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  1. Please verify me <No Subject>.eml <No Subject>.eml <No Subject>.eml
  2. I know that Life & Same Sex are important topics..... Can we PLEASE have a SEPARATE debate for that...AMERICA IS DIYING, WE NEED TO TAKE A SHARP TURN SOMEWHERE... I don't care if it's a REPUBLICAN DEMOCRAT or a Bunny Rabbit...I like TRUMP because at least he is SWINGING THE BAT.. Go ahead bash bash bash...
  3. Hello, Sorry if I picked the wrong place for this question.. I just completed my 50 IQD exchange..There were some issues and the company I chose did have to contact me and I began to worry.. In short I sent all of my Non-25,000.00 notes, they called that they were only exchanging the 50..In short they did them all at NO COST, Plus shipped back to me at NO COST.. Maybe I'm not connected enough to question why they would absorb this expense.. Is it in hopes we use them for a cash out?? All I know is in all my years of working for various companies, No one does anything for FREE..Please don't slam me for this comment, I'm sure there are non-profits and various organizations that donate plenty.. But in the regular business world nothing is free.. I don't know it just seems strange to me that they are absorbing these cost's.. Thanks DV-World..
  4. I have always liked Adam's communication. I have to say I LOVE THE NEW OPEN & FREE ADAM even more... Thanks Thanks Thanks..
  5. Hi Adam, My opinion is that people who are properly informed about what is going on in the world, (TRUELY INFORMED), which is almost impossible in todays world, Those people including myself will agree with you. I happen to be fortunate to receive Glenn Beck's new network The Blaze where I become most informed..After reading your post I for the first time felt you possibly where a little less optimistic about our investment, or did I miss something...Anyway I feel you have created a wonderful forum here and provided the best informative site that one could wish for..Thanks from a loyal DV'er...
  6. wow 6 billion, they could pay for a taxi ride....kidding...GOOD LUCK IRAQ...Put your helmets on and Kick Some Butt..
  7. When people realize that the LEFT & RIGHT are both useless and stop defending them, MAYBE MAYBE MAYBE there will be room for the truth...Most people are more concerned with protecting there side, which is based on whatever they want to tell you..Just my opinion...
  8. I wonder if this has anything to do with the HCL, I don't think it does... Thanks Yota..
  9. That's my thought...Why does it have to be this way...It doesn't have to, there is enough of everything to go around..But my answer to your question is, If I were independently wealthy I wouldn't be so concerned with all the negative..I hope anyway...Good Question, Thanks..
  10. Not surprised our government like to spend money....OUR MONEY... I hope it looks nice too..
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