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  1. This belongs here too. It’s about hedge funds and the theft involving the stock market. A must watch. Make the deal!
  2. Thanks. This deserves a bump up a notch. Make the deal!
  3. Thats fine. I love your posts. Just making a point, pointing out the obvious. Thanks
  4. You left a few off. How does an extremist islamist cut heads off, does the man do it or the knife. The government wants these terrible things to happen so they can place limits on us. Why didn’t they want armed people in our schools, it does not fit their agenda. They love it when babies die, more death, more controls are needed. Jan 6th President Trump recommended more security for the white house and Nancy turned it down. The boarder wall, drugs illegals, child trafficking the cartels making bukoo bucks off the crossings. Why No wall? Does not fit their agenda of more votes and more pay for play. They dont care.
  5. Lol. I saw blood clots and thought covid vaccine. Sand, an excuse for the vaccine side effects. Lol. Thats all they got. Really, come on man.
  6. And your surprised? I can’t stand to turn on the news for last few years ever since Donald Trump made me realize who the media is. A couple other people that live in my household listen to the news and getting really upset at what they are hearing. I told them I don’t want to hear any news except the news we are waiting for and that is all those corrupt politicians has finally been locked up or hung in the gallows are fired upon by the firing squad. I want to see them squirm as traders, and brainwashers thieves liars Scum bags. So if you are surprised that the brainwashed don’t understand you, you will wear yourself out trying. Good luck.
  7. Its kinda like believing what our President says. Fool me once, ya know……
  8. Typical. More pay for play. Help them and give them money and then return politicians get money under the table. Another day another billion in debt..
  9. Isnt the oil and gas law in their constitution, and for all these years they have not passed it so they are violating the terms of the constitution and a decision needs to be made for them. Piss or get off the pot!
  10. Thank you for stating the obvious. Someone had to, anything they want, I want the opposite. It like they are the enemy!
  11. Global cooling caused by global warming? If we dont do something now we will all freeze to death in 10 years. Lol.
  12. SEC, part of the problem.
  13. The problem is that this vaccine may have saved people but they never informed us immediate and future side effects. There were alternatives that were much saferBut they basically illegalized it. They have lied so much that I don’t believe them anymore. They said the vaccine was safe and if they’d studied it and it was not experimental then they must’ve known about all the deaths that would cause but yet they didn’t inform us. If you truly believe these people you have a mental disorder. this is a free country and if I choose not to get the vaccine that should be my option. If the people that got the vaccine are safe then why must I take it why am I such a threat to others that are vaccinated. Please don’t answer any of my questions as I know the answers. Any liar trying to convince me to do something, I will do the opposite.
  15. All we can do is wait and Or the government officials can tax and collect a lot of money for a big project for a oxygen generator on our planet like they did Mars except, or global warming and in our case the government officials would have spent all the money and not on the oxygen generator. Ohhh we are all going to be disappointed when that day comes…….duh, why no oxygen ugh,
  16. Are They Using Snake Venom As The Bioweapon? It Sounds crazy but it could be true! Dr. Bryan Ardis backs it up with evidence. Is this what they were doing? Watch the video and decide for yourself. DISCLAIMER: Views and opinions expressed on The Ben Armstrong Show are solely those of the host and do not necessarily represent those of The New American. TNA is not responsible for, and does not verify the accuracy of, any information presented. Video Source: Dr. Bryan Ardis interviewed by Stew Peters DEADLY COVID TREATMENT & JABS CONTAIN VENOM: WATCH THE WATER
  17. My feeling exactly, but better late than never. Some people did not make it already and with dinar money at least I wont end up in one of those state owned/retirement centers where you get lets just say little to no help at all and Im sure there are horror stories.
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