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  1. Flash101

    Silly Smiles II

  2. Flash101

    In Q uiry

  3. Flash101

    In Q uiry

  4. Flash101

    Trump. One Term?

    The way I see it. 101
  5. Flash101

    Trump. One Term?

    Poor ppl in AZ I'm sure this is going on in the other states as well. 101
  6. Flash101

    Trump. One Term?

    I see what you mean about posting here Starr 101
  7. Flash101

    Trump. One Term?

    I'm having probs posting again Sorry 101
  8. Flash101

    Trump. One Term?

    More Dept of Homeland Security buses dropping off hundreds of illegal border hoppers who screamed asylum and have been released in our community while they wait years to be denied asylum. This catch and release has to stop! 1/5/2019 101
  9. Flash101

    Today's Mid Term Elections

    We can only hope SGT 101
  10. Flash101

    I have a few Mil I can let go.

    What a Grandma ur awesum. Stop by before you go back 101
  11. Gotta be a Blonde moment OH wait your a Blonde LOL 101
  12. Flash101

    Slip of the tongue is no fault to the mind

    As Starrider would say, Please SHARE. 101
  13. The mask slipped at the Obama rally last night and the true DC Democrat swamp creature that Elissa Slotkin is emerged. 101

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