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  1. I see that Mtn. Goat is looking for a new home. Could it be here?
  2. I also think that Mtn. Goats posts have been the most honest assessment of the Dinar situation. I would like to find out if She has any other site to witch She posts. I also wish to thank Adam for all of the info that he provides
  3. I have a question,but am not quite sure if it belongs here or some other place. Anyways, here goes: I have been a member as well as having VIP status in DV for three years. When I do make a post, (aithough infrequiently) I am identified as a "Newbie". I follow most all of the posts daily. My question is, how long do you have to be a member in DV to graduate from being a "Newbie"?
  4. Not being the most able to read in depth the CBI report, I have two questions: !. Are they purchasing other currencies besides the USD? 2. Why would they pay up to 1000 times too much for their own currency if they were going to RV soon?
  5. No, you have to understand that the Gold prices are IMF rates of $42.22 per OZ. Todays market value is $1500.00+. IMF sold many tons of gold at those prices in April to many wold central banks. By the way, I do read, and I understand a lot more than most. The only point of contention is proving that the link to the Iraqi law id factual.
  6. Solbiatodinar, You just cannot win with the idiot thinking of some
  7. Phoenix has since said that his IMF world price for gold ($45.00) was in error. He now says that the real price is $42.22. This means that 1 Dinar = $3.37
  8. I visit these sites to gain more knowledge in the workings and procedures of the happenings in Iraq. I expect to receive the most factual information on the subject that is the topic of discussion. I do not have time for fairy tales, lies, or just figments of somebody's imagination. Most of these sites have statements regarding vulgar and obscene language, as well as disagreeable conduct. I also feel as Roger has stated, lies are not to be permitted. I applaud Roger for his position on allowable content on his site. Our investment deserves the best and most factual up to date information ava
  9. Hello, I am a new Platinum member (just recieved my certificate yesterday). It appears that the benefits far out weight the cost. Now I have questions and do not know if this is the place for me to ask, but here goes. 1. I am presently in need of a CPA & a tax accountant. I am new to this area ( zip 88011) and hate to start a relationship with firms that I may not stay with after RV. I know that you stated that names would be provided after RV. Any chance of now? 2. Most of my dinar holdings will be reinvested to fall under the long term capital gains status. I know that Adam ha
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