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  1. since i am not buying to re-sell, i guess what i pay is of no importance
  2. ChuckFinley made my first silver purchase from apmex , bought 10 1 ounce bars 20 1/4 ounce rounds , and 20 1/2 ounce rounds . but i think i overpaid , came out to $ 24.68 per ounce and spot price was just over $ 18.00. is there a way to pay less? i know they run sales from time to time , and i see sales on what they call secondary silver, can you tell me what that is ? thanks
  3. ChuckFinley a big help, thanks for taking the time to answer
  4. i have a couple of questions for those of you that buy silver, i have already decided where to purchase from, what i would like feedback on is: 1. is it better to buy 1.0 oz increments or go larger, and why 2. keep them in provided storage or keep them in your own hands? 3. bars or coins, and why? thanks for any feedback
  5. What can at least 2 Iraqi's agree on? .................................... NOTHING !!!!!!!!
  6. In which case Gold and Silver will immediately jump to G. @ $25,660 an ounce and Silver goes to @$3098 an ounce. where do these figures come from?
  7. went to apmex and it looks like 10 oz bar is selling for just over 205.00, and silver is at just under 18.00 oz. sound about right? i know dealers have to make a profit.
  8. just curious LGD , how does one go about buying silver? and what do you buy? coin, bars ?
  9. Adam Montana you are correct, i am a little off 🤪 ,that's beside the point 😀. Trump is my man all the way, i just mean he talks a lot. didn't mean to ruffle any feathers. i'll be quite
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