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  1. I believe you added the word "only". All will receive benefits. Some may just blow through the windfall (that's fine, their prerogative). Others have goals of paying off bills, mortgage [buying a home], retirement and vacations. Some have had different investment strategies and possibilities, and therefore have more limited options and expenses. Some have planned, investigated and invested time and treasure into possible outcomes, and believe they may have minimal costs, tax liabilities [if any] and are creating Generational and Philanthropic wealth. They all have their merit. I am reminded of a popular website promoting the savings you receive when you utilize their services. Their commercial begins with a seemingly savvy and knowledgeable customer checking in and semi-bragging about the great price they received (particularly with the amenities described as 'FREE'). The scene widens to include another guest checking in and saving 20%+/- (with the same amenities included). Learn what you can, invest how you can (and will), be content with your choices and outcomes. Most of us know people with different strategies than their own. People have different needs, comfort, and risk levels. (they often change over time). One investor here believes the greater value is in investing in strategies, while another believe the better investment is investing the same funds into Dinars (for example). A bit like which religion (or none) to you feel comfortable with? Looking forward to this ride taking a positive new turn. Good fortune to ALL of us!
  2. I know of IBC's with ZERO US tax liabilities...however I am aware of some US based companies that will be paying local taxes on retail purchases, travel, entertainment, leases, fuel, dining (most of which will be tax deductible , and if at all avoidable, NEVER in CA or NY).
  3. Thank you, but not here for long, just a drive-by waiting for President Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg to be elected. Only problem I can see is a big enough space on the ballet for his name. (or will we just address him as PPMB?)
  4. I thought it was made pretty clear when JFK had his brother Bobby appointed Attorney General that the entire political system at that level is rigged. As pointed out many times "Elections have Consequences". People are either loving or hating Judicial appointments - and with many of them being for life, it is often a long-lasting legacy of whoever made the appointment. Looking forward to RI/RV so I can ignore the laws and do as I please, when I please, and where I please. (it won't be in DC)
  5. C'mon now Marine, you are BIGGER and better than that. I know you are trying, but He wouldn't have you respond like that (last part). Remember, you may Desire to pray for your own growth, understanding and evolution, but also pray for others (as I know you and your family do for me) thank You. Whenever possible evaluate the situation (I know you are trained to do that [and improvise] as a Marine), conserve and focus your energy. Choose your battles, and know when to walk away. Avoid getting into an argument with an emotional, dogmatic, or ignorant person. They will first drag you down to their level, and then defeat you with their experience.
  6. I am not sure where you get your statistics Shabs: "Gallup" is well respected and neutral, but while it is showing Trump Slightly below 50% approval, it is a far cry from underwater. When you compare President Trump to President Obama [lowest ranking in the last 65 years], you will see that President Trump enjoys a significantly higher approval than his predecessor (and that is in spite of the Impeachment issue). We know what happened with Obama in spite of his low approval rating and record of poorest economic, job recovery and GNP in history. (I won't mention increases to Debt, though Trump does seem to mimic Obama and Democratic views in that area). We have all been told (by the Senate) there is a zero chance of Trump being removed from office. 2016 Clinton was always believed to be the eventual winner (based upon polls). It seems to be proven time-and-again that conservatives typically do not answer polls, and keep their opinions to themselves. Couple that with record high economic conditions, employment and stock markets, I don't see any changes in White House stationary in the next 5 years. Donald Trump Job Approval by Party Identification Republicans Independents Democrats % % % 2019 2019 Dec 2-15 89 42 8 2019 Nov 1-14 90 38 4 2019 Oct 14-31 89 34 7 2019 Oct 1-13 87 34 5 2019 Sep 16-30 87 36 5 2019 Sep 3-15 91 38 5 Donald Trump's Presidential Job Approval Ratings -- Historical Comparisons GALLUP Average for U.S. presidents 53 1938-2019 Average for elected presidents' 12th quarter 52 various Other elected presidents in December of third year Barack Obama 43 December 2011 George W. Bush 58 December 2003 Bill Clinton 51 December 1995 George H.W. Bush 51 December 1991 Ronald Reagan 54 December 1983 Jimmy Carter 53 December 1979 Richard Nixon 50 December 1971 Dwight Eisenhower 75 December 1955
  7. Thank you for the status report Adam. Between the protests (which I see as VERY positive [for us]), Mahdi resigning (but not before approving the new budget [another positive]), oil production at 250K barrels a day, and the Kurds agreeing to receiving 12.7% of oil revenues (aka - HCL), it is looking very favorable for the RI/RV to occur. The future is looking bright!
  8. I am inclined to agree, I believe they are soliciting business. Let's face it, if you have just purchased a shipment of anything, and say you spent $0.05 per piece for 20,000 units ($1K), that you typically sell for $0.10 ($2K) and you received news that they were going to be worth $0.25 a piece ($5K) next week, would you send out a noticed everyone to come buy them from you for $0.10, or would you sit on them for a week and sell them to everybody for $0.25 ? We all believe that IRD is going to RV/RI any time now. This notice (other than a solicitation to increase their sales) is like suggesting you sell yours (or cash in now) before the value increases!
  9. .... Well, y'all know better than that. Thank you Adam for the drive by. As a matter-of-fact I think most of us appreciate even a 'stroll by'. As 'freedom of Expression' was kicked around here a bit, I would like to mention - IF YOU BELIEVE A $3 RV IS POSSIBLE (much less likely) I think you may be confusing which site you are on? MOST MEMBERS on here are aware of our somewhat conservative expectation of $0.10 OR LESS RV! VIP MEMBERS certainly understand that (I notice you are VIP, SMART MOVE) so if over time you have allowed your dreams to become expectations, you are almost certain to be disappointed. If you are upset by an obviously light hearted joke, then you really need someone to help you out. WE have plenty of people on here willing to do so. I am not saying don't have or give up on your dreams. "Little Orphan Annie" says "You've got to have a Dream, to have a Dream Come True". I know people personally who expect over $8 RV, "Back Screen Amounts", Tiers, SKR's, RENO, The Dong RVing at $4+, and the ZIM at $2.30! I am glad I know them. They BELIEVE they will be wealthier than Warren Buffett or Bill Gates from their $500-$1000 investment. PLEASE, Dream about it, think of how you would spend it, who you would help out. Buy a lottery ticket. But DON'T put your future on hold, quit your job, or do anything at all that you wouldn't do without owning Dinar. This is an investment, and many more FAIL than succeed. This was a looong shot (regardless about what anyone else told you). Anybody that bought IQD over 10 years ago has probably a profit on paper (if they bought it right). I (and most of us here) believe that we will make a profit, though perhaps not as much as if in other investments along the way. Two years ago you could make 3000x your investment in the right cryptocurrencies. (Thank you Dinar Vets) I know many people with losses there as well.
  10. I hope that is the light at the end of this tunnel!
  11. Thank you Adam! I am a HUGE supporter of our President Trump, and I really appreciate what he attempts to do for our Vets (as well as get US out of the horrific wars we have been engaged in), and I hope he has a good outcome for the Kurds. From what I am hearing, it sounds like not only have they been instrumental in containing/exterminating Isis, but this latest action to not support them against the Turks is a very sad one (at least at face value). We seem to be getting so close to having this RV resolved, and the issue in Syria will certainly be having a far-felt affect on the region. Sorry about the rant, but when I think of how unnecessarily tough life is on Iraqis and Kurds, and yet our media only seems interested in attempting to impeach our president. But for the Grace of God....
  12. Thank you Still slightly Breezy here on Wednesday morning but plan on being in the keys tomorrow
  13. Thank you for the kind thoughts. We were actually out on the boat yesterday having a great time while lurking out there was a hurricane Dorian app that time be here today). I must say that's pretty typical, we can even be out on the boat the morning of the hurricane enjoying beautiful sunny weather. Unfortunately in the case of the Bahamas, and particularly Marsh Harbor will never be the same. As I heard one person put it, "it will forever be referred to as before Dorian, and since Dorian". [The name Dorian has officially been retired] When you think about it with reports of as much as 20 foot of storm surge I doubt they even have one out of 10 vehicles that is even operable there. Two years ago in 2 0 1 7 we had almost as strong a storm 180 miles an hour for 36 hours down in Cudjoe key, and here we are two years later and finally have the majority of the debris taken away, and nowhere near having restored what was there and it'll be years before it comes back. In contrast the Bahamas have nowhere near the infrastructure we have, or the money and certainly no roads to drive materials in and out. Even in St Thomas were they still haven't gotten power back from 2 years ago had more damage from this last hurricane and it was barely a hurricane when it came across there. I love being down Island, and if it's your thing you appreciate it as well. I know people who love being in the Rocky Mountains looking at the 14ers. As beautiful as they are it's just not my thing. I prefer the smell of the sea in the salt. (Just not in my living room if I'm on land). Then the salt is best used on a margarita (not a sidewalk)
  14. I could not disagree more. I actually have taught thousands of teenagers exactly that, to question authority. Blind adherence to the demands of others creates mindless robots. Just imagine how different the world might be today if in Germany during World War II people had stood up and questioned what the Nazis were doing with the Holocaust? Doing something because they are ordered to do it I do not believe is Paramount to HEALTHY growth. I am not saying blatant disregard for authority, but rather to be respectful and think. In legal-ease it may be considered complying with the intent of the law. In the case of having a teenage child and asking things of them I am much more in favor of the child asking why and then the parent actually taking the time to explain it to the child why they are being asked to do whatever it is. I'm not saying to make it the game on the teenagers part, and simply saying why? In my experience, as you teach people to think, develop, and support ideas and beliefs, and then support their thoughts, opinions or beliefs, actually leads to far greater development, understanding , and growth. I also believe that actions have consequences, however I could discuss with you that it might not be a good idea to stick your hand into a fire because you'll get burned, or I could just sit back and watch you do it experience the consequences firsthand. And of course leads to another issue, and that is Trust or belief and Reliance on others. Again I am not saying disobedience in the case of driving 80 miles an hour through a residential district, and then when stopped by the police and we are stopped and given given a ticket and you ask why? Well certainly you could ask why, and the police officer I'm sure would be happy to tell you that it's against the law, and if you relied with the intent of the law was to keep people safe but keeping the speed limit down and there's your answer, as well as the consequences for your actions. I feel too many people blindly accept what they are told which leads to a number problems. One of the most common things we hear is when asked why they did something it's because everyone else is doing it. Or I may be independent, Democrat, Republican, green party or whatever it is what someone identifies with, and then when asked why they do they respond something along the line that was what my parents or my whole family is, but they're unable to sure what it is that they actually believe rather than parrot back someone else's beliefs. I am pretty sure that Bill Gates parents we're not all that upset with him questioning authority and asking why he needed to go to college? I believe questioning Authority can be done very respectfully, and I absolutely support that. I also believe we have some unjust laws or rules, often passed with the best of intentions (like we did with Prohibition in this country) then unfortunately we have people that are elected to create those laws on our behalf that could be toward own detriment. In the case of the politician who wanted to pass a bill to round Pi down to only two decimal points. I certainly would not want to be driving on the bridge that had been designed by someone who only used that version of Pi to design it. These are simply my observations and opinions, and I could be wrong. Thank you for the notice and sharing your opinion as well.
  15. Thank you Synopsis, though that is not necessary. I was raised with the understanding and charge to: 1. "Not everyone needs to know everything" 2. "Those who have been given much, have much to share." 3. "It is the responsibility of those of us who know to look after those who do not." 4. "The Truth is always the Truth." 5. Question Authority. 6. "Just because someone (or 'everyone') else is doing something, doesn't mean it is right for you." "Two roads diverged in a wood, and Iā€” I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." - 'The Road Not Taken' - Robert Frost Sheeple, lemmings, smaller minds and 'rubies' bother me not
  16. I am thinking TONIGHT [Thursday] night 8/29/2019 is the PERFECT time for the RI/RV to begin - The NEW MOON rises before dawn, its the beginning of the weekend in the M.E., Globally Heads-of-State have gathered and been meeting and discussing who-knows-what (in spite of their cover stories and denials), weather is being dominated by Hurricane Dorian news through this entire unofficial end-of-summer long Labor Day weekend, and the most radical 10%-15% of the US population is preoccupied with defeating our sitting president (the one with perhaps arguably the highest economic numbers and employment ever) and attempting to convince the educated, thinking and working members of the population that the majority of people (not necessarily citizens [nor majority]) are in favor of destroying the greatest economy in the world in order to temporarily give them more free stuff...that using highly effective tariffs and sanctions to persuade other countries to come in line more with a win-win relationship with the US... AND while people are running around with their hair seemingly on fire (claiming the Amazon is on fire and the earth is going to suffocate if we don't get a $15/hour wage like the Chinese pay their workers), wait...sorry, I may be going off on a rant here... I think I'll go to the local employee-free McDonalds and order something from one of the kiosks that notifies the machine in back how I want my Amazonian-rain-forest burger cooked while I pour my own beverage and enjoy a meal not unlike our President. I may have to bus my own table, but at least I won't have to deal with employees... HAPPY LABOR DAY AMERICA! GO RV! (RI, float, whatever, its all good)
  17. The first half of Ramadan was building the foundation, and there are a number of things that are pointing to it becoming a Monumental close to this season of remembrance and Celebration!
  18. I am thinking that as far as Ramadan is concerned, this may be the most epic, powerful and transformative one in recent history. Delivering so many people out of poverty will have huge positive effect upon believers, and potential for a much needed positive spin/news connected to a religion who is not being seen in a very positive light by many (and for very good reason). Things seem to be coming into alignment from many directions. This is looking to be an interesting summer.
  19. Both points are well made, AND in addition to the new technologies we have available to us (thanks to Al Gore and the internetinternet) among a myriad of other things, if you simply look back a half a century at when the second war concluded and between Europe, Japan, Soviet Union and all of that International Devastation how long it took to come back from that, and quite a bit of that was based with cultures that had much much more technology even for their time than what exists in the Middle East? Sure there may have been people living out there in the desert for the last six thousand plus years, but a large percentage of them are still walking and using a donkey. There's always been corruption (unfortunately from many many sources) and we seem to be getting a pretty good handle on that and being able to avoid it much more than Years Gone by. I'm still on board for this being a absolute turning point for us this year!šŸ˜Ž
  20. THERE'S OUR DATE! Cinco de Mayo is the begining of Ramadon 2019 (and it is on a Sunday, the 1st business day of the week in Iraq). The Global Currency Reset is upon us. The Peso meets the Dinar!
  21. Thank you Adam! I like the direction I see things going. The urgency we were all working under years ago was not wasted on the EXCELLENT plans we have in place! I believe I speak on behalf of a number of members who are so grateful for having the time to study, learn and implement our Wealth Retainment Strategies over the past years. I feel that many of us have learned far more about mealth management and business strategies than we did in school! It is a bit like we are about to have a (very) Final Exam, and those of us who are in VIP and OSI are ready for the test, while the majority of other investors will be leaving far more of their potential gains in the hands of the government (who may actually be infinitely better qualified to put it to use [funding trains in California] than some investors), and will unfortunately be calling 800#`s and potentially squandering what might have become generational wealth... I digress... Thank you and looking forward to a bright future! In the words of Timbuk3, "The futures so bright, I've gotta wear shades".
  22. Thank you Adam! Appreciate your take on things. As far as "weekly" updates, I encourage you to distribute that type of information on the second Thursday of the week (just before the weekend in Iraq).
  23. Merry Christmas Adam (and to your family - not just your DV family)! I just learned that Pres. Trump is on his way to Iraq (where they just announced making Christmas a national holiday). Let's hope he is there to persuade the CBI to pay attention to him (unlike the Fed) and help the Iraqi's to combine an epic Christmas Present of an RI/RV to start the NEW YEAR off right!
  24. I may be a little late to this party (or starting early on the next one - it is Christmas eve), and while I completely agree with you my ferret loving friend, I also know that Adam is comfortable with who he is, appreciates the overwhelming amount of love and respect that the majority of members send him [particularly OSI], myself included. He could get "Ruby Slippers" and it wouldn't stop him (as long as he is providing a service). Those of us who know the VIP and OSI side of this site understand the value it provides, and I doubt anyone (including Adam) could have imagined what it has evolved into! I doubt a ruby from a troll will bother Adam (he considers the source). Happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year to us ALL!
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