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The passage of the oil and gas revenues to the Kurdistan Region Fund


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Roudao - Erbil acknowledged the Kurdistan Parliament, on Wednesday, the oil and gas revenue fund to the Kurdistan Region Law, winning 61 votes.

The fund oil and gas revenues, due to the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region, and will be placed source of oil revenues from the Kurdistan Region which according to the law the legislature today. The law provides the allocation of two dollars for every barrel of the realms and districts oil producer. comprises Fund Authority six people, to be the ratification of the appointment of the Kurdistan Parliament, and has the task of the powers which documented the oil and gas revenues in the province of Kurdistan and checked with the help of international companies and organization Transparency Initiative and management of oil revenues in Kurdistan by investing in a range of investment areas that are identified by the Council of Ministers. The applicable provisions of the obtained financial imports by the Ministry of Natural Resources by the provisions of the oil and gas province of the law, as well as derived from the federal government relating to oil and gas derivatives, the financial revenues.


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The Cabinet decided earlier, the approval of the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil, which provides for the delivery of the Kurdistan region of at least 250 thousand barrels of oil a day to the federal government for the purpose of export, as well as the export of 300 000 barrels of Kirkuk oil through the region to the Turkish port of Ceyhan .


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Kurdistan Parliament approves oil imports Fund Law

THU, APRIL 2 / APRIL 2015 00:17 P B / M P  

Twilight News / honest Kurdistan Parliament on oil imports fund law in the province after a political agreement was before Eid Nowruz holiday about who will manage the fund.


The session began with a discussion of Article 11 of the draft law and Article 12, which states that the fund will be under the control of the Kurdistan Parliament and the Office of Financial Supervision in the region and after extensive discussions between the members of parliament were added several paragraphs of the article, such as allocating a percentage of imports of social security, development and the development of the agriculture sector and determine the amount of $ 2 for every barrel of the districts and sub-districts of oil-producing and voted unanimously to article.

On the subjects of 13 and 14 of the law and private final verdicts that the Council of Ministers shall internal system to facilitate the implementation of its provisions, as well as determine the administrative structure of the fund in coordination and consultation with the Council of the province for oil and gas in the region that does not exceed 45 days and not from the date of the founding of the body.

And then has to ratify the other articles of the law and the reasons for his chest unanimously.

The Circo Cevdet Chairman of the Commission on oil and gas in the Kurdistan Parliament told Twilight News "This is a very important law and a step toward granting the transparency of the oil sector and dispel doubts about the sector and knowledge of imports of this sector is important and vital in the region."

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For such a hot topic, this thread isn't getting much attention.   I'm guessing everyone is as burned out as I am over hearing the SOS w/out any concrete evidence.[/quote

Agreed Brinx65. Could this be it? Let's see tho in the Gazette

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