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  1. Let me rephrase that for you. Pie hole in the there have been quite a few people posting on the site that have disappeared because of health or just dang tired of everything or family matters. I sure hope the rest of us will see something happen soon as in the retirement home I’m sure I’m not going to have as much fun with that money.
  2. Nooooooooo. delete the zeros from the currency and the issuance of new currency denominations
  3. Ahhh crimony. Not again. Fool me once-Ahhh you know the thing?
  4. For me, once shame on, you fool me twice shame on me.
  5. Most of us already knew this. It’s a matter of them doing it now. All this BS about causing inflation and blah blah blah. Do it for the citizens. But they dont give a %#@& about the citizens.
  6. Thanks you guys. Happy Thanksgiving. Not too much Electronics work here so I have switched to the hotel business. At least I can go fishing every day if I want to and the people are nice.
  7. Thanks you guys. Happy Thanksgiving. Not too much Electronics work here so I have switched to the hotel business. At least I can go fishing every day if I want to and the people are nice.
  8. Yes I did and what a relief. My sister was afraid to go shopping alone. I was afraid for my son to walk home from school or go Halloween trick-or-treating. You name it. Lockdowns helicopters flying over constantly drive-by shootings homelessness drives bys, crazy people. The vaccine jab mandates. I told my sister let’s get out of here and we were out in less than a month. We live in a red state, at least red county. and all the tension in my chest has gone away. I now I live in Idaho southeastern part.
  9. Thank you. I work these holidays coming up but still happy. Away from the california crime state. Feels good.
  10. Not that I am an expert. Its just from experience that they can get away with stuff we cant.
  11. It’s either they continue to get away with it or they are held accountable. Probably they will continue to try to get away with it, even if they are breaking the law. Then it’s a matter of time to see what happens. No way in heck can they cover. They have no choice but to keep doing what they doing.
  12. Just saw the other day where a doctor was fined millions of dollars for prescribing vitamins. Cutting in on the big farm and government corruption take.
  13. I’m glad your wife got through the operation. OK eventually. We always have to remind each other about how lucky we are. It can be better, but it could be worse too. Take care
  14. Ive been waiting for this date for months. Just forgot exactly why though. Thanks for helping clear things up.
  15. When I hear soon, I immediately vomit just a little bit in my mouth. Must be an ulcer.
  16. We know not to do this. They’ve already warned us and set us up before. Looks like other countries are still protesting. HOW IT’S DONE: Over 3 Million Brazilians Protest Election Fraud – Bolsonaro to Annul the Steal! BREAKING: Berlin to Redo Their Fraudulent Elections Following Long Lines, No Ballots, Voter Suppression – Berlin High Court Throws out Results Stopping the Steal: 500,000 Mexicans Protest Eliminating Voter ID and Election Safeguards
  17. Or, they double down and try to destroy as much as they can because they know the end is near.
  18. I try to be a straight shooter. The only thing is now I am 57 yrs old. I can blame my telephone all I want, about my telephone not understanding me or the text too small to see. It could be as simple I am the problem. Or maybe I will blame it on my brain, it does seem like it does what it wants sometimes regardless of what my intentions are. Good day.
  19. Whoops. I was at work and was just recalling what he said. He said to buy dinner and Dong.
  20. Oh one more thing. I got excited when he said by DINAR and Dong.
  21. Still have hope. I believed this guy I talked to and will talk with him again soon I hope. I will ask him some more questions next time I see him.
  22. And who installed Maleki, the US. Who created Isis in Iraq, the US. i’m just wondering if it’s all about the war machine. Arms sales and the people in government and the rich making money off of those sales. Leaving all those weapons behind makes it so someday we just Make more to replace them.
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