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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!


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  hahahaha  WOW   I  had  2  different  tickets  1 with  10 number  and  couple numbers  on  different ticket !   now if it is  cool  with every one  shoot  lets   play again  for  Saturdays  drawing ,  I think it starts  at 40  million  or  20   million ....   I will  start   a  new thread !    {  power ball  and  date line  }  will this work for every one ?    lots   of  tickets  from every where  !   for 2 dollars    we had  a  bunch  of extras  !      see ya  tonight  Thursday   ! 

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Ya know... if the stars aligns in our favor, it'll be a great party and make an EPIC story! I'm in! And I'm dragging a few more with us... Whatshername - 8, 13, 28, 36, 40 pb 2 WHN'sDH - 31, 32

Nobody has outlined the "rules" here that I can see.   My intention is to split the jackpot evenly with everyone else that posted in this thread with the same intention.   If I only win a small mi

Ok DWitte... your additional share will be the $2 for each ticket!!!  LOL  Multiple tickets are not really increasing the odds very much! LOL I think JEEP stated in the original thread that each PERSO

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Yep, I had fun too. 1st time I've stayed up till 10 and watched the actual drawing in a 100 years. My anticipation button still works real well. Lots of fun dreaming and waiting for those dreams to come true last night, it was a lot like those dreams were when I bought our 1st dinar. How soon it all fades a way

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OK who's up for the next drawing mite as well keep the ball rolling since the dinar isn't doing anything yet at least we have sum hope and fun doing this and its bringing the DV dam family back together as a team again. Jeep what do ya say this is your ball game.

Adam may have to add another section on the front page (Jeeps Power Drive).




I agree as well, it was fun! 


I'd be up for adding a new section if you all want to keep playing... kind of like an office pool, but here with our DV fam. :)


What else would we want to include other than Powerball? And what would we call the section... "Community Pools"? I'll have to think on that, but suggestions are welcome!

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what we didnt win, wow now what, i committed to the cars the boats a island 

now what do i do



serious, if we are gonna do this i want a partner, i will paypal my comittment to them, if it is 2.00 per ticket and doing every draw what

once a week i will send 20.00


not canadian hahahahah

can i do that????????????


gonna post in the other topic also


davis out

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yes  we  are going too   do  the  power ball ticket  deal !     LOOK FOR  THE  THREAD  TITLED     100 MILLION POWERBALL CLUB       ,  or   powerball 100million  tickets !     I do believe  every  4 or 5  weeks  there will be   close too 100 million if no one  wins ,  just  check  the  powerball  site  on your  computer  too see what  the   jackpot  value  is at ...  if it  is  close  head over too here and  see what  is going on !     thanks  every one  .... 

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I think this is a good idea, fun for the community... so it will be done. 


I was hoping for some feedback on the Title of a New Forum, but perhaps Jeep is right... just look for the threads for now.


Jeep are you willing to spearhead this? It would help if you buy tickets every week :lol:


If not, then who here does buy tickets every week? (I used to, just forgot to do it lately :P )

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hahahhahaha    that is a good one   adam !  buy  the tickets  every week !    :o     ....    but  yeah  I will try too stay on top of  this  idea ,   I  might need some help  along the way  ,  as in  ,  helping  the public understand  how  this works and  who plays  stuff !  but  yeah  it  seems easy enough ,   right now  any way  !   just  look for the power ball too get  close too 100, million  dinars    :blink:    uhhhhh   100   million dollars   :P   and  every one  who wishes  too participate , buys their own tickets  post them on the thread  , 100 million power tickets  here ,    do  not   throw  the tickets away  ,  hang onto them ,  put them in a safe place !   until   next  time  tune in to  the  lotto  networks    :lol:    jeepster       

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Jeep I'll be available if u need help, How can I get u my email w/o making it public unless Adam r TG can give it 2u. MODs U have my permission to send Jeep the email address. thnx




You can post your email on jeepguy's profile feed and ask him to delete as soon as he see's it. I can't PM jeepguy because he is not VIP.


Shouldn't take long to reach the 100 million - as of today, the pot for this Wednesday is already 50 million.



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