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  1. Adam Montana any chance for a vip discount in the near future? my renewal is due in 10 days. i always seem to miss out. thanks
  2. thanks adam, i start a new job jan 4th, should i go ahead and put in my 2 week notice? lol lol
  3. close as in slow dancing? or close as in hand grenades? 😆
  4. Ready for this ride to be over, been in so long i have forgotten which armpit it's under 🤣
  5. in closing, brainwashed people will only hear what they want to hear, see what they want to see, and believe only what they are told by the ones that have control over their minds. i will not debate with anyone here.
  6. all i can say now is, we will all stand before God on judgement day, so repent and ask God to forgive you for your sins, not sure if you have ever read the bible, but it loos like to me you should start, speaking to you utah rock
  7. simply put, you can not be a true born again christian and believe the word of God and stand with the dems and the left, they believe in abortion, they embrace the fags and homos,they have taken God out of everything in this country, so if you profess to be a saved, born again christian you need to start reading the bible, and pray to God to forgive you. people i believe we are in the last days here on earth, i also believe president trump has been sent to lead this country. my
  8. since i am not buying to re-sell, i guess what i pay is of no importance
  9. ChuckFinley made my first silver purchase from apmex , bought 10 1 ounce bars 20 1/4 ounce rounds , and 20 1/2 ounce rounds . but i think i overpaid , came out to $ 24.68 per ounce and spot price was just over $ 18.00. is there a way to pay less? i know they run sales from time to time , and i see sales on what they call secondary silver, can you tell me what that is ? thanks
  10. ChuckFinley a big help, thanks for taking the time to answer
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