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  1. lol , mine said the same thing , i said but the guys on dinarvets said to HOLD so that's what i will do
  2. why is this stock doing nothing except going down , down , down ????
  3. bought 8 more shares at the dip 39.73 woo hoo
  4. i know i'm a newbie at this stock stuff , but to me it looks like it is going the wrong way ?????? can someone shed some light on what is happening ? , short version will do.
  5. he is on the phone with him , i am hearing one side of convo , sounds like fidelity took his money , better watch your accounts
  6. a guy i work with just got an alert on his phone that he sold 13 shares of his amc stock , he is with fidelity. any clues????? said he made a profit of 13 cents
  7. is there any news on the ..... the ..... the ..... , what's that money we are all holding??? oh yeah the Dinar , any new news on that stuff?
  8. if it hits 100k per share i'm selling 15 and keeping the rest to see if it really hits the moon lol
  9. when 1 AMC stock reaches 100k
  10. i know about as much about the stock market as i do skinning a hog , but in my opinion if it reaches 100k it is going to be hard to keep all the apes from selling , i think it will fold up like a cheap suite from all the people selling , i myself will sell 15 shares at that amount and keep the rest for the ride
  11. red green red green red green red green ... getting dizzy
  12. seems to be going the wrong way
  13. i am in till the end
  14. wow , heart attack city lol
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