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  1. keylime i opened an account with webull and it was approved , but now my login name is something that looks like a cat walked on my keyboard , is that normal?
  2. what is the best way for someone that has never bought stock to do so? where do you start?
  3. yendor i have been on Adam's site here since 2009 i have seen and read just about every story you could imagine , it's just nice to hear from him once in a while
  4. I also would like to hear Adam's views at this juncture
  5. Rod Steel mentioned Bruce in his last report when Steel gave a rate of $ 3.71 lmao they are all in cahoots with each other
  6. DinarThug you know what they say......if the straight jacket fits......
  7. 3.71 or higher for dinar??? imo this guy is smoking crack .......
  8. Adam Montana any chance for a vip discount in the near future? my renewal is due in 10 days. i always seem to miss out. thanks
  9. thanks adam, i start a new job jan 4th, should i go ahead and put in my 2 week notice? lol lol
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