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  1. I love Jesus, I have his words tattoo'ed on my body, still feel the same way as ezra
  2. I feel like yota is really Jarvis from iron man. Always there always watching
  3. 1 Samuel 31:5 And when his armor bearer saw that Saul was dead, he fell likewise on his sword, and died with him. Luke 10:37 go and do likewise.
  4. I have bible vers tattooed on my body.... Wtf does any of the bibles sayings have anything to do with dinar. Or how some one that doesn't even like Christianity will proceed with financial doings
  5. Wow sandfly I thought your keyboard on hand the letters to write thanks lol
  6. Thanks KristiD that means a lot. This is about year three for me. Like I said I'm in no rush, maybe it will before I sell or maybe not.... Some times I feel that will come true faster then the dinar. I just get so lost and the more lost I get the less I care lol. Even at a 1:1, I think if I spent the time I took reading and learning and got a part time job I would have made my millions all ready lol
  7. It makes me nervous to see LOP'er news. call it what you will but they go rid of 50's, adding 50,000 and 100,000. The only odd ball out is the 25,000. They have almost matched our money with a few extra "000". I'm not a expert at all but it makes its very easy to the stupid people like me on the street. To see how a 1:1 ratio after they knock off a few ooo will work out
  8. Thanks for your inputs. I'm gonna leave it alone for now. People know we're there is some for sale. If some one near by is interested I'm more then willing to talk it over. Not in a rush to sell. Just tired of smoke and mirrors, every day I'm reading and non of it makes sense. But I for one would pay a bit more to be able to look it over and touch it before I let go of a lot of money. And hope I get what I paid for.
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