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  1. AP news Jan 5 10.05 am est/ Iraq's parliament approve the resolution to remove all us troops from Iraq. The article states that the kurd and sunni did not vote because they appose it.
  2. "Orbit" publishes the demands of the demonstrations "# Nazel_lak_Hakki" and the period specified for their implementation 30-09-2019 10:39 PM Orbit Agency - Baghdad got 'orbit' demands a demonstration tomorrow , Tuesday (October 1, 2019) which will be launched Bhashtak '# Nazl_lakhz_haka' demands are: 1. declare a real war on corruption and open all the files of corruption and with the help of specialized international bodies to issues of corruption and the enactment of the law where you This. 2. Preventing the interference of political parties and blocs in government work, separating political entitlement from government positions and establishing the Federal Service Council. 3 - Formation of the Construction Council, which consists of specialists to be responsible for all projects and future plans of the country. 4. Really support the private sector, protect the domestic product to eliminate unemployment, move the local economy, maintain foreign currency within the country and open the door for real domestic and foreign investments. 5 - Cancellation of the currency auction and the adoption of free market policy. 6. To confine arms to the State in a genuine manner and to abolish all armed manifestations and the militarization of society. 7- Restructuring all government sectors, especially the service ones, to be real productive sectors. 8 - Restructuring and organization of the institution of education and fast and urgent in order to produce a successful educational sector according to international standards. 9. Amending the Electoral Law to be a fair law that preserves the rights of all. 10. Repeal and amend all laws and legislations that contravene the Constitution and immediately apply the disabled paragraphs of the Constitution and abolish all special privilege laws. ■ Give an opportunity not more than 15 days to start the implementation of the above or else the ceiling of our demands next time will be higher and bigger
  3. Government Information: Abdul Mahdi's officials agreed with the demonstrators to end the demonstrations Policy 2019-10-02 | 05:18 24,573 views Officials in Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi's office have agreed with representatives of demonstrators to end the protests, state media reported on Wednesday. The official Iraqi news agency INA, in a news broadcast today, that officials in the office of Abdul-Mahdi , met today, representatives of the demonstrators to discuss their demands, noting that they ended their demonstrations. And experiencing different parts of the capital Baghdad , as well as its (Liberation Square), angry demonstrations since yesterday evening and renewed this morning to demand reform. Protesters burned tires on major streets in several areas of Baghdad and a number of provinces, as security forces cut off the main roads linking the provinces with the capital.
  4. I see that I got a down arrow, the statement suppose to have been funny, I know they never deleted zeros from their currency!😏
  5. Did not know Iraq deleted 3 zero from there currency in 2015!
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