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  1. They sure are putting their feet down on all the "dis-information" that is spreading around the water cooler! spppt...sppp....spppp. Could it be a little over kill??? Me thinks so! Which leads me to believe that they want you confused. By the looks of things on this site, it's working! However, there are those here, like me, that can see right though the BS! I've got my goggles on and will sit here and confidently wait till they hit that red buzzer... because.... GET READY FOR.....SUDDENLY!!! BAM! 💥 I know I am READY!!! Geaux RV!!!! ("suddenly" credit - LGD!!!🤗 ) lol!
  2. Excellent Post Karsten... If I may, I would like to add ONE thing... Dis-Information is Necessary! You don't want to let on that your currency is about to Re value. Quite the opposite don't ya think???. There are many jumping ship, selling to get out ahead or to put the money into crypto or something that will give immediate gratification. Yep, if that is what you want I am sure you can find that on any street corner and use your sell out monies for said gratification... Better yet you hold onto your IDQ and continue to bash and not see the forest through the trees... UGH! Whatever,
  3. Dis information.... create confusion. I honestly think we are getting close as well... at least I hope so. 🙏🙏 🙏 So, ready to gather my things and exit to the right.
  4. I was thinking the exact same thing... The guy with the "big hands" (I mean big feet) has the answer. I am positive of that!!! 🤣
  5. I'm curious how they will qualify for these loans... much less pay for them if they are living at poverty level and can barely afford to pay attention...???
  6. Yes, that is the true meaning... the way they use it... meh, maybe tomorrow.... maybe the next day. Ummm... whenever.... God willing. Referencing, when they will finish repairing my bathroom... or anything for that matter. LoL! Hopefully, for the purpose of the IDQ the true meaning is at hand!
  7. His safe place is when his head is up his a$$... Now, if we can just get him to jump! POOF!!!! Just like that, He'd be gone.....!
  8. Very Well Put Rochester!!! I lived in Egypt for 5 years and everything took FOREVER to get done! It did not matter what it was... "inshallah!" was the favorite word. It is a completely different mentality! I do think that they are definitely moving forward. I think that they are closer than we think. I also think that they are stalling. It's all done but for some reason they are waiting for something to come together.... whatever that is... I don't know? We shall see soon enough.
  9. Thanks LTL... clearly it’s a lost cause. I have come to realize that For some it’ll be too late. You can only do so much. I just hope someone is there when he falls.
  10. I was wondering the same thing...? Perhaps she didn't like your comment about Sleepy Joe sitting in President Trump's Chair.... He certainly does NOT belong there! Time for him to go and the Sheep to WAKE UP!!! DUH! Can't imagine what her problem is?
  11. Yikes, what rock have you been living under... or better yet, turn off your tell-a-vision... the programming is seriously working on you. You clearly have been eating at the vomit spewing MSM buffet for a very long time. Do yourself a favor and turn it off and do some research and learn the truth... If not, you are going to be in for an incredible shock. I hope you will be able to handle it... however, by your responses here I would say no.... so sad!
  12. Wow! Utah, that sure is a whole bunch of assumptions... that are so far from truth there is an echo! Wake up dude! We have been living a lie for over 100 years. Do some research. It's there for all to find. For the record, I don't "hate" anyone because of what they believe and who they think hung the moon. What I do "hate" is what all of this is causing. It is exactly what was planned... division of every thought, every "isim" out there to deepen the divide. The truth will come and the truth is not skin color, political affiliation, income, nationality... etc.... it is The TRUTH! It'
  13. It is what it is... it's an insult! Mr. SportsCar If you did anything other than spout off you would have easily discovered that I have been on this site since 2010. I have also been invested since 06. So, now that you have hopefully fallen off your high horse maybe you will notice that you are STILL in the rumors section. I brought what I thought to be some good information. You choose not to believe it. Doing so does not put you in a place of royalty. Nor does your tenure. If you have something of value to add please do so... otherwise, I'm positive I am not the only one here that woul
  14. I don't lie, I didn't lie, I have NO reason to LIE! Sorry, but Accusing me of lying is in fact insulting.... No thank you, I don't need to trust you for anything. You have given me enough information to know your character. Nice trait. Your mother should be proud.
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