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  1. Thanks Adam and Crew for All You guys Do!!!! I await your text... Hopefully, this train is coming into the station!
  2. They are blowing up the DUMB’s used for human trafficking. The tunnels are all over the place. Saving the children. 🙌🏻
  3. Here’s food for thought... look this up. NESERA and GESERA. This was supposed to go into affect in 2001. About the same time as 9/11. This event completely stopped it in its tracks. Not conspiracy. Truth. And very hard to put your head around. Once your finished absorbing that blow. Watch this. Site in you tube can’t bring it over “fall cabal” it’s worth your time. Enjoy. stay safe and social g.
  4. Prayers to you and your family.... you are a valued member at Dinar Vets and we are Grateful for what you contribute.
  5. I don’t think the Iraqi citizens will wait till the beginning of 2020... I don’t think that the govt. will want unrest until then...just my 2 cents.
  6. Don’t get me wrong... love all that Mahdi has accomplished! They may make him the fall guy....or... his wanting to resign may be part of the show. Give the people what they want Hmmmm....🤔 Mahdi stays and continues moving Iraq on the path to a true democracy!!!! He’s a hero! Bada bing badda boom! I truly believe that this could happen any day. They have come waaaay too far!!! It just doesn’t make sense for it not to. Everybody wins!!!!
  7. Agreed... more the reason to have the peeps throw them out... at the same time add more sanctions
  8. Okay.... I’m just gonna put this out there. what if what’s happening in Iraq is part of the plan? Think about it... and feel free to add your 2 cents. There is so much turmoil! Who is usually in the throws of it??? Maliki! I haven’t heard a peep from him? Where is Mr. Opinionated, out spoken “ I can do it better” guy? Why does this happen when so much progress has been made? Simple, because they need to implement reforms at the same time rid Iraq of the corruption. What better way than to sic the people on them? Here is my take. This uprising was created to weed out the Iranians
  9. Best verbal slap down I have ever read!!!! Truly a man of many words!!! Thanks for saying everything I have wanted to say for a VERY long time!!! A true patriot through and through!!!! AMEN! 🙌🏻 Thank you for such a heartfelt rebuttal!!! I felt every ounce Of your passion for Our Country In your every word! BOOM!
  10. Wait!!! You saw hope and change with the previous administration???? Seriously? That’s the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard. Then, you have the kahunas to suggest that Adam is “drinking the potion”! Better run for cover.... 😂
  11. This is a bit...er... excit....uuuhhhh... has the possibilities of being exciting. 🤪 That is my attempt to stay grounded. (sane) Have a blessed day DV! Praying for blessings upon us all. LL
  12. Those of you non believers...negative Nelly no no's that poop all over everyone's parade...go ahead and bash. I don't really care...🤗 I have been thinking the same thing! It's all coming together at the same time. The government shutdown. Paying down debt US currency reset Abolishing the fed The wall Dinar There's more....but as I said, ' it all seems to be coming together and it makes sense! ... And it falls around the same time as a our government is making changes..there are no coincidences. Stay grounded. Thank God for our blessings 🙏❤️
  13. Thanks Mr. M. & Crew.... for all you dew.... MeRRy Christmas and HaPpY New Year DV May 2019 be filled with de RV! 🙏 🎈🎉🥂🙏
  14. This is the EXACT reason this lurker will come out from behind (or under) the rock......!!!!! Thank you Yota for all of your hard work! I read your stuff all the time and can only imagine how difficult it must be to find "needles" like this. You are AMAZING!!! (i guess it's the thrill of the chase for you.) Just like many of you here... I have been around for soooo...... Long I can't stand the smoke!!!! The light IS getting brighter! Thanks again Yota!
  15. Synopsis, I totally agree with you! (see previous post) However, I didn't state my opinion and clearly as you did above. To me It doesn't really make sense for them to wait. I think that the news coming out of Iraq has flat lined for a reason and most of what we are reading is Smoke. If, Abadi wins (as predicted) why not boost the confidence and credibility of all that he has done and pretty much secure that win? It sure would get my vote! Certainly would change things! I also think that most people are waiting for the elections to see any change... why not spring a surprise and do th
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