. luvalife

    Adam Montana 11 April 2018

    I have thought about the possibilities of one of our corrupted initials being the instigater to provoke war. Then realized that there is a reason Russia did not retaliate?.... What could it be??? Hmmmm... 🤔 Because they knew it was a lie! Makes me sick!! Good thing there is some Russian callusion going on ...
  7. luvalife


    Sooooo Exciting!!! Congrats! Mr. Ladies Man!
  8. luvalife

    Adam Montana Weekly 29 November 2017

    Lgd.... Just so you know...I may not have commented on many of your posts. However, I will say that I read them... I sometimes actually search for them..(no, I'm not a creepy stalker) Sir LGD, You have evolved from a bit of a very entertaining hot head 😂 to a very well informed, well versed and quite the elequent writer. I enjoy reading your posts and look forward to the day that I can meet you as well as the other "regulars" that contribute so much to this site. I am proud to be a part of DV and what's to come... Thank you for your input... Congratulations to the addition to your growing family See you all on the flip side Look up Perpetual Assets. I think that they might trade in crypto. If not you sure will see some interesting stuff that might make your head spin... Kind of like mine is with figuring out this crypto stuff.
  9. I have been lurking For a long time! And I think it's time for me to jump out and say whoooo hoooo !!! Me likely! The news that we have been getting exciting I can barely contain myself! Let get 're DONE! MERRY CHRISTMAS YA'LL!
  10. Wow Thugs! If this true that's a lot of dead terrorist leadership! This will certainly reak havoc! GREAT news!
  11. Thanks Thug. I didn't get the memo either.....?
  12. luvalife

    What I heard

    This makes all the sense in the world!!! I don't like it that Abadi may be going home but I don't think that he will be able to uphold the law with Maliki... Or Any of the hundreds of other corrupted officials. Looks like they are bringing someone in that is "clean" (not blackmail able) and has no one in his pocket. If he can clean house with one swipe....just think of what could happen next! Certainly makes you wanna go, Hmmm....
  13. luvalife

    Here's a thought

    Wow!!! I did not realize that!!! Thanks for that fabulous thought to ponder!
  14. Shabs, you are making some ridiculous arguments. You wonder why doctors push vaccinations? I also had the same questions. After my child had an adverser reaction to one of her vaccinations I chose to do some research. What I discovered will blow your socks off. However, I will save you some time and give you a breakdown. Most Medical schools are funded by pharmaceutical companies. This includes fellowships and research. The findings for majority of research done goes through a process. Long/Short of it... Pharmaceutical companies are teaching med students exactly what they want them to know... drugs/injections not common sense is the answer. Proof is in the pill filled pudding that we have all been forced to eat.
  15. Wow!!! Love this.... I am very pro choice on this matter. The Government should NOT dictate what goes into my children's bodies nor mine! Through my own experience and subsequent research I found that the risk of injury from an injection is far greater than any risk of the disease that the injections are supposed to prevent. All of which are treatable. If our immune systems weren't compromised from all of the toxins that are in the injections we would easily be able to fight the illness you were injected for. The sad thing is that you will, if exposed, still get the illnesses/diseases you are vaccinated for. The injections do not guarantee immunity. However, it does change how the disease will run its course through your body. I don't particularly think that I would like to play Russian Roulette with a gun.... I know I don't want to play it with vaccinations... but that is exactly what we are doing every time we choose to have our children injected. NO THANKS!!!!!

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