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  1. Thank you Adam! Where does the WTO play a part in all this? Doesn't Iraq need to be a member before any switches are turned on?
  2. Good morning. I'm selling another Million at the same price as before. $750 25K Notes Uncirculated Contact: FCFS Thanks!
  3. Passing a budget in itself is good, but we've all seen previous budgets passed without any bearing on our investment. If indeed the 2016 budget contains the HCL, then we'll have something to scream about. I'm hoping Monday brings us all good fortune! ( fingers crossed)
  4. Good morning! Forgive my ignorance.........does this mean stop the auctions?
  5. ISIS also tried to claim responsibility for the downed Russian Airliner.......which we know wasn't true. Don't believe everything you read.
  6. DFW- North Dallas area 4 Sale - 1 Million Dinar in Uncirculated 25K Notes $ 750.00 Cash Contact: Thanks!
  7. If this is such a BIG deal, why wasn't it on anyone's radar? It makes me wonder what else has to be done that we don't know about.
  8. Thanks for the post K98 ! The next million dollar long does it take for a country to get a credit rating? Anyone know?
  9. After spreading BS for so long, old habits are hard to break.
  10. At this stage of the game and they're still only "talking" about doing leads me to believe we're along ways away from seeing any fruit. Hope I'm wrong !
  11. This should be listed in " Off Topic" forum. The speech will be meaningless, pointless and more than likely uncalled for. Our VP will not be the one calling the RV so I could give a flying rat's A$$ what he has to say regarding Iraq. Stay home VP and save yourself and us more embarrassment.
  12. For such a hot topic, this thread isn't getting much attention. I'm guessing everyone is as burned out as I am over hearing the SOS w/out any concrete evidence.
  13. Who said deleting the zeros means whacking them off the currency value ? It's my understanding "deleting the zeros" is Iraq's way of saying remove the currency off the streets.
  14. You get a "L" It doesn't deserve a full " LOL "
  15. Brinx65


  16. Why would anyone tip off the enemy unless that person has something to gain from it? There's got to be more to this that we're not being told.
  17. I'm starting to think that "delete the zeros" has nothing to do with a monetary value at all. It's Iraq's way of saying, "pull the larger notes out of circulation". Thoughts?
  18. The Guru's don't know sh*t because they don't tune into DV for the real news
  19. Sunday Feb 22nd could be another historic day for Iraq ! Thanks for the post Thug !
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