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  1. Sidney Powell said she will release "Kraken On Steroids" (as she describes) the amount of information gathered to explain ballot collection, counts and monitoring in the recent 2020 US election. Both sides should be interested in findings.
  2. Thank you for the update Adam! A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I believe just as it is typical or traditional for president to pardon people around the holidays, and at the end of their terms, I can certainly imagine that President Trump would be doing something very nice for the Middle East. Even though he's already done more for peace there than anyone in history, both helping out the potential situation in Iraq or if necessary sending a present to Iran... And in this season of thankfulness, I'm looking forward to the unleashing of the Kr
  3. SPOT ON KEYLIME! I agree with @tjokie as well, and I am in agreement with keylime that all valid indications are that President Trump is/was the choice of the majority of Americans. "IF" all of the votes reportedly cast for Harris/Biden were legitimate, the House of Representatives would not have lost so many Democratic seats, and the Senate would not have remained a Republican majority... (stay tuned for Georgia in January). I DO NOT LIKE BEING POLITICAL, and I ask that we move/keep it out of the Chat area (now I feel like the hypocrite Gov. of CA, Gavin Newsom, oops,
  4. You must still be flying Domestic in the US! I remember when Venezuela was a VERY wealthy too. I couldn't imagine the day would come that the US would be reliant on foreign aid? Looking for an RI/RV before President Trump leaves office (and though I hope that is in 2025), I am thanking you again (and in advance) for creating this site and the opportunities for us to learn about LEGAL Wealth Retention strategies and options through the VIP Section, and establishing things well in advanced and 'seasoned' well before it is necessary. If ANYONE doesn't believe t
  5. It's your site you can use unicorns leaping over psychedelic rainbow Paisley if you choose
  6. Adam, I feel as our leader here, and your recent disclosure of the use of the color "green" to denote 'cash', greenbacks, prosperity etc. , that with the 'actual' value is USD nearing junk, and with the demonstrable willingness of 1/2 the US Voters (or so the PTB behind the scenes would have us believe) that we follow their attempt to have the 'Not-So' United States become the next Venezuela (in a fraction of the time)... consider finding a different color to represent prosperity, not necessarily another currency color, but non-fiat precious metal, like 'GOLD'? I have very little interest in
  7. And what exactly is "1333" points redeemable for in the DV Arcade? Choice between 1 pre-RV IQD, or perhaps a Gift Certificate to the "Faded Yellow Umbrella" (transportation NOT included)?
  8. Sounds like a Pirate to me (red to stop / green to go [cash])
  9. As they say in da' islands - "Shaka Brah" (Hang loose; Right on; Things are great; Take it easy) or at University of Texas, Austin - "Hook Em' Horns". I don't care how you use it, JUST RV!
  10. Looking like they are using 'Liberal' math. It doesn't balance, is forever growing, and just create problems that will be left for others to solve? (Sorry [not sorry] tis' the season...)
  11. Post RV Taxes? $0, thanks to pre RV IBC. Simple. Less expensive than 1 hour with a "Real" Tax Attorney. THANK YOU ADAM! (NO what if's; Chances Are; Probably; Most Likely; Might; Could; My __ Says... Just a clean, simple, proven, LEGAL International Wealth Retention/Management strategy. THANK YOU ADAM!.
  12. Scotty - I have no words He knows my heart and feelings, just as I am sure you do as well. Look after you bride and children, share my thoughts with them if you choose. I wish I could offer more.
  13. It will be my pleasure I'll see your 'Gossling's" [Blue Seal], and raise you a 'Painkiller'. Perhaps a better question "Why would you stop?' ... 5 O'clock somewhere may be something to look forward to... but the sun is over the Yardarm about 11AM!
  14. I am THRILLED with all of the excitement, and nautical jargon... BUT just as some people "cringe" at the word "GOT" , I have a similar response when "sheets" are mistaken for "sails"... SHEETS are 'lines' on a boat..., and there is only 1 ROPE on a boat, the anchor rope. The other "ropes" are 'lines'. Lines that control sails are "sheets" (unless they are halyards, to raise sails). This nautical bit of information was brought to you by RUM (it's not just for breakfast anymore)
  15. Don't forget she was fawned over by Oprah. I think Kamala is too divisive, even within the Dems. She did attack Biden in a debate (but I doubt he remembers) HRC - I think the country is tired of her. I wouldn't count Liz out yet? She isn't one to go quietly. But Amy bowed out appropriately, and gave the best "Pick me for VP" speech. Pete might still qualify? Whoever it is would be President by 2021/2022, so Hill might still find it attractive? I think at their convention they Pick Bloomberg (retire Biden) and r
  16. I believe you added the word "only". All will receive benefits. Some may just blow through the windfall (that's fine, their prerogative). Others have goals of paying off bills, mortgage [buying a home], retirement and vacations. Some have had different investment strategies and possibilities, and therefore have more limited options and expenses. Some have planned, investigated and invested time and treasure into possible outcomes, and believe they may have minimal costs, tax liabilities [if any] and are creating Generational and Philanthropic wealth. They all have their
  17. I know of IBC's with ZERO US tax liabilities...however I am aware of some US based companies that will be paying local taxes on retail purchases, travel, entertainment, leases, fuel, dining (most of which will be tax deductible , and if at all avoidable, NEVER in CA or NY).
  18. Thank you, but not here for long, just a drive-by waiting for President Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg to be elected. Only problem I can see is a big enough space on the ballet for his name. (or will we just address him as PPMB?)
  19. I thought it was made pretty clear when JFK had his brother Bobby appointed Attorney General that the entire political system at that level is rigged. As pointed out many times "Elections have Consequences". People are either loving or hating Judicial appointments - and with many of them being for life, it is often a long-lasting legacy of whoever made the appointment. Looking forward to RI/RV so I can ignore the laws and do as I please, when I please, and where I please. (it won't be in DC)
  20. C'mon now Marine, you are BIGGER and better than that. I know you are trying, but He wouldn't have you respond like that (last part). Remember, you may Desire to pray for your own growth, understanding and evolution, but also pray for others (as I know you and your family do for me) thank You. Whenever possible evaluate the situation (I know you are trained to do that [and improvise] as a Marine), conserve and focus your energy. Choose your battles, and know when to walk away. Avoid getting into an argument with an emotional, dogmatic, or ignorant person. Th
  21. I am not sure where you get your statistics Shabs: "Gallup" is well respected and neutral, but while it is showing Trump Slightly below 50% approval, it is a far cry from underwater. When you compare President Trump to President Obama [lowest ranking in the last 65 years], you will see that President Trump enjoys a significantly higher approval than his predecessor (and that is in spite of the Impeachment issue). We know what happened with Obama in spite of his low approval rating and record of poorest economic, job recovery and GNP in history. (I won't mention increas
  22. Thank you for the status report Adam. Between the protests (which I see as VERY positive [for us]), Mahdi resigning (but not before approving the new budget [another positive]), oil production at 250K barrels a day, and the Kurds agreeing to receiving 12.7% of oil revenues (aka - HCL), it is looking very favorable for the RI/RV to occur. The future is looking bright!
  23. I am inclined to agree, I believe they are soliciting business. Let's face it, if you have just purchased a shipment of anything, and say you spent $0.05 per piece for 20,000 units ($1K), that you typically sell for $0.10 ($2K) and you received news that they were going to be worth $0.25 a piece ($5K) next week, would you send out a noticed everyone to come buy them from you for $0.10, or would you sit on them for a week and sell them to everybody for $0.25 ? We all believe that IRD is going to RV/RI any time now. This notice (other than a solicitation to increase their sales) i
  24. .... Well, y'all know better than that. Thank you Adam for the drive by. As a matter-of-fact I think most of us appreciate even a 'stroll by'. As 'freedom of Expression' was kicked around here a bit, I would like to mention - IF YOU BELIEVE A $3 RV IS POSSIBLE (much less likely) I think you may be confusing which site you are on? MOST MEMBERS on here are aware of our somewhat conservative expectation of $0.10 OR LESS RV! VIP MEMBERS certainly understand that (I notice you are VIP, SMART MOVE) so if over time you have allowed your dreams to become expectatio
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