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  1. I got all of my shares of APE value 000.00
  2. markb57 that's what i was wondering , makes them worthless?
  3. how do we get these APE shares ? do we have to apply for them?
  4. pokerplayer sorry for your trouble , i am a 42 year veteran in the auto parts business , not sure i can help you source an engine with you being in canada or not , but i do have a few suppliers up there , let me know if i can help vin number is all i need for now and your zip code if you guys have those??
  5. @keylime thank you for helping me understand
  6. @keylime so if the stock does not reach the limit price , and then falls you sell quickly on the way down?
  7. has to be a smartass in every group
  8. wow last post was wednesday ??? did everyone dump and run ???
  9. hard to believe there is no chatter about AMC today
  10. you can ride in my car HCR you might fall off of that wagon
  11. i was hoping the same thing , then i said what the heck and sent her a text to buy 5 more shares @35.90
  12. but we can still buy them at the ''fake'' price , so that i guess is what throws me if the price is not real , how can we buy them for the number posted? , you don't have to answer that lol , just say it's all good and i will trust in my fellow apes , fyi , just bought 5 more shares
  13. I know I don't understand the stock market world , but boys and girls , are we not going in the wrong direction??? has been red way too many days now
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