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  1. I do believe I wrote that it was my best guess.....if you really want to know you can probably ask to sit in on a parliamentary session when they bring up the Oil and Gas Bill. Otherwise it is just a thought of why and as I stated....I believe there is a set date for this to occur. We're all in this together and eventually they will move on the chessboard and call zzzzzzzzz. You have to keep in mind though they are in charge of certain things they Can Not go around the IMF and World Bank forever. Especially after the World Financial Tour their Prime Minister just made. It seems the closer we g
  2. I don't know but my best guess is....they keep the dinar low, pay in US dollars and wait to RV. That way they don't have to worry about a 1-1 exchange rate. Unless, I'm off in my way of thinking, they are trading oil for dollars. Besides, there is a certain date that all of this must occur. We do know it will be soon. We just don't know how soon. However, the RV train slowing down so that it can stop at the station on the appointed date and at the appointed time. Either way, I am Optimistic! Go RV
  3. Could it well be that the 2021 budget also includes the 2020 budget? Just typing out loud....
  4. I think that by devaluing the dinar more iraqi citizens would be running to the banks trading in their dinars for the dollar. That would be out of fear that their currency will ultimately fail and they would be stuck with nothing(even less). Just my most humble opinion.
  5. Go ahead Iraq, drop that RV on us, I'll pay off my $6646 in 4 easy payments.....😅 Thank you Mary B for all you do on this site. God Bless
  6. Tangible positive results 'Soon'? That's what I'm talking about. Positive and soon in the same sentence. Nice! Thanks Yota
  7. Beginning on the first day of the new FY.....hmmmmm I'm not getting too excited but this is international exportation and very good news.
  8. Thank You 3n 1 that was a great bed time story. Sums it up for me in a nice little package. I await the next chapter in which the evil villains get their just due and the Iraqis get their Happily Ever After. Thanks again
  9. Just a couple of questions come to mind. 1. Who appoints (installs) the Governor or the CBI? 2. If the Prime Minister appoints them then can they not work with each other to close the window? From my limited understanding, I do know both parts of that government are separated but so too is the U.S. still someone has yo be in agreement somewhere to iron out these issues, close the window, and give their currency some real global value. Thanks in advance for any and all responses.
  10. Thanks Yota. This is going to be interesting. Seems like a squeeze play is enacted. I think the Baby is about to breach.....
  11. I'm totally on board with you all. They are added to my daily prayer list from this day forth.....
  12. discuss the International Monetary Fund’s proposal that the budget is every 3 years, not every year. This makes total sense, as it could not possibly be done every single year. I thought American politics was brutal before I started learning of the Iraqi politics. Sheesh!
  13. This Woman has spent the past 4 years trying to catch the President of the United States with all types and sorts of nonsense and scams. Four whole years. Let me take a minute and think about this. Okay, I'm good. Now the President is supposed to be this Dumb, Crazed, Ignorant, with me here, I'm sure I left a few descriptive words out that they used.....ummmm......unfit, racist, divisive, so on and so forth man that ever took office. To date they have tried to impeach, catch in traps, twist his words and break his spirit with their wicked ways. None of their tac
  14. One of these days they are going to stop traveling from one side to the other and meet in the Middle where things will finally get done.
  15. Now this is what I call a Barn Burner move.....I guess President Trump really did make an impact. Draining the Swamp has a new meaning in Iraq.....
  16. The ministry affirmed its respect and appreciation for the supervisory authority of the media and freedom of expression and opinion, and at the same time it warns everyone who manipulates facts and misleads public opinion, and reserves the right to sue everyone who falsifies the truth. They have CNN too?
  17. Thank You Yota. I appreciate all that you bring to the table. God Bless.....
  18. Wait just one minute! Are we talking the same Rhianna that went to France, visited with their president and his wife then spoke of being some type of advocate for the education for the children in the US? That Rhianna? The same one that I understood(correct me if I'm wrong), doesn't even have a GED? But she made it all the way to Harvard. They recognized her for her work. To her credit she does hold one or two honorary degrees.
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