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  1. AP news Jan 5 10.05 am est/ Iraq's parliament approve the resolution to remove all us troops from Iraq. The article states that the kurd and sunni did not vote because they appose it.
  2. "Orbit" publishes the demands of the demonstrations "# Nazel_lak_Hakki" and the period specified for their implementation 30-09-2019 10:39 PM Orbit Agency - Baghdad got 'orbit' demands a demonstration tomorrow , Tuesday (October 1, 2019) which will be launched Bhashtak '# Nazl_lakhz_haka' demands are: 1. declare a real war on corruption and open all the files of corruption and with the help of specialized international bodies to issues of corruption and the enactment of the law where you This. 2. Preventing the interference of political parties and blocs
  3. Government Information: Abdul Mahdi's officials agreed with the demonstrators to end the demonstrations Policy 2019-10-02 | 05:18
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