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  1. More worried about china than anything you've posted. LGD, why live in fear. When I look at your thread, I feel like I'm turning on the news. Its not fake, just fear mongering. Ya I know, If I dont like it I dont have to read it and move along. Take care.
  2. Thanks Jim. There has been more than one church I never went back to because of the teaching of fear and brimstone. My GOD is a loving god. One that attracts me with love not fear. A preacher that is teaching others from the pulpit, slamming his hand down and yelling drives me away and so many do.
  3. All the money and wepons left behind and your crying! Need to liquidate your assets. If we give them more it will just go to our currupt government officials I mean their currupt government officials.
  4. Joe did the same thing but on a much larger scale. The taliban move in and hand it over to chiiinaa. Told the troops to drop all their wepons and evacuate.
  5. Hedge Funds Face Short Sale Disclosure From The SEC
  6. By the way, Im no expert. Just read it somewhere. I just searched it up. Insurance Against Broker and Dealer Bankruptcy In 1970, Congress created a new agency known as the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). This agency's only function is to cover the losses of investors' accounts incurred by the bankruptcy of their broker or dealer. The SIPC does not cover any kind of loss incurred as a result of market activity, fraud, or any other cause of loss other than the bankruptcy of a broker or dealer. Regulatory agencies such as the Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) deal with issues related to fraud and other losses. The SIPC either acts as a trustee or works with the client to recover assets in the event a broker or dealer becomes insolvent. The SIPC will also oversee the recovery process and ensure that all customer claims are paid in a timely and orderly fashion, and all recovered securities are distributed on an equitable, pro-rata basis. The SIPC will reimburse investors for up to $500,000, of which up to $250,000 can be cash. Any securities that are already registered in the certificate form in the investor's name will be returned as well.1 Example of SIPC Protection Say an investor has $300,000 in cash and $150,000 in securities held in street name with a broker or dealer that becomes insolvent. They also deposit $450,000 worth of securities registered in their own name with the broker or dealer just before it declares bankruptcy. The SIPC guidelines dictate that the investor will receive $250,000 of their cash and all of their securities that are held in street name, for a total of $400,000. Although the SIPC will reimburse for up to $500,000, the remaining $50,000 of cash will not be covered because it is over the $250,000 limit for cash. They will get back all of their stock certificates, provided they are still registered in their name. When SIPC Protection May Not Apply Not all types of securities are eligible for SIPC reimbursement. Securities that the SIPC will not reimburse for include commodities, futures, currency, fixed, and indexed annuity contracts, and limited partnerships (LP), which are covered separately by insurance carriers. In addition, any security that is not registered with the SEC will not be eligible for reimbursement.1
  7. Pretty aure our shares are insured by the government. Trillions of dollars!
  8. Top Exhibitor AMC Entertainment Retires $35M In High-Interest Debt
  9. October 5th is quickly approaching and so is this. Hope it's real. $AMC Ent Holdgis it
  10. @keylime What do you think of this? Fake news or the real deal.
  11. I was wondering if you could hire a lawyer in Iraq to take care of it for you. But then the lawyer would probably take all your money
  12. Webull · Summary for AMC Ent Holdg Did we win? Closed at 40.01
  13. Even after the audit results, he still wont believe it, or want to believe it, or does not matter to him. Take your pick. Now lets move along and lets stop trying to convince the lost/programmed people the truth. Im afraid their deprogramming just may come with a self destruct flip out sequence.
  14. You should apply to be one of the moderators. A bit harsh, but a little change in attitude and you got it.
  15. OCTOBER 10TH IS WHAT WE ARE WAITING FOR!🤑 The change in the rules for trading and hedge funds was supposed to change back in September but they pushed it back until October 10th. I forget exactly what those rules were, but I know that it's something in our favor if they stick to those rules.
  16. Thanks Markinusa, Just trying to understand this, that you take 5,000 mg of L-lysine along with 7,000 mg of vitamin C a Day? How about Arginine?
  17. Hehehehehehehe. You get the best intel, how could we not believe it. Cough, vomit.
  18. Bump! Bof A just bought $135 mil shaes of AMC!🦍
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